Documentary "The Exorcist in the 21st Century"


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For those interested, there is a new documentary about exorcism that follows the Spanish catholic priest and exorcist José Antonio Fortea:



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In other source it says ; Some of hounds have been blind and brain damaged after woken up . This is a really zombie thing

No i mean how you explain this ? It doesnt seems to be an OBE ? woken up without soul ? Damaged physical body with soul ??


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Just what I was looking for. I found real tapes of the exorcisms of a girl, pretty disturbing... I wanted to know more. Thanks.


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This doesn't seem to be about showing exorcisms per se, but more about following the exorcist as he travels the world to meet his 'patients'.

From the FAQ:
Q: Does the film include a ritual performed by Padre Jose Antonio Fortea?

A: The film does not include footage of an exorcism performed by José Antonio Fortea. We show him as a major star and a speaker, as well as a person who performs liberation masses, where people fall to the ground and act out a state of demonic possession. He also performs a trial-exorcism on Constanza behind closed doors.
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