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Patent document shows that DARPA built covid with the help of Bill Gates, WHO​

What's the proof exactly that this patents 'coronavirus' is in fact sars-cov-2?
Here you can read the patent, if someone wants to dig into it:


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I found this interesting video from the Lytton Physician, that has been in the news lately, he discusses his experience during the Lyttion fire, most of the infrastructure has gone, and possibly by October, some of the infrastructure will be rebuilt. He then goes on to discuss the medical implication for a group of his patients that have taken the "Jab". He discusses the implications of his conflict with the healthcare "experts" in BC. around the 16:00 mark. He asked Bonnei Henry (The provincial Medical Officer for BC. What is the mechanism of injury? He did not mention her reply. He then then contacted Dr. Bahkti, starts around the 19:00 mark

He had performed the D Dimer test on patients that had received the Jab, after 5/7 days the result showed according to his analysis, that micro embolisms were occurring/scattering throughout the capillary system.This diagnostic test only sows up in new occurrences, 62% showed this. It is affecting the respiratory, cardiac and neurological system. They are causing permanent damage.



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Bonsoir MK Scarlett, merci pour votre texte.
J'ai écouté l'allocution de Macron et je suis sans voix.
J'ai un sentiment de colère et d'effroi en même temps. Je me sens trahi surtout quand il ose dire "vive la république", je dirais plutôt vive la "dictature républicaine".
Je suis abasourdi !!!

Si quelqu'un a une solution pour éviter de se faire vacciner, qu'il me le dise.
Je ne souhaite pas être obligé à faire quelque chose que je ne désire pas. J'imagine ne pas être le seul à penser à cela.
Bonne continuation à tous et merci à chacun de vous, pour vos interventions sur ce forum.

Good evening MK Scarlett, thank you for your text.
I listened to Macron's speech and I am speechless.
I have a feeling of anger and dread at the same time. I feel betrayed especially when he dares to say "long live the republic", I would rather say long live the "republican dictatorship".
I am stunned!!!

If someone has a solution to avoid being vaccinated, let him tell me.
I don't want to be forced to do something I don't want to do. I imagine I am not the only one thinking this.
Good luck to all and thank you to each of you for your interventions on this forum.

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David E. Martin, familiar from the Plandemic 2 docu, was recently interviewed by Fuellmich's committee. I just watched the whole thing, and the information he gives is quite explosive. It's impossible to summarize all the 'bombshells' he presents, but a couple of things (some details escaped me):

(1) apparently SARS-Cov-2 isn't novel in any way since dozens of patents containing 'sequences' have been filed years ago
(2) the exact and complete sequence that is searched for in the PCR test is not available, it's impossible to find out
(3) the exact and complete mRNA sequence that is used in the 'vaccines' is not available, it's impossible to find out. Martin says that the spike protein 'recipe' is completely synthetic and created by computer modeling...not sure what that means
(4) variables can be created out of thin air by choosing which fragment of a longer viral sequence you are specifically looking for (comparison: like searching a certain word in a book – you can find it in several places)
(5) Fauci tried years ago to patent mRNA 'vaccines' for HIV but was rejected by the patent office because the presented technique/method didn't provide any immunity – it didn't offer any protection against infection
(6) from what Martin can gather the main goal from the start (starting years ago) was to create a demand to have the masses injected with a 'bioweapon' i.e. the synthetically produced spike protein. He doesn't say anything about why, what the end goal is, though.

I highly recommed watching this.

ADDED: Relating to this there's a research document by Martin called 'The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier' which I havent' (yet) read, but it could be interesting.

I noticed David E. Martin through the excellent 🇬🇧🇺🇸 PlanetLockdown series interview - where I believe he largely scrutinized the whereabouts behind the Plandemic, juridically and medically. Following the patents and corona virus sequences backwards does reveal that there is just no coincidences about the whole scam - and the rabbit hole is truly deep, going backwards all the way to 1999...

What I wasn't aware of was that in the 🇬🇧🇺🇸 Investigative Corona Committee Berlin, No 60 session, it was mentioned that even behind SARS in 2002/03 people had already been tinkering with it, before the outbreak. (Which however was hugely exaggerated with many strange twists). See David Crowe's medical analysis of SARS.

Another strange SARS occurrence happened in a Chinese hospital (or was it Taiwanese ? I can't remember) , in which by accident AIDS patients and SARS patience where put in the same room. The AIDS patients had no immunity left - yet no transfer of any SARS virus took place in them. 🤔

A great deep dive analysis of the SARS episode ( 🇬🇧🇺🇸 88 pdf pages - but don't let that scare you, it's truly interesting by going into the finest details) by David Crowe (who died of cancer in summer 2020), revealing the whereabouts and medical circumstances behind SARS 2002/03 (especially when it comes to the outmost primitive diagnostics that were used, and the too high dosages of anti-virals leading to people's death... but of course - those were attributed to SARS)

Ring a bell ?

As with HCQ in April 2020 in only those countries who adapted the recommended (faulty) WHO protocol - which however used up to 8 times as high dosages of HCQ - which then very easily lead to death. And so it did - several ten thousands of "corona" deaths. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and Katarina Weiss wrote a book about it, too "Corona - False Alarm"

* * *

One thing strikes my mind

and that was, during the Investigative Corona Committee No 60 interview with the "inventor of the mRNA technology" Mr. Robert Malone... he gave off kind of weird vibes. Something there was off. I got the same with Geert Vanden Bossche several months earlier; A kind of strategic duality. On one hand, being all against the way the "vaccines" are used - on the other hand - how great the mRNA technology really is yadda yadda (No s**t Sherlock - was my thought) And boy how deep they are involved with the Big Pharma Industry...

Do they even know, which leg they're standing on !?

You don't get the same dualistic feel with for example ex Pfizer Mr. Mike Yeadon, or great men like Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, and many others.

I will have to listen to the interview with Robert Malone again, just to be sure... in case i missed something - and will do that while I perform the subway train checkup after midnight, listening to the interview a second time.


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Thanks for sharing MK Scarlett, I'm astounded by these dreadful news. Basically they are forcing people to get vaccinated by implementing a whole series of restrictions and draconian unconstitutional measures while keeping alive the illusion that you still have a choice since the jab is not mandatory, at least not yet, but if you don't get the jab your daily routine and movements will be limited to your home, workplace and grocery store, if you want to enjoy more freedom get in line and bend down.

I admit that I'm mad as hell with rage, it seems that these individuals don't have any intention to stop violating everyone's free will with impunity, how's that for pure hubris and wishful thinking from their part?
This is the most devastating news and speech from Macron since he was elected president. Some friend of me are scared to the bones and some other cries of desperation...
I feel that the next one to fall in line will be Italy, thus far the politicians here have been very good boys and loyal servants of the PTB so they won't disappoint the overlords of entropy. Here in Italy they are already starting to threaten and blackmail the population with the returning of the partial lock downs in August because not enough people have been vaccinated. Some of the medical whores even dared to suggest applying in the fall the lock down only for the non vaccinated people.

Immagine the possible madness that is in store for everyone starting the fall. Can't wait for the big changes to approach honestly, this is becoming ridiculous...

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Looks like they are being forceful now in trying to get people jabbed? What is the situation on the ground in France? Are a lot of people vaccinated? What is the situation?

From here Mandatory vaccination, Covid-19 pass and access to PCR tests: the main points from Macron's address

"The rate of vaccination has slowed in the country: France has gone from an average of more than 400,000 injections a day at the end of May to about 165,000 injections per day currently. Around 40 percent of the population has received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, while 53.1 percent has received one dose. "


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From here Mandatory vaccination, Covid-19 pass and access to PCR tests: the main points from Macron's address

"The rate of vaccination has slowed in the country: France has gone from an average of more than 400,000 injections a day at the end of May to about 165,000 injections per day currently. Around 40 percent of the population has received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, while 53.1 percent has received one dose. "
Does France have an anti lockdown or anti vaccination movement?
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