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Update in the Netherlands: While the Dutch research institute RIVM says that there's no evidence about the effectivity of masks outside, annoying 'experts' (and 'journalists') keep pushing for a rule to wear a mask outside. Not that the RIVM is trustworthy, but they're right about this at least. A couple of days ago, the Dutch govt said that there will be no mandatory masks rule in public areas. However, it appears now that they might implement such a rule in certain areas as an experiment. So, let me get this straight:
hydroxychloroquine -> very promising results and safe -> 'experts' claim there's no evidence and therefore not safe -> not allowed to be experimented with
masks -> no evidence of effectivity, can be harmful -> 'experts' want it to be implemented outside as well -> allowed to be experimented with
Amazing logic. :thdown:


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Needles to say, his higher temperature returned to normal the next day and he is feeling great, but you know- THE test says he has it so - he has it.

Well, maybe he really has it. :-)

I had something a few days ago. I had a high temperature (37.2) for two days with usual, although slight, pain in muscles and bones. Other than that, nothing. I think that it could be 'rona because I don't remember ever been sick with the flu during the summer and I've almost never been sick with such mild symptoms. For me, compared to this, the influenza virus is a deadly disease.

My cousin who works in Russia told me that Russians tested tens of thousands of workers in one famous construction site (Amur Gas Processing Plant) and that half of workers had antibodies. My cousin had them too and he says that his only problem was a lack of taste.

I don't know how to explain this phenomenon, but I see a huge dichotomy between doctors and veterinarians. The doctors don't believe at all in supplements such as vitamins and minerals. They think that they are a waste of money. They will only prescribe them if somebody from above tells them to do so. On the other hand, veterinarians routinely give the same supplements to animals. So it gives me an impression that in our society the animals are better treated than human beings. :-/


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An update for the Morona circus in Macedonia.
As it looks, the so-called media are slowly starting to prepare the terrain for massive vaccination. The school year will probably start with just a few children in a classroom, with masks, and very short classes. When one group will be at school, another will listen to online lessons for a week, then they will change. So probably one week at school one at home.
It is just an idea but the final solution will be something along that line probably.

Unable to maintain the historian, now the regular seasonal stomach flue became corona that can kill you even if you don't have any symptoms at all. Now if you don't have any symptoms, it is the biggest symptom that you have the deadly corona. These are the worlds of people in charge of the pandemic in this country.

This is one example from the bizarre world.
In a company where my wife works, the management makes a panic. One person was brought in the hospital in an unconscious condition, and of course, he has corona. They make some PCR tests on him and it was positive. A panic started. People acted like crazy. Who was in contact with him. Oh, this is so funny to watch. Adult people freaking out for nothing and panicking.

A few days later, while walking in the park with my wife we meet a colleague of my wife. The person mentioned above is her neighbor and my wife asked how is he.
she told us that it is all a big hoax. That person has a kidney stone for a longer time. That day the stone moved and he was in huge pain. When the ambulance came, he lost his conciseness. In the hospital, they made a PCR test and it became positive( as they always do ). After a few days of therapy he was at home feeling better.

The second example is even more bizarre. People went to a funeral. One of these people, the next day have a fever and diarrhea. He was terrified as he never experienced stomach flue in his life. His PCR test was positive of course. Terrified by this majority of the people that were on that funeral made PCR tests and all were positive. Among those people was a doctor who have a private practice. His practice is closed, scared sheeple are hiding at home in isolation, people attending the funeral are also panicking because they were "in contact" with positive people.

And I can't follow the stupid things like this anymore, This is completely out of control. We don't need any restrictions anymore. People will implement them by themselves. This brainwashing goes so deep.

The temperatures are about 40C during the day and lot of people are wearing a mask on the street even on that heat,
The elections ended. and soon the new-old government will continue with their agenda about Morona hysteria.

If somebody would tell a year ago that I would be a witness of the madness of this proportion I would think he is crazy.
Now I understand much better how the psychopathic elites rule the normal people.
We live in a mad, mad world. Surrounded by nuts. Everyone here also with masks, around 95% of people wearing it outside in plain hot weather. Thanks for share your experiences, they are now the normality everywhere. In Spain the craziness is high, and everyone believes everything without thinking a little far of their noses. How to be calm in front of all this madness is what we try to work but it is so difficult sometimes. To be alive is so beautiful but these mad people make life a nightmare for everyone, using sadism and mental torture. I was reading somewhere that because of all of this millions of people will have TB. I know that the future is something very horrible, worst then a Stephen King nightmare. Poor humanity that accept to be a zombi. What can we do? Nothing. Just hope that the DCM will help each one of us to be in peace with ourselves, not loose our minds, to be strong and gentle with us and others.


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Well it had to happen, Del Bigtree's 'The Highwire' got deleted off YouTube...

I'm going off topic here a bit. Maybe Del can go over to Spotify along with all the other censored Youtubers and be paid for it. As I mentioned several times here, I watch Dan Bongino regularly and he's also being harassed by youtube. He's in the process of moving to a new platform(undisclosed) thats being set up that will serve all these people who are being booted. If you have a high amount of viewers you will be paid. He mentions Joe Rogan as one who will be moving from youtube (to Spotify) but I don't know if this is the alternative Bongino is talking about. He says, there is a substantial market for the information thats being censored by youtube and investors see this as an opportunity to pick up that audience. So not an immediate solution for Del but something coming up. Looking at his site, all his videos are gone. Hopefully he has back ups. There's always Bitchute as well.

UFC Commentator Joe Rogan Signs $100m Deal With Spotify For Exclusive Podcasts: Report
However, the Joe Rogan podcast will no longer be available on YouTube and users need to access their Spotify account in order to have watch it in the near future.



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He says, there is a substantial market for the information thats being censored by youtube and investors see this as an opportunity to pick up that audience.
The problem is the audience will have to pay money so that the investors make money. Videos formerly on youtube did not cost the audience any money to watch. Nothing is completely free, but I would not be able to share videos with others if they are subscription only.




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So things are becoming more and more surrealist!

Dr. Fauci recommends wearing goggles to prevent catching the coronavirus

Are you ready to wear a pair of safety goggles with your face mask?

Dr. Anthony Fauci says that eye protection may be recommended at some point to help prevent spreading COVID-19.

The infectious disease expert sat down for a remote Q&A with ABC News via its Instagram account on Wednesday — and his eyewear comments raised a lot of eyebrows on social media.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the Disney-owned DIS, -0.49% news network’s chief medical correspondent, asked Fauci whether he could see shielding the eyes being recommended at some point. “You know, it might,” he said.

Fauci explained that the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 infects mucosal surfaces — or parts of the body including the eyes, nose and mouth that secrete mucus to stop pathogens and dirt from getting into your body. So “perfect protection” of your mucosal surfaces would include covering every one of them up, he said.

“Theoretically you should protect all of the mucosal surfaces, so if you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it,” he said.

“It’s not universally recommended, but if you really want to be complete, you should probably use it if you can,” he continued. But one reason that this hasn’t been pushed for the general public yet, he suggested, is because, “it’s so easy for people to just make a cloth mask.”

And getting Americans to agree to wear a face mask that fully covers their nose and mouth in public has been enough of a struggle, as it is. How would they react to being told to shield their eyes, too?

Some initial responses on Twitter TWTR, +1.50% and the Facebook-owned FB, +1.37% Instagram suggest many people are against it. “How long until we’re told that hazmat suits are recommended?” tweeted one reader under the name Jeffrey Wozniak.

“I can just see it now...everyone walking around with swimming goggles plus a mask. I wonder if ski goggles will catch on too,” mused another.

Source : Dr. Fauci recommends wearing goggles to prevent catching the coronavirus


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I was trying to locate James Corbett's the Great Reset vid, but ended up watching Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes The Injection Fraud : The Corbett Report
Michael BC opened a thread exploring it here. It's a lot to take in and the scope covers a lot of territory and hits upon COVID and BLM discord as Michael BC noted as he introduced the thread. The vid is just under an hour and I really recommend watching it if, like me, you hadn't already. CAF is more than expert on the economic/financial workings that I do my best to follow, but it's not an area I know enough about to always grasp more than a general idea of what she's relating. But, I think paying attention right and left means doing your best to understand what's really going on. CAF did talk briefly about an excerpt from Poliltical Ponerology.

CAF did say it seems this whole COVID rollout was off in that it seems rushed and sloppy and that there must be something else that hasn't come out yet - she seems to think it's Wuhan related. From our perspective, it's that the virus not only escaped without PTB's knowledge, it's been out for up to 2 years, and did the opposite of what was intended. She also commented on how these super-bright people in charge who lack empathy are really quite stupid - it's as the Cs said, their inability to realize that their plans won't work is their weakness.

To me, it's well worth watching although more than frightening as to where it's all heading.


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So things are becoming more and more surrealist!
In the repeat press conference vid of the Frontline Doctors, at 21:29, the doc talks about masks - space suits we wear, N99 and N100, tight fitting, googles for your eyes. And seriously, why hasn't the public figured out that level of protection is required for a deadly virus! Don't they watch movies/tv shows that have portrayed just that many times?

The staff at the OSU Vet Medical Center had surgical masks and face shields on when I was there with my dog.
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I'm wondering if I have been infected by this synthetic paranoia virus. I've been sick for the last 2 days, strong fever that I had to control when it neared 38, muscular, joints, occular pain and intense fatigue. And this about 3 days after an outdoor party (more like a reunion) with old friends not seen for a long time but none with symptoms but heavy smokers, so somes coughing from them. I am in my 50 and relatively in good health.

Took vitamin C, D3, B2, zinc, anti-inflammatories and blood thinners in the form of omega-3 and aspirin, and tylenol for the fever.

Symptoms are all gone and no longer taking antipyretic.

I hope I will not be horribly crushed by a farm tractor in the next days, because I will be considered a COnVID-19 fatality. :rotfl:
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