Crop Circles in 3D, 1998 ...


I decided to move onto the year 1998 and a whole new selection of crop circle presentations to pick from. I selected one that has 33 connected objects in a ring shape. Why did I pick this one to work upon first? I wanted one early in the year with an abundance of images. This one fit the bill. Is it important. It just might be to someone out there. Forewarning, this is a longer session. Not only do you get my ramblings, you get a good amount of knowledge on a crop circle that I found to support it. Let us begin …

Rambling of a Wandering Mind: One ‘C’ in a crowd …

One ‘C’ in the crowd, that’s each of you out there.

What I am referring to as a ‘C’ is those that follow the Casseopaean’s and the whole crew at the chateau.

So, one ‘C’ in a crowd. It should be a respected and honored statement to be known by. But here in this reality, this element has no meaning except to those that have made the extra efforts to ascend.

The souls that have questioned this reality are few, they make up those that have made the connection here and others that have not yet made that connection. You have seen the knowledge that is contained here. And you most likely have tried to forewarn others and involve them in the knowledge. This endeavor has successes and failures among all of us. Only to find that a majority of souls that are contacted, are running programs to disavow any mention, any insight, any knowledge that would contradict the program. There is a deep sadness when you encounter the deep level of programming that has been done to all around.

This still leaves us with the knowledge. One soul watching as the words that we have all adsorbed, are coming true. Holding onto a secret that most do not want to hear. That is until the reality slaps them in the face. Something so incredible, so unbelievable, that those that did want to hear before finally break through their programming and might now listen.

And as this reality shatters around us, we need to keep our cool. You need to be there, where ever you are, to be the one ‘C’ in your crowd, whoever that may be. And as always, we need to continue our knowledge growth.

If you do get the chance to help a soul in need, physical of metaphysical, help them up, if you are prepared. Always be aware, this is a STS world, capable of a great many angles of intent.

One ‘C’ in a crowd, that is you. Fascination awaits us all, Haiku …

(Now onto the CC show)

Today’s crop circle is a ring of objects with a compression rate of 33. I do love when I enter a simple thing it a search engine and get such amazing results. This is what I did when I started researching for this crop circle. I entered the simple item ‘33’, not thinking that it would give any sound direction. And BAM! What a number, I have copied out a few items from Wikipedia and added many others. Let me start up this old slide projector so we can check them out …

In mathematics
33 is:

the largest positive integer that cannot be expressed as a sum of different triangular numbers.
the smallest odd repdigit that is not a prime number.
the sum of the first four positive factorials.
the sum of the sum of the divisors of the first 6 positive integers.
equal to the sum of the squares of the digits of its own square in bases 9, 16 and 31.
For numbers greater than 1, this is a rare property to have in more than 1 base.
the smallest integer such that it and the next two integers all have the same number of divisors.
the first member of the first cluster of three semiprimes (33, 34, 35); the next such cluster is 85, 86, 87.
the smallest diophantine number which has yet to be represented in the form a³ + b³ + c³, where a, b and c are integers.

In science
The atomic number of arsenic
A normal human spine has 33 vertebrae when the bones that form the coccyx are counted individually
33 is, according to the Newton scale, the temperature at which water boils.
Messier object M33, a magnitude 7.0 galaxy in the constellation Triangulum, also known as the Triangulum Galaxy.
The New General Catalogue object NGC 33, a double star in the constellation Pisces
In technology
In reference to gramophone records, 33 refers to a type of record by its revolution speed of 33⅓ revolutions per minute. 33s are also known as long playing records, or LPs. See: 78 and 45
The ITU country code for the French telephone numbering plan area

In religion
The number of deities in the Vedic Religion is 33.
The divine name Elohim appears 33 times in the story of creation in the opening chapters of Genesis.
Lag Ba'omer is a minor Jewish holiday which falls on the 33rd day of the Omer
Jesus' age when he was crucified in 33 A.D.
According to Al-Ghazali the dwellers of Heaven will exist eternally in a state of being age 33.[3]
Islamic prayer beads are generally arranged in sets of 33, corresponding to the widespread use of this number in dhikr rituals. Such beads may number thirty-three in total or three distinct sets of thirty-three for a total of ninety-nine, corresponding to the names of God.
33 is not only a numerical representation of "the Star of David," but also the numerical equivalent of AMEN: 1+13+5+14=33.
Pope John Paul I, the 33-day pope. One of the shortest reigns in papal history, and it resulted in the most recent 3-pope year.
A religious image of the Virgin Mary from the 18th century is known in Uruguay as "Virgen de los Treinta y Tres" (Virgin of the Thirty-Three); it was consecrated by Pope John Paul II in his visit to Uruguay in 1988.
There are several churches dedicated to this Marian devotion, being the most important the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Thirty-Three in Florida, Uruguay.
There are 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry
The House of the Temple, Home of The Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Washington D.C., USA has 33 outer columns which are each 33 feet high.
The Yakuoji Temple in Japan has a two sets of steps, one with 42 steps for men to climb, and the other side with 33 steps for the women.[4]
The Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage visits thirty-three Buddhist temples throughout the Kansai region of Japan.
In 2017, a conspiracy theorist named David Meade, who predicted the world would end on September 23rd, stated the key to understanding his prediction is 33.[5]

In other fields
Thirty-three is:

A significant number in modern numerology, one of the master numbers along with 11 and 22.
In Gematria the numerical value of the word Magic is 33.
One of the symbols of Ku Klux Klan. (K is the 11th letter of the alphabet; 3 times 11 is 33, KKK).
The 33 Orientales were a group of Uruguay's national Independence Heroes that liberate the country in 1825 from the Brazilian Empire, the name is due for the leaders all 33 Degree Masons (The Thirty-Three Orientals), one of Uruguay's national states and its capital city is named "Treinta y Tres" after them
The number 33 was discovered to lead to the essential meaning of life (the Bible) in Dan Brown's 2009 novel The Lost Symbol.
+33 is the code for international direct-dial phone calls to France.

In Numerology
Positive Characteristics: The 33 is a humanitarian. It is understanding and knowledgeable, a mover and a shaker.

Negative Characteristics: As a Master number, when the positive potential of this number is not used properly, one tends to become preachy and care less about others, putting too much focus on one's personal agenda.

Numerology experts pay special attention to Master numbers. The best way to consider them? That 11, 22 and 33 create a triangle of enlightenment.

Number 33 is made up of the vibrations of the number 3 appearing twice, amplifying and magnifying its influences. Number 3 relates to the attributes of expansion and the principles of increase, spontaneity, broad-minded thinking, encouragement, assistance, talent and skills, self-expression and communication, manifesting and manifestation. Number 3 also resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters, and indicates that the Ascended Masters are around you, assisting when asked. They are helping you to find peace, clarity and love within. The Ascended Masters help you to focus on the Divine spark within yourself and others, and assist with manifesting your desires. Number 33 is a Master Number (Master Teacher) and resonates with the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage. Number 33 tells us that ‘all things are possible’. 33 is also the number that symbolizes ‘guidance’. The Master Number 33 is connected to the Ascended Masters, and the repeating Angel Number 33 is a message that many Ascended Masters surround you and are offering their assistance. All you need to do is ask, as the Ascended Masters are waiting to answer your prayers.

Angel Number 33 is a message from your angels that any positive changes or projects you are considering right now will be well worth your while, and you will be assisted in the undertaking.

Angel Number 33 gives you the courage to live your life with enthusiasm and optimism, safe in the knowledge that you are well blessed, loved and supported in all that you do. Live your life with joy, passion and purpose as this will manifest your true desires. Be prepared to expand and increase your spiritual development and awareness.

In Freemasonry, the highest order is the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite within Freemasonry was established in 1801 with the formation of the Mother Supreme Council at Charleston, South Carolina. Perhaps it was no accident that Charleston was the birthplace of the Scottish Rite, being situated just 15 miles south of the 33rd parallel. Interestingly, it’s also where the first shots of the American Civil War were fired when Charleston’s Citadel Cadets fired upon a Federal ship, Star of the West, as it sailed into Charleston Harbor. As we shall soon see, many pivotal events of recent history have occurred along the 33rd parallel.

Another organization some consider a secret society with Luciferian links to the Illuminati, although to others it’s merely an inept world body lacking any real power or influence – the United Nations – may also find significance in the number 33. Take a look at the UN flag and you’ll see a world globe divided into 33 sections, encircled by olive branches. Coincidence, or is there some deeper meaning?

Death and Destruction
Now, back to the 33rd parallel and the pivotal role it has played in many major events of the modern era.

Apart from kicking off the bloody American Civil War in January 1861, the 33rd parallel also played host to the death of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt who died suddenly on 12 April 1945 of a cerebral hemorrhage after complaining of having “a terrific headache”. He died at his home, dubbed “Little White House,” in Warm Springs, Georgia, close to the 33rd parallel. Following Roosevelt’s death, Harry S. Truman, a 33 degree Mason, became 33rd President of the United States.

At the end of hostilities with Germany in 1945, Operation Paperclip helped cleanse the Nazi past from Germany’s top rocket scientists, so that they could continue their work for the US. Many of these former Nazi scientists ended up at the White Sands V-2 Launch site, or, as it was also known, Launch Complex 33. Again, located not far from the 33rd parallel.

The National Park Service describes Launch Complex 33 as: “Closely associated with U.S. testing of the German V-2 rocket, the origins of the American rocket program, and the leadership of Dr. Werner von Braun…”

The first atomic detonation (that we know of at least) occurred on 16 July 1945 at the Trinity test site near Alamogordo, New Mexico. The Trinity site also sits on the 33rd parallel. The following month, atomic weapons obliterated the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, despite neither city having much in the way of real political or military significance. Did the 33rd US President target these two Japanese cities on the basis that they both straddled the 33rd parallel?

Two decades later, in 1963, US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas close to the 33rd Parallel on 22 November (11/22). And then just after midnight on 6 June 1968, JFK’s younger brother, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, was gunned down at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California, about 1,245 miles east along the 33rd parallel from where his brother was murdered.

UFO Lore and the 33rd Parallel
The event that today remains synonymous with UFO and alien lore, the rumoured 1947 crash and retrieval of an extraterrestrial craft at Roswell, New Mexico, occurred, you guessed it, on the 33rd parallel. Another significant UFO event that shares more than one parallel with Roswell is the Phoenix Lights event of the evening of 13 March 1997.

The Phoenix Lights were reported by thousands of people in the skies above the city, in what appears to be two separate UFO events. The first wave of sightings reported from around 8pm were generally of a huge “carpenter’s square” shaped object flying slowly over the city. The second wave, occurring around 10pm, of a series of lights that appeared to hover, was captured widely on camera and video. But, based on this second sighting of the Phoenix Lights, the US Air Force claimed that what witnesses reported as UFOs in Phoenix that night, were nothing more than illumination flares dropped by a training flight at Luke Air Force Base.

Like Roswell, Phoenix is also located along the 33rd parallel. And as in the Roswell case, there appears to be some level of orchestrated military and government subterfuge involved.

And Disneyland
And finally to Disneyland. Yes, the happiest place on earth also lies along the 33rd parallel. Some, like researcher and writer Walter Bosley, author of Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom, contend that the site was chosen by Harrison Price (then of the Stanford Research Institute) in part at least due to its proximity to the 33rd parallel and that the famous Disneyland carousel was built in the exact spot where two powerful ley lines intersect – one of which runs along the 33rd parallel.

Slide projector is turned off.

Now I especially liked the 33rd parallel items. A great thing to do is follow it around the world and see where it crosses, both northern and southern hemispheres. I see the northern side crosses right through areas of distress in Syria and crosses very near Bagdad, Iraq, amongst other areas of distress along this same line. Very suspicious manor that this is laying as it is. And all this input that I have shown, and much more not shown, was beyond expectations. Someone is trying to tell us something, you think. And I noticed that a lot of the items that I did not show seemed to have a STS theme. The magical implications that I saw were naive but interesting in the same fashion. Take a look yourselves, if you are interested. It is good research but be aware of the misguided that present knowledge from this reality.

But back to this CC. I see a ring of enveloped objects. Each object has either a solid core or a void space. Around this core is a cloud object, a three-dimensional halo, that looks to be an offset surface of the core shape. I look at this as a possible illumination of the inner element, whatever that is. And in turn this is patterned around in a bracelet type of element. Bangle anyone? Each individual inner element has a flowing shape creating a fat ‘S’ shape. I expect that this is part of the final three-dimensional shape also, a smooth flowing shape. I will attempt to model it that way. What I envision the model to look like is a glowing ring with embedded objects. Let’s see what I can do, back soon …

What a creation. I could not get it to glow right, this interpretation, less lit up, looks fairly good. I made the core object black and shiny, the outer shell a translucent blue. For the model, it was challenging, I was looking forward to the lit-up version. Just could not get the illumination right. And since this was in the middle of yellow flowers, I did a version in yellow.

The 33 implications are amazing to me. The implications listed here pretty much verify that there is a connection and a usage in both STS and STO. Remember STO alignment allows us unlimited application of knowledge that both alignments know. I found too much alignment defined information on this ‘33’, it is bothersome. For now, I am off to another crop circle. Haiku …



Bury Hill, Upper Clatford, Hampshire, 05/10/1998 (Curly, Larry & Mo, I will get back to this later)

Hello everyone, it is a beautiful morning here with the low temperatures reaching 30°F. Sunny and brisk. I see that everybody is ready so let’s get with this CC session.

I have an abundance of subjects to look at but for some reason I keep looking at this one. I am not too sure what that means or if it means anything at all. But let’s break it down for this session …

An obscure crop circle to say the least. An obvious attempt at purveying information of importance. I can identify STO energies in this presentation. A seed crop, possibly canola oil, has been laid down in a way that it is still alive and growing. The presentation has a compression factor of three. What is showing in this CC is not contained inside of a greater sphere. This means that whatever these elements are imposing, that they are external factors. Not contained but externally containing factors.

I am always looking for connections in CC’s. Since this has a compression factor of three, I will try to match this presentation to others with the same factor. Also, I will peruse all crop circles since I started and see if there is others that might resemble or convey a similar concept. I created a presentation of all of the CC’s that had a similar compression factor. They need to be arranged in some fashion, like simplistic to complex. So, I produced this arrangement of CC’s on a single sheet and it looks quite good, if I say so myself. On a side note: I reviewed all CC’s up to this year and looked for similarities in presentations. I may have found one or two that might have a little resemblance of this CC, but nothing concrete. You see, I expect to find an evolution of CC’s as we move forward, eventually. But this one is different. I had one that had what looked to me of a generated field, simplistic but it could have been accurate in that presentation that I created. This one looks similar to that generated field concept, with a better definition. The end result is that this may be some new category of crop circle.

I took the presentation sheet and did one more item to it. I looked at my categories from my Paleo Almanac and seen if I could apply a possible application to this grouping. This is just a preliminary result but this application is not too bad. I question some of these and their application, but most others were conceptually true to the category. Pretty interesting, don’t you think.

(For those that we not following I created a quasi-structure of a possible Paleo Almanac to help define these different CC’s. The latest reply is here,44484.0.html. And I have already added another category under general needs for energy, far more than what electricity represents.)

Let me go over some of my reasonings for the category definitions on this presentation.

The first one I classified as self. This following quote is something I think about when I look at this CC.

Quote from: 5Oct1996
A: Each soul has its own patterning, which is held in place by the three bodies of existence [planchette swirls a few times] ... “thought center, spirit center and physical center,” there are specific methodologies for adjusting these, and travelling into or out of other planes of existence. When one does not properly utilize these, one tears the fabric of their trilateral continuum when they seek to travel. This can be very problematic, and may lead to the soul being unable to reconnect with the body, thus causing the physical center to perish!!!

This might be a representation of this almanac identifier. Of note this CC was presented on 6/18/1996.

Beside this CC I identified as self, to the right, is one that I identify as Science/Mathematics. I do this because one CC we reviewed before simplistically resembled as the fractal image for PI. This one has similar features in it but with a compression factor of three.

In the upper right corner is an elegant presentation, something I expect to have some artistic value and that puts it in the Culture group. Not that it is art, but it does look rather stylistic in its presentation.

Right Below Self, I have another Culture. It is in respect to a concept of society as I defined it as previously.

Below this culture, I have the new category Energy being applied. This CC, and the first one in 1993, both remind me of similar presentations. With the 1993 crop circle being defined as ‘Alternating Current’, this one possibly falls into this same criteria.

The one that I have to the right of Energy is suggested to be involved in mathematics. I kind of think of this CC as an object in math. I am suggesting that it is mathematically related.

In the lower right corner is one I put in the technology category. My engineering background says that a three-point contact works very well in our current reality, with gravity and all. This CC shows me a concept of the perfect spherical method, a five-point contact system that would always contain an object, in the sphere. Pretty cool concept.

The one above technology is identified as Science. Why, if it does not look like something chemical driven, biology related or most any other of the science categories, then I got a bridge to sell to you. In reality, it could be part of the Self category too.

This leaves me with the main topic of today, a science related CC. it could also be something in the Self category, but I am going to present it with a science flavor. And specifically, a planetary influence.

I see field lines in this crop circle. The lines that I am talking about are the ones that extend to each outer centre. Like a magnetic, electrical or some kind of energy not yet realized. We will call these flux lines. These flux lines interface with the halo that is surrounding the greater centre in this representation. I see graining in all centre’s. This graining is suggesting some form of energy source. Maybe common one’s, but I would expect there will be differences in this presentation. Like a control source and a different object creating a focusing event, thrice.

This could identify with concepts in many of the Science categories in the Paleo-Almanac. And it could very well much be that it is a framework of how to represent many science field elements, or any element of any category at all. I am going to present two different approaches to this CC. The first being a direct representation of a situation in symbolic form. This is applying an identifying symbol and applying colorations, depicting different energies, that can represent type and flow direction. The second method would entail a physical representation of the same model. I have downloaded a model of the earth in two different forms. I am hoping that one of them will allow me to show these three fields in respect to our little planet. This is also in respect to something I just finished reading. It is Planet X Comets & Earth Changes by James McCanney. Good book, thanks for suggesting it chateau crew. In it there is a mention of three fields being generated on our planet. One field driving the weather direction at the equator, and two other fields driving the weather the opposing direction. One on the norther hemisphere and the other on the southern hemisphere.

For the modeling, I am going to do a fictional representation along with the planar representation. Why? For some reason I have a little more creativity in me to attempt this. So, this fictional representation is of my creation and not intended to be the true and only answer to this CC. it might be, but I expect that it is not. Off to work on these …

Whew, had a little fun here today. Of the world models I used one that has a cutaway and shows the core. Relevant it may be, but I expect that it has issues in the layer representation. Now back to Curly, Larry & Mo, you know I would not let that one go. I named the three larger centre’s as such. Mo is representing our visible moon, it is colored green. Larry is the top larger centre and it is colored red. Curly is the lower larger centre and is colored pink. The three lesser centre’s are colored yellow. My fictional representation is that Mo and the Earth are on 3D. Curly and Larry are in 4D, and the three yellow centre’s are in 5D. In essence, the weather patterns follow the direction of our Moon (Mo). And the opposing flow of weather flow on the top and bottom hemispheres follow the path defined in the model. If that is so, then is there really another mass there doing this, like our moon, but in 4D. Cause in forth density, and effect in third density. (Whow, reel/real this one in, we are thinking way outside the box today.) But I got you thinking …

I have used this same color representation in the planar version, it is really just colors and not what I proposed in my fictional version.

Of note I also added another category to the Paleo-Almanac of Reiki under the self category, how could I forget that one.

In my wrap up of this session, I want to thank you for attending today. A lot of ramblings here, sorry for the not keeping it in my time slot. If I had a time slot. Until next session, Haiku …



Jedi Master
Hey Haiku

Regards Trinity, you might like this (i dropped it in SOTT comments regards 'Trump Wall' a while back but SOTT is more 3D-focused site - so not taken further)

El Paso = 'The Passage':
This is where the US/Mexican border switches from being unnatural 'straight' (eastward) to natural following the Rio Grande (southwestward).

I think it interesting to note El Paso is a perfect due-south alignment from the Trinity site: The first ever atomic bomb: Marked by an ominous black obelisk. The alignment runs up/down straight through the White Sands missile range keeping perfectly parallel between its east and west boundary's also running perfect north-south longitude. The El Paso-Trinity alignment runs right through the heart of White Sands town itself, in line with Route 213. Downtown El Paso and Trinity site = 213 km.

1523275801682.png NM State-Route 213 follows north-south purple line.

South of El Paso border on the Mexican side is Cuidad Juarez named in 1888 after Benito Juarez - arguably Mexico's greatest ever President! Before 1888 it was known as Paso Del Norte or 'Passage of the North' - centered around the Guadalupe Mission slightly to the south of Cuidad Juarez 'Centro' District. Following Guadalupe Square due north (passage of the north) is 216km to Trinity.

216 is the number of Camael/Samael the Archangel of Death or 'Strength of God' in Rabbinic Kabbalah - Chief of the Seraphim: the Angelic order of Fire, also known as 'Lord of the Wall'!

216 = 6 x 6 x 6 (or 3 x 72 Chesed). 216 is also measurement sums of the angles of the Pentacle ie 3 x 72; 2 x 108; 6 x 36 and its outer shadow-angle 144 (= 360 Circle minus 216).
The pentacle is, of course, represented on American flag. 50 US pentacle-stars x 13 American stripes = 650 (Incidentally 650 is also the number of UK Constituencies) Divide 650 by Trinity '3' = 216.666666

Venus is approx 650km smaller than Earth at its equator... Venus of which the Pentacle comes the 5-point rose-'loop' over northern hemisphere every 8 years.

Trinity was detonated 16th July 1945. Translate the year to 19.45 + . 6 to represent July - the month's approximate point-decimal '10-base system' conversion position within the 12 month Solar year, We get 19.456. This is very close to the intersection points of Merkaba tetrahedron-star at 19.47" (or often rounded to 19.5) within a sphere ie planet (650 divided by 19.5 = 33.3333333)

Now... take 650 (50 pentacle stars x 13 stripes) and divide it by 19.456 (July 1945) = 33.4087. Convert this number to DMS (degrees minutes seconds) Latitude, and is almost the exact location of the Trinity obelisk = 33° 40′ 38″ N (a quarter-mile off!)

1523278404407.png Trinity Obelisk: ground zero

Do same with 650 divide 19.47 year of Roswell crash = Roswell latitude coordinates Decimal system: 33.3943° N

Interestingly the change-of-name date - from Paso Del Norte to Cuidad Juarez - in 1888 has the so-called 'Lionsgate' numerology astrology likes to use. Maybe something in it regards the next 2 atom bombs following on from Trinity: Hiroshima and Nagasaki - to complete the atomic 'trinity' of 1945 'merkaba'... The atomic bombs of Japan - 'Land of the Rising Sun' - detonated 6th and 9th August respectively - either side of 8th August = Lionsgate. Interestingly White Sands zip-code is 88002.

888 is also half of 1776 - date of American Independence, creation of Bavarian Illuminati and designated height of One Trade Trade Centre.

1523277203098.png Nagasaki flag: Pentacle and overlapping moons and crosses. Moon = Tripartite 'Trinity' Goddess symbol ie Hecate. Cross = crossroads = inter-dimensional gateway?. 4th nuke = Operation Crossroads
Hecate is goddess of underworld and holds key (unlocking secret of Atom = Trinity) + 2 flaming torches = Nagasaki and Hiroshima. She is Triple goddess of 3-way crossroads.

1523277539053.png Municipalities of Hiroshima Prefecture flag = split crescent moon = split atom. Crescent Moon + Pentacle = Islam... Prophet Mohammad was said to "split the Moon".

1523277237285.png Hiroshima city flag = 3 waves 32, 33, 34 latitude representations of 1945 Nukes. 32 + 33 + 34 = 99 (Names of God in Islam and 3 x 33 year-lunar cycle of Islam.)

Islamic 'White House' = Casablanca: 33.33 degrees

Interesting i thought Nagasaki on par with northern extremity-tip of Mexico border with US at Yuma at 32.72 N (decimal) = 360 Circle divide by 11, though Nagasaki down-town a little more north of 32.72 N (decimal) by approx 2 miles.


A Review of CC’s 1998, …

I use this site often to give another perspective of CC’s. You see, I trust the actual photographs the most. But there are times when this will not provide enough information on the formation to build the model. This is when I have to lean on other information, like the representations shown on this web site. And I mean representations only, as they may have slight differences between these representations and the actual CC. I have found a couple, but otherwise they are a very useful source, like I said another view. Just this one is in black and white. Might I add, that the time spent in devoting to this endeavor on this web site was unbelievable.

Representations on this web site are only that. Many of them I cannot find photographic evidence to analyze. Many of them do have photographic evidence. Many, I suspect are fake or show evidence of tampering. Still a good source.

So, what I did was collect many that have similar visual features from the year of 1998 from this site. Looking at this collection I see quite a few that have a Paleo-Almanac Culture definition. This does make since to me in my thinking on the sending of information to another reality. the first statements would be rudimentary just to get some level of understanding, and to get your attention I expect. Once you got past this level then you can begin to send statements of content. Some of the first statements of information that I would send is to inform all of their standings in this reality and just who is helping and who is not. Seems logical, does it not.

I believe that this is what we are seeing here as I look at the top rows of the first page of CC representations, from this session, and the culture section of the Paleo-Almanac, slide 3. These strings of centre’s are common with one caveat, the display of crescents on many of these representations. You see for yourself, there is a clear visual difference is ones with a crescent and those that do not. I would classify the majority of common features as the important CC’s, those that you should watch out for, those that are not helping to say. I would relate this to the STS faction in this reality.

This being said, I would have to state that the showing of crescents in the majority of these CC’s may be representing the STS orientation. Those we need to look out for.

Yea, but how do we use this, this realization? It is not as if these STS souls, here and out there, would be wearing their pledge pin to associate to their alignment and culture group. Or would they … Time for a Star Trek moment …

Star Trek, the Sci-Fi TV show and all of the movies. Some inspirational moments of future existence in a novel presentation. (I loved the original series as a youth. The reruns now remind me just how much sarcasm there was in those early shows.) But, they all had their crest showing on their uniforms. Their alignment and culture was proudly displayed. I thought that this was so controlling. Controlling but it was very easy to see just who your opponent was. Not so much in our reality, we could only wish to be able to see these conditions in those around us.

It would be so much easier is they would just wear their pledge pin.

Theory … What if they do? Just we can’t see this glowing sign in this density. An indicator that is clearly visible to all around, just not visible to most of those with the 3D eye. I am thinking that this is something that the psychopath is able to use now, must light up similar profiles to them.

But for the rest of us we still have this limitation, for now. I would expect that this is a ‘need’ item, not a want. You have to recognize those that are around you. Laura and the chateau crowd are helping us now in the recognizing of those in the STS persuasion. The teachings and writings here are undeniably the best resource in visualizing those of the STS orientation, here in this reality.

The lesson lies therein. Remember you had a list of lessons that you came into this reality with. Lessons you wanted to commit to, and others you would rather not dive too deep into. And the few that you have to do, maybe one of those that you have been doing over and over and over again. This is one of those on your list. The lesson theory is common, you are allowed to put your twist on each and every one, so each is individual, but common. You see.

The end result, is that we have to know how to see the opposition even though we cannot see their pledge pin. At least not yet …

These first clusters are signifying this, to my understanding of them.

The lower clusters, on the first page of this session, are what I would call exotic clusters. Most of the representations do not show crescent objects, one does (you know what that possibly means). But the rest are presenting clusters of solid centre’s in varied groupings. Patterns (compression factor still a possibly) of three, four, seven and nine are apparent in these possibly (very possibly) STO clusters. One of the three even has something similar to Interdimentionality in the centre at the center of the CC. Maybe an included version of the same. To me, this is definitely showing those that are here to help, and possibly a way to get to them.

And now we get to the second page of this session. And this mostly has to do with ‘What is the straight line signifying in CC’s. now I know that I have many shown on this page that have curved signification, the seeking of knowledge must start somewhere.

So, a straight line that clearly goes from a centre to another center. A direction, a path of least resistance, an indication of connection to another centre. Definitely, it becomes a connector or a connection. But this could be as simple as connected siblings, parent to child, mother to father, 3D STO to someone other than 3D STO, one reality to another. You get the idea.

And it is not the same if the straight line connects to nothing. The meaning of this alludes me as an independent feature (still working on this). Rather, the line weight when it is connected to objects implies a greater connection or really small centre’s that it is connected to (line could be the same thickness with center sizes that are just bigger in diameter than the lines thickness).

Bending in any line, or tweaks I like to call it, appear to give an additional or expanded meaning. #23 shows a pretty impressive tweak, although #22 presents the long way around with a hard beginning or ending with the right angle turns. Both of these are implying other conceptual changes to the connected line.

Let’s set another term, ‘Connector’ for the straight line in the CC that connects two objects. As you see on this second page there are a good assortment of usages of this connector. One with a right-angle turn, another with a perpendicular intersection. Most on this page are presented in a planar state. It is only when you look at #35 & #36 that you can see a 3D expansion of this connector theory.

Now the last page for this session is some others that have common visual effects and a couple of others that seem totally new. Like #37 having connections but contained in a centre. The note here is again the use of crescent features having a possible STS connection. I will have to look at this closer and see if I can validate this better with crop laydown techniques. I expect that the message may be presented by a STO soul of a STS situation. But this would tell us something altogether different would it not.

Well I have rambled on long enough on this session, I will draw to a conclusion. There is still time to learn about the psychopath, you need this knowledge, just like Laura the C’s have stated many times. This is your time to learn this lesson, unless you really do want to do it all again. I thought naught. Besides once thought is open, which may be soon, needs like seeing others as they really are, may very well be done. Well, maybe after that lesson in 4Dland. Be back soon, Haiku …



Danebury, Nether Wallop, Hampshire, UK - 2 August 1998 (A different look to Paleo-Almanac, Culture.)

I have been thinking about how I present these CC’s when representing the culture string CC’s. The statement of ‘if these are presenting a string of planetary objects, would not each centre of the string be represented as a solid object?” So, these crescent shapes that I see in these strings are one centre placed in a position in front of another centre and only reproduces this shape because of their position and our viewing point. Then we get to colors, yes colors. In all CC’s there are 2 colors. Only as laid down crop and the other represented by the raised section in or around the CC.

I have to say it, “This looks black and white to me”. What this might translate to is opposing colors, black and white, possibly orientation of STS vs STO. And this might be seen in this arrangement of centre’s as planetary alignments. It is a possibility, you have to admit. But I do not like to paint myself into a corner, a two-color, black and white world. That is like putting yourself into a box and I am a so-far out of the box kind of individual that I cannot even see the box anymore.

Time to let me go and model this CC as a string of centre’s giving a viewpoint from above, as the image shows, and a side view showing the separation that I will have to recreate this one. Back soon …

Well that was easy, I am back already. I do say, that I like what I have represented here in this CC. The new view of these Culture string CC’s is appealing to me, like I have it represented right now.

As for what this means in the interpretation of these Culture strings, they suggest to me that they are planetary strings, a solar system of planets. It may also represent an alignment that occurs naturally or layout that expresses itself like this just to show all centre’s involved. The tail is curious to me as they are all not the same, as this is designating some kind of alignment to me, just because of the differences.

Now onto the subject of color. My first to images of my representation of this CC are in black and white, and inverse. This is in a way a simplistic representation of the object. But I think that there is more here than just black and white. I may have to delve into assigning colors to crop laydown features. A straight spiral crop laydown as seen in most centre’s of this CC could be one color, one color for the one opposing centre and one color for the greater centre. Why a different color for the greater centre? Take a look, it has concentric circle crop laydown (the front centre may also have this but I am going to show it the same color as the majority for now). So the third image of my representations is showing it thusly. Then I got normal wild with colors and the last two images of my representation are the colorful top and side views. Which way is correct will only be shown as the future unfolds before us.

Well first off, I have to scrap the crescent idea. That is now trash. But the concept may still have a representation here with it designating an opposing centre to the rest. I will keep the concept for now.

But this does bring a whole new way of looking at these Culture string CC’s. so as the world dissolves around us and the cosmic rays continue to increase, we come to end of another CC session. So until next time, Haiku …



Burghasungen, Hessen, Deutschland - 1 May 1998

A simple crop circle of two centre’s with an odd connector. That is at first. But why would you have a connector like this. Let’s see if we can break this one down.

Two centre’s, one slightly larger than the other. Since the general conditions have been found that the larger mass would overpower the lesser mass. Or the larger centre is a source of knowledge transferred to the lesser centre, but I do not think that knowledge transfer is the case here. I am thinking that the larger centre is capable of drawing in something from the lesser centre. But I also thinking that to attract to the greater centre you have to be of a similar alignment, otherwise the greater centre will have repelling capability. So, this means to me that the two centre’s are opposing opponents in the conflict shown here.

Conflict, that seems to be a good terminology for this connector, although it could be part of a planned path of realization. So, taking this from the lesser centre to the greater centre, the path begins as shown by a perpendicular departure from the lesser centre. This shows to me that this departure was deliberate and direct.

The connector path is showing me that the task that was achieved here contained difficulties that required it to escape its source, the lesser centre. The difficulties look to be continuous as if the soul needed to truly experience what it was that it was giving up. The acceptance was great of its previous reality. Abrupt changes happened that allowed it to redirect the path to a new direction. This could be the point that the soul releases its beliefs in which it gave the ability to realize the oppression of its previous reality, and to see another reality altogether. But alignment was not achieved until knowledge penetrated the soul to allow it to finish the journey, signified by the second abrupt direction change. Not to mention it also is attached perpendicularly to this greater centre, denoting a direct connection made.

Now, this is all conjecture only. I do like the concept that this is a soul path. Maybe a soul path that is presently in others here. But I digress …

I have two images of this CC, one on a deep angle to it and the other is a closer view. I want to commend Frank Laumen for being able to document this CC. Since this is in Germany, and a first to be reviewed outside of UK, I wanted to look into it a little deeper than normal. Curiosity, I do not know. This CC, caught my eye because it was really different to any connected CC presentation. The one overall image was satisfactory to the site and the closer view showed living crops. This demonstrates that it was created by a STO source.

I went to google earth and found the site and found it in an open field that is situated on the top of a hill-like structure. And it looks like it is literally located in the center of the hill. Good presentation, of course it must have some deeper meaning. I cannot truly locate it positionally or directionally to see if there is some meaning in its position. The meaning alludes me as to why it is here.

I am putting this CC in the Self section of the Paleo-Almanac. It seems to me that this is another form of struggle, possible in the self. An illustration of a lesson that we may all need to complete at some time, maybe in this reality, maybe in another.

Well, I am off to model this one. I plan on taking a little liberty on the path placement. What I see in the two images is what I plan on re-creating as to the image that I found on This reproduction looks to have some inaccuracies on it. Be back with my interpretation results soon …

Back and I have a suitable representation here. I made the two-right angle turns, hard corners on the inside and outside edges. I can see this is so in the overall picture, even though one corner is difficult to define from the image, but I made it that way, anyway. I made the path like the image showing the perpendicular connections to the centre’s. But the departure from the lesser centre was interesting. I made it leave the centre but drawn back to it as the path continues to get closer to the original centre as it orbits it. The right-angle changes are placed so that after the first turn this section of path ends up being perpendicular to the next turn, which is perpendicular to the greater centre. Makes an interesting change of path structure.

Colors need to become an element in CC’s, I am finding. I need to work out a color scheme according to crop laydown. Spiral as one color, grained in another, you get the idea. Not yet, but it is coming sooner than I expect. It may give us a new realization on CC’s.

The path is not always direct or short. Time is required to truly see through the reality. Once realization if achieved, a path direction change is instituted, and path changes can have more than one direction shift. But, be aware of the sudden shifts, they can be monumental. Until next time, Haiku …



West Kennet Long Barrow, Avebury, Wiltshire, UK - 14 June 1998

A most interesting CC. I did not model this one as it is quite similar to others that I have done recently. What I do want to bring forward on this CC are three distinct elements.

The first is that this CC follows the chalk line breakthrough in the field. As if this chalk line is holding some form of the energies existing in this field and the CC was placed over it to signify it in some fashion.

The second is the usage of the two arc lines at the front of this CC. It is odd to say the least, that this CC is combining a line expression with a Culture-like presentation. The line expression being in the form of an arc is also to be noted. And it being curved in the manor that it is, is another clue. The arcs are curved over the CC possibly indicating a shield like effect, and this one having a double arc may be intensifying this intent.

The third item to note here is the fact that it is near a long barrow, very near. I would indicate that this CC may have something to do with the long barrow and what the barrow’s original purpose may have been for. It is noted that the original structure would have been quite apparent in the countryside as it was originally made of white chalk walls. Kind of sounds like a medical facility to me. And I suspect that this may have been its original purpose before man took over and made himself a god. This is when the usage of this barrow was turned into a grave site and the pockets in the barrow were used as burial chambers for certain individuals. It looks like both men and women were buried there, and then sealed for close to four thousand years. Interesting at best that both sexes were buried there. I suspect that the women may have been part of those that had the knowledge of the site, hide their physical bodies after they were eliminated.

The long barrow was at one time open to the sky. Covering it with stone and sod at some point in the past was done to modify this barrow purpose but I suspect that its original purpose is still resident, just now concealed. I would suspect that to return it to its original purpose would require a major cleanup and removal of the upper later added structure.

But back to CC’s. The last item I want to bring up is the final element in the Culture CC. That is the stinger looking like component at the end. Makes it look kind of ominous. But was this just a way to indicate a function of injection, like a shot in the arm. I see these elements in other CC’s. To me a stinger on a scorpion is a method for the injection of poisons, for the scorpion. But it might indicate this same or similar process was available here at this site. It is possible.

Commentary of the wandering mind …

These long barrows are located at several locations around the UK, and some in other countries. All were made long ago, I suspect older than is claimed. All were concealed in almost the same way, as if the same group was involved here. Most were covered and repurposed, all in a similar fashion. It was as if someone long ago wanted to hide their purpose in one clean sweep. I expect this is something to do with Man taking over as the power of God and hiding the woman’s place. Turning these barrows into tombs. Take some time and look at these barrows for yourself, they are most impressive. Just like Stonehenge, but I bet these were more the ordinary item that you would visit, like a hospital or clinic. Just my thoughts here.

It is one of my concepts that every one of these barrows were open to sky, as if this exposure was required, part of the process. You can easily see the confinement of these spaces in the construction visible today. In all barrows there are large stones, obviously from a time like Stonehenge. The men of that time, without the knowledge to physically move them or deface them, the next conceivable idea would be to bury them. Orders were issued, man’s orders, and someone came along and stuffed every crack and crevasse with any stone that they could find and cover the entire area with sod. Of course, the man-based religion specified that these were now burial chambers. They took a location that most likely involved goddess worship and buried it, made it a place that no one would normally want to enter, a place of the dead, and sealed it up good. They took a place that could help all mankind, even themselves, and threw it away just to justify their alignment in this reality. Eliminating all who interacted with and around each location, to make man’s truth the reality, following STS direction at all levels. Uninhibited Violence, Lust and Intoxication at many levels. So much like today …

Now timing of this event looks to be aligned with a great cataclysm that this planet has experienced. It seems that roughly every 4,000 to 4,500 years, all life has been exposed to these events. The man powers to be, used the last event to take hold of this reality, leading to the worldwide STS orientation that we see today. If we use the previous span times of the previous events, the timing of the next event is … Now, Haiku …



Mrtn, thank you for noticing these gaps. 57-year-old teacher that is used to providing a gap, so students could jot their notes. You know, back when a pencil was the tool of the day. But in reviewing what was being written in these gaps on the printed handouts astounded me. No two were the same even though each individual sat and heard the same presented object. I came up with what I was seeing, but up to this day I had nothing to identify it. Now I do …


My definition: Impressions interpreted from what is individually visualized. In this example, it is in the written form and the variation of thoughts that each person will experience when reading the same information. The result is to question the thoughts, just as you did. And this is the right thing to do.

What exactly is whitespace. It is an area that is open for expansion in all of us, that is why it is white. But the thoughts that I get from an object is not the same thoughts that you or any other gets from the same object. This means that for every object there is an infinite number of understandings. This is a direction that we all need to see here in 3D. Your thought versus the infinite variation that is possible. What you see as whitespace, is the open area for thoughts. Because this is what it is all about, trying to fill in all these whitespaces with as many objects as you can fit and then recognizing the variation that can exist in each and every object. It will be so beneficial to all in your future.

Here are a few more images that I collected during this session, some of their poorer coverups. This included wandering through the barrows. This is some of what I filled my whitespaces with, Haiku …



Danebury, Nether Wallop, Hampshire, UK - 2 August 1998 (A different look to Paleo-Almanac, Culture.)

(Wait, didn’t you do this one already? Yes, but there are two CC’s, at this location, on this date. Well, that is OK then.)

What we have here is a compilation of two CC’s at one site. One that I presented earlier was a culture representation of a series of planets viewed from a certain perspective. I believe that this is the proper way to view them as, a string of planetary objects. Possibly intending to show us another solar system, being it STS or STO. I still do not have what determines this in the presentations. But if I was the one transmitting this CC’s, I would send more of those that you would need a warning of. I need to go back as review all of these Culture CC’s and see if I can see a commonality in them, pertaining to this or some other feature. I think that the darkened sphere placement, quantity and size may tell us something here.

But that takes us to the second presentation of this grouping. I have taken several liberties in modeling this one to model it like I did the Culture CC beside it. Yes, I made it as a cluster in the center that are actually just above each other. Again, viewing perspective is important here and I think that is just one feature that the C’s are trying to tell us here. Always pay attention to viewing perspective in these CC’s and all objects that you experience and interact with. For example, when you see something, something spectacular. Shift your view in some fashion, look around what you visualize to make sure that it is what you think it is. Give it some perspective. In looking around you may even see something that you were not expected to see. Possibly a man behind the curtain?

Like in these CC’s. I have said this before, I always see them as three-dimensional objects. I see everything this way, that is why I am so good at my job. (Many I have worked with and around do not have this ability, but I still try to teach them it.) But to do this, I have to step back and shift my view a little, look around, see what I am missing. And that brought me here to doing these CC’s for all of you.

This CC was one that I modeled first and then wrote my thoughts on it. I will attach the image of these CC’s with this hill fort in the background. I will create an assembly of these two CC’s and give you pictures of that.

Now about this hill fort. I have seen sites already in UK that look to be buried, covered and hidden, defaced in a way that it is no unidentifiable. Could this also be a site that his hidden in this same manor. A goddess site that was defaced and/or hidden in some past time of this reality, by Man (who self-proclaimed himself as GOD and destroyed all that was not his way). Sites like these litter all of UK and Europe, some are still visible like Stonehenge.

Because of this CC interest, I have been introduced to many mounds or objects that seem odd or obscure to me. I am attaching an image of such a mound from a CC that I presented earlier in this year’s sessions. This CC in Wiltshire was located near this odd shaped feature (Silbury Hill). We are lucky that current technologies can detect that it is basically a clay and chalk structure present in this feature. Several excavations happened on it until all work was stopped, for historic reasons (I bet! Someone high up in the POB put a halt on this one). But in all that I have read on it does it even mention that it was buried, as we see it today. And from what I find on it, it has always been buried. Another item is that the origination of this mound is stated to be four thousand to four thousand, five hundred years old. First, I have suspicions that this was the date of burying the site and the structure was there long before that. This timeline does align with the last close passage of Venus, or sometime thereafter. With this last passing of Venus, a time of monumental disasters, those that lived turned to religion to save themselves. Here we go again, bury the old, make sure that nobody disturbs it. To note the materials again here was the white chalk that is so famous in UK.

A tower of white that would reflect light from all directions, radiating day or moonlit night. Like the white stones used in my last CC review that were buried in the long barrows, they may be covered so this radiating is not exposed.

Just consider the possibilities that are covered up by a bunch of egotistical self-proclaimed men who were recreating themselves as GOD.

Now, off this podium and get to work. I have a couple of items to work on, so I will be back shortly …

We’re back (I do mean that in its most expressive form, many are following each and every one of us). One of the items that I mentioned above was to review other similar Culture CC’s. After reviewing them, using my current stacked spherical theory and viewing perspective involved, I found that the majority of them have these dark spheres in their strings. This is along with what I was saying earlier, to identify groupings of these presentations. Now I am not saying that this larger group of CC’s identify with STS alignment, at least not yet. But I am not ruling it out either. It may just be the individual worlds in each string that align this way. And I may be out in left field on it and it is totally obscure, who knows.

Now how about an alternate meaning to these strings. Thinking musically, do the culture CC strings represent cords on some instrument? Yea, that will blow your mind. But think about that, an instrument, possibly a wind instrument (as an example), that, with what you are being shown here is a single note, a string of open and closed keys displayed here. You see I always look for sound implications in many things, these CC’s present such a possible condition could be involved. Yea, another theory out hanging on a cliffs edge, what’s new. Maybe a pan’s flute?

On the assembly, I have a top view of the CC’s and an angled view showing depth. Another one of those viewing perspective challenges.

Maybe that is what this lesson is really all about. Viewing perspective, I hit upon that many times this session. When you visualize something, physically or otherwise, change your perspective, use variability as much as possible. Think about it from opposing alignments. What does this do to help the opposition? Come up with a concept that would negate its possibility. Or just the possibility of, if I just step over here I no longer see an angel in the sky. Anything of variability is a starting point.

I do ramble a lot. For those that stuck around and were illuminated, it was my honor to present to you. Never goes down normal around here, you know ‘bats in the belfry’. As the whitespaces continue, see you all next time, Haiku …



West Overton/Fyfield, Wiltshire - 6/21/1998 & 6/22/1998


Good morning all, we have two opposing presentations placed in fields on adjoining dates for this session. If I had to classify this, I would put it in the theory sub-category of Lessons, Knowledge & education. The crop laydown is similar in structure. Their size in the crop fields are very similar, exact size representations to me. My first impression of these presentations is that one is a key and the other is the key-hole, light and dark, towering and recessed, STO vs STS. Like they are images of the same theory as viewed through the looking glass, my speculation. Taking both to unlock a reality yet to come, who knows.
The main structure of both presentations is the intersecting of four centre’s. Using the Fyfield presentation, where two centre’s overlap, there is crop laydown. Where three centre’s intersect there is unaffected crop. Now the center object is an eye shape that is defined by the crossing of only two of the centre’s, represented by crop laydown. These ratios identified here mean something, probably mathematically. The crop laydown displayed here depicts a STO orientated presentation in both.
I am still contemplating how to model these presentations. I see three-dimensional features in both. And I am confusing them as to make them interconnect, like a key and key-hole. I see the key-hole in Fyfield, like this presentation is the recessed area of the key-hole. In West Overton I see a tower or a key that fits in the key-hole. Look at the crop laydown in the outer crop laydown, it give this presentation a three dimension look from the top of the object. I have modeled these before as a morphing building or structure that changes shape as it reaches the top. But what I see here is to make the objects as interconnecting, and this is not working in my mind. At least not yet.
The opposition is what is interesting to me, I have been wandering my thoughts of just exactly what that is. This is why I put this CC in this area of the Paleo-Almanac. You see I originally just thought that this was another culture CC pair possibly demonstrating just another visual of STS vs STO. But this to me would be kind of redundant and unneeded at this time in CC’s. Old news by 1998.
Using the Paleo-Almanac breakdown that I generated, the next association I got is with Logic. Opposed logic according to Wikipedia is ‘In group theory, a branch of mathematics, an opposite group is a way to construct a group from another group that allows one to define right action as a special case of left action. ... The construction of the opposite category generalizes the opposite group, opposite ring, etc.’ here is the link to the site.
Opposite group - Wikipedia
The first image below demonstrates this clearly how in math opposition always exists. It is how we prove any equation is to do it backwards, forwards and sometimes sideways, 4D thinking.
I think of this as the famous statement ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, Newton of course.
I have images below of the CC’s, but I am not going to model this one yet. Too much confusion on my part, probably trying to see too much into these CC’s. one thing that I forgot to mention was that West Overton has other features that Fyfield does not have. There are four lesser centre’s in the notch of each of the two greater centre’s. minor, but there is nothing like this on Fyfield. Some kind of alignment features in the logic? Who knows.

So the lesson for today ends up being ‘Opposed Logic’ as it applies in mathematics. How everything has an opposition effect. Just look at what Laura and the chateau crew have accomplished and its opposing effects. Makes for deep thoughts.

That is the end of my CC session for today. The rest is what I found just looking around the local area near these presentations.

Both Fyfield and West Overton are quite close to the West Woods in Wiltshire. Fyfield to the north and West Overton to the west of this wooded area. Now I remember a poem/story about this location. About fairies playing with the children in the glen, of sprites dancing about the paths of the forest. I have yet to find this poem, still looking. Maybe a memory from a past life. But the west woods forest is real. Majorly changed over the years including deforestation and replanting of beach and conifer trees. But I found some history that still resides here.

An archeological study had been done on the area, I got a copy of the report below. Again, I am finding a large chalk base covered in flint mortared with clay. Something done within the last four thousand years in the UK. But the history is all over the west woods and very little outside of it. This area was a hotspot of activity that stopped at some past time and covered up. I expect religion was the culprit here, cleansing older traditions. There was energy here and may still be. I bet some of the pottery that is found here is older, before what ever happened on this soil. So many CC’s are showing up near sites like this, it has become fascinating to me. On this CC adventure I also found a center focal point just to the east of the West Woods. This is a single point that connects many sections of properties together. In this one there is eight. This definition would have had to be this way for a good many years, thousands. This one is well defined with a tower with an odd looking double spherical object on top of it. Got a little image of it. On Wiltshire3V image below the West Woods are on the left and to the right near Thornhill Pond is this center focal point.

I am attaching some maps of today’s West Woods, naming of certain areas may have changed over the years, some even to derogative identifiers. Some may not have changed for thousands of years.

Well that is it for this session, I hope that you got some enjoyment from it. Until next time, Haiku …


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