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Stockholm Subway "Trouble with da Heart?" Ads :umm::nuts::whistle:
February 2022

So, here we have a company who popped up with advertising regarding the heart in a time where we "vaccinate" younger people. The Swedish way of seduction and deception, is much less into your face; It's often gentle, to a degree that all seems fine and dandy; kind of 'trustworthy', discreet, sort of low-key appearance.

Plus there has been an immense push for online "healthcare" services (for at least 4-5 years). I call that "easy tax money", and the pre-stage for "AI healthcare & diagnostics" in the future...

"In Sweden we deliver lies through the backdoors; with flowers and smiles and written papers. Truth we tell through silence and avoidance."

"Open for all with a troubling heart" (Get special healthcare directly online)

"Open for all with heavy breathing"


The Living Force
Just playing in Photoshop

with a slightly sarcastic mood lately... The funny silly photo I made back in 2016 with my husband in the bathroom in Sicily. As I stumbled across the image today... well my mood sort of... I don't know... lingered... being colored by all the serious events going on in the world, calling for non-stop attention... Making me feel stuck in my photography (or any other creative work), draining soul energy as my mood can rattle about the seriousness and potential outcome for humanity. Ain't any good for either stomach nor soul, I know.

So, sometimes you gotta fool around (read: play) with some sarcasm, "to snap out of it" :lol:



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About crazyness here we have a strong competitor. Amazing ! :scared:
This ridulousness really made me laugh (and brightened my day in a strange sort of way). The chap filming asked "what is she doing?" - going completely insane would be my guess. Presumably she was going on a very long journey in order to make the time spent doing this worthwhile. I would have liked to see what happened when she reached her destination. Did she get out her scissors and cut through the endless barrier or just duck under and leave it for the next covid fearing lunatic? :huh:


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About crazyness here we have a strong competitor. Amazing ! :scared:
About crazyness here we have a strong competitor. Amazing ! :scared:
I like Silvano Trotta, he is very active here in France and moreover he reads "the secret history of the world" 🤩.

J'aime bien Silvano Trotta, il est très actif ici en France et en plus il lit " l'histoire secrète du monde " 🤩.
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