Descriptions of the "afterlife"

In 4D STO they may communicate by telepathy, but would need only to be 51% (or better) STO, right? So, dishonesty may still be a part of the equation in that kind of communication, if that's what they do. Good question for the Cs, maybe.

Perhaps this exchange of Ra's material will clarify the issue for you:

Session 38
March 13, 1981

QUESTIONER: Can you provide any insight into the conditions of a negative fourth density or self service planet?
RA: I'm Ra. Graduation to the negative fourth density is achieved by those beings who have consciously contacted intelligent infinity through the use of red, orange, and yellow energy rays. Therefore, negative fourth density planetary conditions include the constant alignment and realignment of entities in their efforts to form dominant patterns of combined energy.
The initial fourth density is where the most intense fighting takes place.
When the order of authority has been established and all its members have fought until they are convinced that each of them is in the right place for the power structure, the social memory complex begins to operate. Always, the telepathic effect of the fourth density and the transparency of thought tend to be used for the benefit of those at the top of that power structure.
78 Session 38 As you can understand, this is usually very unfavorable for progress in the polarization of negative fourth density entities, since greater negative polarization can only be achieved through group effort. As fourth density entities manage to combine, they can polarize through services to the self such as those offered by the Orion Crusaders.
You can ask more specific questions in the next work session.
Is there any quick question before we leave this instrument?

Why would someone service-oriented lie and be dishonest with another service-oriented person?

In the event that it could be done in 4D...

Which seems to be not the case.

That's why I have already commented in some thread that it is a good idea to ask yourself if we would have a problem with the person "next to us" hearing our thoughts.

Is the house clean and neat to show it?
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