Dreaming in a Totalitarian Society


The Living Force
Had another weird dream, can't remember exact details but I know it was one of those where I kept getting up and going back to sleep and continuing the dream.

In the dream and as now appears a pattern, myself and a group of people were facing up to another group of people. The devil himself manifested in the dream on the side of the other group and with him came a whole load of power and supernatural abilities that put us in great distress and on the verge of losing. However, and I don't know how, we were able to manifest for ourselves those who had gone before, fought the devil and won. They joined our ranks, as if from the afterlife and with them came the balancing of the scales. We were then able to mount an effective defense. I left the dream with me speaking to a scientist of sorts where we were trying to track down some device.


A Disturbance in the Force
I had a dream the other night, that I was walking, poking around in the last of the winter's snow, at the bottom of a hill near where I grew. My SO clunked a rock amd suddenly, the hill shifted. It rotated, as if on an axis. The man sitting on the hill eating his breakfast was very alarmed, and quite concerned for his two dogs. I found the dogs who where safe and sound. I awoke with resolve to become mentally prepared for tectonic plates and/or magnetic pole shifting in the forseeable future.


Dagobah Resident
I had a 'wrong place at the wrong time dream'...

I was going about some business, with my brothers - in a urban setting, and we were getting thirsty, or had to use the restroom, and so we pulled up to a Salvation Army type establishment. We asked where the restroom was, and for a water fountain. And there was a vending machine on location the friendly attendant gave directions to as it was in another room.
So the soda machine had a selection of sizes... each were very large - the largest being the size of a popcorn or chicken bucket. I got 2 of those for my brothers and considered getting one for myself, but asked myself how I was going to drive while holding it... so I got a small one, but it was still huge.
So, during this time there was some commotion happening at the entrance, and I was confused as to what was happening. Everyone ran away, but a teenager who was digging in a duffle bag pulling out bundles of money and stuffing it in his pockets. I saw all the money and knew the kid didn't own it, so I chased him off. So then, I was tempted to take the money and I did, as it was just there, and everyone ran off.
I regrouped with my brothers and no sooner than we drove off, we were being pursued, as we went somewhere to eat, and the money we paid the restaurant with was marked.
So there was a crosstown pursuit and eventually we were caught. It all happened so fast, and the whole episode was confusing, so I'll leave it at that.

I fasted yesterday, so I'm thinking it made me dream - because I don't have dreams very often.


The Living Force
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Few days ago I had a dream, where one of my teacher from technical school was. Except it wasn't similar environment as it usually is when I see those pesky school dreams. In real life he was an 'old school' teacher, not mean or anything like that, but I was afraid of him, as he was rather strict.

In this dream were several other people also, strangers to me. Then suddenly we were in a room, only that teacher and me. It was like some sort of therapy session. At first we talked about some things that I can't remember, then he asked: "do you allow me to hypnotize you". I said why not. So he started and asked: "how does it feel? Is it ok?". I said it's ok and then saw a bright flash. That's where the dream ended.

I've never been hypnotized, or at least not aware of such, and don't know how it affects or feels like. In that dream I didn't feel any fear towards that teacher, though.

Later on I had a thought: school's finally over, like Alice cooper used to sing! Then I thought to myself: hold your horses, it isn't necessarily to be taken that literally.
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