Dream I "joined a cult"


The Force is Strong With This One
Had a very insane dream last night, it was very intense and vivid while it was taking place though I have forgotten some of it this morning but here is what I can remember.

So I start off in the upstairs of some sort of insanely large house and I have one or two projects that I am supposed to fulfill. It was something computer related that I was told to complete for I guess what I think is a company or a job application. Anyway at some point an older women walks in relative to my age (early 30's), I am thinking along the lines of late 30's or early 40's. But she is very attractive and begins to escalate things with me in a sexual manner. Next thing I know she is nude and then who I think is her husband walks in. At this point I am past my deadline for this project and this attractive women is nude and sitting in my lap. I think that I am in big trouble but nothing happens to me.

There is a bit of a gap in what I remember next and the exact order of events but I do remember at two separate points I am in a small car with this man and his supposed wife. The car is like a Fiat 500 or something similar, big enough to seat 4 people but still very small. Both times this man deliberately wrecks the car, I am talking like full steam ahead into whatever is in front of us but surprisingly no one gets hurt. At another point in the dream I am in a room with a bunch of younger people of all ages, like anywhere from 5-21, young enough to be their kids in most instances but I am not sure that this is the case. I would estimate 10-15 people in total though it is tough to tell. They tended to dress in a color coordinated fashion as well which was odd. There would be like 5 people in green themes, 5 orange themed, and 5 another theme. They were asking me questions as well but I do not remember the exact nature. Towards the end there comes a point where all of the kids are on individual circular platforms out in what is either the ocean or a bay of some sort, lined up in a row. Myself the women and possibly the man are on the shore. The kids are doing some type of gesture with an apparatus I am unfamiliar with but I guess could describe as a whip, except soft and the adults are responding on the shore with some type of vague gesture. The whole process did not make sense to me and is hard to describe but it was around this point that I am thinking....is this a cult? Eventually myself and the two other adults get back into the same style of car that as been deliberately crashed twice now except this time it has many of my belongings to include my laptop and my still unfinished assignment. Again as we are driving along the man deliberately crashes the car except this time we go flying over a bridge or an embankment of some sort and plunge rather far out into a body of water. Just like the other two times I remain unscathed. I do however have a feeling of uneasiness at the loss of my personal possessions and have a feeling of being trapped. Like everything I owned is now destroyed and I am now trapped with this group of people. I have become trapped in their cult as I am now dependent on them for my well being. At this point the dream ends, like an uneasy ending to an M. Night Shyamalan movie where it is vague what happens next.
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