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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has no plans to make vaccinations compulsory,

Sure... Heil Merkel..

"No one has the intent to build a wall".

Walter Ulbricht, a couple of months before the DDR seperated not only Berlin but east and west germany with a wall and a "death zone". For the ones who dont know this: Merkel had been a member of DDR's SED. She had been close to major figures like Honecker and had been an informant of the STASI (Staatssicherheit / State Security).

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Lately, while walking, I've been seeing a lot of ads seeking "healthy" participants to test new medication.
In your area, have you also noticed the proliferation of other less mainstream pharma companies trying to take advantage of the covid situation?
Now that they know that people are ready to get jabbed "for free", why not offer people another injection for a couple of thousand dollars...🤔


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Some sources say that people with a modified immune system, aka. "the vaxxed" will be dependent on vaccinations for the rest of their lives. Man, those are customers out of a wet STS dream come true.
I have hard to believe people are going to survive monthly injections, especially with long covid symptoms - which is already indicating that they already have underlying issues.
This is a very dark prospect if they go through with monthly injections… :cry:


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My two sons had the same reaction as you... angry, scared and mad
They absolutely do not want to be vaccinated, they want to keep their innate immune systems intact.
He cancelled his vacation, they were going to Mexico (he and his fiancée) the last week of August, he had warned her that he would not vaccinate to go on vacation and he was adamant about it. I was relieved when he told me the cancellation
They don't know how they will react when September comes, especially the eldest, being a teacher in a private school that receives students, they now very anxious.
He called me yesterday right after Macron's speech, he was so angry that he released all the feelings he had in him for more than an hour, I felt all his pain and anger as if my son was in my body and I wanted to throw a bomb on the heads of all these psychopaths.
He doesn't know what he is going to do and what he has to decide about work to avoid the vaccine, he is lost in his choices at the moment
I am full of sadness and on the verge of tears since yesterday.
I am helpless, I can't even help them.
Hello Christine,

Good news for you and your sons. No obligation for the teachers.

And as Joe says, let's wait and see:
Also, let's remember that in France, Macron's fascistic spiel last night was just words. People took it as "law" when it fact it was just words. Any purported "law" requiring people to get vaccinated to use services has to be passed in Parliament, and even then there will no doubt be valid legal challenges.
Bonne journée.


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Bear in mind that SNCF has no choice but to say that and like I mentioned with the obligatory PCR test, it was not checked. Most people will likely do it as fear works well for most people, especially if they think it is going to be enforced.
Who will control the health pass in trains?
Exactly! It will not be the train managers (agent de train) as they have other things to do. If they wish to enforce it, then it could be newly recruited people 'trained' for the task. The problem is what legal authority they have if any. If they have to call in police assistance at every station to enforce it, then it will only cause more delays, which SNCF is not interested in. Not to mention that the police rarely has time to come to the assistance at the stations at the best of times, when a problem is encountered onboard.

Thanks to attacks some years ago, they had setup security gates to access trains as you can see on this photo (taken from the back):
Yes, it is Orwellian. The 'attacks' were just an excuse and the intimidating guys just add to the feeling of a tyranny. One of the aims with the security gates is towards more automation, so less staff if any is needed on the trains A noticeable effect is that less people without tickets get onboard the trains as well as less pick pockets.


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Pour ceux qui voudraient suivre les informations sur ce qui se passe en France, je vous redonne le lien Twitter de Sott France :
Pour ceux qui ne parle pas Français, faites comme moi pour vous traduire, utilisez :

For those who would like to follow the information on what is happening in France, I give you the Twitter link of Sott France:
For those who don't speak French, do like me to translate, use :


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As of the 9th of this month it became mandatory to scan a QR code or sign into many businesses attended in Queensland. This has apparently been the case in Victoria for some time and while fines were threatened it seems that it wasn't heavily policed or enforced. A Victorian friend said that it was easy enough to ignore. At the moment it looks as though it's up to the individual business to enforce. I went grocery shopping yesterday and I waited and watched people enter the shopping centre for a while before I entered and I didn't see a single person scan the QR. Inside the shopping centre each individual business also had a QR at the entry, but once again I didn't see anyone scanning them. One business had a security guard on the door, but he wasn't enforcing anything either.

Just waiting now for those highly publicised conflicts with police over these codes and reports of fines being issued to see how many more people will take it more seriously.

Seems that there is a loophole in the requirement to scan a QR code to enter businesses - there's Privacy Act considerations. The govt has this to say about the check in app:

This is a voluntary app. You do not have to use Check In Qld to check in at a venue or event - but if you don't, then you must register your attendance in that venue or event by other means. Please confirm the details of these alternative methods with the business or organisation.


Your consent. By using or accessing Check In Qld, you are agreeing that CHDE may collect, use, hold and disclose your personal information as set out in this policy.

If you don't agree to this Privacy Policy, then do not access or use Check In Qld.

Changes to this policy
. CHDE may update this policy from time to time. If CHDE change this policy, CHDE will notify you.

If you don't agree with the changes, then do not use Check In Qld. If you continue to use Check In Qld, the changed policy will apply from the time it was changed.

So while the MSM are calling it mandatory, govt is admitting so far that there's some wiggle room there. That could be why scanning the code isn't being enforced yet.


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A neighbor died on Monday, I didn't know from what. I went over yesterday to offer my condolences to his wife. I didn't get to see her. Some family members were camped out in their yard and I spoke to a sister. She told me that that the woman I was trying to see was sick inside with covid, that's why they were staying outside. Both my neighbor and her husband had been sick for about a week with whatever this was (the person I was speaking with called it flu on steroids). The took the covid test and it was positive, for what that is worth. The wife is recovering. The husband who died - well he was only about 56, BUT - he was a heavy drinker of beer. I think he drank a 12 pack daily since we have known him. His diet? Not good. He had a stressful job, driving a long haul truck. During his illness, they told me that he would only take small sips of water and no food. Severely dehydrated I assume. They called an ambulance for him a couple of days ago, but he refused to go to the hospital. He was speaking to the wife only an hour before he died, as she tried to get him to eat some soup, he told her to leave him alone. An hour later, he was dead. He was not healthy enough in general to fight the illness, which is what we have read about from many of the deaths "from" covid.

The sister I spoke with told me that she would not be taking any vaccine as she believes it kills people. She said that her neighbor's husband took the shot, came home and an hour later he had died. In spite of that, this woman's husband was now scared (because of my neighbor's death) and trying to convince his wife they should get the shot.


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Thousands of long Covid sufferers are set to be offered monthly vaccine doses in an effort to beat the debilitating illness – after reports that patients can make a dramatic recovery after a jab.
Robert Malone has a negative opinion on the effectiveness of the vaccines for treating this kind of complications. One of his motivation to get jabbed was to treat his long COVID symptoms.


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I noticed that now all of a sudden the mainstream here in germany sees no problem in enforcing the same lockdowns etc. with ridiculous low thresholds numbers (like 10 incidents per 100.000 people!) while just a couple of months ago much higher numbers were considered to be the threshold that determined when lockdown and such were enforced!

Why do normal people don’t find that strange? That right there should tell them something about the real reasons why they enforce such rules. It isn’t about the Virus, but primarily a ever more refined campaign of pressure/torture and control of people.

Victor Pigeon

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A friend and I were discussing our frustrations with the continuing covid narrative. All the lies! My conclusion?

The only true thing any of them has said for a year and a half is to wash your (expletive) hands!!!
With soap, yes. With hand sanitizers, no. They are offering that vile alcoholic stuff in malls and other public places. Sometimes in person with a yellow vest, mask, visor, and gloves. I have to decline, of course, since I'm the designated driver.


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New South Wales member of parliament, Craig Kelly, has been speaking out on support of the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine since the beginning of 2020. Earlier this year, fb dissappeared his account. Here is his latest speech before parliament where he addresses many studies supporting the use of Ivermectin.

I believe that since he was deplatformed on fb he has become a member of the Great Australia Party and posts on that account.


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Indoor dining kicks of over here for the Jabbed sometime next week or no later than the 26th, said the puppets. Unjabbed Employees are exempt. They can have a meal or a drink before or after work in the place they work. Very nice of the puppets to allow this. So will it be a case of unjabbed asking for proof that you got jabbed 🙃 2000 fine if caught with fake certs. My partner hasn't got the Jab and is returning to work, so thats good, for now she can work without pressure for the Jab.

Phase 2 will allow unjabbed with a negative test to enjoy indoor pubs and restaurants. Nightclubs operating as night clubs, won't open for sometime, said the puppets.

And under the plans being considered, gardai could be given the powers to seek a court order to shut a pub or restaurant if any premises is found to be flouting the law.

Protests are being organised, facebook page set up for businesses who won't be asking for jab status. We shall see how all this works out.

Anyway, I'm happy in the woods.

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