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This reminds me of a message from my subway work

here in Stockholm, where I just read minutes ago; that the section which handles "Lost and Found" items, saying; from now on if we find gloves and scarfs on the subway, those should not be sent there, but instead thrown away.

"Because of corona" :rolleyes:

These are the kind of news from LaLaLand Sweden - which is deeply asleep :umm: (Or at least I get the impression, of that they are deeply asleep)


The Living Force
So silly. 🤭
but poor dog 😬

photo_2022-02-06 16.49.31.jpg

From a german meme
with former chancellor Merkel and former health minister Spahn 🙄


Mars Attacks!

(from NuoViso/Nuoflix which got a very gifted illustrator in the fold, who is drawing hysterically funny posters, in which he mixes famous Hollywood movies with leading people pushing the the Plandemic at all costs)


Germany's Health Minister Karl Lauterbach & The Joker


Total Recall



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Things have calmed down with Rogen and those Freedom loving artists like Joni Mitchell and the Canadian crooner. But out of the blue I find out that Joni was like Trudeau into making her face black.

On Halloween of 1976, a week before her thirty-third birthday, singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell strutted into a Los Angeles party in dark pancake makeup and a pimp’s suit and passed for a black man. For the next six years, Mitchell appeared intermittently in this character, whom she named Art Nouveau. On the cover of the December 1977 double-album Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter (DJRD), Art strides confidently into the foreground while the blonde singer frolics behind him.



Wow, back on Spotify is Mr. Young

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