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This one brought to us by Tony Heller of Real Climate Science, so it's a bit off the beaten track. -But his research is next level for the average internet guy. (Can't embed video from 'newtube' so please see the linked page)

The fellow in the video tells us that there are apparently two sides of the human immune system, one which deals primarily with organs connected by blood vessels. -And the other which deals with air/surface-exposed parts of the body (including the lungs and gastrointestinal system). -Further, that these two systems essentially don't interact with each other.

He assures the viewer that vaccines administered under the skin into the muscle have no way of informing the lymphocytes responsible for protecting the lungs, and therefore the Covid vaccines are both missing their mark as well as introducing viral toxins to parts of the body they would never normally reach.

Tony Heller doesn't indicate who this man is, (Tony! Whatcha doing?), but it seems likely that he is an ophthalmologist as he is appealing to other eye doctors to file reports about vax-related blood clots in the eyes of their patients.


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Guadeoupe again.
One more quick clip among the numerous demonstrations worldwide, but, if you compare with the majority of demonstrations in our occidental countries, it's out of comparison. Like if you would make a ranking in term of power that is unleashed from a demonstration, let's say that if the occidental countries demonstrations raise to an average of 100 of power, this one from Guadeloupe is 5x higer, they are united ! Do you see how they walk in unison ? Like when you see thousand of birds making figures in the sky, it's a bit the same kind of feeling, but here, amplified by a common determination. It's astonishing and also heartwarming.
They are teaching the world how to protest !

Note that I posted this here only to give hope, strenght, trust and courage to all here - we could fill the thread with demonstration clips around the world everyday but this would be useless noise/posts.
I'm with you. The energy in that clip is simply amazing.
Europe and the US (at least it has BLM as an example) needs to look and learn.

Since "They" are not playing nice, as clearly demonstrated with the pushing of this clot-shot on the youngest of kids, opposing force needs to be proportionate. Will the kids be the "I have nothing to lose" straw that will tip the cart ? Will see.

We in the West are far too comfortable and willing to give the benefit of the doubt that "there is a way to come to an agreement". With Con-19 we have been shown that those ideas were and are a dream. The situation reminds me in many way to what was done by Bush-es and Colin "Bowel" in Iraq. The theatrics are the same, as are the deadly consequences. Murder is murder and no nice expensive suits can cover up this fact.

Slowly it is looking like there is no way to come to an agreement, accept to make a clear break in how The Farm is run. Amnesty International, WHO, UN should be seen for what they are, pacifiers for babies. Amnesty International is nowhere to be seen in the case of Australia. The WHO is a joke and the UN a talk shop that like it always was. People are being treated like animals on a Farm whether we like it or not. Clot-shots for kids proves this point for me.
I keep hearing that the reason for the port congestion in California is that the ports banned all trucks made prior to 2015 (some "green" regulation), On the other hand, lockdowns and supply chain disruptions are destroying the actual economy. Which is then bought up for pennies on the dollar by companies like Blackrock and Vanguard, which already own about 20-30% of the US economy.
That is how I see it. This is clearly a desired goal of the Davos Club Project "You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy". Having nearly everything run by companies like Amazon makes control of the Plebs down right simple.

Now something light,

8 hours ago

Greek letter variances from an organization that does not even know its own name. WHO?
There're only a few more letters left. Then what?
Dr. Fauci was given a Chinese passport secretly with this name. 发痴 pronounced Fāchī (copy and paste the Chinese characters into Google translate to find the meaning) Big Surprise!

How do we infer that the Chinese Communist Party both reacted to and concealed the existence of SARS-CoV-2 as far back as March 2018?
What I find interesting about this "question" is the silence of the US government. I lean toward the opinion that China is not the bad guy here else US would be all over this like flies on a dead corpse. US gov. is nearly completely quiet on the orgin issue. No spectacular presentations at the UN ala Colin "Bowel" at the UN with vials

and smart slides in the spirit of this expert,

Nothing, nada. Nothing but Silence. It is as though the subject was radioactive.

The more I look at those two, the more I'm convinced that what they were thinking as they were speak was, "OK children. This is what you must repeat tomorrow to your friends."

PS: Don't laugh too much,
The fellow in the video tells us that there are apparently two sides of the human immune system, one which deals primarily with organs connected by blood vessels. -And the other which deals with air/surface-exposed parts of the body (including the lungs and gastrointestinal system). -Further, that these two systems essentially don't interact with each other.
Excellent find Woodsman !!!! 👏

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Byram Bridle all spoke about these issue back in mid. 2020. I simply don't believe that this knowledge is not available to those at the top levels in the WHO, NIH, FDA or any of the other national organizations dealing with this subject. To thinks so I think is comical.

What Dr. Bhakdi says about the split of "internal" and "external" defense is something I did not hear before by any of them or for that matter by other virologists. This split is obviously very important to understand when listening to discussions on this topic. If you have no defense of external entry through the eyes, nose or throat, then you have nearly nothing. That's sort of like having the doors to the castle open and expecting to defend the place once the enemy is inside. Now add to this the information that the injections are weakening the immune system and you have a very ugly situation.

This video is a must see. The information in it is Gold !!!!!!


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Déjàvu Isreal anyone ?
28 Nov 2021

Just a notice; Aviation24.be writes that Israel is closing it's borders entirely to all foreigners in order "to slow the spread of Omicron variant". :rolleyes: I notice as well, that when the head of state is replaced with a new one, things you thought couldn't get any worse - got a lot worse with the [d] heads of state (Israel, Austria, USA, Italy, etc) :whistle:

Israel closes borders to slow spread of Omicron variant​

The Hebrew state becomes, on Sunday, the first country to completely close its borders to foreign nationals in an attempt to stem the circulation of the new Omicron variant detected in South Africa.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a statement that, pending government approval, it would ban foreign travel to Israel for 14 days, becoming the first country to take such drastic action. There are already seven suspected cases in Israel, all in quarantine.

The first positive cases have multiplied in the world, where concerns are pushing travel restrictions and isolating southern Africa. First detected in South Africa and other countries in the region, cases have now been found in the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK, Italy, Belgium, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Concern has continued to grow around the world since the appearance of Omicron, a new variant of the coronavirus whose spread continues. Several states have already taken action.

Travel bans issued by many countries for South Africans are seen as a “punishment”, the South African Government deplored on Saturday, two days after the announcement of the discovery of this strain.


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2nd hand books on biology and biochemistry can help to clarify scientific concepts
Since there has been so much about viruses, DNA and RNA over the last two years, I find it helpful to look into the scientific basis of some terms. Second hand university or high school books, can often be had for very little money.

At the local recycling station, I recently encountered the following books for collection:

Biology a Global Approach, by Campbell et al. 10th edition, 2015. Approx. 1350 pages. It has a chapter called Introduction to Viruses.
Biochemistry by Berg, Tymoczko, Gatto Jr. and Stryer, 8th edition, 2015. Approx. 1050 pages. Whereas the biology book describes mostly structures and their function, this book goes a step deeper. It dwells on the chemistry within living organism, like energy transformation and the details of amino acids and proteins, the various forms and roles of RNA, the chemical basis of DNA and so much more.
Finally, I found a special edition with 24 selected chapters from Chemistry the Central Science by Brown et al. from 2014. Approx. 1300 pages in two volumes.

I do not intend to read it all — not by any stretch — but it is very nice to be able to go a little deeper with terms that are mentioned in articles. For now, I use them as extended dictionaries. It takes a little more time to look something up in a book than using the net. However, I think it is easier to flip through the pages and get an overview, and often the images are better than the grainy versions found in articles. While I don't understand everything or sometimes even very little, it is still helpful. Since I, invariably, get to interact with people about the vaccinations, some might be interested in the biochemistry of the subject? And when the discourse will shift to the next virus mutant to hit the fan, it will be easy to adapt.

Compared to the price of supplements, a few books is a small price to pay. As a benefit, one also has the opportunity to learn details of how many vitamins and minerals work, at least from a basic point of view.


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How do we infer that the Chinese Communist Party both reacted to and concealed the existence of SARS-CoV-2 as far back as March 2018?
Problem is the same as with the 2020 US election. Culprits have become the government and the Deep State and there is no opposite legal body / institution with enough power against them to prosecute. The criminals have become the emperors and now are way too powerful. As the C's said: only if protests become much bigger will then the 7.8 billion humans in majority have a chance. But the Establishment won't go down without a fight, so violence is guaranteed. I think its a safe estimation that the fighting will consume half of the population. Then the famine, etc.. So its really as the C's said: The End.
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Since I, invariably, get to interact with people about the vaccinations, some might be interested in the biochemistry of the subject?
I found it curious that in the last 40+ years were were hearing that adults have a robust immune system, thus adults are more protected against plagues, thus have higher survival rate. Children were the vulnerable ones in need of protection from sicknesses, they didn't encounter yet to build immunity against.

Then nowadays I'm surprised to hear doctors telling us that children are not affected by this pandemic and have a strong innate internal defenses and immune system, because they are young and therefore have way higher chances to shake off diseases. The thymus gland helping children to fight diseases, which gland dissolves into fat tissue with age. But the thymus gland can also re-grow / coalesce in adult bodies, when extreme stress is encountered during life.
C's mentioned that WW1-WW2 people enduring hardships of famine and stress developed DNA changes that helped them survive.

I was thinking about that weird gland in the brain, mapped in 3D nowadays, that suspiciously looks like an alien worm inserted into the human brain by Lizzies. It definitely looks out of place there. Plus the extremely advanced life-creation / DNA and body modification tech used by the Lizzies. Then the thymus gland just popping in and out of existence. Regards this plandemic and regard human biology, how our DNA matches pig DNA, I was thinking we are just lab animals for the high-tech using aliens. Latest experiment of theirs on us are these weird, self-assembling precisely symmetrical nano-structures and nano-robots complete with happily waving Cthulus and parasites merrily swimming around in the Vaxx vials.
And this is just a regular pandemic - more to come, like The Second Wave © by Bill Gates - and the government is busy saving us with vaccines.. Come on!
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When I encountered the excerpt below from chapter 11 of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying (Wiki) and Amazon by Sogyal Rinpoche edited by Patrick Gaffney and Andrew Harvey, I came to think of some of the conversations I have had with people, who were convinced that vaccines was the way to go. Should I change my approach?
I have found that, as in all grave situations of life, two things are most useful: a common-sense approach and a sense of humor. Humor has a marvelous way of lightening the atmosphere, helping to put the process of dying in its true and universal perspective, and breaking the over-seriousness and intensity of the situation. Use humor, then, as skillfully and as gently as possible.

I have found also, from my own experience, that it is essential not to take anything too personally. When you least expect it, dying people can make you the target of all their anger and blame. As Elisabeth Kübler-Ross says, anger and blame can "be displaced in all directions, and projected onto the environment at times almost at random."1 Do not imagine that this rage is really aimed at you; realizing what fear and grief it springs from will stop you from reacting to it in ways that might damage your relationship.

Sometimes you may be tempted to preach to the dying, or to give them your own spiritual formula. Avoid this temptation absolutely, especially when you suspect that it is not what the dying person wants! No one wishes to be "rescued" with someone else's beliefs. Remember your task is not to convert anyone to anything, but to help the person in front of you get in touch with his or her own strength, confidence, faith, and spirituality, whatever that might be. Of course, if the person is really open to spiritual matters, and really wants to know what you think about them, don't hold back either.

Don't expect too much from yourself, or expect your help to produce miraculous results in the dying person or "save" them. You will only be disappointed. People will die as they have lived, as themselves. For real communication to be established, you must make a determined effort to see the person in terms of his or her own life, character, background, and history, and to accept the person unreservedly. Also don't be distressed if your help seems to be having very little effect and the dying person does not respond. We cannot know the deeper effects of our care.
Dying is a serious issue, but I consider giving the above approach a try in a couple of cases. It might make conversations more constructive.


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FYI, Omicron is also the name of an Italian movie of 1963
The pitch is interesting, i found 2 differents, one traduced, both coming from wiki english & french

Omicron is a 1963 Italian science fiction-comedy film directed by Ugo Gregoretti.[1] The film entered the competition at the 24th Venice International Film Festival.
As is becoming apparent, we live in a Quantum universe, where there are no coincidences, only synchronicities.
An alien takes over the body of an Earthman in order to learn about the planet so his race can take it over.

In the 20th century, an alien called Omicron is sent to Earth to prepare an invasion. He "settles" in the body of a worker called Angelo, who works in a large car company in the city of Subalpia (actually the city of Turin) in Italy. Pretending to accept human discipline at first, he humanises himself and eventually rebels. The ultimate goal of this alien is the settlement of his compatriots on Earth

So, this is just a funny fact, but on the other hand, with all what the C's said, i don't know, just an asumption ... would this new visibly mild variant, but with 32 mutations, contains a specific mutation induced by 4D STS in order to "ease" a certain process ? Maybe one valuable question to ask the C's at next session is "does the new omicron variant includes a 4D STS engineered mutation ?".


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Nothing surprising here except the fact that the Austrian gov. was extremely alarmed about the dangerous situation thus needing to lock up their country and the un-clot-shot.

With its horrific look, the big “light into Dark” gala on ORF has provoked angry reactions: While the whole country remained in a hard lockdown, concerts were canceled and bars were closed, celebrities in tails danced in front of the camera on Wednesday evening to the sound of “Life Is Life ". So present: Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg and Vice Werner Kogler.

Hope many Austrians see this !!!!

As terrible as it may make people feel, the ruling class operates under these rules,
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Not sure what to make of this. Apparently both Gates and India's 'vaccine billionaire' - Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute of India, one of the world's largest vaccine makers - are being charged with murder in India.

After a bit of searching, it looks like the doctor in question is in fact a real person who died from brain bleed. This article below claims that her family had quite the struggle to get her death accounted for as an adverse event.

If true, it's the first instance of this kind of thing I've heard of - murder charges for specific high-profile culprits on the basis of vaccine injury.


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I was thinking about that weird gland in the brain, mapped in 3D nowadays, that suspiciously looks like an alien worm inserted into the human brain by Lizzies. It definitely looks out of place there.
Which "weird gland" are you referring to? What does it do? How does it interact with other parts of the brain? What happens to people in whom this gland does not work? You might be able to explore such questions and find out if there is support for your idea that "it definitely looks out of place". Perhaps, there are answers on the net, or an anatomy atlas, and a text book on physiology might prove helpful.
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