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Watched this sci-fi horror-ish movie because the description caught my eye: Doors (2021) - IMDb

"Four vignettes that focus on four different takes on the appearance of mysterious alien portals called "Doors". The doors are held responsible for the disappearance of millions of people and changes to the earth itself."

I didn't like it and don't recommend it... a small and amateur feeling film with nothing of much substance, very dark and left me feeling a bit yucky. But it was really weird and things caught my eye, in the context of covid everything..... from memory: (i'm going to spoil pretty much the whole movie here. honestly it's not very interesting, it was mainly the bit with the Caesar(?) bust that made me write this post.. put in spoiler tags just in case anybody minds..)

- millions of what scientists end up calling "Doors" appear all over earth. people who go near them get transported somewhere unknown. some people come back, usually insane.
- the Doors appear to be sentient. it's noted that "birds and satellites" are falling out of the sky.

- in the first vignette, some kids are at school when the Doors appear all over the world. all their mobile phones are going crazy with their parents trying to ring them etc.. teacher leaves to find out what's happening, voice over the PA says school is now in "lockdown". they watch news on a phone which says, among other things, "if you hear voices, go to hospital". the kids leave the room and find a Door blocking the corridor.
- the closeup shots of the Doors show what looks like black iron filings moving/assembling in a magnetic field. first shot of this immediately made me think of covid injections
- one of the kids does hear the Door talking to her (presented as on-screen text, amongst the weird magnetic iron filings visuals).. it tries to convince her to go into it. then it turns her against her friends who are aghast that she wants to enter the Door. in the end it tells her to push them into it, which she does before entering it herself.

- second vignette, a couple weeks later - teams of people called "Knockers" are assigned to enter the Doors, see what they find, then come back and report on it.
- the main Knocker lady, first thing she says is something about being a rock (in the sea), waiting for a wave. (she goes on to repeatedly say she doesn't want to be a rock any more)
- the place they find themselves in on the other side of the Door seems to be personalised realities taken from each of their pasts, things they regretted? not sure... the only thing that caught my eye was, one of the Knockers finds himself in a series of iterations of the same bedroom, over and over again. in the first instance of it there's a prominent marble bust, which he comments on. i think it's meant to be a bust of Julius Caesar!? not 100% sure.. in each successive version of the room, the bust is degraded in some way. in one of the rooms, its face is swirled around exactly like that failed restoration of a painting of Jesus, from a few years back.

- third vignette, a scientist has figured out how to communicate with a Door near his house in the woods, using some kind of audio equipment. it says it's his friend. it says they're here to "archive humanity". i can't remember what else it says, but the last thing was "it's time for a refresh", as the camera zooms out to show satellites falling and then showers of meteors or comets..

- last bit, very creepy online video chat session between some kind of talk show host and a "parallel worlds theorist".. the theorist acts bizarrely throughout, staring off in random directions and talking weird and grinning horribly, like he's on hallucinogens or possesed.. (the acting is pretty goofy)
- he says of the Doors, "their intelligence allows them to operate on a complex multidimensional reality. they are everything all at once. we are them, they are us.". host says "is there anything we can do?". theorist says "yes.. wait to be refreshed"... his video stream keeps glitching.. when it comes back he keeps saying "ACCEPT IT", "what i can tell you for sure is, it will continue".. "embrace your new reality", "i assure you, there is nothing you can do to stop them", "once the Doors tether into all of mankind's consciousness the shift into the next created reality will ensue." staring into the camera* "ACCEPT IT".....

The marble bust in the film looked very similar to this one: Canonbury - Marble Bust Roman Emperor Julius Caesar .. if you didn't read the spoiler but just want to know what I mean: in one part of the film there's this very prominent marble bust (is it Caesar?) which, a minute later is shown with its face all swirled up like the famous messed up painting of Jesus from a few years ago...

I see the writer of this film also made a film with basically the same premise a couple years ago, called Portals..
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PS - if the creator(s) of this film happen to be readers of this forum, sorry I didn't like it :) But, it's horror, it was meant to make you feel horrid I suppose, and it did a good job at that! It was at least weird enough to keep me watching until the end...
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