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Unfortunatly, they couldn't save all the passenger trapped in the metro. See link for video.

China’s Henan province’s emergency response level raised to second-highest as it’s hit by heaviest rain in 1,000 years​

The emergency response level in China’s Henan province has been raised to the second-highest tier by authorities, as the worst rainfall in a thousand years continues to pour down on the region.
Chinese authorities increased the emergency status to Level II in the central province on Wednesday. The Ministry of Emergency Management dispatched 1,800 firefighters from nearby provinces, equipped with over 250 speedboats, to aid in the recovery mission.

Torrential rainfall and storms will continue to pour down on Henan throughout Wednesday and Thursday, with some regions likely to see up to 280 millimeters of precipitation daily.
A meteorologist speaking to local media has described the extreme flooding in Zhengzhou, Henan’s capital, as a “once-in-a-thousand-years” phenomenon. The equivalent amount of the region’s yearly precipitation fell on the city in just under three days until Tuesday.

At least 12 people lost their lives when the Zhengzhou metro was flooded, while some 500 have been rescued.
Henan is a busy transport hub, and the severe flooding led to major disruptions of bus services and car traffic. As a result, many people flocked to use Zhengzhou’s metro, with riders later wading in water levels up to their shoulders after the flooding hit.
ALSO ON RT.COMChinese subway passengers trapped by rising floodwaters as torrential rain pounds Henan province (VIDEOS)
The region still remains heavily affected by the flooding, with some key infrastructure still closed. Some 29 expressways and eight highways were closed on Wednesday morning. Flights were also suspended, leaving over 1,000 passengers stranded as no inbound flights were able to land in Zhengzhou until noon local-time, according to Shanghai daily.

Some 20,000 soldiers of China’s People’s Liberation Army and armed policemen flocked to the Yihetan dam in the ancient city of Luoyang to prevent its banks from bursting, as there were reports on Tuesday evening that it “could collapse at any minute.”
Two dams in China’s Inner Mongolia province collapsed on Monday, flooding 20,000 hectares of land. Hebei, a neighboring province to Henan, has also been put on an orange alert over similar weather conditions.


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About the floods in Germany - here is a very interesting eye-witness story (deepl'ed from German) that might give a clue as to what is to come. Notice the extreme incompetence/overwhelmedness of the authorities; the lies of the politicians who just put on a useless and disgusting show. Once communication was gone, there was looting. Notice also the need for cash and water and alternative communication and neighborhood organization. Notice the (justified) anger and frustration of a normal person faced with the truth about this whole charade that is our reality. Keep in mind that this is Germany, supposedly one of the best organized and most advanced countries in the world.

What happened there in Germany/Netherlands/Belgium was/is basically apocalyptic for the areas affected. More than once during that situation I wondered about the way this whole scenario was reported and started to wonder if they are trying to hide the true extent of it, not only in terms of scale, but also in terms of deaths and in injured. I noticed that most of the mainstream media now seem to avoid mentioning the total number of deaths and instead break it up to smaller areas (thus the numbers appear smaller). I wouldn't be surprised if the situation is actually worse.

A russian woman who is working at my company was in one of the heavily effected area with her husband and told me about it a couple of days ago and showed me pictures. What she told me basically echos the report above. Everything is basically destroyed, the people are traumatized and have lost everything: no electricity, no mobile connection, no food, no toilets, everything dirty and muddy, even the air. She told me that the people there say that the water came with a velocity of 100 km/h! I inquired how they know that and she basically said that they maybe have exaggerated, as people usually do. In any event, it must have been extremely sudden and fast that people describe it in that way!

She also told me that she saw no military help anywhere, not even the fire brigade seemed to help. The only help they saw was from normal people coming to volunteer to help. Basically, her description was post apocalyptic. She also emphasized that pictures and videos don't deliver the scope of it compared to seeing it with your own eyes.

The other day I heard an interview in the radio with a mayor of a similarly effected village that was hit in 2016 in germany. They guy said that they are still not finished with rebuilding the village, five years later!

But now what happened here in germany isn't just one village as in the above isolated case, but many villages/cities/areas. German rail reports 80 damaged stations and 600km damaged railroad tracks, which amounts to almost 2 billion Euros in damage (preliminary estimate). Early on it was reported that 200,000 people in germany had no electricity because of the storm/flood and apparently 300,000 people were effected by the flood. Given the above and the eyewitness account below, one wonders how many are still without electricity and for how long that will remain.

What makes this flood here in Germany quite interesting/scary on top of that: As far as I can see, all the raging floods that did this arose blazingly fast out of small streams/creeks (who's names often only some local villages knew) into huge and violent streams.

In the following video, a mayor of 12 heavily hit villages gives an eyewitness account of what happened. Notice what she describes: Apocalyptic, and she even mentioned that word. Well worth the read/listen! What happened dwarfs everything "big" that happened in known history there. In her areas alone, she is talking about several billions of damage:

Here is the transcript:

Reporter: "If you could just say your name in advance, please?"

Cornelia Weigand:

"My name is Cornelia Weigand, I am the mayor of the association municipality of Altenahr. Altenahr is the association municipality which had villages/towns on the Ahr [creek name] from Hönningen Liers to Dernau, and a couple of high-area-villages. We have 12 villages.

We have been catastrophically affected by this storm. All the storms that have ever been here, all the floods, are nothing compared to what happened. It is without exaggeration an apocalypse. A huge flood wave has rolled through the valley, sweeping away all our bridges, tearing away large parts of the roads, the infrastructure has collapsed. Many people have lost their houses completely, some of the houses have collapsed, unfortunately with people in the houses.

Many houses have been flooded up to the second and third floor. People have partly been able to flee to the roofs and hills in the towns. We have many dramatic hours behind us and have already experienced a great deal of solidarity. Fortunately, air rescues slowly took place yesterday.

We hope to have established contact with all the isolated villages for the first time this evening. We had not had any contact at all for days with some of these isolated villages: neither by radio nor by sight or otherwise.

At the moment, the focus is still on rescue because there are still people trapped, partially trapped, or scattered somewhere in the woods who need to be evacuated or who may still be rescued from houses.

Simultaneously, great amounts clearing up is also taking place at the moment, so that people in the villages can get drinking water and food. There is no electricity, no running water, there is no mobile phone reception. And those who can still receive something somewhere [find that] the batteries [of the cell phones] are empty.

So it's a really catastrophic situation.
There's a lot of solidarity even among people who live a little higher up and aren't as affected, who come with shovels, who come with chainsaws, who come with food, water and clothing. But it's a huge mountain.

We need a lot of financial support from the state and the federal government to rebuild the infrastructure. We're talking about damage that will run into the billions, simply because many roads are completely gone and all the bridges are completely washed away. We still fear for the lives of many people. The last number I heard on TV this morning is that there are about 1300 people missing in the whole area.

We hope that many of these people will simply turn up, because they have not yet been able to make contact to anyone. We also don't know who has not yet been reported missing.

With us here it is simply clear, we have already many people.... uhmm...uhmm... or uhmm... many fortunately not yet.... but we definitely lost some people.
And for many [their survival] is still questionable: we still have to go into houses that were completely flooded, that are still closed, where according to the last information people were sighted. We don't know if these people could still get out, if we can still find them, we hope very much.

We have experienced some moments of happiness, but we also have a lot of losses and that's just the situation at the moment. It is indescribable, everyone is working at the limit. We are very happy that fire departments from all over [Germany] are here. The THW [Federal Agency for Technical Relief] is there with heavy equipment.

Meanwhile, the federal police are also deployed now with evacuation tanks, and the Bundeswehr is there. We are also getting more and more medical support, but here in particular we are still in the process of building up.

We are also trying to build up infrastructure as far as it is possible; to bring electricity back to those places where there are still lines - water lines, power lines - because a lot of things have simply been torn away. Some places that are connected to mountains we could partially open up (in terms of electricity and water], but there are many villages where it is clear: they will remain relatively long without electricity and water. Yes, that is the current situation here.

There has never been anything like this before.
There was the Nepomuk bridge in the village of Rech, a stone bridge. I think it was in 1910; there was a very big flood that washed away all the bridges on the Ahr River, leaving only the Nepomuk Bridge standing. This Nepomuk bridge was also washed away in the current flood. There were houses that stood for centuries on the Ahr that are now partly completely washed away or partly demolished, so you can imagine that what we have experienced here has never happened.

[...] but this flood that we have experienced here was... The flood 5 years ago, in 2016, was a flood of the century. In that flood of the century in 2016, the water level was almost 3.70 meters in Altenahr. Our own house is about 1.5 meters higher than this record level mark from 2016. In the flood that happened now, the water in our house was at the window height of the second floor [!!!]. That means the water level now was about another six meters higher than in 2016 [!!!]. That means the flood now was about 2.5 to 3 times higher than in 2016: that's incredible! And the water rose at such a speed that some people could no longer save themselves on foot, they couldn't get out."
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About the floods in Germany - here is a very interesting eye-witness story (deepl'ed from German) that might give a clue as to what is to come. Notice the extreme incompetence/overwhelmedness of the authorities;
That's on purpose, I think.
There was a twitter video about a [near] pensioner-age German citizen recording a column of big agricultural machines arriving to the catastrophe stricken area. He praised the solidarity of the workers and that the hope for the German soul is not lost upon seeing such care and level of organization from The People. Despite how strongly the German government is trying to destroy agriculture, according to him.

I think this might be because of the psychopathic demented Climate Politics that every country must now - in LockStep™ - ram down the throats of its citizens. New Climate Tax = more luxury yachts, cars and items for the billionaires. Everybody must be acquainted with New Normal concepts of Schwab's "You'll own nothing" and Bill Hates' Insect Burgers, Roach Milks for the Plebs to "fight & stop" such climate catastrophes. While the billionaires drink priceless wine and enjoy the best meat and tastiest bacon.
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There is are several unconfirmed mentionings - that more than 800 died in Germany. Also that people who want to help are being dismissed / prevented to help, by the police.

There is a lot of governmental and federal strangeness going on there. (Think like how the Plandemic is handled officially - same applies to this flooding catastophe) The images to me look like tsunami damages - that violent mist the powers been behind the sudden inset of water.


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I have a question

i have noticed that several videos kind of disappear more often lately (are not shown here at the forum when embedded it often says “This video is unavailable”) yet sometimes it can still be watched when following a link - For example:

In the following video, a mayor of 12 heavily hit villages gives an eyewitness account of what happened.

Does or can youtube blacklist domains/sites where a video is embedded?

ps. The transcript of the eyewitness account was excellent !


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Interesting details about the flood disaster in Germany

As well conversation where made in the German alternative Channel in “Home Office” no 140.

Right in the beginning they sent out a video from a german farmer who held a speech that was just so brilliant and hit right on the nail about the severity of the flood catastrophe how reality really looks like vs the politicians collective absurd empty speeches and the medias coverup.

Absolutely Brilliant !

Then (out of straight memory) I picked up other details like that 3000 people are still missing (which does not mean they are all dead, but communications work abysmal within the catastrophe areas)

Some people have just been rescued today (e.g. when they sent the video session at “Homeoffice”) and those villages had not even seen any rescuers up until that point.

Why died so many people ? The water in some places rose 8 meters within 5 minutes. (Flash flood or tsunami like
comes to mind)

The flash flood came at night when people were sleeping.

People also died because of electricity + water contact.

The german people never got any warnings that a flooding potential cyclone would stall over Germany - despite that it had been known by the affected authorities - who did not transport it any further to the citizens.
Plus that the English specialists say n meteorology/flooding had known the high risk for flooding, a whole 3 days earlier in advance.

Yet. Nobody was prepared. Germany knows flooding. It is not a unique phenomena. What are all millions worth in systems and prognosis tools - when u are not giving notion to the citizens ? Just money grab ?


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Hundreds of thousands evacuated from areas devastated by floods as China death toll rises to 33 and more rain forecast (VIDEO)​

Thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes in Henan province by a 76,000-strong relief force, as the meteorological office warns that storms and heavy rain is set to continue.
On Thursday, officials raised the death toll from the devastating floods to 33, as rescue workers battled to evacuate hundreds of thousands from further danger. Twelve of the 33 died when the subway in the provincial capital of Zhengzhou was flooded by storm waters.

The deadly weather is set to continue, with the province’s meteorological bureau raising the storm alert to red – the highest of the four-stage warning codes – for four Henan cities: Xinxiang, Anyang, Hebi, and Jiaozuo. While the skies have cleared over Zhengzhou, the flood waters remain high – waist height in some places.
More than 73,000 people were being evacuated from the city of Anyang on Thursday. Footage shared online shows emergency crews ferrying locals to safety throughout the region.

Anyang, which sits on the Henan border with Hebei province, has seen more than 600mm (23in) rainfall since Monday, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency.
Previous meteorological records were broken in Xinxiang, after the city recorded 812mm (32in) of rainfall between Tuesday and Thursday, according to Xinhua. The figure for those three days is greater than the entire annual rainfall of Beijing for a whole year. As a result, seven reservoirs around the city flooded, impacting nearby towns and villages.
The economic damage was estimated by Xinhua to be 1.22 billion yuan ($189 million), although the figure is likely to grow as the extreme weather spreads northwards. The agency stated that 470,000 people and over 55,000 hectares of crops have been impacted so far. The sheer scale of the damage is clear from videos and photos shared online.


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There is are several unconfirmed mentionings - that more than 800 died in Germany. Also that people who want to help are being dismissed / prevented to help, by the police.

Do you happen to know where that was mentioned? Do you have a source?


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Do you happen to know where that was mentioned? Do you have a source?

It comes from the german Telegram Channel "Unzensiert" (uncensored), where you can find many witness reports (videos). However, I consider it to be a channel that should be consumed carefully, because they really mix information wildly (e.g. good info, info that looks good but is disinfo, as well directly garbage). Also, they are not so good in referring to sources (often not at all).

That's why i wrote unconfirmed mentioning.


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For example Telegram Channel "Unzensiert" (uncensored) lists one post witness report***, where you can hear that alone in the village/town of Ahrweiler - Neu Ahrweiler, Germany, supposedly the local fire brigade reported more than 200 deaths, and they couldn't understand why the official media is talking about 141 death for entire Germany...

Apparently the German military left the place, dirving towards Berlin instead.

Also; it has been tried, to force vaccinate all units (military, fire brigade). However, some refused and where later allowed to continue to work on the catastrophe site, otherwise they wouldn't have had any helpers at all. The people start to daw, that the governmental officials who force all these things into action, are in reality real criminals.

He also talks about that in a stretch of 120 km, the villages were all destroyed though "faults" underneath, and wonders what was destroyed below, to accomplish such devastating landslides. "We have had many flood events though time - but this event is beyond anything that has ever happened before. The fire brigade guy told us, that there have been villages who have not even met any rescue units 3 days later.... "

The fire brigade unit published the real (200+) death numbers for Ahrenweiler village, on facebook - and then all posts got erased / canceled / censored... Also; the fire brigade is not allowed to help the people, especially old people, to get their rotten furniture out of the houses. They are often on their own. He also reports of heroic support from private people and companies who still where functional in the area, aiding with coffee, water, bread, food, etc.

***) You need a telegram account to listen to the report, because if you try to watch/listen to it via a browser it says "media is too big"


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There is are several unconfirmed mentionings - that more than 800 died in Germany. Also that people who want to help are being dismissed / prevented to help, by the police.

There is a lot of governmental and federal strangeness going on there. (Think like how the Plandemic is handled officially - same applies to this flooding catastophe) The images to me look like tsunami damages - that violent mist the powers been behind the sudden inset of water.
Unconfirmed or not, the scope of the damage indicates that the death count will rise. As far as official malfeasance, it would not surprise me. The situation is eerily similar to the aftermath of Katrina. I know from friends and family in New Orleans some of the horror stories were accurate. No smart phones in 2005, people are more connected in 2021. If you have never dealt with the aftermath of a hurricane or flood, you can only imagine how bad it smells. It's bad, and lingers in a way that's oppressive. Every disaster has revised death counts. A recent example would be the condo collapse in Florida. The PTB in Texas just quietly revised the death count from the freeze in February from 151 to 210.


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More strangeness, Germany

In a village (Heppenheim, next to Ahrweiler) on the evening, hours before the flash flood in Germany, a strange observation was made by a neighbor who was on the balcony smoking a cigarette:

the Police evacuated her neighbor which is police colleague. The entire family was already prepared and had packed icked up by the police, leaving the house just before the flood, but nobody else was warned.

The smoking neighbor grabbed her family and they drove to higher located areas. But before that, she informed other neighbors in the village of the strange evacuation of a police colleague.

They also made an official complained against the police.

german Telegram channel “Unzensiert” - with sound recording


you need a Telegram account in order to listen to the sound file.
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