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I've been watching a docuseries lately called 'The Haunting Of...' Maybe others here are familiar with it? I found out about the series after randomly watching a talk show on Youtube one day- on the show was Medium, Kim Russo as guest.

Here's some info about the series, from the Lifetime Movie Network website (LMN aired the show during its last few seasons):

Each episode of “The Haunting Of…” features an “on location” in-depth investigative exploration of a celebrity’s paranormal experience with the goal of providing closure to their story. At the beginning of each episode, the celebrity will tell their story via first person interview, using dramatic high end re-creations to bring to life the bone chilling events that the celebrity experienced during their paranormal experience. They then meet psychic medium, Kim Russo, who takes the celebrity back to the place of the haunting to uncover the true story of why it took place and who may be responsible. While it will always be scary and hauntingly atmospheric, there will also be moments of raw emotion as in many cases there is a personal connection between the ghost and the haunted celebrity.

The following episode may be my favorite of the series, so far:

A couple other episodes that stand out to me right now are the one with musician Vince Neil and the one with actor, Eric Roberts. The fast cut editing and over the top scary images as well as music can be jarring and distracting..all used for dramatic effect I guess and pretty common to tv shows nonwadays. The real draw of the show for me, is the mediumship of Kim Russo and its unique concept.
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