Now there is this I snagged from the session thread:

Very suspicious explosion in southern nigeria, possible impact and cover up.

from the article;

Initial, the massive explosion was thought to be caused by a terrorist attack with a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) or even a small asteroid impact.

Can't watch the video, probably to much traffic this morning, what do you think.
Now this: yesterday, the Minister of Finance of Hesse (a German federal state and economic powerhouse which includes Frankfurt), committed suicide. He left a letter, of which a few lines were published initially in an article in a major newspaper, but then the passage was almost immediately deleted! The deleted passage said: "According to reports, Schäfer is said to have spoken of a 'hopelessness', which he sees socially, but also in relation to the economic situation of the country. This hopelessness was, among other things, specifically related to the current situation, which had obviously 'created problems' for him."

Here's the article by someone who took a screenshot before it disappeared:

thank you luc, I just wanted to post this as well, from PI-News in german, HERE.

The article contains a vid of Dr. Bodo Schiffmann, Corona 11, which was already deleted from YT. And also a chart of the over all death rates.
One last thing: Bill justified the need for tough lockdowns by stating it's easy to do money and economy as compared to bringing dead people back to life. So he is all about sacrificing the economy, taking the pain to keep this virus under control.

Dutch Sott published an article recently, reporting that Gates resigned from Microsoft as a board member, because he wants more time for 'philanthropy'. The article also stated that it is likely he will resign from investor Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway as a board member, but I find that hard to believe. Interesting timing, however (the article was written on 13 March 2020).
Its happening all over the world. Medication, medical supplies shortage, Ive a client who needs medical supplies that are getting harder to get, hospital appointments cancelled, he has cancer, hearth condition, diabetic and had a stroke. Good look trying to get the district nurse out. I'm sure there are many more in this situation all over the world. Hope I am wrong but, I feel this wont end well for many people, the longer it goes on, the more damage will be done. Will people wake up? will the truth come out? Do people want to know? Time will tell, interesting and uncertain times, out of all this suffering will a better world be born?? Sorry, this turned into a bit of a rant.

I think you are right. I feel like we are all in the same situation the Jews were in 1939, prior to the Holocaust. Only, this time there is no escape for those who know what's coming. It's not like we can leave the planet! On the 'up' side, many Americans might be rudely awoken from their 'American Dream', simply because it no longer exists anymore.

I'm not sure how I feel about being treated like livestock.

I have just found out that our state government will be implementing mandatory vaccines for health care workers. It will probably follow that everybody who works with the public also has to have them. God only knows what's going to happen if they produce a Coronavirus vaccine. It could get deadly fast. I suppose their thinking is as long as no-one connects these deaths to the vaccine, then everything's ok.

I'm sorry for all the people who expected 'popcorn' when things got dicey. I think it got cancelled, unless you happened to be one of the Elites....

A well known astrologer has speculated that there may be many people who chose to leave the planet at this time, simply because the 'New World' is no longer in sync with them. Same astrologer has also mentioned that 'Earth Changes' are also likely. Things like earthquakes and eruptions (good old Uranus in Taurus?). Mind you, it takes a heck of a lot of energy to get Taurean energy moving.

My thoughts turned to Yellowstone and the Cascadia Subduction Zone in the US. I wonder if the percentage likely hood an eruption at Yellowstone has changed from what the C's said some time ago (sorry, can't remember what session). Maybe all that energy can be mitigated by being spread across the country and also the world?

Um, people, we're definitely not in Kansas anymore! :umm:
And for those less familiar or looking for a short way of doing it, you can retweet the posts of Laura or other members.

Good idea! I would just add that retweeting a bunch of Laura's tweets might get you blocked as twitter doesn't like it and thinks you are a robot. What I do, is retweet the ones that are just pure text, the articles you can click on a retweet them directly, which means a bit of variety on your feed as well (from different places rather than just all Laura's tweets.

So far, we are still not in full lock down, my job at uni is still going ahead as of this writing and I will be going to work tomorrow. We have had meetings (which are all conducted on zoom these days) about what may occur and I have been given access to remote control software so I can still run things from home if needed. We were told that if we do get locked down and cannot work from home we will have to use leave as we won't be getting paid. There are strong rumors that the students will be banned from campus soon, but staff will remain. There are many calling for the uni to shut, the usual panic idiots, but quite a few people who are not worried and see the lie.

The farmers market I usually go to has reopened in a new location for the time being, which is great. Very different vibe there as opposed to the shopping centers, which are pretty empty of people and seem to be the face mask wearing types. I spoke to quite a few vendors at the farmers market and they all seem to be seeing through the BS, lots of talk about economic crashes and Orwellian control. Also heartening was the fact that a lot of the vendors, were donating their surplus produce to homeless shelters and those in need. There are good people out there still, they're not all sheeple!

My gf is a nurse, who works at private hospital, she was told there is no job for her due to the fact that all elective surgeries have been cancelled. BUT here is the kicker, the government has struck a deal with 2 private hospitals (one which my gf works at) to take a bunch of infected people from a Cruise ship. Mostly German tourists The staff were not aware of it until it happened yesterday. Good way to up our cv total, and I assume that most of the cruise ship peeps are in the older age range and more compromised health-wise, so the deaths might go up to! Something is a bit fishy here to say the least! below is a comment which makes much more sense as it will give the nurses their jobs back and already ill patients can be away fom the cv patients! There seems to be a growing backlash from the health workers as my gf reports that pretty much all the staff she works with are seeing through the BS! maybe that's why they want an empty hospital for the the infected? so nobody can see that most of them are fine?

anyway, rant over, thanks for all the info and continued support from all the amazing people here!! keep that lighthouse lit!
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Since Corona, I've called Germany Absurdistan . I live in a new housing development, where there is a good social intersection. Many teachers, civil servants but also people who are not allowed to work at the moment. People have known each other for years and now I have the feeling that I never knew them.
A neighbor, a banker who is also in quarantine, called to me from his garden yesterday: I think the virus is great. My wife and I enjoy the free time. It's just a shame that the shops are closed. But because of me, there could be a virus every year.:clap::welcome:
A neighbor, a retired school principal, said: I don't want to measure you, but you've read the regulations. Yesterday you go with 5 people and a dog. Only 5 people are allowed. I was amazed because I didn't know until yesterday that my dog was a person. I then said to him: You are right, our dog is heavier than the youngest person. We will leave the child at home and take the dog with them. My neighbor: you can't leave the child at home. I am no surprised. Today so much happens you leave the child at home.:headbash:
Just as a note: This control person was suspended from school years ago because he has been shown to have for sex attacked school children.
I also experience a division of people here. On the one hand, people want their lives back. They react according to the motto: finally put it away. It's just annoying.
On the other hand, many become restless and angry. They question the virus and its consequences. If this amount increases, the "polluters" actually run out of time.
The problem is that in the community of 16,000 people, we don't have one person affected by Corona. And that shows them that Corona is not real.
I asked my doctor if she already had a positive test. She said no. And right now they are waiting 10 days for the test results.
Here in Algarve it is eerily quiet, there are perhaps 30% of inhabitants as all tourists have vanished. So far, no complete lock down, we can still go on walks, only seen 1 police car this week and still lines in front of large supermarkets but not at the numerous small ones. Thank DCM for being in the country side! Inside the small ones where I shop, no one is practicing the distancing, no mouth caps and there is an abundance of fresh produce, all from local sources. The people we meet on our walks are friendly and cheerful but the people here we know with their own business (realtors, restaurant owners, hairdresser) are getting more stressed by the day. They are looking at the prospect of being wiped out economically. There is talk from the government of help but they fear most of it will go to the big hotel chains. What else is new....

In this light, Michael's post implementing Laura's article on Transmarginal Inhibition is very enlightening information when you observe (as well as read about here on the forum of course) how differently people react to the stressors that are being applied now, especially in view of the fact that no one mentions a potential end date to this madness on top of seeing one's financial position deteriorating by the day, on top of seeing news flashes that numbers are only getting bigger (I even just saw a news message that numbers in China are getting up again!) and voila, people are starting to show signs of breaking. Mind control in the works.

I think this brilliant article by Laura on SOTT (2007) has been linked previously but for those who may have missed it, I think it deserves regular resuscitation and especially now as the new day-today reality becomes more firmly established and its stresses likely to increasingly show up in the wider population. I would recommend reading it very carefully and taking in its implications with regard to one of the purposes behind any sustained process of ‘house’ arrest etc now facing much of the world’s human population (of dogs).

It also strikes me that the PTB may be using this policy in an effort to counteract possible beneficial results of recent contact with the virus that have only recently been activated - and hence are weakly established as of yet - and possibly can be counteracted by massive amounts of new stress?

Transmarginal Inhibition

Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Sun, 08 Jul 2007 08:19 UTC

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Pavlov demonstrated that when Transmarginal Inhibition began to take over a condition similar to hysteria manifested. In states of fear and excitement, normally sensible human beings will accept the most wildly improbably suggestions

Transmarginal Inhibition

Transmarginal Inhibition, or TMI, is an organism's response to overwhelming stimuli. Ironically, the popular acronym TMI means too much information, which can be a common factor of transmarginal inhibition in today's culture.


Ivan Pavlov enumerated details of TMI on his work of conditioning animals via various stimuli, including pain. (It is not true that all of Pavlov's work was inducing responses via pain as is often reported.)

Pavlov discovered that an organism's level of tolerance to various stimuli varied significantly depending on fundamental differences in temperament. He commented:

"that the most basic inherited difference among people was how soon they reached this shutdown point and that the quick-to-shut-down have a fundamentally different type of nervous system." [1]

This led him to pay increasing attention to the need to classify subjects according to their inherited constitution before applying experimental conditioning.

Not only did dogs respond differently to conditioning according to their temperament, when a dog broke down under stress, its treatment depended on its constitutional type. For instance, Pavlov confirmed that sedatives were very helpful in restoring stability to the nerves of a dog that had broken down, but that the one type might require 5 to 8 times as much medication than that required by another type even if the body weight was exactly the same.

The Four Temperaments

Based on the empirical evidence accumulated through thirty years of research, Pavlov was convinced of the idea of the four basic temperaments. He noted that these temperaments approximated closely to those differentiated in man by Hippocrates. Though various blends of basic temperamental patterns appeared in Pavlov's dogs, they could be distinguished as such instead of by creating new categories.

1. The first type corresponded with Hippocrates's "choleric" type which Pavlov called "strong excitatory."

2. The second type: "sanguine" which Pavlov named "lively", applied to dogs of a more balanced temperament.

The normal response to imposed stresses or conflict situations by these two types was increased excitement and more aggressive behavior, but that is where the similarity ended. The "strong excitatory", or choleric, type would turn so wild as to be completely out of hand as opposed to the "sanguine" type which continued to behave with purposeful and controlled reactions.

3. The phlegmatic type, Pavlov called "calm, imperturbable”, and the

4. melancholic was called "weak inhibitory" type.

In these two types, imposed stresses and conflict situations were met with more passivity or "inhibition" rather than aggression. The "weak inhibitory" type, or melancholic, constitutional tendency was to meet anxieties and conflicts with passivity and avoidance of tension. Any strong experimental stress imposed on such a dog's nervous system resulted in the dog being reduced to a state of brain inhibition and "fear paralysis."

Pavlov found that the other three types, when faced with more stress than could be coped with by the usual means, would also eventually enter a state of brain inhibition similar to that state entered very quickly by the melancholic/weak inhibitory type. He regarded this as a protective mechanism normally employed by the brain as a last resort when pressed beyond endurance.

The "weak inhibitory" type was an exception to the other three types: this type of dog went into a state of protective brain inhibition more rapidly and in response to lighter stresses.

The important finding was, of course, that the four basic natures responded differently to different levels of stress both before, during, and after experiments, the most important datum being that the weak inhibitory type was particularly susceptible.

Regarding the weak inhibitory type, Pavlov observed that though the basic temperamental pattern is inherited, every dog has been conditioned since birth by varied environmental influences which can produce long-lasting inhibitory patterns of behavior under certain stresses. Therefore, the final pattern of behavior of any given dog will depend on both its own constitution as well as specific patterns of behavior induced by prior environmental stresses. [2]

The Ultraboundary Response

Later, when Pavlov was experimentally applying his discoveries about dogs to human psychology, he noted carefully what happened when the higher nervous system of the dog was strained beyond the limits of normal response, and compared these states to clinical reports of various kinds of mental breakdowns in human beings. He found that more severe and prolonged stresses could be applied to dogs of the "lively" or "calm imperturbable" type without causing a breakdown, than to those of the "strong excitatory" and "weak inhibitory" types.

Pavlov was convinced that this "ultraboundary" response that he called Transmarginal Inhibition, was the brain's protective mechanism. When it occurred, it meant that the brain had no other means of avoiding physical damage due to fatigue and nervous stress. He found that he could determine the degree of protective inhibition in any dog at any moment by using his salivary gland conditioned reflex protocol. Even if the dog seemed normal upon visual examination, the amount of saliva being secreted could tell him what was happening in the dog's brain, i.e. whether the inhibitory response was initiating, and to what stage it had developed.

The Flood and Brainwashing

Apparently, an accidental event led to some of Pavlov's more advanced experiments in induced TMI. In 1924, there was a flood in Leningrad. Pavlov had conditioned an entire group of dogs before this flood, during which they were trapped in their cages as the water rose steadily in the laboratory. The dogs were swimming around in terror, fighting to hold their heads above water when, at the last possible moment, a lab attendant came and pulled them down through the water and out of their cage doors to safety.

This event was evidently terrifying in the extreme to the dogs. Some of them switched from a state of acute excitement to severe Transmarginal Protective Inhibition. When Pavlov tested some of them soon after, he found that the recently implanted conditioned reflexes had all disappeared. Other dogs which had faced the ordeal were not affected. Pavlov realized that for those dogs whose conditioning had been wiped away by terror, there was a further degree of inhibitory activity that was capable of wiping the mental slate clean. Most dogs that had reached this stage of "brainwashing" could later have their old conditioned behaviors restored, but it took months of patient work. They were, effectively, "newborn". If Pavlov would allow a trickle of water to run in under the door of the laboratory, all the dogs were sensitive to, and affected by, the sight; but most particularly those dogs who had been "brainwashed" by the flood.

Even though some of the dogs had resisted total breakdown, Pavlov was convinced that appropriate stresses "properly applied", could have induced breakdown in every one of them. At the end of his life, Pavlov told an American physiologist that the observations made on this occasion had convinced him that every dog had its "breaking point". [3]

Four Main Types of Stress

Among Pavlov's most important findings was what can happen to conditioned behavior when the brain of a dog is pushed to the "ultraboundary" limit by stresses and conflict beyond its habitual response capacity. He was able to bring about what he called a "rupture in higher nervous activity" by utilizing four main types of imposed stresses.

1) The first type of stress was simply an increase in the intensity of the signal to which the dog was initially conditioned. If this was gradually increased, at a certain point, when the signal was too strong for its system, the dog would begin to break down.

2) The second way of achieving the ultraboundary event was to increase the time between the giving of the signal and the arrival of food. If a dog was conditioned to receive food five seconds after the warning signal, and this period was then prolonged, signs of restlessness and abnormal behavior would become evident in the less stable dogs. Pavlov discovered that the dog's brains revolted against any abnormally long waiting period while under stress. Breakdown would occur when the dog had to either exert very strong, or very prolonged, inhibition. (Human beings also find protracted waiting while under stress to be debilitating: worse than the event that produces the anxiety.)

3) The third way of inducing a breakdown was to confuse the dogs by anomalies in the conditioning signal. If positive and negative signals were given one after the other, (yes, no, yes, no, etc), the hungry dog would become uncertain as to what would happen next and this disrupted the normal nerve stability. This is also true with human beings.

4) The fourth way of inducing a breakdown in a dog was to destabilize the dog's physical condition in some way, either by subjecting it to long periods of work, inducing gastro-intestinal disorders, fever, disturbing the glandular balance, surgery, etc.

If, in any case, the first three methods would fail to induce a breakdown in a particular dog, it could be achieved by utilizing the same stresses that had failed, but doing so only after initiating the fourth protocol: physical destabilization. Pavlov also discovered that, after physical destabilization, a breakdown might occur even in temperamentally stable dogs and also that any new behavior pattern occurring afterward might become a fixed element of the dog's personality even long after recovery from the debilitating experience.

In the weak inhibitory type of dog, new neurotic patterns implanted under such conditions could frequently be readily removed by little more than doses of sedatives. But in the calm and lively types - which often needed to be surgically castrated in order to physically debilitate them sufficiently to cause a breakdown - Pavlov discovered that the newly implanted pattern was quite often ineradicable after the dog had recovered its health. Pavlov thought that this was due to the natural toughness of the nervous systems in such types of dogs. The new behaviors were difficult to implant without temporarily induced debilitation and subsequently seemed to be as strong a part of the dog's "stubborn nature" as the old pattern.

As observed by Pavlov, tolerance of stimulation varies greatly between individuals. Highly sensitive persons may be over stimulated by the loud volumes in a movie theater or the background confusion of a large social gathering. Other individuals will find those same stimulations as ideal stimulation levels, or even understimulating.

Three Stages of TMI

Pavlov established that the ability of a dog to resist heavy stress not only depended on its type, but its physical condition. Once the ultraboundary had been reached and cerebral inhibition induced, very strange things began to happen in the dog's brain. These changes could be measured with some precision (by the amounts of saliva secreted), and, unlike with human beings, were not altered by subjective distortions. That is to say, there was no question of the dog trying to explain away or rationalize their odd behavior as human beings do. Three distinct and progressive stages of "ultraboundary" inhibition were described by Pavlov.

1) The Equivalent Phase of cortical brain activity. In this phase, all stimuli, of whatever strength resulted only in the same amounts of saliva being produced. In the human being, a similar phenomenon is observed when a normal person is in a state of extreme fatigue; they report that there is very little difference between their emotional reactions to either trivial or important experiences. They may say "I'm too tired to care."

2) The Paradoxical Phase. When even stronger stresses are applied (and this can be pain or any other mental, physical, or emotional stress), the equivalent phase passes into the paradoxical phase. In this state, weak stimuli can produce a stronger reaction than a strong stimuli. The reason for this is that the strong stimuli only increase the state of protective inhibition while the weak stimuli can still produce positive responses. When a human being is in this stage, their behavior can reverse in a way that seems totally irrational to an outside observer.

3) The Ultra-Paradoxical Phase. The third stage is where positive conditioned responses suddenly reverse to negative responses and negative ones to positive. The dog (or person) may suddenly find that they like what they formerly detested and loathe what they formerly loved. In this stage, the organism's response becomes opposed to all its previous conditioning.

Additional research on these phases was done by William Sargant in his work on shell-shocked servicemen.

Significance To Human Psychology

View attachment 34638

People are a lot like Pavlov's dogs...​

This last discovery has great relevance to understanding similar changes in behavior in human beings.

Toward the end of a long period of some type of debilitation, people of very strong character have been known to make a dramatic change in their beliefs and/or convictions. When they recover, they then are known to remain true to their new beliefs for the rest of their lives. There are many case histories of people who experience various types of conversion - religious, political, etc - during times of war, in prison, or after having some prolonged terrifying experience such as shipwreck, plane crash, etc.

Much of human behavior is the result of conditioned patterns of responses that begin to form in infancy and childhood. These patterns of response to reality can persist almost unchanged, but in general, the healthy adult human has learned to adapt their programs to changes in their environment. Other human responses are due to study and learning; driving a car, for example. In the beginning, learning to drive and negotiate in traffic requires a great deal of attention. Later on, it becomes more automatic and the driver can navigate in busy city traffic while talking, eating, or doing any number of other activities. "Driving" has become an automatic program. But if the driver then travels into the country where there is little traffic, he is able to adapt to changing conditions and does this automatically.

So it is that an organism's brain is required to build ever more elaborate structures of both positive and negative conditioned responses - behavior patterns - to the changing conditions of the environment. Pavlov showed that the nervous system of a dog could develop extraordinary powers of discrimination automatically. A dog could be made to salivate in reaction to a tone of exactly 500 vibrations per minute, not 490 or 510.

Negative conditioned responses, such as anger or "fight or flight" reactions are generally controlled in civilized societies though it is occasionally necessary to activate them in response to changes in the environment such as threat or a life-or-death emergency.

The emotional attitudes and patterns of response are also conditioned in the human being though most people do not like to admit this. We learn as children to feel attraction or revulsion for certain things, people, events, and so on. Words such as "Catholic," or "Communist" can evoke instant emotional reactions that have no relation to any facts or data, but are simply programmed attitudes acquired by conditioning within the family and society.

Use in Mind Control

The work of Ivan Pavlov was found by the Soviet totalitarian regime to be quite useful in pursuing their political policy of indoctrination. As evidence of this fact, it is noted that in July, 1950, a medical directive was issued in Russia for a re-orientation of all Soviet medicine along Pavlovian lines. [4] The reason for this directive is apparently due to the most impressive results that were obtained by applying Pavlovian principles.

Pavlov's work seems to have strongly influenced the techniques used in Russia and China for the "eliciting of confessions", for brainwashing and for inducing political conversions. This research has, apparently, been carried on in the U.S. by secret services who have a vested interest in "debunking" and marginalizing such information. Most of Pavlov's findings applicable to Mind Control are reported in a series of Pavlov's later lectures translated by Horsley Gantt, published in Great Britain and the United States in 1941 under the title "Conditioned Reflexes and Psychiatry." [5] Professor Y. P. Frolov's book about these experiments, Pavlov and His School [6] has also been translated into English. Later books made little or no reference to most of Pavlov's important findings along the line of Mind Control. Joseph Wortis, M.D., in his study "Soviet Psychiatry", published in the U.S. in 1950 [7], made a point to emphasize the importance of Pavlov's experiments in psychiatry, but gave very few details of the last phase of this work that dealt with Mind Control. Other books contain many details of Pavlov's early experimental work, but little to nothing of his later work relevant to Mind Control and brain-washing.

Pavlov demonstrated that when Transmarginal Inhibition began to take over a dog, a condition similar to hysteria in a human manifested. The applications of these findings to human psychology suggest that for a "conversion" to be effective, it is necessary to work on the subject's emotions until s/he reaches an abnormal condition of fear, anger or exaltation. If such a state is maintained or intensified by any of various means, hysteria is the result.

In a state of hysteria, a human being is abnormally suggestible and influences in the environment can cause one set of behavior patterns to be replaced by another without any need for persuasive indoctrination. In states of fear and excitement, normally sensible human beings will accept the most wildly improbably suggestions.

Social Implications

The means by which TMI operates on the individual is rather clear; what is less clear is how hysteria affects larger groups even moving to the macro-scale. Nevertheless, scientific observers of U.S. society since September 11, 2001, often point out that the events of that day were a classic example of inducing Transmarginal Inhibition in masses of people in order to condition them to accept the destruction of the U.S. Democratic government.


Frolov, Y.P. (1938). Pavlov and His School. Trans. by C.P. Dutt. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, London.

Babkin, B.P. (1951) Pavlov. A Biography. Gollancz, London.

Asratyan, E.A. (1953) I.P. Pavlov: His Life and Work (English translation) Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow.

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Pavlov, I. P. (1927). Conditioned Reflexes: An Investigation of the Physiological Activity of the Cerebral Cortex (translated by G. V. Anrep). London: Oxford University Press.

Todes, D. P. (1997). "Pavlov's Physiological Factory," Isis. Vol. 88. The History of Science Society, p. 205-246.

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The Highly Sensitive Person or the HSP

Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Laura Knight-Jadczyk is a seventh generation Floridian, a historian and author of 14 books and many articles published in print and on the internet. She is the founder of and lives in France with her husband, Polish mathematical physicist, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, her extended family, eight dogs, five birds and a cat.

Can anyone advise what is the best stand in for ventalin should she not be able to fill her prescription after that runs out?
Hi Jones, my mother needed ventolin for asthmatic problems for years before she found a lady in The Netherlands who gave courses on the Buteyko breathing method over 2 years ago. So successful, she has never needed ventolin ever again.
And now this! Why are we not surprised???

And this:

I swear to God, it really does seem like they are using this virus scare to cover up something much bigger.

Hah! I should have checked here before posting in the session thread. A thought came to me last night that our good old ptb are using their claims of being tested positive and self isolating to withdraw to "secure locations" to try to weather the storm whilst shtf - although this move certainly raises suspicions regarding what manner of sh*t is hitting what manner of fans!!
'Essential' teams of the US military, and who knows who else for that matter, going underground and sitting this episode out, got me thinking about the coming probable scenario of the weather turning colder, leading to food shortages and the existence the Svalbard Seed Vault, to which improvements were completed last year!
'Norway committed roughly €10 million ($10.8 million) to making the vault more fail-safe. The access tunnel was made more waterproof and its cooling system got an upgrade. The improvements, completed last year, ended up costing €20 million ($21.7 million). The seeds added today are the first major deposit since the upgrades were made.'

I searched in the forum and came up with this post from Angelburst dates september 2017: things becoming very accurate now....

Why are the founders of Microsoft, Google and Paypal investing in artificial meat?

The same founders that are heavily invested in the ‘doomsday seed vault’ on Svalbard, backed by the Rockefeller foundations.

Like Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970’s, ‘If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.’

I guess, another way of looking at it, cows, pigs, chickens, etc. can be genetically modified but can't "be patented"? Bio-engineered artificial meat - can?

In this article, it goes into the many Rockefeller Foundations and it's proxies like the Gates Foundation, Monsanto Corporation, Syngenta Foundation and other Agencies that have over the years, systematically taken over control of agribusiness production, biological eugenics research and methods used in the Rockefeller"s Green Revolution to reduce and control the World's populations. Artificial meat might be the next step in population control, next to GMO seed and modified fruits?

“Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic – Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t
Tonight, Scott Morrison announced that outdoor gatherings are now limited to 2 people. I'm wondering about a pattern that might be unfolding, because as soon as I heard that, I noticed that the helicopters were out flying over again.

I'm thinking that there's a possibility that they might be expecting trouble with each new restriction introduced and so they're keeping an eye in the sky on things. I went out to look at the helicopters and though I could hear them, I couldn't see them! I could hear the noise of the engines getting louder and softer as they moved around and so I stayed out for a while trying to figure out what was going on. Then I finally spotted one! They are flying without the external navigation lights on! I could just make out a very faint glow of what I guess is cabin or instrument panel lights.

Hi Jones, my mother needed ventolin for asthmatic problems for years before she found a lady in The Netherlands who gave courses on the Buteyko breathing method over 2 years ago. So successful, she has never needed ventolin ever again.

Thanks for that Laurs, I don't think she'd do breathing exercises - years ago she did an EE session with me, but wasn't interested in continuing. Things could change if she has problems though, so I'll mention it to her :-)
The bad word has been spoken. Unfortunately I cannot read the whole article because it is a subscription. But the headline was enough for me.

Former British Prime Minister Brown pleads for temporary world government
Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown advocates the creation of a global executive that will include heads of state and health professionals alongside international organizations such as the World Bank.

And this:

Just the other day The Guardian reported on the possibility of food shortages and the ability to afford food, it outlines some of the reasons why the UK in particular is so at risk - never mind the fact that hundreds of thousands have been relying on food banks for years just to feed themselves and their families:

- Only 50% of food consumed in the UK is produced in the UK
- Lack of seasonal (i.e foreign, cheap) workers due to lock down. France, UK "discussing new 'land armies'" to help (as noted in the RT article)
- 8 supermarkets receive 90% of food spend
- Lock down has resulted in rising food costs for families - 16%.
- 1.6 million children who depended on free school meals are being promised supermarket vouchers...

It's up on SOTT: UK's empty supermarket shelves: Panic is not the problem --

One would think that while some at the top may not be in the loop about a coming Ice Age, they may be aware of the above statistics, and it wouldn't take a genius to see it's only getting worse. I remember someone saying that "when the price of fuel in L.A passes so-many-dollars you can expect riots", and one could guess it's the same with food.

All that and that's without factoring Earth Changes affecting the food supply, noted here.

Added: apparently this video shows queues for a foodbank in the US:
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