Don't you do this alone .!.!.!

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I have a long story, but not right now...
I died in 1976. Car accident. Exit Point.
Really, I did die. I was on my way "home".
I've heard that song before, you too.?.?.?
I was going towards the light, and I screamed out "I'M NOT DONE".
I woke up in the hospital hallway, family all crying and schtuff.
I told my mom not to worry, just give me a pocket knife and I'll whittle myself a new leg.
I KNEW how I was going to physically progress.
Yes, I lost that leg. Almost the other one too.
But I threatend the doctors with legal action, so I kept that one leg.
Like I said a long story....
Page forward one year, now a little more spiritual, but no knowledge, and no networking, no idea, but driven, searching.
I was reading Edgar Cayce. FASCINATING to say the least.
I tried self hypnosis and zing, I was on my way.
Beautiful, I must say.
But my guide.?.?.?
Great, but I knew this was WRONG and woke up.
I consider myself lucky.
Don't do that alone.!.!.!
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