Dreaming in a Totalitarian Society


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I remember a dream that was quite recurrent in my childhood / adolescence. This began when, being in my house (my parents' house), I would go out to look out the window and see a dozen small lights moving from right to left, i remember the fear that it caused me and woke me up. my older sister also had those kinds of dreams (I would call it a nightmare).
Another type of dream is that of having to defend myself from a shadow, this was black and it was attacking me from behind.

Another one that i remember is being in a kind of war and at one point i enter a destroyed building, when i look down i see several small bodies like babies but with the typical gray face, i remember the hatred felt and how i began to crush their heads (yes, too much violence)

Another one that left me quite perplexed, this one about 3 years ago) is to be in a kind of tunnel, i was with a lot of people lining up, remember the reddish vaulted walls and lights on the ceiling, when suddenly i hear a voice that tells me "you must continue with the mission" ... i automatically woke up terrified (chills as i write this).

The last two nightmares were, the first with a kind of zombie that i saw eating a leg (i remember the first thing i thought is "yuck ... disgusting) I closed the door in silence, and put more firewood) (?)

And the last one a month ago is with lions, i don't know why, i was never interested in lions, but happend that where we lived there were lions outside, my little boy was playing with a white tiger that was quite old. at one point my brothers-in-law decide to feed the other lions in a quad bike and my partner was outside, i go to look for my son and i remember seeing the gaze of a young lion that begins to run crouching towards my partner and the moment she is close i slam the door shut because i knew it was her or my son. I remember seeing the look of the lion through the glass of the door and the blood ... that day i woke up with a feeling of guilt that i had never felt ...


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I checked and there were no significant earthquakes reported anywhere so this is a sumbolic dream perhaps of my personal and emotional state.
Christmas trees are supposed to represent spiritual aspects.
In your dream there were first the earthquakes and then the Christmas tree. Maybe that sequence also has some significance, apart from Christman being less than four months away.


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So another weird dream last night.
I was looking for a friend and I went into her house, it was completely empty her family had moved and I knew then she had been murdered by her father. I looked around the house and found a large silver surfboard big. The large surfboard bag contained a portfolio of plans for an alien takeover of the earth. There were large sheets of documents, the paper on the top had a hand drawn picture of the earth in the top third of the poster sized page. Underneath were some other notations that represented a time line. Following this was a bobbly line that depicted time as we know it stopping in the year 2022.

Then a team of aliens in human form were looking for their plans which I had seen and shown to a few other people. They were not happy about that. We raced around the house wiping our fingerprints clean off surfaces such as light switches and the left, running fast as we were being hunted. One of my team members was a big guy, like a cross between Mr. T (from the A-Team) and Andre the Giant. He was carrying two kids, one on his back, one front-ways. He was trying to carry them to safety whilst being chased through a subway station. We all exited the station and were driving around a large city motorway off ramp. And then we were all on foot again in a small ruralAmerican town. I was looking for a little boy, I found him and sat him on my lap to hold him, he was wearing an important silver bracelet. The bracelet had five discs linked together. I looked at the discs, each had a picture of a tree and the number five on it. I thought there are 5, 5’s.
The aliens wanted the kid.
Then I woke up.
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