Do you believe in the possibility of life in other galaxies?


A Disturbance in the Force
With over a hundred billion galaxies in the universe. It is hard for me to believe that there is not at least one other solar system with life. Especially, when some scientists claim that they have already found some exoplanets that can be like Earth


The Force is Strong With This One
You’re assuming that “life” must exist in the same exact scenario as planet earth. I believe that if you forgo that conclusion you may find that life exists everywhere.

Kay Kim

The Living Force
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With over a hundred billion galaxies in the universe. It is hard for me to believe that there is not at least one other solar system with life. Especially, when some scientists claim that they have already found some exoplanets that can be like Earth

Life exists everywhere in the universe, but limited perception of the third density beings in the Earth, most people are not aware of that.
But thanks to Laura and Cassiopaeans information that we are understand about various beings in the universe and also alternate, parallel, perpendicular realities.

January 7, 1995

Q: (L) Let me ask this: I am kind of drifting into another subject, but we are talking about being in space. We talked at one point, I believe, of the matrices of the various planets and our perceptions of the planets in our solar system, and these matrices being almost like a doorway to another density, and that if we were in the proper dimensional mode that we would see the other planets of our own solar system quite differently from how we see them in our third density mode, and that we would, in fact, be able to look upon Venus, which manifests in 3rd density as a pretty hellish place, with temperatures 900 degrees or thereabouts, and we would find it to be something else altogether with beings inhabiting it, is this correct.

A: Yes. Beings live absolutely everywhere in one realm or another.

Q: (L) Are the beings who live on the planet Venus aware of us on the planet Earth?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are there beings also living on Mars?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are they aware of us?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are the beings on all the other planets in our solar system aware of us here, on planet Earth?

A: Yes, because they are all of higher density.

September 24, 1995

A: In this part of your 3rd and 4th density universe, specifically your "galaxy" it is the region known as Orion that is the one and only indigenous home of human type beings... reflect on this! Indigenous home base, not sole locator. What you are most in need of review of is the accurate profile of "alien" data.

Q: (RC) I thought that humans originated in Lyra and then a war broke out there and they ended up in Orion.

A: Lyra is not inhabited. There have been homes in all places, but some were/are transitory, and some are not. Pay attention to Orion! This is your ancestral home, and your eventual destination. Here is the absolutely accurately accurate profile of Orion to follow: This is the most heavily populated region of your Milky Way galaxy!
This is a region that extends across 3rd and 4th density space for a distance as vast as the distance between your locator and it. There are 3,444 inhabited "worlds" in this region. Some are planets as you know them. Some are artificially constructed planetoids. Some are floating space barges. And some are "satellites." There are primary homes, travelling stations and incubator laboratories all in 2nd, 3rd and 4th densities. There are overseer zones in 5th and 6th densities. Approximately one half is STO and one half is STS. Together, along with many other colonies, located elsewhere, this is called, in translation, Orion Federation. Orions created grays in 5 varieties, as cyber-genetic beings, and installed them on Zeta Reticuli 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as on 2 planets orbiting Barnard's Star. The Reptilians also inhabit 6 planets in the Orion region in 4th density, and are owned by the Orion STS as slaves, and, in some cases, pets!!! The name "Orion" is the actual native name, and was brought to earth directly. Study the legend of the "god" of Orion for parallels

December 10, 1994

Q: (L) I want to ask again for the benefit of Terry and Jan, what or who were the beings seen by DM in her hypnotic regression the other night? {This session is recounted in the Wave in some detail including direct transcript.}

A: Her essence.

Q: (L) Were these in any way physical beings on the earth we occupy in space/time from where we are at this moment?

A: No.

Q: (L) This happened in a so-called alternate reality?

A: Is still.

Q: (L) So, in some alternate reality, DM is a preying mantis being eating little children?

A: And so are you. And all others.

Q: (L) This is an essence of what?

A: Her being.

Q: (L) Are these aspects of our being coming to earth as part of the realm border crossing?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are all of us going to have to face these aspects of ourselves as other beings?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are there other parts of us in all realms doing other things at this moment?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And how is this going to be affected by the realm border crossing?

A: Will merge.

March 18, 1995

Q: (L) What causes some planes, people and ships to disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. Where do they go and what happens to them?

A: Already covered this.

Q: (S) Yeah, the Atlantean pyramid.

A: Yes. EM waves caused by same.

Q: (L) Where do they go when they disappear?

A: Of course some are just crashes and sinkings, but when accompanied by unusual phenomena, it is because of irregular anomalies.

Q: (L) Where do they go? (T) They don't go anywhere, they go to the bottom. (S) Fifth density.

A: To parallel reality.

Q: (L) Is this parallel reality like being on a parallel earth?

A: No.

Q: (L) What do you mean by a parallel reality?

A: Varies according to circumstances.

Q: (L) What happened to the infamous Flight 19? (T) They went to Philadelphia.

A: They are still trying to get their bearings.

April 29, 1995

(L) Alright! Where are we now? We have discovered that Terry has a perpendicular reality that has been running through his life and probably is an ongoing thing, is this correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) What is a perpendicular reality? (L) It's a perpendicular reality! (T) Oh, well, thank you! That explains it all. (L) Well, you have side by side alternate realities, this one goes this way [gestures up and down]

A: Intersection is at realm border
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