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Hmm, just as the debates are in his favor.

Former White House Communications chief-turned-senior adviser Hope Hicks has tested positive for the coronavirus, reviving fears about President Trump, VP Mike Pence and other senior staffers being exposed, Bloomberg reports.

Though the anonymous sources who spilled the beans to Bloomberg insisted there was no evidence that Trump was exposed, Hicks did ride with Trump aboard Air Force One to the debate in Cleveland on Tuesday. She also traveled with Trump to his rally in Minnesota on Wednesday.

Other senior staff have contracted the virus and recovered, including National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, though few spend as much time with the president as Hicks, who - according to BBG's sources - is already experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, though they offered no insight into the nature of the symptoms.

During the time she spent away from the White House, Hicks served as the head of comms at Fox News, a frequent venue for Trump's interviews and scoops. She initially left the White House in March 2018, after testifying that she sometimes told 'white lies' on Trump's behalf, before returning last year.

Hicks was reportedly seen on Tuesday riding maskless in a staff van with White House senior adviser Stephen Miller, campaign adviser Jason Miller and others, which means that they were likely exposed to the virus, though it's no guarantee. The staffers will likely be tested, as all of the senior aides to Trump reportedly are regularly screened for COVID-19.

Does this mean Trump will need to quarantine for 14 days? That, of course, would require him to miss the next debate.
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This is not good news. This HOAX is about to be dialed up to "11". The vaxx angle will be pushed forward now relentlessly. BTW: the updated info on that article is that both Trump and his wife tested positive for the HOAX virus.

Time to stock up where you can and prepare for what's about to happen. Trump getting COVID is next-level control about to be laid down. If he is removed from power, even through this hoax, things may be about to spiral out of control world-wide. What is going on in Armenia is not helping things.


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Can any German member confirm this? Bodo Schiffman is in tears reporting that a third child has died due to masks:
There are articles of reported deaths with no reason whatsoever. Media reports this stories as fake news, of course.

I don´t know any alternative site (except from de.sott) to check, so to German members - please do share it.

Here are some articles on the subject what I´ve found:

There are increasing rumors about dead children by mouth and nose protection - but no evidence is sought.

At the beginning of September a 13-year-old student collapsed and died ( we reported ). The judicial autopsy, which can take several weeks , has not yet been completed, but it was immediately alleged that she died of CO2 poisoning from the protective mask.
Since then, wild claims have risen about even more children who died as a result.

More children dead because of protective masks?

The doctor Bodo Schiffmann spread this claim in a video , he learned this " from a medical colleague ". Name, age or place are not mentioned.

Next it was spread that a 6-year-old girl from the vicinity of Schweinfurt had also collapsed in the school bus and died that evening. According to the doctor, the cause of death has been CO2 poisoning.
Source? " The information comes from the best friend of the mother of the child concerned ".

And then allegedly another girl died in Wiesbaden, source: "a doctor friend from Weinheim".
Interestingly, these people already know the cause of death, although a judicial autopsy, which is often common when the cause of death is assumed to be unnatural, can take up to several weeks (as mentioned above) until all blood and tissue samples have been analyzed.

The second child - nobody knows

Schiffmann does not give any information about the child in his video, which is why RND asked him over the phone about the child's identity. It is said to be a 13-year-old boy from Aurich in East Frisia, the Aurich and Oldenburg public prosecutors are already dealing with the case.
At the request of RND, however, both public prosecutors are unaware of such a case - the second child remains a myth.

As the RHEINPFALZ reports, a 13-year-old girl collapsed on Monday afternoon in a school bus near Büchelberg. She was on her way home with around 32 other classmates. While the 13-year-old received medical care from rescue workers, the volunteer fire brigade looked after the 32 inmates. The police said that the student died in the hospital.

According to the public prosecutor's office, there should be an autopsy. According to RHEINPFALZ ( as of September 11, 2020 ), an initial forensic medical examination did not give a clear result on the cause of death.

A six-year-old girl in Bavaria died after wearing mouth and nose protection. The sad incident is said to have occurred near Schweinfurt in Lower Franconia. Specifically, it says: The child wore the mask on the school bus on the way home and collapsed there unconscious. Later it died in the hospital.

This message is currently haunted by social networks like Facebook and is shared hundreds of times.

But: It's not true - luckily. "These are Internet fairy tales that have been spreading on various social media channels in the region since Tuesday," said a police spokeswoman in Lower Franconia . Neither in Schweinfurt nor in the surrounding area was a six-year-old sick or even dead because of a mask.

The police are now trying to find out who brought the hoax into circulation. In the meantime, many calls from concerned citizens have already been received by the officials.

Such manipulated or fictitious reports would again and again arouse fears and play with people's worries.

I have just spoken in detail with my colleague Dr. med. Hofmann is on the phone.

The death of only one child has so far been verified. A second child is said to have died in North Friesland, a third in Schweinfurt and a fourth in Wiesbaden.

This is information that partly comes from medical colleagues, but has not (yet) been verified by the press.

It can also not be ruled out that the information was specifically set in order to discredit the movement of truth when it was disseminated.

According to information that has not yet been confirmed, another child has died as a result of the forced face mask.

The following message:

3. dead child because of the mask. On Monday, September 28th, 2020, a 6-year-old girl from the vicinity of Schweinfurt collapsed unconscious on her way home in the school bus, also with a mouth and nose covering. She sagged onto the student sitting next to her, who began to scream loudly. The bus driver stopped and put the girl in the aisle of the bus and unfortunately left the mask on the girl and called 112 on his mobile phone. The ambulance came and only then took off the mask and IMMEDIATELY supplied the child with oxygen and brought her to it Clinic. From there, the parents were informed, who arrived a short time later and remained seated by the child's bed, waiting for the child to wake up again. The child died that evening without regaining consciousness ... Lt. attending physician, who phoned the parents' pediatrician in question had no previous illness and after his own examination informed the parents that it was a matter of "CO2 poisoning" and thus the doctor ticked the "unnatural cause of death"! A second examination (autopsy) of the child is then being carried out in forensic medicine. Already in the morning the girl no longer wanted to take the bus to school because she always felt sick and could not breathe much. She reported days before about "flickering images" that she saw, but she was never allowed to remove the mask. The first grade student complained about the side effects of the mask after just one week of school. Before starting school, the parents bought the girl a particularly “pretty” mouth and nose cover, because it also had to be worn in class and physical education! ... school enrollment was only a few days ago!

The information comes from the best friend of the mother of the child concerned.

Obviously something is going on and media is pushing "fake news" story.


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Can any German member confirm this? Bodo Schiffman is in tears reporting that a third child has died due to masks:

There are 2 suspect cases, but they are not confirmed. A German Sputnik reporter went around calling all kinds of officials, schools etc., and this seems to be the situation:

- First case: a six year old who suddenly died in a school bus. The reporter found out who the parents are, but thought it indecent to contact them (decent move IMO). But he found out that there is an autopsy going on, and that as yet, the cause of death is "undetermined". Officials said it might take a while until they know more. (Mind you that nothing of this was reported in the MSM.)

- Second case: a 13 year old who collapsed, was flown to a hospital by medics, but died. The reporter found out that they won't do an autopsy and that the official cause of death is "natural death" (whatever that means for a 13 years old!).

Bodo Schiffmann thinks that this is what happened (he is a specialist for vertigo, so maybe he knows what he's talking about): The masks lead to more CO2 in the blood, which then causes symptoms like headaches, vertigo and so on. But the body is capable of adjusting, so after a while, the symptoms recede, and fatally, the kids are continuing to wear the mask and think they're fine.

For example, when you have lung cancer or Asthma, the kidneys cope with the increased acidity (due to more CO2) in the blood by alkalizing it. Same thing happens when you wear a mask. However, once you remove the mask after prolonged wearing, the kidneys still do this balancing thing, and suddenly you go from an acidose to an alkolose (too alkalic blood). Then people can collapse and even die. However, you won't find this during an autopsy, you would have needed to do a blood gas analysis before.

I don't know if that theory is true, and if so, I wonder why there haven't been more cases in adults? Aren't children generally better with coping? Or do they just mess up because adults at least know how to "manage" the mask if it gets too hard?

As it stands, I would be careful to run around telling people these girls died from the masks, until we know more.

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and to call him "my boyfriend" sounds silly. 😂
It used to be natural, although it sounded silly.
Partners are businessmen, LGBT representatives or animals. At least that was the case in my country, a very conservative country. Now our minds are being washed and new "values" are being forced into place of traditional ones. Let us not be ashamed of being a girlfriend or a wife. Never mind.


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Could someone please help me out? A while back in this thread, there was talk of 1930's Germany and people who cooperated with gestapo by snitching on neighbors, etc.. Someone posted an article by Laura and there was talk of a book that had researched this topic. I finally have time to explore this but I failed to bookmark any of the pages. Does anyone have links to both? I believe the takeaway was that the Gestapo was only successful not for their great numbers but because they received many reports from citizens who effectively policed each other. This seems to be happening more and more these days. I remember years ago in school not understanding how Nazi Germany could have evolved - now I am starting to understand.
What you are looking for is in this article. But only at the end.

Here is a short extract:

Academic research shows that [the average German] is not unusual in his/her rosy view of the regime during this period. Over 40 per cent of Germans questioned in a research project after the war said they remembered the 1930s as ‘good times’. As this survey was conducted in 1951, when the Germans knew the full reality of the wartime extermination camps, it is a telling statistic.

Unexpected as it may be to discover that many Germans were content during the 1930s, this news is as nothing compared to recent revelations about the infamous Nazi secret police – the Gestapo.

In popular myth the Gestapo have a secure and terrifying role as the all-powerful, all-seeing instrument of terror that oppressed an unwilling population. But this is far from the truth.

To uncover the real story you have to travel to the town of Würzburg in southwest Germany. Würzburg is a German town much like any other, except for one special attribute: it is one of only three towns in Europe where Gestapo records were not destroyed by the Nazis at the end of the war. Resting in the Würzburg archive are around 18,000 Gestapo files, which exist more by luck than design; the Gestapo were in the process of burning them as the American troops arrived. They had begun to burn them alphabetically, so there are relatively few A-D files left; otherwise the files are complete.

Professor Robert Gellately of Ontario was the first person to uncover the secrets of the files. As he started work on them, an old German man saw what he was studying and said to him, ‘Perhaps you’d like to interview me, because I lived here during that time and I know a lot about it.’ Professor Gellately talked to him over a cup of coffee and asked him how many Gestapo officials there had been in this part of Germany. ‘They were everywhere,’ the old man replied, confirming the conventional view of the Gestapo.’

Yet after studying the files, Professor Gellately discovered that the Gestapo simply couldn’t have been ‘everywhere’.

Würzburg lies in the administrative area of Lower Franconia, a district covering around a million people. For that whole area there were precisely twenty-eight Gestapo officials. Twenty-two were allocated to Würzburg, and almost half of those were involved only in administrative work.

The idea that the Gestapo itself was constantly spying on the population is demonstrably a myth.

So how was it possible that so few people exercised such control?

I hope this is what you were looking for.

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This is a polished piece that may serve well both as an introduction and a reference.
Agreed Nucifera. In particular take note of the following.

Gives you some idea of what kind of strategy the pre-planners had in mind when they launched this. It's not substantive evidence but it is at least suggestive of the potential length of the 'new-reality' program they had in mind when they launched in March. I assume they are working on the basis that come 2025 all the outcomes we see emerging now - and some we can't yet see - will be socially, economically, 'medically' and politically fixed in stone. Then they commence the next 5 year plan to take us to 2030. Good old Soviet style 5 year incremental phased planning! Come what may, we're in this for the long hall and that means we need to hold our faith in the universe - Hubris v Nemesis. I know which side of the battle I'm backing!


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Yesterday the new school year started. I was supposed to start one month earlier as usual but the" experts" in the government were working on a national online learning platform.
I have a friend who works as a teacher in a secondary school. And while they were creating this platform they were testing it by educating the teachers on how to use it.
Even without one student online, the platform crashed many times. A part of the teachers doesn't know how to work with computers so they have a really big problem with this platform.
According to his words, it is a disaster. Their plan was not to create a simple and working online learning platform. Their intentions were and still are to ruin the educational system as much as possible.
He said that he was loving his job, but now he just hates to go to work because they are treated like morons there.
On the first day of the school year, the platform crashed and they still can't make it work. So now children are using Microsoft Teams app.

The teacher must go to his working place every day and have their classes in an empty classroom. In every classroom, they installed a Camera and Microphone so children could listen and see their teachers through MT app at home.

My son today was having online classes from 7:20 am. I am not forcing him to be part of this madness. I will teach him the important details from this year's program from all subjects.

Since there is a circus in our town, then let's have fun.
Kids are smart and when it comes to computers and phones they know much how to navigate there than most of their teachers.
So, I heard a group laughing this morning. I entered my son's room and he told me that they have blocked or banned their teacher from the platform and now she doesn't know how to log in again. Something like that.
Some of them just log in, disconnect their Cam and Mic and they appear to be at" online school" all the time, when in fact they are outside, or sleeping or doing something else. Children are creative. I just hope they will have a lot of fun with this.

Lower classes, from 1 to 3 are going in schools in small groups, keeping distance, with their masks on faces and there are few people in the school with laser thermometers or something like that and constantly measuring temperature to whoever comes close to them.
It is a Monty Payton Scene.
The first graders were at schools with masks and most of the parents are just taking pictures of their humiliated kids, happy, and with a smile on their faces because their children are now going to school:-(

It is like two parallel worlds colliding and existing at the same time in front of my eyes.
How the hell they can be so stupid and allow all this to be done to their children.


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Think it is very flawed strategy because it is naive to think they have not covered all the exists with the strategy that has been planned for years if not even more, that is that the power structers are not connected or have those in those positions in grip.
I really enjoyed this explanation of how state government officials had to claim total ignorance of facts and responsibility. Saying anything different would have entailed hoisting themselves on their own petard.

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