Does anyone write in shorthand?


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There are different shorthand systems out there I've been looking at to learn and adapt when writing as it'll help with note taking. I was considering Teeline Shorthand. I searched the forum for shorthand and then searched writing shorthand and was unable to find a discussion on it.

No results when searching the book "The Science of Self-Learning."

Are there any shorthand systems anyone prefers and why?


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I learned Pitman Shorthand in my Senior year of High School (many high moon's ago) because it was a standard preferred in office and secretarial work. It's basically a phonetic sounding version or short cut of the English language. It's how I first learned English - by repeating a word, then connecting it to the proper letters.

When I was first introduced to shorthand, I thought it was some kind of Native American language because they use various forms of lines and symbols.

Gregg shorthand is also popular but I was trained in Pitman and didn't see much difference in styles, so never got into Gregg.

Teeline looks to be a more relax form of shorthand. I never worked with it.

Choose which ever feels more comfortable for you to use.

Shorthand (Pitman, Gregg, Teeline)


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I looked into it when I was interested in handwriting and thought it would be useful for fast journaling, even though I don't write much. I ended up not getting into it, and they say that even cursive can be quicker than print. But you can get crazy words per minute with shorthand if you use a lot of abbreviations. It's important to be consistent, because you'll hear people go back and read their notes and journal and not be able to read what they wrote. FWIW.


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Without learning a fully developped method, when I was in university, I ended up with my own conventions. For example an "°" replaced the "...ion" vocable. I also used to skip vowels. So, the word "question" gives "q°", "developpment" gives "dvpt", "environnment" gives "envt"... There was also the phonetic aspect like with "quelqu'un" gives "q1", "décès" gives "DC". With combination, "questionnaire" gives "q°R", etc.... And also the mathematical symbols can be useful, sigma for "sum"etc.

At least, it really helped me to take notes more quickly, and since it came from me, it was natural and I've no problem to understand what I wrote !

Nowadays, I still use it naturally in a meeting, training, etc. even if it's not necessary.

Hope it can help !


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I have to take a lot of notes for work and use a made-up version of 'shorts' that are later referenced back should the need arise to transcribe in full - never explored traditional methods. Of course, acronyms are prolific these days, so those are used often in combination with shorts. It can look like a mess if you don't know the context of what one is taking notes about - mostly industry related subjects that each use mountains of acronyms that are most often separate from each other; representing different terms and sometimes using the same terms.

Also, if notes are contemporaneous, symbols are also used to depict things such as weather (e.g. like ☁/❄/⚡ ), yet not quite cuneiform style nor Egyptian hieroglyphic🐞

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I learned the Gregg Shorthand method. And I still have my book! This thread made me search for the book, and I was amazed that I could still read the symbols/strokes making up words. It really is an amazing tool for note taking.

Many years ago, the organization I was working for was interviewing a new candidate. She was given a letter to transcribe in shorthand. Apparently she was very, very nervous. When it came time for her to transcribe her letter, she couldn't do it. Because I knew she was the right person for the job, I helped her to remember. She got the job. And retired from the same job 30 years later!


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I learned stenography at High Commercial School but as I didn´t practice it seriously enough, I then have trouble reading what I´ve written down, so that the time earned in writing is more or less lost during my reading efforts. But I still keep signs that are easily readable, like for instance the word 'point of view', which is a circle and a dot in the center.

But now the way watsup generation are spelling words isn´t that far from the shorthand method, although for other reasons of course, as there´s only so much time that would allow answering all the followers in a split second.:rolleyes:
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