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The following was from the Canadian, Wayne Peters, representing The video involves Katherine Watt (elsewhere mentions she is an independent journalist - and here a paralegal, tracked her to RFK.jr's site here), here is the description:

On Tue. Jan 24, 2023 the DOD held a ’vaccines’ Press Conference, In spite of all we now know and have learned and the overwhelming losses of the victims of the “Pharma” experimentation being done on unsuspecting societies… the U.S. Department of Defence discussed the ongoing emergency use rollout of bioweapons being marketed as “Covid vaccines”.

Katherine Watt, a Pennsylvania Paralegal and Law researcher, was an attendee. She discussed the legal framework for which this is happening and provides ways to circumvent the WHO/BIS/DOD initiatives that undermine sovereignty. (The full video is in credits) If you get through her testimony and haven’t been terrified to death yet, there is more you need to hear.

Checked the footnote links, which went here, and below is the full outline with the video above. What is essentially being described is a DOD operation transferred to Health (etc.) using Emergency Acts to negate testing and hide the totality. It is not that this has never been said before - hinted at or outright documented, just had not heard it presented in this context. It may not be right either, yet if it is close, buckle up.

The closest original source I was able to track down of the FULL D.O.D. tele-hearing was on the L4Atv1 Channel, the timestamps below I also credit Vladtepesblog (You will find more interesting things at

DOD ’vaccines’ Press Conference, Tue. Jan. 24, 2:30p ET
0:00:30 Sam Dube – Host Open
0:00:56 Speaker Introductions
0:03:04 Glen Macko – Overview of DoD Vaccines
0:05:28 Katherine Watt – Legal: Laws, Contracts, FOIA, SEC
0:24:39 Sasha Latypova – Manufacturing, Safety, Quality, Intent
0:33:32 Phillip Altman — Conformation of Skills/Knowledge of Katherine & Sasha
0:38:08 LTC (Ret) Pete Chambers – Vaccine observations in Military
0:46:13 Dr Sam Dube – Guidance on “Going Local” for personal protection
0:56:47 Q&A
1:05:09 Sasha – Problems with RNA fragment and impurities
1:06:57 Q&A
1:15:11 Dr Altman – Interaction with TGE in Australia
1:26:51 Misc Q&A
2:02:56 – – End of Video
** DOD ‘Vaccine’ Press Conference ** Tuesday January 24th, 2:30 PM ET
A Virtual Press Conference with:


She backs up her statements on this on her Substack at Bailiwick News with several documents:

Beyond-Disturbing-Biowarfare-and-Rogue-States-Ours-horse-blanket Beyond Disturbing, Biowarfare and Rogue States, Ours. Featured Videos [your]NEWS

Download this complete graphic here: COVID-19_horseblanket

Report to Congressional Addressees: GAO-accessible version-cv-19-hhs-dod-transitioned-718566

Beyond-Disturbing-Biowarfare-and-Rogue-States-Ours-horse-blanket Beyond Disturbing, Biowarfare and Rogue States, Ours. Featured Videos [your]NEWS
Beyond-Disturbing-Biowarfare-and-Rogue-States-Ours-horse-blanket Beyond Disturbing, Biowarfare and Rogue States, Ours. Featured Videos [your]NEWS
Beyond-Disturbing-Biowarfare-and-Rogue-States-Ours-horse-blanket Beyond Disturbing, Biowarfare and Rogue States, Ours. Featured Videos [your]NEWS
Beyond-Disturbing-Biowarfare-and-Rogue-States-Ours-horse-blanket Beyond Disturbing, Biowarfare and Rogue States, Ours. Featured Videos [your]NEWS


Beyond-Disturbing-Biowarfare-and-Rogue-States-Ours-horse-blanket Beyond Disturbing, Biowarfare and Rogue States, Ours. Featured Videos [your]NEWS
Beyond-Disturbing-Biowarfare-and-Rogue-States-Ours-horse-blanket Beyond Disturbing, Biowarfare and Rogue States, Ours. Featured Videos [your]NEWS


Now, after all that there is something you can do. We all have to do it as katherine outlines in her Jan 30th blog post:

On harboring and financing contract terrorists.

South Carolina, Virginia and Delaware are harboring contract terrorist organizations ANSER, ATI and Pfizer.
Infiltrators within the US Department of Defense are financing contract terrorists ANSER, ATI and Pfizer, through Congressional appropriations — and are using the pharmaceutical-weapons produced by those contractors to intentionally kill people.
Together, DOD and DOD contractors are “exceeding or abusing” the authority conferred upon them by law.
There’s plenty of evidence to support these assertions.
Katherine elaborates:

Message to state governments:
Invite ANSER, ATI and Pfizer CEOs to court, to explain to you and your state residents how mass murder and conspiracy to commit mass murder do not “exceed or abuse” conferred corporate authority, because “[Fake] DOD told us to make and distribute these weapons, the Federal Reserve printed the money to pay us, and [Fake] Congress gave the money to DOD, who gave it to us under the terms of our contracts.”
Make them say those things, in open court.
Message to True Congress:
Invite ANSER, ATI and Pfizer CEOs, along with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, to Congressional hearings, to explain to you and the American people, how mass murder and conspiracy to commit mass murder are lawful activities for which DOD and HHS are authorized, by Congress, to contract with nonprofit corporations chartered in American states.
Make them argue that forced submission to demonstrably toxic and deadly, mandated, fraudulently-labelled pharmaceutical-weapons — conducted without any adherence to any standard drug safety and efficacy regulations or informed consent principles — is the benevolent practice of medicine and public health.
Make them say those things, in public hearings.
It’s time to get to work stopping real dangers, not the hollow emotional issues plaguing and polarizing our society.

The unfortunate odds are, as I’ve reported on multiple times this week, almost every elected official, from every branch, from municipal to federal, are probably already connected to, or openly support the “coven”.

Whether they are even aware or not is moot here in this second, I think we can ALL agree… saving humanity may need to be our collective, solitary concern?

Climate-Terrorism, Economic Warfare, $12 Trillion and Counting – [your]NEWS

Spoiler Alert! Globalist Intervention Opportunity – [your]NEWS

Beyond-Disturbing-Biowarfare-and-Rogue-States-Ours-horse-blanket Beyond Disturbing, Biowarfare and Rogue States, Ours. Featured Videos [your]NEWS


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Another domino? From The Gateway Pundit:

Japanese Researchers to File Lawsuit Against Japan Government for Covering Up the Side Effects of the COVID Vaccine

During a press conference, a team of Japanese researchers led by Professor Masanori Fukushima stated their intention to sue the Japanese government if the Health Ministry continues to refuse to acknowledge the causal link between the vaccine and deaths.

“Around April last year, the pathology and forensics societies have already issued a statement that in the future, an autopsy should be done on people who have died after vaccination,” said Prof. Fukushima. “In the future, we need to urgently establish guidelines on what kind of medical treatment should be provided for victims injured by vaccines, and we need to develop diagnostic techniques.”

According to Fukushima, Japan’s Health Ministry won’t acknowledge the causal link between the vaccine and deaths. The Japanese researchers threatened the government that additional lawsuits would be filed for the COVID vaccine harm cover-up.

“One more thing, pathological autopsies have already been conducted on people who died after receiving the vaccine. However, the Health Ministry is still unwilling to acknowledge the causal link between the vaccine and the deaths. If the health ministry maintains this unjustified position, we intend to file additional lawsuits in consultation with our lawyers,” said Fukushima.

“We demand the Health Ministry provides appropriate victim compensation based on the vaccination law. In other words, the victim is compensated based on the vaccination law that is properly stipulated by Japanese law,” he continued.

When asked by a reporter on what he would say to medical professionals who provide vaccines to patients, he responded:

"I want to say one thing very clearly to the Health Ministry in addition to the medical professionals. They should distribute a Vaccination Victim’s Handbook to everyone who has been vaccinated. The Vaccination Victim’s Handbook is similar to the Atomic Bomb Victim’s Handbook, which is distributed to survivors of atomic bombs. After distributing the vaccination victims handbook to vaccinated people, medical institutions should be encouraged to properly follow up with vaccinated people.

It is necessary to examine whether there is a link between the disease and the vaccine. Biopsy tests should be performed on sick people suspected a vaccine-induced illness."

Prof. Fukushima added, “Vaccines are four times more likely to be infected than non-vaccinated people. Mortality rates were also found to be higher among vaccinated people of all ages. The evidence to promote vaccination has been lost. The state has hidden and stopped disclosing inconvenient data. It is a serious national crisis.”

Watch the video below:

It's all very well and good except for the completely misguided obsession of mask wearing - are they really that clueless? Maybe this will start making the rounds in Japan:



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I have no words!

I have words. How about Yes! and Please! Get your woke, toxic crap off of the screens so that the rest of the world might be healthier for it. We can live without looking at you, but can you live without our attention? And what good role models you are in trying to strong arm us into something that might not in our best interest. How about staying in your lane? No one cares what you think about this or that. Ye was right in that you all are but pathetic slaves. Your masters appear to care not a fig about you either.
I always respected Elizabeth Taylor for not jumping onto bandwagons, saying that she was but an entertainer. I'm told that she also remained loyal to the cancelled. No doubt she saw and understood a lot.




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Maybe the quality of movies will increase if enough of these authoritarian followers go on strike?
Perhaps they are the most captured/fooled of us all. Celebrities must be so transfixed by their own public image, which is also a false personal identity - some actors probably start to resemble their characters on screen. I guess they feel like leaders of the status quo image of all that is good, proper, and successful in life... within the matrix anyway. They have been highly successful, why would they be suspicious?

edit: Unless some of them know.
great interview with Andrew Bridgem - the MP in UK who was suspended from parliament for challenging the covid 19 narratives.

He openly admitted to having two shots but now really regrets he did, he was also labelled an anti semetic on completely false pretenses.

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Interesting publication co-authored by Fauci where he admits covid and flu shots are pretty useless. Seems to be a mix of dupers delight and 'take the nasal shots coming soon!'

they have not to date been effectively controlled by licensed or experimental vaccines

Until the emergence of COVID-19, influenza had for many decades been the deadliest vaccine-preventable viral respiratory disease, one for which only less than suboptimal vaccines are available. Surprisingly, little has changed with influenza vaccines since 1957 when they were first administered in US national vaccination programs. Over the years, influenza vaccines have never been able to elicit durable protective immunity against seasonal influenza virus strains, even against non-drifted strains.

As of 2022, after more than 60 years of experience with influenza vaccines, very little improvement in vaccine prevention of infection has been noted. As pointed out decades ago, and still true today, the rates of effectiveness of our best approved influenza vaccines would be inadequate for licensure for most other vaccine-preventable diseases.
However he must stick to the narrative in places
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the rapid development and deployment of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines has saved innumerable lives and helped to achieve early partial pandemic control.


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Interesting publication co-authored by Fauci where he admits covid and flu shots are pretty useless.
The retired head of a molecular diagnostic lab at the CDC, Norman Pieniążek, discussed this publication on Twitter. His stance is that no viremia means that all the studies that were based on blood PCRs are junk. The study says something about "RNAemia":
(...) In stark contrast, the non-systemic respiratory viruses such as influenza viruses, SARS-CoV-2, and RSV tend to have significantly shorter incubation periods (Table 1) and rapid courses of viral replication. They replicate predominantly in local mucosal tissue, without causing viremia, and do not significantly encounter the systemic immune system or the full force of adaptive immune responses, which take at least 5–7 days to mature, usually well after the peak of viral replication and onward transmission to others. SARS-CoV-2 ‘‘RNAemia’’ (circulation of viral RNA in the bloodstream, as is seen with most mucosal respiratory virus infections, as distinct from viremia, in which infectious viruses can be cultured from the blood), has been reported, and RT-PCR levels of viral RNA have been linked to severe disease, similar to studies of influenza RNAemia.
But he calls that also complete nonsense since the naked RNA half-life in the blood is just too short... His Twitter thread:
1. Fauci admits that viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 do not cause viremia, i.e., do not appear in blood, contrary to viruses that use the respiratory route of infection but cause systemic disease.
2. Lack of SARS-CoV-2 viremia means that a million or more publications report finding the SARS-CoV-2 RNA in various body organs, blood, and feces are wrong and report PCR errors instead. The same applies to reports of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA presence in sewers.
3. Lack of SARS-CoV-2 viremia means that those claiming that COVID-19 is a disease mainly of the vascular system lied.
4. No viremia of the SARS-CoV-2 virus means that “long COVID” is a myth.
5. Although it was known for a long time that no effective vaccines could control respiratory viruses, fake experts (including Anthony Fauci) claim that a common cold virus like SARS-CoV-2 can be prevented by vaccines like polio or measles were bold lies.
6a. Fauci has no idea about the molecular diagnosis of respiratory diseases and cannot fathom that no one knows how many people were infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and how many people were killed by this virus.
6b. So when you test just for one virus using nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swabs, don’t be surprised to find only one virus that probably doesn’t cause an infection in more than 1 in 10,000 cases of PCR-positive results.
7. There is no mention of asymptomatic infections. So you can safely presume that Fauci admits lying through his teeth.
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