Dr. Richard Day -- another alleged PTB insider spilling the NWO system blueprint


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There are many accounts of supposed PTB insiders egotistically spilling the beans about the alleged PTB NWO blueprint. I find them interesting, especially if significantly long ago to check what's actually happened since, and also as a reminder of the apparent completeness of the matrix. As Laura says, "keep your wits about you."

For those interested in such things, I found this one yesterday. It's a recollection by a note-taking witness of a speech to fellow physicians, in 1969, by Dr. Richard Day, pediatrics professor and medical director of the Rockefeller-funded Planned Parenthood (which is of course supposed to be all about population control, eugenics, social planning by private foundations, etc.). This guy was important enough to have had his obituary (1989) in the NY Times and its still online: _http://www.nytimes.com/1989/06/16/obituaries/dr-richard-day-84-ex-pediatrics-professor.html

I did a search on "Richard Day" here on the forum but got no hits. My apology if this is duplicated elsewhere here.

Dr. Day's two-hour speech shocked the attendees and covered all the usual big topics including the UN, sovereignty, war, terrorism, banking, industry, insurance, religion, education, law, media, control of information, entertainment (movies, books, music, sports), science/medicine, disease, drugs, crime, sex/marriage/family, food, population control, surveillance, travel, advanced technologies, what to do about people who don't join the system, etc. It's all supposed to be aimed primarily at capturing the youth, who will not know that things were ever any different, thanks to mistrust of elders fostered by engineered generation gaps. The conveyor says that nutrition and exercise were detailed but unfortunately he doesn't recall much about it. As usual, smoking is not really mentioned, which I always find odd considering how important it seems to be the the PTB to reduce it.

The full article is here: _http://www.overlordsofchaos.com/html/new_order_of_barbarians.html

There are several summaries of it by others on the Web, but I couldn't find a good one. So here's a brief, incomplete listing of topics (skewed by whomever wrote it) from the linked article itself. But really, the details are much more interesting to read.

"Population control; permission to have babies; redirecting the purpose of sex - sex without reproduction and reproduction without sex; contraception universally available to all; sex education and carnalising of youth as a tool of world government; tax funded abortion as population control; encouraging homosexuality ... anything goes homosexuality also was to be encouraged (actually, "anything goes" sexuality of all kinds); technology used for reproduction without sex; families to diminish in importance; euthanasia and the "demise pill"; limiting access to affordable medical care makes eliminating elderly easier; medicine would be tightly controlled; elimination of private doctors; new difficult to diagnose and untreatable diseases; suppressing cancer cures as a means of population control; inducing heart attacks as a form of assassination; education as a tool for accelerating the onset of puberty and evolution; blending all religions ... the old religions will have to go; changing the bible through revisions of key words; restructuring education as a tool of indoctrination; more time in schools, but pupils "wouldn't learn anything"; controlling who has access to information; schools as the hub of the community; "some books would just disappear from the libraries"; changing laws to promote moral and social chaos; the encouragement of drug abuse to create a jungle atmosphere in cities and towns; promote alcohol abuse; restrictions on travel; the need for more jails, and using hospitals as jails; no more psychological or physical security; crime used to manage society; curtailment of US industrial pre-eminence; shifting populations and economies -tearing out the social roots; sports as a tool of social engineering and change; sex and violence inculcated through entertainment; travel restrictions and implanted I.D. cards; food control; weather control; know how people respond -making them do what you want; falsified scientific research; use of terrorism; surveillance, implants, and televisions that watch you; home ownership a thing of the past; the arrival of the totalitarian global system."


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I posted the following link a couple of days ago in another thread, but I wanted to place it here as well since this thread is specifically dedicated to Richard Day's material:


This site only became available in the year following the article that PopHistorian posted the Overlords of Chaos link above. That includes the transcript of the first three tapes of Lawrence Dunegan's interview, but not the fourth which was recorded in 1991. Given everything that has transpired since the original 1969 talk, since the recordings that were later released, and even since PopHistorian's post above, I find the information generally quite striking. If the information is legitimate, it's interesting to see which plans have succeeded, which have failed and been subsequently modified, and what to possibly expect in the near future. I'll embed the recordings below (I've only listened to the first two so far -- it's stated that the audio quality of the latter two is not as good as the first two):




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