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That seems highly prejudiced to me. What about his physique? A decent gym bro can get there in about 10, 15 years. And, if you haven't noticed, gym bros are often low-middle class, and, although often openly aggressive on the individual level, they'll tend to tacitly consent to social hierarchies beyond their ken. It's the way it is, and they have more down-to-earth preoccupations to attend to.

A few try to optimize, research, biohack, I wouldn't expect those to comply, they're often beyond most basic social programming. But I would suspect most of the others would. The need to dig themselves out of the matrix just hasn't manifested yet, it isn't one of their priorities, so they'll submit without realizing the implications.

I've both worked teaching outsider's discipline in a large gym, and also spent a few years getting to know travelers of all origins. I see both and I don't really feel an incongruity. Yeah, I'd expect some aussies to look like this (more than many others), and then I wouldn't expect a fight.

Sure, the filmed event could be completely setup, that's not impossible. But something ominous tells me they didn't even need to go looking for actors.

What would Occam say?

Australia Times, after viewing their site on telegram l have to concur with you. Definitely not a state propaganda site.


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19 months of this bull-shit.... It seems to me that the police would be better served protecting those instigating these mandates, than trying to arrest and intimidate the protesters. Sooner or later the protesters are going to try and lynch someone, and it will most likely be someone high profile.



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… what a brave guy… :rolleyes: it should give more people in his age like this… (sorry, it was only possible to copy the telegram Link:cry:… I hope it will work for you)


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Someone must be laughing his ass off....

It's not a far stretch to this:


A military flail is a medieval weapon consisting of a short handle attached to a chain, at the end of which is a metal ball.

Or this:


I'm wondering why the get-up and display since India successfully used Ivermectin against Delta. Must promote never-ending fear?
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