Crazy storm weather around the world


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ZAGREB, 25 July 2020 – A big storm that hit the Croatian capital of Zagreb on Friday night has left the city underwater and in chaos.

Torrential heavy rain, as well as strong winds, lightning and thunder started at around 9 p.m. and left a good part of the city flooded.

The Zagreb Emergency Management Office reported that the Fire Brigade had already carried out over 80 interventions by midnight and had received over 1,000 emergency calls from the public.


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Big lightning storm in Washington DC a few days ago. Symbolic?

D.C. area lightning display astonishes onlookers: ‘Never seen an electrical storm like this’

From earlier in the week:



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Powerful derecho storm wreaks havoc across the Midwest leaving 1.1M without power

A rare storm packing 100 mph winds has left more than 1.1million Americans without power across the Midwest as it caused widespread destruction with blown over trees, flipped vehicles, property damage and several severe weather warnings as it turned toward embattled Chicago.

The derecho, a widespread weather system with a long line of storms packing high winds, descended upon the Central U.S. on Monday with wind speeds comparable to a major hurricane as it spent several hours tearing through parts of Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin.



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Promoting meteorology & weather photography. Weekly Photo comp with @RMetS:

Outside the wholesale zone #orages also sector #Malaga this afternoon

Bordeaux gets hammered. with straight line winds being the new globale reality.

Asmr of the erasure and drops on the umbrellas of the promenade st Catherine #bordeaux

The thunderstorms that hit #Bordeaux around 8:30 p.m. on August 11, 2020 were accompanied by violent gusts of wind, exceeding 100 km / h in some neighborhoods. (via @jeanne_daudet)

Derecho tore path of destruction across nearly 800 miles in 14 hours, killed at least 1
Aug. 10, 2020 9:20 PM Snip:
An intense thunderstorm complex known as a derecho developed over the central United States on Monday, causing significant damage and widespread power outages as it blitzed eastward covering a nearly 800-mile stretch of the U.S. in 14 hours.

As officials in multiple states assessed widespread damage on Tuesday caused by wind gusts that exceeded 100 mph in some places, at least one fatality was blamed on the storm.

Thunderstorms ignited in southeastern South Dakota and eastern Nebraska on Monday morning, but gained strength and evolved into a derecho across central Iowa by midday. The worst of the storms focused on a zone from around Des Moines through Davenport, Iowa.

Breaking down the derecho
Weather Insider Podcast - Daily Update - August 11, 2020

By definition, a derecho is a long-lived complex of intense thunderstorms that travels at least 250 miles. Additionally, wind gusts along its path must exceed 58 mph with at least several reports of gusts over 75 mph, according to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC).


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This Tornado touched down in SW Manitoba last Friday near a small farming community named Scarth.

I follow a couple of storm chasers on Twitter from that area and they managed to get set up with their video equipment right before it made land fall.

Here's a video link if anyone wants get a close-up feel for one of these.

Scarth Tornado

Scarth Tornado.jpg

We don't get a large number of tornadoes here, but occasionally really violent ones.

Unfortunately with this one, the farmhouse pictured above had quite a bit of damage. No one on the farm was injured. But another man in a car nearby was flipped over and received non-life threatening injuries. Tragically, a young teenage couple in a pickup near the first car were sucked into the vortex, ejected from their vehicle and killed.

What caught my attention with this story was that neither the man in the car that was flipped, nor the two teenagers were from the area. The man was from Dakota Tipi First Nation 250km to the east and the couple was from Melita 50km south. The area of Scarth isn't even a town, more like a location on a map with a few farmhouses. No one in any interview I've read so far has mentioned that they knew each other.

So why were they out there at 8pm on a Friday?

Another unusual aspect quoted in the CBC article attached below is that the RCMP stated that the young couples' pick up was found 1 km from the farmhouse. The storm chasers claimed that the vortex only touched down for 15-20 min. That's a pretty incredible distance considering the man's car was just flipped in place and they were basically in the same location. Notice the pictures of the grain silos which are very light compared to a pick-up and weren't flung any distance at all.

Live Storm Chasing Feed

CBC Tornado Article

You'll read some comments on the CBC article that state, "You can't outrun a tornado." This is BS. The interior vortex winds are obviously at a level of no escape. However, the path that the tornado moves at is usually about 20km/hr. You might not be able to outrun it, but you can out drive it. How else would storm chasers catch them? The funnel of this one is not very big and as you can see by the pic above there is a clear escape on that little dirt road one way or the other. Why would the people in the vehicles decide to shelter under a tree instead of high-tailing it the opposite way? It's common knowledge in Manitoba what these funnel clouds look like. If you're in a semi on the highway, maybe you don't have any options, but on a gravel road in a car, just turn around and gun it the other way.

A: Realm wave is the “tornado.”

Maybe there is something more anti-gravitational or exotic to a tornado than just wind and air pressure?


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Yesterday, there was a power outage where I live in the Southern Interior of BC on checking the BC hydro website, this also occurred in some other areas, where power cables were downed and trees also fallen across power lines because of high wind.

Something is happening, strange weather patterns, and high winds. Not tornado winds, but high energetic intensity wind bursts, that are just a momentary event. Just my thoughts.


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In Britain, spectacular lightning storms took place resulting in floods and power cuts.

The skies above Britain were illuminated by around 50,000 lightning bolts overnight leading to power outages and electric cuts for several hours.
Excessive rains continued for four hours and golf ball-sized hail battered Capel Curig in North Wales. The drainage system overflowed, inundating the streets across parts of Britain.
The skies looked fiery red due to an electric storm in South Wales and turned electric blue in Bowland, Lancs, and Worcestershire.
Especially notice the first video and comment ".... it's like a scene from War of the Worlds". Wow....


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Here is a satellite view of the storm. Sure looks like a 4D battle right through the heart of corn country! The lightning strikes looks like a rolling cannonade. 😲



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We now see the thunderstorms neatly arranged / organized in line. North of the front is a NE wind, south of it a SE to SW wind. Quo timing also reasonably in line with expectation (s)

Thee timing!

C-CLASS SOLAR FLARE--UPDATED: The corpse of decayed sunspot AR2770 erupted yesterday, Aug. 15th at 0647 UT, producing a C2-class solar flare. A pulse of X-rays briefly ionized the top of Earth's atmosphere, causing a shortwave radio brownout over Asia, the Middle East, and eastern Africa: map. The explosion produced a CME, but NOAA analysts have determined that it will miss Earth. Overall, this was a minor space weather event. Aurora alerts: SMS

国立天文台 太陽観測科学プロジェクト@naoj_taiyo
The C2.0 flare that occurred in Active Region 12770 on August 15 seems to have been accompanied by corona mass ejection (CME). The LASCO C2 coronagraph onboard the ESA&NASA SOHO SOHO satellite captures CME erupting west [image created at (]. .


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风暴 | 内蒙古 China's first Timelapse film of storm-chasing (2160-4k)
Aug 21, 2020
During July 15th to August 9th,I travelled about 3,000 kilometers to get this storm-chasing film,which consisted of 18,801 photos of Timelapse shooting.I managed to finish this film even if i knew it is hard in China.And so...hope all this is a good start


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23 August 2020
The North Jet, once 2 bands of strong storms, has completely collapsed - only fragments of a combined subtropical and polar jet drive the weather in the lower atmospheric layers! - Over Europe you can see the charged jet fragment that brings stormy weather today - but very fatal: 2 jet fragments have established themselves at the North Pole, which completely re-mix the polar climate!
Others look at the Southern Jet Stream. The polar jet has collapsed or has united with the subtropical jet that has moved up, which leads to immense energy discharges - the extreme hurricanes are a sign of this and here too jet fragments have fatally positioned themselves directly above the South Pole, so they also new weather conditions while the polar vortex there, which is actually supposed to be "fixed" by the polar jets, walks around to South Africa and South America and creates massive weather conditions there too!






This is what the jets should look like:

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