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To be sure that this happened in my country and that it is for the reason you say, do you have more information? Because even if I see personnel with medical robes and other elements it is somewhat out of context.

Seriously, I want to be sure that it is what they say it is.

Honestly, I don't know. Was hoping that some who speak the language can figure it out. Looks a bit too dramatic perhaps? But considering the times we live in ...


Here in Ireland the media led discussion is about how to deal with the postponement of the reopening of indoor dining announced last week ( allegedly due to the spread of the Delta variant) as well as prepping for vaccination of children. The government and the representatives of the hospitality industry have been in discussions concerning a solution to reopening indoor dining as soon as possible. Unsurprisingly, the solution is to allow entry only to those who can prove they have been vaccinated and those who can prove they've recovered from Covid-19. How do they prove it? Easy. You know those digital green passports that the EU are issuing for travel within the EU, well they can now double up as a domestic passport as well! So everyone who has been fully vaccinated will be issued with their EU Covid Digital Cert (DCC) from next Monday, July 12th.

From the Irish Independent today:
Note: Taoiseach is the Irish Prime Minister, Dáil is the lower house of the Irish Parliament.

"Taoiseach Micheál Martin has confirmed that emergency legislation will be rammed through the Dáil next week in order to allow indoor dining for fully vaccinated people. This will be facilitated through the EU Digital Covid Cert (DCC), which will be issued from July 12th. Hospitality staff will have to scan the QR code contained on the cert to grant patrons entry.
It is understood that those who have recovered from Covid-19 will also be able to take part in indoor dining."
Full article here:
It appears, so far, that the hospitality industry is going to go along with this requirement and that is not surprising as they are desperate. One restaurant owner, in a hearing to Irish parliamentarians, has stated that thousands of restaurant and pub owners are on the verge of closing if they don't fully reopen soon. Their reserve finances to pay rent and other bills is now practically exhausted, and they are finished if they don't open indoor dining soon. So the government has them where they want them and they can take it or leave it with the new regulations.
There was, briefly, a pushback against the decision last week to postpone reopening indoor dining. For once there was a questioning of the NIAC's (National Immunisation Advisory Committee, the Irish equivalent of the UK's SAGE) dire predictions of up to 2,000 deaths by the end of August from the Delta variant. (No one has died with, from, under or over the Delta variant or any variant for that matter for several weeks). A Minister of State called for an independent international examination of NIAC's models. About two hours later he issued a statement saying that "this was my personal opinion". Clearly, in the space of those two hours, he was given a dressing down by his government colleagues and told to get back in line. But he wasn't the only one calling for an independent examination of NIAC's predictions. One news radio presenter put it to the Deputy Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, that maybe this should be done. Varadkar answered that he would "welcome the input of any mathematician or other any other qualified academic". Of course, one week later, this hasn't happened, the 'wobble' is over, and the narrative has been moved swiftly along to the question of reopening as soon as possible but only if patrons present their 'papers'.
So the stage is now set to legally divide the nation into the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Whether this will work effectively in practice or not remains to be seen. If it does, and I wouldn't be surprised as the compliance of the Irish with the Covid scam is very high, then I expect the 'usefulness' of the DCC to be applied to other services as well, like shopping, medical care and, finally, bank accounts.
The only permitted 'scandals' are the ones which increase demand for the vaccine, such as the call to accelerate the vaccination of 18-34 year olds who would otherwise be refused indoor dining, as up until last week their turn for vaccination wasn't due to happen until late August. The solution was to provide vaccination with the Janssen jab for this age group via pharmacies. A young colleague of mine availed of this two days ago. He was on sick leave the next day due to a high temperature. Incidentally, I learned recently that I'm the only one in a staff of fifty who has declined to take the vaccine. It's not mandatory yet, but I suspect the pressure will be applied sooner or later. No worries, I'm working on options, including leaving the job.

Next up for the spike protein toxin are the children. God help them all. :-(


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Honestly, I don't know. Was hoping that some who speak the language can figure it out. Looks a bit too dramatic perhaps? But considering the times we live in ...

I listened to the video, and although it was understandable, I did not hear anything about vaccination from the person they were arresting. Although he was asking for help and assistance, from what I understood it was an arrest against his will, but again the video lacks context.


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Before sharing the article, let me put it in context. Here in Argentina it is July 9th and we celebrate Independence Day. In the article the person in the photo is the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Read the slogan carefully...

Here is the translation:

Kicillof organizes for July 9 a huge vaccination operation with independence epic

"Vaccination is Freedom
" is the slogan for Independence Day. The day will include 100 itinerant posts.

Axel Kicillof launches this Friday, July 9, a huge vaccination operation in the province that will include a clear independence epic. In the networks, his ministers have already launched the hashtag #LaVacunaEsLibertad (#VaccineIsFreedom).

Part of the move was advanced this Tuesday by the Governor in a conference in the Golden Hall of the Government House. "It is going to be a civic day, a day of health, a day where freedom associated with the vaccine will also be breathed," said Kicillof.

The idea is to cross the commemoration of a new anniversary of independence with an epic of freedom around vaccination. The vaccination operation will reach in the next hours 7 million people vaccinated with the first dose, out of a target population of 12 million.
"We are starting to produce vaccines in the province and in the country, which has a lot to do with our independence and our health sovereignty," said the Governor.

This Friday's operation will include 100 itinerant posts that will be located in train stations, clubs and neighbourhood institutions. In addition, health, education and security workers will be able to receive free vaccinations for the first dose without an assigned appointment. Also for people over 40, over 18 with comorbidities and for pregnant women.
As far as train stations are concerned, according to LPO, Temperley and Lomas de Zamora (both on the Roca line), José C. Paz (San Martín line), Laferrere and González Catán (on the Belgrano line) and Merlo (Sarmiento line) will be included.

"We are going to go house to house and add 100 additional posts to vaccinate the included groups freely," said the province's deputy health minister on his Twitter account.

This is the superlative of Orwellian. This is twisted to the core... It is a direct attack on the very freedom it cost my people to achieve. It is impossible (well, there are still blind people in the world) not to see the mental/ideological assault that is being committed.

To say that I am outraged is not enough. 🤬🤬🤬
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We can all use some humor now, i guess


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Here in this part of Canada, you can expect a call or visit from your family doctor if your name is on "The List" -
(from the article) "The bulk of family doctors in Ontario are to receive later this month a list of all their patients who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, whether with one or two doses. The provincial agency Ontario Health is asking physicians to reach out to their patients whose names are not on the list."

Don't be surprised if they show up to your door with needle in hand. 💉😷


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"The fifth column"/"La Quinta Columna" has just realeased a new video stating that people had been basicly poisend with graphene oxyde via various ways (aerosols, masks, vaccines, food) and that graphene oxide resonates exactly in the 5GHZ range. They state Covid=graphene oxide.

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