Cosmic Awareness? With plenty of salt.

Over the times that I've read this source, Cosmic Awareness has seemed to be very close in content to the C's. While the C's tend to be more instructive in nature and "coy" in simply handing over information, making Laura and crew work for it, Cosmic Awareness seems to lay down the basics in clear and simple terms that seem, to me, to match up very closely with Ra & Bringers of the Dawn.

I've been fooled many times before so my track record for evaluating this type of material isn't the best.

My search of the Cassiopaea material seems to at least partially validate Cosmic Awareness.
See for example:
Signs said:
FAKE INVASION, THE FAKE RAPTURE - A Cosmic Awareness Overview of the Coming Scenario - Interesting and certainly full of insights, but keep the salt handy.
C's transcript 4/28/96 said:
Q: (L) I was reading this piece sent to us on the internet where this Cosmic Awareness source talks about people who deliberately have come in because, since the good guys really can't interfere from the outside, because it would violate free will, that many of them incarnate and thereby partake of the physical experience, and then wake up and be able to do the things that are needed on the planet. The object being to try to make sure that they will awaken to their purpose, and that emotions and emotional traps are used repeatedly and continuously to try to prevent them from awakening. What I am getting at is: what are the things that we can do to awaken? You have told us many times that we need to awaken. Obviously we are not fully awakened. We are aware of that. Is there some other thing we can do?
A: Let it happen naturally. If you are on a path, do you seek to jump up into the air and fly to the end of the path? If you did, you would regret missing the "rest of the path."
And from one purveyor of the Cosmic Awareness material found here:
Attention: this is not channeled information and has an estimated 85% accuracy
If it's not channeled, what is it?


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Yossarian -- you've prompted me to throw together Channel Watch 010 on Cosmic Awareness. Check for the new thread. Thanks.


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It is a difficult frequency. I've received it....just never had the courage to post it publicly. They are extremely concerned we accept things as they are given and not as they are....
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