Coronavirus epidemic in China: Apocalypse Now! Or exaggerated scare story?


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This appears to be a serious emerging health issue in China - and globally. Whilst, initially, it was assumed that the coronavirus infection only spreads from animals to humans - there are reasons to believe that human-to-human infections are now taking place. Cases have already been reported in South Korea, Thailand and Japan.

What would be a defensive strategy against coronavirus 2019-nCoV?

SOTT already has an article on this topic from Guardian, however, the situation appears to be escalating quite rapidly. More information is becoming available on a daily basis.

New China virus: Number of cases jumps as infection spreads to Beijing

The number of people infected with a new virus in China tripled over the weekend, with the outbreak spreading from Wuhan to other major cities.

Wuhan reported 136 new cases of the respiratory illness. The capital Beijing reported two cases, while Shenzhen confirmed one.

Total known infections now exceed 200, and three people have died.

The sharp uptick in cases comes as millions of Chinese prepare to travel for the Lunar New Year holidays.

Health officials have identified the infection, which first appeared in Wuhan in December, as being a strain of coronavirus. They say it has led to an outbreak of viral pneumonia, but much about it remains unknown.

Although the outbreak is believed to have originated from a market, officials and scientists are yet to determine exactly how it has been spreading.

South Korea reported its first confirmed case of the virus on Monday, following two in Thailand and one in Japan.

The outbreak has revived memories of the Sars virus - also a coronavirus - that killed 774 people in the early 2000s across dozens of countries, mostly in Asia. Analysis of the genetic code of the new virus shows it is more closely related to Sars than any other human coronavirus.

Experts in the UK told the BBC the number of people infected could still be far greater than official figures suggest, with estimates closer to 1,700.

What we know about the virus
  • 2019-nCoV, as it's been labelled, is understood to be a new strain of coronavirus that has not previously been identified in humans
  • Coronaviruses are a broad family of viruses, but only six (the new one would make it seven) are known to infect people
  • Scientists believe an animal source is "the most likely primary source" but that some human-to-human transmission has occurred
  • Signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties
  • People are being advised to avoid "unprotected" contact with live animals, thoroughly cook meat and eggs, and avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms
Source: World Health Organization

Who has been infected?
Authorities in Wuhan, a central Chinese city of 11 million that has been at the heart of the outbreak, on Monday said 136 new cases had been confirmed over the weekend, with a third person dying of the virus.

There had previously been only 62 confirmed cases in the city.

As of late Sunday, officials said 170 people in Wuhan were still being treated in hospital, including nine in critical condition.

Health officials in Beijing's Daxing district meanwhile said two people who had travelled to Wuhan were treated for pneumonia linked to the virus.

In Shenzhen, a major tech hub close to Hong Kong, officials said a 66-year-old man showed symptoms of the virus following a trip to visit relatives in Wuhan. Eight others in Shenzhen have been quarantined and are under observation to determine if they have the virus.

Four cases have been confirmed abroad - all of them involving people who are either from Wuhan or have visited the city.

In South Korea, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said a 35-year-old Chinese woman was suffering from a fever and respiratory problems after travelling there from Wuhan. She was put into isolation and treated at a local hospital.

The World Health Organization said it was currently not recommending restrictions on travel or trade, but was providing guidance to countries preparing for any outbreak.

Airports in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Japanese capital Tokyo have been screening air passengers from Wuhan, and US authorities last week announced similar measures at three major airports in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

What are the Chinese authorities saying?
How China is responding to the outbreak is under close scrutiny, given that it was widely criticised for initially covering up the Sars crisis in late 2002 and early 2003.

On Monday, Chinese President Xi Jinping for the first time publicly addressed the outbreak, saying that the virus must be "resolutely contained".

The foreign ministry, meanwhile, said China was providing "timely information about the disease" and would "work with all parties to deal with the virus".

State media has been urging citizens not to panic and on Sunday the National Health Commission said the virus was "still preventable and controllable" although close monitoring was needed.

It said there had been no cases of the virus spreading from one person to another, but that it had instead crossed the species barrier and come from infected animals at a seafood and wildlife market in Wuhan.

However the WHO said it believed there had been "some limited human-to-human transmission occurring between close contacts".

"As more… cases are identified and more analysis undertaken, we will get a clearer picture of disease severity and transmission patterns," it wrote on Twitter.

It noted that the rise in cases in China was a result of "increased searching and testing for [the virus] among people sick with respiratory illness".

What impact could Lunar New Year have?
From Friday, most Chinese will begin their week-long Lunar New Year holidays.

It's a time when hundreds of millions travel around China to visit family, raising fears that authorities will not be able to adequately monitor further spread of the disease.

Wuhan is a transport hub and authorities there have for nearly a week been using temperature scanners at airports, and train and bus stations. Those showing signs of fever have been registered, given masks and taken to hospitals and clinics.

Authorities say they will now also be screening everyone leaving the city.

At Beijing's central railway station, some travellers donned masks but did not appear overly concerned about the virus.

"Watching the news, I do feel a little worried. But I haven't taken precautionary measures beyond wearing regular masks," Li Yang, a 28-year-old account manager travelling to the region of Inner Mongolia, told the AFP news agency.

But the tone in Chinese social media, where the outbreak has been a top trending topic, was different.

"Who knows how many people who have been to Wuhan may be unaware that they have already been infected?" one Weibo user said.


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That is not a good news.



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Looks like it may have also already spread to Brisbane, Australia. A man who has not long returned from Wuhan in China is being kept in isolation until tests either confirm or disprove infection with Coronavirus.



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That is not a good news.

'Not good at all, but let's keep fingers crossed.'

21 JAN, 2020


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Did anyone else feel that this outbreak of the corona virus in Wuhan look fishy. Wuhan is in the center of China, all traffic from south to north and east to west transit by it and the timing, just before the new year celebration. If nature had wanted to start an outbreak and spread it, she couln t have choose a better place and time. That could be a question for the C , I wouln d be surprise that the desease isn t natural.


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Did anyone else feel that this outbreak of the corona virus in Wuhan look fishy. Wuhan is in the center of China, all traffic from south to north and east to west transit by it and the timing, just before the new year celebration. If nature had wanted to start an outbreak and spread it, she couln t have choose a better place and time. That could be a question for the C , I wouln d be surprise that the desease isn t natural.
Articles from 2012 and 2014



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Don't they told us that billions have to disappear because we are too much on this little planet? So it can be with this virus, maybe. Reading the article that
Laurentien2 put, the first one, we can read this:

“There are now sufficient cases that it’s not going to die out by chance,” said Neil Ferguson, a public health expert at Imperial College London who has studied the new virus. “The real question now is, how efficiently can this virus spread from person to person?”
Is he telling us what I am reading between the lines? How efficiently?


Perhaps there is an even more sinister reason for this "Mass Panic" and perceived "outbreak".
Do ya think this New Law that Hong Kong has conveniently enacted could prove to be very useful in quashing the dissenters and enforcing compliance?
Fear is still the Best Control Option, and the best killer.

HK govt amends laws to better fight Wuhan-linked pneumonia cases
Jan 8, 2020 12:33pm
The Hong Kong government has acquired greater legal powers to fight contagious diseases following the outbreak of mysterious pneumonia cases in central China.

Under the new regulations, the government can impose a fine and a six-month jail term on anyone suspected of having a respiratory infection who refuses to be isolated or quarantined.

The move came after a 45-year-old woman from Wuhan with symptoms of respiratory infection refused to be confined at the Ruttonjee Hospital in Wan Chai.

The government on Wednesday published the Prevention and Control of Disease (Amendment) Regulation 2020 and the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule 1) Notice 2020 in the gazette, to include “severe respiratory disease associated with a novel infectious agent” as a statutorily notifiable infectious disease, meaning that one who has developed symptoms of the illness must report to health authorities and allow themselves to be subjected to requirements such as confinement or isolation.

The ordinance currently lists 46 such diseases.

It also means that the Department of Health can prohibit cases of a specified disease and their contacts from leaving Hong Kong as part of measures to prevent its spread.
“The addition of ‘severe respiratory disease associated with a novel infectious agent’ to the list of specified diseases helps enhance the work of prevention and control of infectious diseases being exported from Hong Kong,” a government spokesman said.
The ordinance currently lists 46 such diseases.



Hot off the press...or whatever it's called anymore.:huh: The computers Interweb...

First Wuhan coronavirus case reported in Washington state
by Hana Mae Nassar
POSTED JAN 21, 2020 10:49 AM MST


(iStock Photo)
Notice the SCARY HOSPITAL HALLWAY!! Just a random picture used to trigger FEAR.

"A person in Washington state has been infected with the Wuhan coronavirus, according to media reports south of the border.
Several people have died and close to 300 people have been infected by the virus in China. According to U.S. reports, the person in Washington state was hospitalized last week.
More to come."



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Did anyone else feel that this outbreak of the corona virus in Wuhan look fishy. Wuhan is in the center of China, all traffic from south to north and east to west transit by it and the timing, just before the new year celebration. If nature had wanted to start an outbreak and spread it, she couln t have choose a better place and time. That could be a question for the C , I wouldn't be surprise that the disease isn t natural.
What better way to isolate China in the "trade war" and cause economic and financial difficulties, starting in the central business hub in China, with "a newly-identified coronavirus"?

China has been dealing with a serious smog-air pollution problem since the late 2015-16, mainly caused by coal burning and industrial pollution. They have taken measures to reduce emissions. The air pollution (humidity and fine particulate matter in the air) might be a factor in creating and causing viruses and infectious diseases? It might also be the perfect medium, if someone wanted to seed the clouds with substances that would be carried by wind currents to a specific area?

China's Five Year Plan to radically tighten air pollution ...
What exactly is causing China’s toxic smog? | South China ...
Why is the smog in China so bad? | Popular Science
A guide to China's smog alert colours |
China warns of heavy smog during anniversary celebrations ... (Sept. 24, 2019)

The first case of African Swine Fever appeared in August of 2018 which infected 55 percent of China's hog herds in 2019. This Swine Fever is believed to not threaten humans. This "newly-identified coronavirus" in China is infectious and spreading from human to human. Question remains ... Is the African Swine Fever and this infectious coronavirus, both created through natural occurrences and environment factors or is something else (outside interference) causing these conditions?

Disease that killed millions of China's pigs poses global threat
China has lost millions of pigs in outbreaks of the disease, pushing its pork prices to record highs, forcing purchases of costly imports and roiling global meat markets.

[...] African swine fever has spread to Southeast Asia and eastern Europe, with cases found in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, Myanmar, the Philippines, Poland, Belgium and Bulgaria. Around the globe, those countries and others that have so far sidestepped the epidemic are cracking down on travelers, increasing cargo screenings and banning meat imports.

African swine fever does not threaten humans but there’s no vaccine or cure for infected pigs.

If the disease enters the United States, the top pork-exporting nation with 77.3 million hogs,
the government would struggle to protect the industry.

In China, the top global pork consumer, the disease has been devastating. The exact number of hog deaths is not known. Rabobank estimated the country lost up to 55% of its pig herd last year. But the Chinese government has reported smaller losses in the country’s $1 trillion hog sector since the first case in August 2018.

Coronavirus media reports:
Japan confirms case of new Chinese virus, spread is 'concerning'
Jan. 16, 2020 - Japan has confirmed its first case of infection from a newly-identified coronavirus that has killed one person and infected at least 40 more in China, as well as prompting a travel alert from the U.S. State Department.

Taiwan confirms first case of infection from new coronavirus

Taiwan on Tuesday confirmed the first case of infection from the new coronavirus, a woman in her 50s who had returned to the island after working in the Chinese city of Wuhan where the outbreak began.

Philippines investigates suspected case of Chinese virus
Philippine health authorities are investigating the case of a five-year old Chinese boy with a travel history to Wuhan, the central city where a new coronavirus was first discovered, after he showed flu-like symptoms before arriving in the country.

Russia steps up airport screening of Chinese travelers over coronavirus fears
Russian airports have stepped up screening of travelers arriving from China to try to identify people infected with the new coronavirus, airport officials said on Tuesday.

China virus spreads to U.S., curbing travel plans and spooking markets
The toll from the Wuhan coronavirus in China rose to six deaths on Tuesday and the first case was reported in the United States, sending markets tumbling on fears of economic damage as tourists canceled travel plans and airports stepped up screening.

China's national health commission to hold briefing on coronavirus Wednesday: notice
China's national health commission will hold a briefing on the coronavirus outbreak at 10 a.m. local time Wednesday, according to a notice issued by the cabinet's press office.

China virus scare sends shudder through European luxury goods sector
European luxury stocks slumped across the board on Tuesday on fears that the coronavirus virus outbreak in China could hurt sales of high-end brands that had managed to weather months of protests in Hong Kong.

Factbox: Latest China virus outbreak revives fears of 2003 SARS fallout
The death toll from a flu-like virus in China climbed to six and new cases surged beyond 300 on Tuesday, sending shivers through global markets as investors recalled the fallout from the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2002/2003.

Global cost from SARS estimated at $33 billion, or 0.1% of world GDP in 2003. Damage to the economies of China and Hong Kong pegged between 1% and 3%, while total East Asian losses estimated at $20 billion

Factbox: Major severe coronavirus outbreaks in the past 20 years
A new coronavirus has emerged from Wuhan, China, with more than 300 cases and at least six deaths linked to the respiratory illness believed to have emerged from animals, but with the ability to transmit person-to-person. The virus has spread beyond China's borders, raising concerns of a global pandemic.

Trump's trade wars ... and recent deal with China.
Trade deal no panacea for rocky U.S. relations with China
FILE PHOTO: Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and U.S. President Donald Trump shake hands after signing phase one of the U.S.-China trade agreement during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, U.S., January 15, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
Jan, 15, 2020 - From Huawei to the South China Sea, deep political rifts between Beijing and Washington are set to persist, despite a trade relations breakthrough, as the United States pushes back against an increasingly powerful and assertive China.

China’s Xi to tie up Belt and Road deals in 'historic' Myanmar visit

Jan. 16, 2020 - China's President Xi Jinping will visit Myanmar on Friday to ink massive infrastructure deals and extend influence in a neighbor whose ties with the West were frayed by accusations that it conducted genocidal policies against ethnic Rohingya Muslims.


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'We are approaching the 'valley of death.'

22 Jan, 2020

22 JAN, 2020

Did anyone else feel that this outbreak of the corona virus in Wuhan look fishy. Wuhan is in the center of China, all traffic from south to north and east to west transit by it and the timing, just before the new year celebration. If nature had wanted to start an outbreak and spread it, she couln t have choose a better place and time. That could be a question for the C , I wouln d be surprise that the desease isn t natural.
Well, I personally thought it was only a matter of time before another mutated strain would start transmitting to humans in China.
These past few years, several of these strains have started in China. But more towards the South of China, which is why Wuhan is a strange location. Normally, the unhygenic conditions of night markets/sea ports in China and the massive meat industry, combined with the high humidity and heat in Southern China, contributed towards this whole thing. But my question always was: Why didn't these things start in India then? Conditions seem worse there and more favorable for the transmission of new viruses.

But the centralised location of Wuhan and the cold environment of Hubei does also make me feel like there is something suspicious going on.
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