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I'm reading the 27th chapter of the wave where appears much the word "damper"
I guess the dampers translation is "amortiguadores" ...

I thought this was the same as Gurdjieff's buffers, but now I find the following passage:

And this brings up another fact. In order to graduate to fourth density via the STS pathway, several conditions must be met. First, nearly all of the dampers to STS for the individual must be removed and all of the STO inclinations of the individual must be removed to increase the potential for amplification.

¿Dampers to STS? I am at a loss :O


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A damper is something that restricts or reduces. Dampers are often used in air-conditioning systems, to reduce the amount of air being pushed into a given area, or to make the air spread out so as to not blast a small space.

If I understand it correctly, she is saying that to graduate to 4D STS any and all hesitations or reservations an individual might have towards an all-inclusive and exclusive concept of service to self must be removed. There can't be a thing a person wouldn't do or a line they wouldn't cross in pursuit of serving the self in order to graduate to 4D STS. It has to do with the sort of competition one is up against when trying to raise within the ranks of STS basically. Pyramidal structures only allow for so many upper-level positions.


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Hello Orange Scorpion,
Dampers in this context can be translated into "apagador". Imagine a swing (un columpio). If the swing is free of dampers, you can easily push it at its frequency and you need little effort, and the swing will continue oscillating. However, if the swing has some dampers, which absorb some of the energy of the movements in the swing, you need to push a lot harder to make it oscillate, and whenever you stop the movement of the swing stops after a few oscillations. If you have lots of dampers (lots of dissipation) you may not be able to obtain an oscillation at all, you push (hard) on the swing and it just follows your movement without oscillating.
This is IMHO the general idea of dampers as used in the context of chapter. It is different than Gurdjieff's buffers.
When one wants to align with the STO polarity, one has to remove the dampers to the STO amplitude. If however one chooses to align to the STS polarity, one has in that case to remove the dampers to the STS amplitude. OSIT
Hope it helps somehow :)


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Thanks, mkrnhr and ignis.intimus. Now it is more clear to me.

I suppose, then, that "amortiguador" is also an appropriate translation, in the sense of "amortiguar" an effect, making it less effective.

Supongo, entonces, que “Amortiguador” es también una traducción adecuada, en el sentido de “amortiguar un efecto, hacerlo menos eficaz”.
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