Deep connection between Sanskrit and Russian languages?


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Romans did just that 1,5 millennium prior when they went all the way to England to conquer the Celts and they failed thanks to Picts.

The Picts are interesting I think. I recently noticed something the Cs said about them.

Session 21 May 1997:
Q: When did the Celts or Kantekkians first take up residence in the British Isles?

A: Same. 12,000 years ago.

Q: Were the Picts also Celts?

A: No, Atlantean. Remember, "Celt" is latter day moniker.

Q: Were the Picts Kantekkians?

A: Originally.

Q: Was Abraham a Kantekkian? Was the story of Abraham the story of the Kantekkians being brought to Earth?

A: No.

Q: Was Abraham a Kantekkian or a derivation?

A: Latter. But, so are you.

According to this session the Picts were Atlantean and were originally from Kantek. Who knows where their descendants are now?


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Thank you for your research, although I have no knowledge in this field, it fascinates me.
Here is a picture of the "mother goddess" from the front and back, with the meaning of the different picto-grams and the translation from paleo-sanskrit.
I appreciated the addition of the embroideries and I have several books on clothing, embroideries in the world I will look at it more closely
Thanks to you
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