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Severe winds, tornado wreaks havoc in Marne, France
Posted by Matti K on May 02, 2018
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An intense storm accompanied by tornadoes and strong winds hit parts of France on April 29, 2018. Significant material damage was reported in three villages in the department of Marne.
According to L'Union, identical phenomena were also reported in Aube and Ardennes departments and orange alert for severe weather conditions was put in place.

An intense storm accompanied by tornadoes and strong winds hit parts of France on April 29, 2018. Significant material damage was reported in three villages in the department of Marne.
According to L'Union, identical phenomena were also reported in Aube and Ardennes departments and orange alert for severe weather conditions was put in place.
The storm formed on April 29, as the warm air coming up from the south towards Alsace and a colder mass coming from the Atlantic merged.



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Watch: Clipper crews face 'phenomenal' 40+ foot waves in cross-ocean race to Seattle
Friday, April 27th 2018 Video
SEATTLE -- The 12 teams competing in this year's Clipper Race Round The World race safely made it to Seattle this week after a 5,500 mile, 28-day journey across the Pacific Ocean, but it wasn't just a battle among the teams; it was a battle with Mother Nature at times.

The teams, including one sponsored by "", left Qingdao, China in late March on board 70-foot ocean-racing yachts, but found themselves battling a massive storm near Japan.

"The low (pressure center) after Japan was huge," said Simon Rowell, the race's meteorologist. Teams faced consistent winds of 55-65 knots (63-75 mph) with wind gusts over 80 knots (92 mph).

As you can imagine, in addition to having to dealing with the winds, a storm that magnitude would whip up some waves. Rowell said they measured over 14 meters -- 46 feet! -- at times. Take a peek:

"So, officially 'phenomenal,' " Rowell said, referencing the top rung of the Douglas Sea Scale. "I've been involved in one way or another with every Clipper Race since 2001, and that’s one of the two strongest systems we’ve had."

Dale Smyth, who is the skipper of the "Dare To Lead" yacht painted this picture during a race update: "Outside its blowing a solid 50 knots and gusting 70-75 in the hail squalls. The temperature is sub zero [Celsius]. The sea state is massive and regularly breaking. We Just hit a top speed of...wait for it 32.8Kts! This is where you tread lightly and feel like a gazelle running between a pride of lions. Safety is top priority, we stopped ‘racing’ 24hrs ago.

“On the flip side, this is my drug, my passion, the reason I sail. The scene outside could not be captured in a million frames or painted on a million canvasses. Your weekend yachtsman will never see nature unleashed like this. This is what makes us human, risk and reward. These wild ocean vistas get tattooed on your soul.”

But when you're racing via sails, most of the time the race's enemy is the opposite problem -- a lack of wind. While a captain's experience is key in noting wind patterns in the immediate area, Rowell does give teams a daily weather report to let them know generally what they're in for.

The data includes forecast charts showing current lows/highs and fronts and their projected movement over the next 2-4 days, a thermal infrared satellite image of the area of the ocean they're currently located, a map that hows current estimated surface winds as measured by satellite, and a general 24 hour forecast.

In addition, captains are provided one daily update of raw computer forecast model output data showing essential forecasting data such as wind, rain, sea level pressure and upper level temperatures -- a daily forecast for the entire ocean out to 7 days, and forecasts that show the next 5 days in 6 hour increments over the region they're heading.

For me, it’s all about system movement so as to keep in good wind for as long as possible," Rowell said. "As a former race skipper I try and think 'why do I care about this type of data?' when I send it out. They have enough to do without wasting time on something that I think is fascinating but really is only of academic use."

But even though all skippers get the same data, reading it properly can provide a strategic advantage.

“In a one design race there are not many things that can be done differently. How the crew sails the boat and where you sail the boat are two of these, and where you sail the boat depends on how you understand and apply the weather," Rowell said. “Each Skipper has their own way of doing using the information I send across, but they use this to help make decisions on a short term and then a long-term time frame for the race.”

The crews next head to New York City via the Panama Canal for the 7th leg of the eight-leg race. From there, they will head back across the Atlantic Ocean to where the race started: Liverpool, England. The team that has accumulated the most points over each leg will be awarded the coveted Clipper Race Trophy.

The Clipper Race was established in 1996 by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to sail solo non-stop around the world in 1968-69. His aim was to allow anyone, regardless of previous sailing experience, the chance to embrace the thrill of ocean racing. So if this sounds like a challenge that would interest you, no previous experience is necessary. The group says 40 percent of of the 700+ crew members involved in this year's race are novices and have never sailed before starting a comprehensive training program.

Watch: Clipper crews face 'phenomenal' 40+ foot waves in cross-ocean race to Seattle


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Update: Snow in the Mountains, where as of Friday a most excellent sunny day @ 23* C . Snapping back to much more cooler temps Friday Night with rain. And thus left with the continued fluctuations.

I think were just starting to feel some of the fall out of the increase of particulate matter from the global volcanic outburst via Cosmic Rays.

Touché, Pierre and Laura!

Published on May 12, 2018
Two great things about Amsterdam Schiphol, you get a good amount of fun weather to watch planes such as low visibility, wind, rain etc... and you still get a lot of Boeing 747s! Whats not to like. Enjoy 10 minutes from our last Schiphol film which is 4 hours long!

Heavy rain, hail and floods hit Thessaloniki, Greece


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Sunday 13.05.2018 - More than 25 People Dead in Dust Storm in India's North - Reports (Videos)
More Than 25 People Dead in Dust Storm in India's North - Reports (VIDEO)

A powerful dust storm and rains have hit Delhi, grounding flights, uprooting trees and bringing traffic on the city's roads to a standstill, several days after an alert was issued over north India for a massive storm, New Deli TV reports.

The storm, which had wind speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour (45 miles per hour), demolished dozens of homes and destroyed power lines in northern Uttar Pradesh state, a government official said.

At least 25 people have lost their lives and dozens more injured, according to the Times of India paper.

Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee said her government would grant assistance to the families of the departed, as well as to those whose houses have been damaged.

"We do not have control over nature. We will not be able to bring back those who have died, but our government will be beside these families and help them in every possible manner," she said.

People have been posting videos of the storm on Twitter:

Rahul Singh @Rahulphoto_

A #Dust #Storm hits the Capital on Sunday evening!! #India #Weather #TravelGram #duststorm
8:19 AM - May 13, 2018

BanjaraaIndian @BanjaraIndian

#DelhiStorm Delhi, capital of India hit by storm. See the videom
7:49 AM - May 13, 2018

vineetkhare @vineetkhare

Dust storm in #DelhiNCR #India …
7:36 AM - May 13, 2018

vineetkhare @vineetkhare

Another squall / dust storm to hit #DelhiNCR #India
7:30 AM - May 13, 2018

GoNews @GoNews24x7

Breaking News: Scenes from Lucknow airport in semi darkness as lights go off after #storm hits parts of North India. Passengers are told flights will be delayed or maybe cancelled. @GoNews24x7 has a reporter on the scene. Stay tuned.
11:21 AM - May 13, 2018

More than 70 incoming flights were canceled from the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) and Lucknow Airport on Sunday, with people left at the airport without power.

"Till 9 p.m. more than 70 flights have been diverted and a few outbound flights have been delayed due to the ongoing weather condition," the official said.

Earlier this month, a dust storm along with thunderstorms and rain caused destruction over five states, including Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, killing more than 150 people, eradicating trees and crushing houses.
Dust Storms in Northern India Leave at Least 97 Dead, 160 Injured (PHOTO)


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Colorado Hail Swath, Not Snow, Was Visible From the Air Days After Monday's Storm | The Weather Channel
2 days ago Video 00:57
At a Glance
  • A May 14 thunderstorm in northern Colorado laid down a swath of hail that could be seen from the air.
  • This hail swath remained on the ground for at least two days.
A series of hailstorms in northern Colorado earlier this week deposited enough hail to leave swaths that appeared like areas of snow as seen from several flights.

(MORE: Why Summer's Thunderstorm Clusters are Both Important and Dangerous)

One strip of small hail near Wellington, Colorado, was flown over by Jane Carpenter, a pilot at Leading Edge Flight Training, located at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport. She documented the event in photos provided to KUSA 9News meteorologist Cory Reppenhagen.

00:57 Hail Leaves Trail Across Colorado Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari shows a path of a hailstorm across Colorado.

The hailstorm struck Monday afternoon near the town about 60 miles north of downtown Denver, producing enough small hail to cover a short stretch of Interstate 25.

A high-resolution satellite image from NASA's Terra satellite taken the following day showed the approximately 2.5-mile-long swath clearly visible under a cloudless sky east of the Colorado High Country.

The Wellington, Colorado, small hail swath, denoted by the arrow, as seen from NASA's Terra satellite on May 15, 2015, one day after the hailstorm struck near the northern Colorado town. The swath was estimated to be 2.5 miles long. (NASA)

Carpenter flew over the swath Tuesday morning and said in a Facebook post that in 25 years of flying, she had never seen anything quite like it from the air.

A small area of the original hail swath remained on the ground into Wednesday despite a high of 83 degrees at nearby Northern Colorado Regional Airport, according to a photo shared by Carpenter.

Merritt Dupon, who lives in the hail swath, told Reppenhagen there was up to 2 feet of accumulated hail measured in some areas.

(MORE: America Has a Distinct Hail Alley)

This wasn't the only hail swath on the High Plains.

Several inches of hail as large as quarters prompted snow plows to be called out in The Pinery, a southern Denver metro suburb.

Multiple hail swaths in northern Douglas, northern Elbert and far eastern Arapahoe counties could also be seen in satellite images as skies cleared later Monday afternoon.

Some of these could also be seen from the air, as Katie Sloop noted on her flight to Denver Monday afternoon.

A much longer hail swath, or several individual swaths, were deposited in western Kansas and might have stretched into parts of eastern Colorado Monday.

Up to 6 inches of baseball-size hail accumulated in Lane County, Kansas. The huge hailstones smashed windows in two homes north of Leoti and south of Sharon Springs.

(MORE: Hail is the Most Underrated Costly Weather Disaster)

That evening, the cold accumulated hail contrasting with warmer ground made the hail swath visible in infrared satellite imagery.

The High Plains of Colorado and Kansas are among the areas most frequently impacted by hail each year in the United States.

According to the Storm Prediction Center, hail at least 1 inch in diameter falls nine to 13 days each year, on average, along the Front Range of Colorado and High Plains of Kansas and Nebraska.

Jonathan Erdman is a senior meteorologist at and has been an incurable weather geek since a tornado narrowly missed his childhood home in Wisconsin at age 7. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to The Weather Channel podcast.

Live Storms Media Published on May 17, 2018

Reed Timmer Published on May 18, 2018
Time-lapse of turbulent eddies with high-based, outflow dominant storms entraining dry air in the Nebraska Panhandle on May 17, 2018. Looks like a 4-leaf clover shape in the turbulent eddies - hopefully a sign of good luck on the horizon Today, we are targeting the Lamar to La Junta, CO area for supercells rolling off the Foothills, and maybe the dry line in western KS; then, a more substantial threat for even strong tornadoes tomorrow in northeast KS. Stay tuned
BasehuntersChasing Published on May 18, 2018


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May 30, 2018 - ‘Tornado Timeout’: Video Shows Dust Devil Whipping Through Infield During Children’s Baseball Game
‘Tornado Timeout’: Video Shows Dust Devil Whipping Through Infield During Children’s Baseball Game

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. – Some wild moments on the field during a children’s baseball game in Illinois.

Libertyville Firefighters tweeted a video of a dust devil whipping up, and said, “We had a slight tornado delay at the Libertyville Memorial Day Travel Baseball Tournament.”

Libertyville Firefighters @IAFFLocal3892

We had a slight tornado delay at the Libertyville Memorial Day Travel Baseball Tournament @Skilling @WGNTV @WGNMorningNews @LYBWildcats
5:17 PM - May 26, 2018 · Libertyville, IL

The Washington Post reported that Mike Weaver, a lieutenant for the Libertyville Fire Department, is the one who posted the video. He was there on Saturday watching his son play ball when it happened. You hear him on the video saying, “tornado timeout.”

Weaver said the dust devil lasted just a couple of minutes and then was gone.

Libertyville Firefighters @IAFFLocal3892

Probably the 66th Pulitzer Prize for @washingtonpost
11:21 PM - May 29, 2018 · Libertyville, IL

‘Tornado timeout’ delays baseball game when dust devil sweeps across field
"We had a slight tornado delay," Mike Weaver wrote on Twitter. It wasn't a tornado, but it was certainly a powerful dust devil.

May 30, 2018 - Farmer Finds Himself Surrounded by 3 Tornadoes After Truck Gets Stuck in Field
Farmer Finds Himself Surrounded by 3 Tornadoes After Truck Gets Stuck in Field

COPE, Colo. — A farmer feels grateful to be alive after he was forced to lay in a ditch when he found himself surrounded by three tornadoes Monday.

Aaron Brown told KDVR he was out finishing work in his field near Cope, on the eastern plains of Colorado, when he saw the weather around him take a turn.

“The storm was coming up pretty quick,” said Brown.

Emily Allen FOX31


“It was pretty intense.” This farmer says he was surrounded by tornados yesterday when his truck got stuck in the sand. He and three other people hid in a ditch as he watched tornados touch down around him. He spotted three total — two are in this video he shared with us. #KDVR
4:19 PM - May 29, 2018

Brown and three others tried to drive to safety, but their truck was stuck in the sand in the field. He watched as a tornado touched down in front of him. He turned around to see two more tornadoes on the other side of his truck. The group of four ran to a dry river bank because it was the lowest and safest place they could get to.

“It was pretty intense. I was pretty scared,” said Brown.

Eventually, the threat passed, and Brown and his crew walked away unscathed.

“God is good. That’s all I can say. We were very lucky and blessed,” said Brown.

In Cope, the Hill’s garage was destroyed during the severe storm. The Hill family was in Greeley when it hit and they found out the extent of the damage when a neighbor called to alert them that their garage was pressed against their house.

“We are cleaning up, hoping to rebuild. See what the insurance says and go from there,” said Linda Hill.

On Monday, they spent the day cleaning up and sorting through the debris. “Very overwhelming,” said Linda Hill.

The National Weather Service said there were 14 tornadoes reported between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. in Colorado. The experts were working to confirm the actual number of tornadoes that formed during the severe weather outbreak.


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The waterfront city of Qingdao, in eastern China, was struck by a severe storm Wednesday marked by strong winds, thunderstorms and hail, causing serious flooding and a number of broken trees. That wasn’t all though: Chinese social media has also been flooded with an influx of images of sea creatures dumped into the city with the storm.

16.06.2018 - Seafood Delivery? Storm Drops Sea Creatures on Coastal Chinese City (Photos - Video)
Seafood Delivery? Storm Drops Sea Creatures on Coastal Chinese City (PHOTOS)

Photos circulating the web in China show people's windshields struck by everything from falling tree limbs to falling shrimps, starfish and even an octopus.

There's no word yet on whether the mythical chinese sea monster Gonggong has made an appearance. Or perhaps Qingdao city officials should have tried to summon Tam Kung, a god of old who has the power to… forecast weather.

Social media users shared videos they said showed fish swimming down Qingdao streets. The flooding got so bad that residents' cars can be seen mostly submerged in the water.

It was probably a good day to stay home for dinner. Seafood soup, anyone?

15.06.2018 - Dozens of Flights Cancelled as Dust Storm Catches North India Off Guard
Dozens of Flights Cancelled as Dust Storm Catches North India off Guard

The Indian government has issued an alert in view of severe dust pollution in Delhi and other north Indian states. In Delhi, emergency measures like stoppage of all civil construction activities have been made effective till June 17.

New Delhi (Sputnik): Sand blown from deserts of the western part of the country enveloped northern India for the fourth consecutive day; taking air pollution hazardous levels. More than seven thousands air travelers could not reach their desired destinations as dozens of domestic and international flight from Chandigarh and nearby airports remain suspended for the second consecutive day.

As per Skymet Weather, this layer of dust and sand is not a very unusual phenomenon and it usually happens during the pre-monsoon season though it is the intensity, spread and duration of the dusty weather that varies.

"At present, the situation is deteriorating over parts of Northwest India while Delhi is just on the fringes of this type of weather conditions. The reason for the sandy skies over the national capital and its adjoining boundaries can be attributed to the dust and sand particles being transported from the hotter regions of Rajasthan and Pakistan," Skymet, a private weather forecast agency said.

The dusty weather has made visibility poor across north India resulting in the cancellation of 32 flights on Friday from the Chandigarh airport.

"The visibility was around 2000 meter during the day. It improved to 3000 meters by 3.30 pm (Indian Standard Time). The weather was hazy," Surender Paul, Director, Met Department, Chandigarh, said.

Levels of PM10 — dust and larger particles with a diameter of 10 micrometers — exceeded 900 per cubic meter in parts of Delhi and over 700 per cubic meter on Thursday. The WHO considers 50 900 per cubic meter the maximum safe level for PM10. The weather department has noticed a considerable jump in carcinogenic matters in the last three days and they expect it reducing only after rain over this weekend


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Sorry, wasn't really sure where to Post this, so if it needs to be moved, please do so?

Last Monday, I got a call from my younger Brother, who happened to be in Miami, Florida for a business meeting. In passing, he mentioned going to the beach but couldn't go in the water because of all the jellyfish. I didn't think, much more about the conversation until I came across this report ....

June 13, 2018 - More Than 800 Stung By Jellyfish Along Florida Beaches (Video)
More Than 800 Stung By Jellyfish Along Florida Beaches

More than 800 people were stung by jellyfish along the Central Florida coast over the span of three days. A spike in moon jellyfish stings has kicked off summer in a painful way.

Lifeguards treated 107 jellyfish stings Saturday, and a staggering 523 on Sunday. Add to that 180 by the end of Monday and it brings the total to 837 stings over three days.

Tammy Malphurs, spokeswoman for Volusia County Beach Safety, was unsure of the highest number of stings, but said the weekend was not the most the beaches have ever seen.

“It’s not a record, but it’s definitely a high number,” Malphurs told CNN.

The appearance of large numbers of jellyfish isn’t uncommon. They appear on beaches once or twice a year when wind and currents push them to shore, Malphurs said.

One of the unlucky ones who was bitten over the weekend us Tonya Kronk, of Daytona Beach, Florida. It was a first for her, and the injuries were “pretty bad,” she said.

“I took my body board out past the sand bar and it wasn’t five minutes before I got stung,” Kronk told CNN. “I went to catch a wave and it just kinda stuck to my leg, it was wrapped around it and I couldn’t get it off fast enough.”

What you can do

Malphurs encouraged swimmers to pay close attention to beach conditions, like colored flags that denote different ocean conditions.

Many Florida beaches over the weekend flew purple flags warning swimmers of “Dangerous Marine Life,” she said.

If you are stung, seek medical attention right away.

While jellyfish stings can be painful, they are relatively easy to treat with white vinegar, which lifeguards usually have on hand.


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INTENSE supercells drop destructive hail in Colorado north/east of Denver!
Published on Jun 19, 2018 Reed Timmer / 3:43
Full video from High Plains insanity yesterday with multiple mothership supercells dropping destructive hail across Colorado to the north and east of Denver, including a funnel cloud/attempted occlusion with lead supercell north of I76 around 8:45 pm.
6 19 18 Port Arthur, Texas Flash Flood Stalls Cars And Floods Neighborhoods

Severe storms hammer northern Colorado
Denver7 – The Denver :shock: Channel Published on Jun 18, 2018
A powerful storm system that moved through northern Colorado Monday evening produced baseball-sized hail and powerful winds.



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INCREDIBLE hail core pummels Nissan Sentra, blowing out back window
Reed Timmer Published on Jun 29, 2018
Full video of hail core intercept in Sundance, Wyoming with 80 mph winds and baseball hail shattering windows of Nissan Sentra, as tornado warning is issued for supercell just east of Sundance along I-90. This supercell would go on to damage parts of Black Hills Region including Lead, Deadwood, and Spearfish, SD.

6-28-2018 St. Louis, Missouri Storm Lapse - Lightning
Live Storms Media

6-29-2018 Piedmont, SD Massive hail storm destroys cars on I-90, severe storm devils tower drone
Live Storms Media Published on Jun 29, 2018



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Sports radio broadcaster dies after being swept away by floodwaters in Iowa (Videos)
Sports radio broadcaster dies after being swept away by floodwaters in Iowa

A sports radio broadcaster died when he stepped out of a stalled van and was swept away by a raging flashflood in Iowa, officials said.

The torrential rainstorm struck Saturday night in the Midwest, bringing more than 7 inches of rain in just a few hours to Des Moines, and triggering dozens of water rescues and evacuations, authorities said.

One of the rescue calls was for people stranded in a van on a flooded street in Des Moines about 8:50 p.m. local time, according to police.

"As officers responded, it was reported that the occupants had left the van and that one person, a 66-year-old male Des Moines resident, had been swept away in the flash-flood waters," Sgt. Paul Parizek, of the Des Moines Police Department, said in a statement.

The man's body was recovered at 12:39 a.m. Sunday, several blocks from where the van stalled, Parizek said.

He was identified Sunday morning as Larry Bruce Cotlar, a local sports radio broadcaster who hosted the weekly radio show "Cotlar and Company" on 1350 ESPN in Iowa. He was also the play-by-play announcer for Drake University men's basketball games.

"All of us at 1350 ESPN and the Des Moines Radio group are devastated by the loss of our voice, our colleague, and our friends, Larry Cotlar," the radio station said in a statement Sunday. "Larry was the voice of sports in Central Iowa.

"Today, our thoughts are with his wife, Deb, and their son, Zach. There is absolutely no replacing Larry. He will be thought of fondly and missed greatly by his family, friends, and his extended families in the sports and broadcasting communities."

Storms were still moving through parts of the Midwest Sunday, with additional flash flooding possible.

The powerful rainstorm caused the Des Moines River to overflow in some parts and flood nearby roads. Police in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, posted a short video on Facebook showing Mile Creek, which cuts through the city, running dangerously fast and high. Officials advised local residents to stay off roads in the area until the water subsided.

Slow-moving thunderstorms in the Midwest brought torrential rain to central Iowa on Saturday night, including 7.3 inches of rain in just a few hours, causing widespread flash flooding in Des Moines.

More storms are expected Sunday afternoon from Illinois to Michigan to Wisconsin, with damaging winds, large hail and brief tornadoes possible.

Two to 4 inches of rain is possible from northern Iowa to Wisconsin, with any slow-moving storm capable of bringing flash flooding.


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Siberia going biblical? ‘Blood rain’ pours down on Russian parking lot (PHOTOS)
Edited time: 3 Jul, 2018 14:00
Car owners in Siberia could be forgiven for thinking a biblical plague had descended upon their city, after finding their vehicles soaked by blood-colored rain in a Norilsk parking lot.

Photos of the phenomenon showed the parking lot and cars coated in brownish-red residue from the rain. But the owner was quick to reassure everyone there’s no calamity in store for the city. According to him, blood-red water was simply colored by rust from the roof of a nearby workshop. The parking lot in Siberia’s major industrial center is located next to a metal plant.
Norilsk Nikel, the company that owns the Nadezhdinsk plant, said people had nothing to fear. A spokesperson for the company told TASS news agency that they conducted a probe and established the cause of the incident.

“Saturday, June 30, the roof of the first elemental sulfur shop was cleaned along with the rest of the territory. The collected reddish dust was prepared for disposal, but has not been disposed of until today. A gust of wind blew it over the parking lot while the rain caused it to fall,” the spokesperson said.

StormChasingVideo Published on Jul 3, 2018
Vivid lightning fills the sky of Saint Cloud, MN as another line of storms roll through the state this morning as storms are in the forecast for most of the week. Shot Description Various clips of lightning from downtown Saint Cloud, MN as the line of storms moves into the area. Also POV dash camera with lightning and heavy rain and pea size hail falling.



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July, 02, 2018 - Death Toll in India's Assam Flooding Rises to 32
Death Toll in India's Assam Flooding Rises to 32 - Tasnim News Agency

The death toll in ongoing floods in India's northeastern state of Assam has risen to 32, officials said Monday.

According to officials the flood scenario in the state continues to remain grim. Over 63,000 people still remain affected by the floods across the five inundated districts.

"The death toll in the ongoing flooding has rose to 32," a local government official said, Xinhua news agency reported.

The authorities have set up 26 relief camps and distribution centres in the affected districts to reach out to the people.

Reports said India's home minister Rajnath Singh has assured Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal of all assistance.

The Meteorological department officials have predicted more rains in the days to come. Floods are an annual occurrence in Assam during the monsoon season.

July, 03, 2018 - Heavy Monsoon Rains Lash Pakistan, Killing 3 in Lahore City
Heavy Monsoon Rains Lash Pakistan, Killing 3 in Lahore City - Tasnim News Agency

Torrential monsoon rains have lashed many cities across Pakistan, flooding streets and killing three people.

The deaths from Tuesday's rain were reported in the eastern city of Lahore, where residential areas flooded. It also exposed flaws in the sewer system, which flooded some of the city's streets.

According to the Meteorological Department, more heavy rains are expected this month, AP reported.

Every year, many cities and towns in Pakistan struggle to cope with the annual monsoon deluge, drawing criticism about poor planning.

Pakistan's monsoon season runs from July through September.

Rains also swell rivers during the monsoon season, causing floods that kill people and damage crops and infrastructure.

July, 04, 2018 - Pakistan’s Death Toll from Heavy Monsoon Rains Rises to 19 (+Photos)
Pakistan’s Death Toll from Heavy Monsoon Rains Rises to 19 (+Photos) - Tasnim News Agency

At least 19 people are dead and scores more injured in the wake of heavy monsoon rains in the central Pakistani province of Punjab.

The heaviest rains seen in Lahore since 1980 continued into Wednesday, flooding streets and causing some residents to join small demonstrations against local authorities.

Rescue officials and police confirmed the death toll, saying most deaths were caused by electrocution and homes caving in, SBS News reported.

Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) put rescue and relief agencies on alert, warning that evacuations might be necessary, amid fears of flooding in the mountainous north of the country.

The authority warned of "low to medium" level flooding in Punjab province in the next 24 hours and in the northern areas.

Thousands of people die in South Asia every year when monsoon rains cause floods and heavy damage.

July, 05, 2018 - One Killed as ‘Historic’ Rains Batter Japan’s Western Region
One Killed as ‘Historic’ Rains Batter Japan’s Western Region - Tasnim News Agency

Japan on Thursday ordered the evacuation of thousands of residents from the outskirts of its ancient capital of Kyoto after “historic” rains battered its western region, killing a man, with yet more rain forecast.

About 160,000 people were advised to evacuate across the region as weather officials warned that rain levels they described as “historic” could continue until Sunday.

“Severe caution is needed,” an official of Japan’s Meteorological Agency (JMA) told a news conference, warning of the potential for landslides and high winds.

A 59-year-old construction worker died in the western prefecture of Hyogo after being sucked into a drainage pipe, and two more were injured as they rushed to his rescue, NHK national television said, Reuters reported.

The heavy rains were brought by a rush of humid air from the south and the remnants of a typhoon this week.

By Thursday afternoon, rainfall of about 457 mm (18 inches) had been recorded in some parts of the smallest main island of Shikoku over the last two days, with up to 400 mm (16 inches) more predicted in some areas in the next 24 hours.

Typhoon Prapiroon churned up the Sea of Japan this week before weakening into a tropical depression. Another storm, Typhoon Maria, has formed in the Pacific and is set to strengthen, possibly targeting the southwestern islands of Okinawa early next week.
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