Crazy storm weather around the world


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Very localized but destructive wind phenomena are identified and will be the subject of in-depth investigations to determine their nature
Electrical something?
Here are a couple of excerpts. The first from a session that is shock full of electrical (x14 in the session alone); here is one:
Q: (L) Okay, next question: When an F5 tornado can form in a matter of minutes, what is the connection with what is going on in 4D? How does it happen? What's the mechanism?

A: Once again you must think in terms of information and electrical charge. The charge on earth is building in several ways and a tornado is an electrical phenomenon similar to ball lightning.
From Session 10 January 2015
Q: (L) So, just out of curiosity: a long time ago, you said that 4D war is experienced by us as weather. I'm assuming it's not just weather, but also maybe cometary bombardment could also be a 3rd density manifestation of 4th density war. So my question is, is there any consciousness to these kinds of things... is any of it "directed"?

A: In some cases, yes. In others, just "collateral damage."

Q: (Perceval) For the Air Asia flight, did it involve a massive updraft and then a downdraft as some are claiming?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) And what causes that kind of a vortex?

A: Variations of temperature in layers of atmosphere enhanced by variations in charge potential difference.

Q: (Pierre) So it's powerful. You have the electrical factor and the mechanical or thermal factor sometimes working in conjunction.

(Chu) Like a tornado then.
The next is just a possibility, but considering how far the PTB have gone to exercise control, where is the limit to the technology some sectors would employ to achieve their targets? And of course different possibilities are not mutually exclusive; an event could be caused by some of this and a pinch of that. We also do not know if what is employed in one place necessarily creates a reaction in the place it is used. Perhaps the Earth lets go of steam where it is convenient.
(Chu) Do you want to ask about that weird thing you saw in the pool?

(L) Oh, yeah. What day was it? Was it Wednesday? It was the same day that this Charlie Hebdo thing happened, so that was Wednesday. So I was looking out the window at the guys who...

(Galatea) The mouse is crawling down.

(L) the guys who were removing a stump out in the back yard. I noticed that the pool had swells, and they were big, slow, almost-entire-pool-sized swells. The water was going up and down, up and down, almost straight up and down, in a big way. It was BIG swells like you'd see on big open water long before a storm. I stood there and watched and watched and waited, because usually if the pool is doing something like that, it will calm down after 5 or 10 minutes. I watched it for at least 10 minutes or so, and I went back and looked at it again and it was still doing it 30 minutes later. Honey, you remember?

(Ark) Yes, yes.

(L) It was doing it for a long time, and it didn't stop.

(Ark) It was like, you know, being in resonance with something with frequency of 60 Hz or something like that.

(Perceval) But it didn't splash over the sides?

(L) No splashing, no wavelets. It was almost as if it had oil on top of it to keep it perfectly smooth, what mariners would call “oily swells” I think.

(Pierre) It was a very long wavelength, like 3 or 4 meters.

(L) Yeah, at least. We waited, and I was thinking maybe it was an earthquake or something like that.

(Pierre) Something in the ground?

(L) Yeah, so can you tell me what that was?
A: Activation of inner earth energies in response to events elsewhere. We have noted that your planet responds to activities on the surface. Often this is expressed as heat which results in earthquakes and/or volcanic eruptions. But it can also call forth other types of frequencies. There is another aspect that you should consider: the use of infrasound machines by secret projects to control human emotional states. Such instruments can evoke even more devastating responses from the planet and thereby the solar system.


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Another Clif High “hit” regarding the inbound ice age weather that is associated with it.
Rivers in the sky…

bomb cyclone.jpg

In Northern California, rainfall estimates through the end of the weekend are around 2-4 inches. In San Francisco, estimates are upwards of 3 inches.

WPC warns that some areas could receive 8-10 inches.

The rare level 5 atmospheric river event could be enough rain to alleviate drought-stricken areas ravaged by wildfires.

"An atmospheric river marked as a category 4 or a 5 is capable of producing remarkable rainfall totals over three or more days, likely to exceed 10% to 15% of a typical year's precipitation in some locations," said Marty Ralph, director of the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes at the University of California San Diego.
In higher elevations, wet snow across the Sierras could amount to 1-3 feet.

The news gets better for Northern California and the Pacific Northwest as WPC has declared La Niña conditions, which means wetter than average conditions will ease areas plagued by drought. As for Southern and Central California, La Niña means a drier than average winter.


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Beaumont, TX

Just a recommend, see the data in full. Just amazing!

In these disturbed south-westerly flows in the fall, one must always keep an eye towards the south-east of the country. But "at this stage, the uncertainties about the location and the intensity of the phenomenon are strong ". "next days" tab. 15/16
The striking aspect will be as much the disturbed character as the drop in temperature of the air mass that will follow. Up to 10 ° C lost in 48 hours at 850 hPa, and the arrival of snow in medium mountains. A wide range of weather situations for a Toussaint WE ... in season! End.
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The warmer temps have moved into this area which may produce possible thunder and lighting activity for this evening.

4 departments are now placed in #vigilanceOrange for heavy rains, with the #Var adding to #Gard , to the #Lozère et al'#Ardèche . Risk of flooding of Cévennes rivers, risk of flooding on the Var coastline. more info >>

USA | The northeastern United States in turn swept by stormy winds ... Explosion and fire on power lines in Brockton this Wednesday in Massachusetts ( Terry Eliasen)

When you want to record a thunderstorm from the safety of a distance ... But that lightning bolt has other plans for you.



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Things keep getting crazier everywhere. Meteorologists are working to explain everything in terms of the heating of the planet which is, of course, true. It's just that heat makes evaporation and evaporation loads the air with water which then comes down and quite often in the form of snow. I think they forgot that part.



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Frightening scenes in Sarajevo: Flood water swallows cars, people getting evacuated​

Heavy rain has created chaos in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

Distressing images have been arriving since this morning from Sarajevo, which is submerged in water because of heavy rainfall. Many rivers in BiH have broken their banks, the Miljacka is threatening to flood streets, the Zeljeznica has created chaos in numerous areas, and hour by hour more and more information is arriving.

The situation in the Sarajevo neighborhood Ilidzua is chaotic. Several cars are completely under water, and the modern Sarajevo Waves complex has been flooded.

The worst situation is in Otes, where water has done great material damage and where almost the entire settlement has not had electricity since this morning.

Water from the overflowing Zeljeznica has entered many residential buildings. Rescuers are currently evacuating the population from this settlement. With the help of fire trucks and boats, they are transferring people to safe locations.

Apart from Otes, the settlements of Vlakovo, Butmir and Donji Kotorac have also been flooded, and there is water on many local roads in the Sarajevo Canton.

There was a blackout in much of the city for a while as well. For a little over half an hour, the residents were left without electricity due to a malfunction at the Reljevo power substation.

More videos in link above but I couldn’t attach them here…


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Not of the #neige but from the #grêle . A violent #orage touched #Majorque in #Espagne this Thursday. Several centimeters of hail in accumulation. Here has #CalaRatjada . Video credit:@BalearsClima

Bosnia | Major flood of the Mijacka river this Friday in the capital Sarajevo (@4m1na)
Bosnia | Cloud with rain Other rivers are in flood in the region of Sarajevo as in this video in Ilidža (Video camera Александра Тољ Ружић)

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