Current events question 1: the Coronavirus


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Just reading some SOTT and the thread on the forum and thought that others might have similar questions about the Coronavirus:
Did it "escape the lab" purposefully to hobble China's economic development? Lab-made coronavirus triggers debate -- Or did it fall through the stratosphere from extraterrestrial origins/cometary as other viruses have done?
Was it spread through bats Did patient zero really catch new Chinese virus by eating infected bat soup? It’s actually perfectly possible ?
Does it have anything to do with the role out of 5G in China? Wuhan was the province where 5G was rolled out, now the center of deadly virus | allkpop Forums?
Air quality and covering up protests about it What are the Chinese hiding in Wuhan? « Jon Rappoport's Blog?
Bill Gates/Pharma wanting to make $$$ off of it? Bill Gates ‘predicted’ how coronavirus-like pandemic could spread killing 33 MILLION

Anyone else have more questions?


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This is one of the only type of things I think we should consult the C's on. Speculation can only go so far, having the truth would be a lot easier for everybody. I am personally speculating that this will be the change that causes the paradigm shift, may be why we have been preparing our bodies with our diets, is a way for the "old world to die" and it all just seems to fit too well. Its spooky but a big sigh of relief if it is finally here.


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It's hard to say for sure, at the moment it's all speculation. Lots of questions very few answers. We may just have to wait and see how it all plays out.
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