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Here it is, the History section from the "Bibliotheka Cassiopaea" compilation.

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Part 1:


A: Multiple history reality possibilities. (Ed.: due to the fact that past, present and future in all densities is always constantly fluid and changing? This may also be the reason why what we do here and now, despite our ‘lack of power and influence’ over the 3/4D STS’ers’ manipulations and the universe in general really does change the outcome which supposedly already happened but at the same time is still not definite?)

Q: (L) Who carved friezes in French caves as well as the cave paintings? A: Aryans. In caves because struggling to survive conflicts between many forces including Lizard being domination. (Ed.: Racial memories of this time may be the reason why “doom gloom” type future visions involve survivalism and hiding in caves from cataclysms and various alien type future wars?)


Q: (L) Who were Enlil and Enki of Sumerian stories? A: Extraterrestrial great teachers from Cassiopaea.

Alien influence was the ‘queen’ who came to visit him

Indian high priest influenced by the Confederation

Lama Kirtanah, of Palestine originally. Was in India at 13-14 AD.

Q: Who was Joseph of Arimathea? A: A disciple of the unibound. Q: What’s a ‘unibound?’ A: Singular thought. Q: What is the unibound? A: Transcendant discipline. Q: And what does one do if one is a participant? A: Up to 96 hours of clear channel meditation.

Army of Sennacherib destroyed by cosmic ray energy concentration done by Dracos

Abraham was not Hermes Trigesimus; Akhenaton was not Moses;

Egyptians and Atlantean descendants- White men seen and interacted with tribes in South America who promised to return and were worshipped as gods; Q: (L) …we find a lot of bearded white men running around dispensing knowledge and a close association between them and serpents…So, there seems to be the association of the benevolent guys with the ‘serpent of wisdom.’ Can you comment? A: Many stories stemming from your history or antiquity are confused or corrupted. Q: (L) So, the bearded white guys are in opposition to the serpent. A: Confused with. Q: (L) What was the ‘smoking mirror god’ spoken of by the Maya? A: Something like Castaneda’s description. Q: (L) So, it was an unfriendly 4th density dude.

Huang Ti (Yellow Emperor of China): was created in Orion Lab (Ed: not sure if C’s referring to just him, or to the Chinese people (and all Terrans) as a whole) - had “walking, talking tripod” ground communication devices to communicate with each other as well as Reptilian mother ship; “12 Mirrors” – electromagnetic energy harnessing devices to power craft and other machines; reflected the solar moon and modified its output;

Q: What group mined the copper in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, like in Isle Royale? A: Aryans. Q: What did they want the copper for? A: Weapons. Q: Wouldn't iron make better weapons? A: Not in 4th density. Q: (L) What sort of 4th density weapons was copper used for? A: Mostly conduction of EM energies. Q: I'm getting the feeling that there have been bleed-in, bleed-out situations with 4th density on this planet a lot more often than we suspect. A: Yes. Q: Are these situations sometimes manufactured by those who know how? A: Close. Q: Do they just happen to know where those window points are? A: Yes.

(A) Okay, this brings us to the question about the Piri Reis map. We wanted to know the origin of this map? A: Complex, but the origin would date back to 14,000 B.C. Q: (A) Atlantis? A: Close. Q: (L) Was this map drawn when Antarctica was NOT covered by ice? A: Yes. Q: (L) (L) Why would somebody want to technologically warm Antarctica if the whole rest of the planet was available for use? A: Magnetic power grid physics . EM utilization. Crystals, and the like. Seeking paths to the interior? The “Poles” know best!


Set (representing the energy of all war) killing Osiris and cutting up the body- Removal of knowledge centers in human DNA and knowledge capacity reduction by Lizards, separation of the brain hemispheres (female and male energy relay centers) Osiris’ phallus thrown in river- sexual violence energy introduction; Isis searching for Osiris- separation of female from male energy union; Horus- represent new reality of limitation, Horus avenging himself upon set- beginning of perpetual conflict energy to limit humanity;

Q: In reading the Celtic legends, I discovered that Cassiopaea was equated with Danu, or Don, as in Tuatha de Danaan, or the court of the goddess Danu. So, in other words, the supreme goddess of the Aryans was Cassiopaea. And, Cassiopaea is found in the zodiacal area of Aries, the ‘lamb,’ where Cephus the ‘rock’ and ‘king’ is also found, as well as Perseus, ‘he who breaks’ and serpentarius. The image is of Perseus overcoming the serpent, and the ancient Celtic engravings of the horned god show him gripping two serpents by the throat. I would like to understand the symbology here... A: You are on the right track. Q: What is the symbology of the ‘breaking of rocks,’ as in the alchemical texts, as well as related to Perseus as ‘he who breaks?’ A: Occurs at a time when rocks break, as in the electromagnetic impulses that emanate from earthbound rocks when sheared by tectonic forces, and much more importantly, the possible utilization of said forces whether naturally or otherwise induced.


Stories of earth’s ancient past: Reflection passed down through psychic memory channel.


The "Fall" is the story of the seizure of power by Reptilian beings , when the entire Earth was known as Eden. This took place 309,882 years ago, according to the method of estimating linear "time." The true identity of the " Snake of Eden is tied to the coming of men Reptilians . The event referred to as the bite of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil "is an allegorical figure that describes an implementation process of cognitive limitations by genetic means. In the core structure of DNA exists enzyme associated with the element carbon .

Through the use of intensified light waves was possible to cancel the first ten factors of human DNA, which were virtually vaporized. As a result there was a series of morphological changes, including the development of the " reptilian brain "or cerebellum . The propensity to express their feelings such as jealousy was implanted artificially, and this is what is known in the biblical record as the " mark "of Cain . Reptilian Beings genetic alterations made to mankind in order to consolidate its position of dominance within the cosmic food chain.

Original creator gods of mankind were the Cassiopaeans, Pleiadeans etc, all of 6th density., for purposes of soul development/advancement;

The physical human race was always two sexes, male and female, there never was a time when there was a single sex physical human body;

A: After war (of Eden) Lizard beings genetically engineered humans to be slaves/ genetically altered humans for their own feeding purposes. Numerous souls desired physical existence then was altered by three forces including principally Lizards through Grays, Nephilim and Orion union Q:You said numerous souls desired physical existence. When the numerous souls did this, how did physical existence come to be? A: First was apelike. Q: (L) And then what happened? Did these apelike being just pop into the air? What did the souls do with these apelike beings? A: Souls altered them by transfer. Q: (L) Transfer of what? A: Souls into seeded bodies. Orion Union was first into Neanderthal. Q: (L) The Orion souls came into Neanderthal bodies? A: No. Put humans’ souls there (into ape bodies) for incubation process. By entering living creatures on earth to experience 3d reality, the human souls altered the DNA and genetics of the apelike bodies. Human souls were in union with the one (not from other planets or parts of this density universe), but desired physical pleasure for the self and as a fragmented soul unit , fell into these humanoid bodies. The fall of Lucifer is in essence this fall of this soul unit of humanity. Q: (L) Did, at any time, the human race live for a long time in an Edenic state, where they were able to use bodies and still have a spiritual connection? A: Yes. But not long. No addiction takes long to close the circle. Q: (L) So, mankind was addicted to pleasuring the self? A: Became quickly. Q: (L) How long from the time of the moving of souls into bodies did the “Fall” in Eden occur? A: Not measurable. Remember Laura, there is no time when this event occurred. Time passage illusion did not exist at that point as well as many other falsehoods. Q: (L) So you are saying that the Fall in Eden was also the beginning of time? A: Yes.

A: If you were living in the desert, or jungle, about 7,000 years ago, as you measure time, would you not be impressed if these Reptoid “dudes” came down from the heavens in silvery objects and demonstrated techno-wonders from thousands of years in the future, and taught you calculus, geometry and astrophysics to boot?!? Q: Is that, in fact, what happened? A: Yup. Q: Well, this is one of the problems I am dealing with in trying to write this history of mankind. As I understand it, or as I am trying to figure it out from the literature, prior to the ‘Fall in Eden,’ mankind lived in a 4th density state. Is that correct? A: Semi/sort of. Q: Please be more specific. A: 4th density in another realm, such as time/space continuum, etc. Q: Okay, so this realm changed, as a part of the cycle; various choices were made: the human race went through the door after the ‘gold,’ so to speak, and became aligned with the Lizzies after the ‘female energy’ consorted with the wrong side, so to speak. This is what you have said. This resulted in a number of effects: the breaking up of the DNA, the burning off of the first ten factors of DNA, the separation of the hemispheres of the brain... A: Only reason for this: you play in the dirt, you’re going to get dirty. Q: (stated previously by C’s) that it was ‘desire based imbalance.’ What was it a desire for? A: Increased physicality. Q: What was the objective sought for in this desire for increased physicality? A: Sensate. Q: How was sensate experienced so that these beings had an idea that they could get more if they increased their physicality? A: Not experienced, demonstrated. Q: Demonstrated how, by who? A: Do you not know? Q: It was demonstrated by the Lizzies? A: Basically. Q: Demonstrated in what way? Did they say: ‘here, try this!’ Or did they demonstrate by showing or doing? A: Closer to the latter. Q: They were doing, experimenting, playing, and saying: ‘look, we are doing this, it’s so great, come here and try it?’ A: Not really. More like: “you could have this.” Q: What seemed to be so desirable about this increased physicality when they said ‘you can have this?’ A: Use your imagination! Q: Was there any understanding, or realization of any kind, that increased physicality could be like Osiris lured into his own coffin by Set? That they would then slam the lid shut and nail him in? A: Obviously, such understanding was lacking. Q: Sounds like a pretty naive bunch! Does the lack of this understanding reflect a lack of knowledge? A: Of course. But more, it is desire getting in the way of... Q: Okay. The ‘Fall’ occurred. It seems like, and some of the archaeological studies indicate, that for many thousands of years, there was a peaceful existence and a nice agrarian society where the goddess or female creative forces were worshipped. At least, this is what a lot of present-day books are proposing... A: No. These events took place 309000 years ago, as you measure it. This is when the first prototype of what you call “modern man” was created. The controllers had the bodies ready, they just needed the right soul matrix to agree to “jump in.” Q: So, prior to this time, this prior Edenic state...A: Was more like 4th density. Q: But that implies that there was some level of physicality. Was there physicality in the sense of bodies that look like present-day humans? A: Not quite. Q: What did these pre-fall... A: Cannot answer because it is too complex for you to understand. Q: Does this mean that the are experienced... that the bodies we possibly would move into as 4th density beings, assuming that one does, would also be too complex for us to understand? You are saying that this ‘sort of 4th density’ pre-Fall state, in terms of the physical bodies, is too complex to understand. If going back to 4th density is anything like coming from 4th density, does that mean that what we would go back to is something that is too complex to understand? This variability of physicality that you have described? A: Yes. Q: So, was there any kind of worship of God, or religious activity in this pre-Fall state; this Edenic, 4th density state? A: No need when one has a clue. Q: What I am trying to get at here, what I am trying to understand, is the transition from the goddess worship to the god worship; the change from the understanding of cyclical time as expressed in the feminine cycles, and expressed as the goddess; to the concept of linear time, expressed as the masculine principle. It seems to me that these were stages of inversion of concepts which gradually led to the ideas that the Lizzies are imposing on us, and seem to have been working in this direction for millennia - the dominator experience which expresses as: believe in something outside yourself that will save you, otherwise you are damned because the world is going to end, and you are going to get judged. This is the concept I am trying to deal with here. I am trying to understand what was worshipped. Okay, we had these guys; they fell from Eden, but they were still fairly close to the original concepts, in some terms. Once they jumped into the physical bodies, as you put it, what was their level of conceptualization regarding the universe? Did they still retain some understanding at that point? A: Kind of like the understanding one has after severe head trauma, vis a vis your normal understanding in your current state. Q: So, they were traumatized; they may have had bits and pieces of ideas and memories, but they may also have lost a great deal altogether. There may have even been a sort of “coma” state of mankind for many millennia. But, after they woke up, with the bits and pieces floating around in their heads, they may have begun to attempt to piece it all together. So, they started putting it all back together. What was the first thing they put together regarding the cosmos around them? A: Sex. Q: What did they decide about sex? I mean, sex was there. They were having sex. Is that it? Or, did they understand the cosmos as sex? A: More like the former. After all, that is what got you guys in this mess in the first place! Just imagine the sales job if you can: “Look how much fun this is! Want to try it?!? Oops, sorry, we forgot to tell you, you cannot go back!” Q: I really fail to understand - and I know it is a big issue that has been hinted at and alluded to, and outright claims have been made regarding sex in all religions and mythologies - but I fail to understand the mechanics of how this can be the engineering of a ‘fall.’ What, precisely, are the mechanics of it? What energy is generated? How is it generated? What is the conceptualization of the misuse of this energy, or the use of the energy? A: It is simply the introduction of the concept of self-gratification of a physical sort. Q: On many occasions you have said that the ideal thing is to have perfect balance of physicality and ethereality. This has been said on a number of occasions. Now, I don’t understand how it can be that gratification of a physical body can be the mechanics by which one is entrapped? Is it not gratifying to look at something beautiful? Is it wrong, sinful, or a form of a fall, to look at beauty, to hear something beautiful such as music, or to touch something that is sensually delightful such as a piece of silk or the skin of a loved one? These various things that the human being derives pleasure from very often elevate them to a spiritual state. A: Possession is the key. A: In STS, you possess. A: If you move through the beautiful flowers, the silk, the skin of another, but do not seek to possess... Q: It seems to me that it is possible to experience all of these things, including sex, without the need or desire to possess; only to give. In which case, I still don’t understand how it can be a mechanism for a ‘fall.’ A: If it is desired, then the mechanism is not to give. A: No, in STS, which is your realm do not forget, one gives because of the pleasant sensation which results. Q: Could it not be said that, if everything that exists is part of God, including the flesh, that if one gives to the flesh, without being attached to the giving, that it could be considered a giving to the ‘All?’ A: Explain the process. Q: For example: there are some people who like to suffer, because they believe that the flesh is sinful. That is a big thing that the Lizzies have instituted. For centuries they have wanted people to suffer, and they have made this big deal about sex and anything that might be considered pleasant or desirable should be denied, and that a person should suffer, and revel in their suffering. And, actually, making a person... A: If one seeks to suffer, they do so in expectation of future reward. They desire to possess something in the end. Q: What I am saying is: if a person can simply BE, in the doing and being of who and what they are, in simplicity; to become involved in doing everything as a meditation, or as a consecration, whether they are walking down the street and being at one with the air, the sunshine, the birds and trees and other people; in this state of oneness, doesn’t that constitute a giving to the universe as giving oneself up as a channel for the universe to experience all these things? A: Not if one is “feeling this oneness.” Q: We are what we are. Nature is nature. Progression is progression. And if people would just relax and be who and what they are in honesty, and do what is according to their nature without violating the Free Will of others, that this is a more pure form of being than doing things out of any feeling of expectation, or desire; to just BE, not want... just BE? A: Yes, but STS does not do that.Q: Why? What makes STO unavailable or ‘inedible?’ A: Frequency resonance not in sync. Q: (A) But then, that would mean that all these people who are saying that we need just to love everything and everybody, are right. They just be, and love, don’t do anything, just give everything to the Lizzies... they are right! A: No, because motivation is STS. Q: How is the motivation to love everything and everybody, and to just give, STS? A: Feels good. Q: So, they want to do it because it feels good? A: Want is an STS concept. Q: So, you seem to be suggesting that the real trick is to just become non-attached to anything and anybody, do nothing, and just dissolve into nothing? No thought, no want, no do, no be, no anything! A: If you are STS, that does not fit, but, if you did exactly that, you would reincarnate in an STO realm, where such energy does fit. Q: You mean moving into a realm that does not necessarily mean being in a body? A: Close. But 4th density is partially physical. Does not consume nor possess. Q: (A) This is contradictory to what we are doing. (L) Why write a book or do anything? There is no point. We should just sit around, do nothing but contemplate our navels and do nothing. (F) Why do you say that? (L) Because doing anything at all constitutes wanting, needing, possessing, having, and so on. (F) Of course, because this is an STS realm. (L) So, therefore, we should do nothing. We should contemplate our navels and try to get out of it and to heck with everybody else! (F) I disagree. (L) Otherwise, it is contradictory. If you try to help anyone else, or do for anyone else, you are desiring to help them. Therefore, you are desiring to change something...(F) Well, sure, but this is an STS realm. (L) Anyway, I would like to know who and what this Marcia Schafer is channelling. She seems to be channelling several sources, or claims to be. Could you tell me who and what? A: Not yet, because this issue is not yet resolved. You are confused because you seem to think you must be STO to be an STO candidate. You are STS, and you simply cannot be otherwise, until you either reincarnate or transform at realm border crossing.


Not actual people- “thought pattern change not a giving into temptation” they represented all people at that time on terra going through the new realm border crossing into the state of limitation we’ve been in since;
If it wasn’t Dracos that would have stepped in at this time to change terrans, then something else would have, as this was predestined from and ultimate cosmic consciousness point of view;

Q: (L) What was the Fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that was supposedly eaten by Eve and then offered to Adam? A: Knowledge restriction. Encoding. Eve, representing female energy, which consorted with the wrong side, losing some knowledge and power in the process. The fruit of the tree of life = conceptual limitation = false belief that one source contains all knowledge contradicts reality. Q: (F) If the concept was the eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge provides all knowledge, then one is being deceived, because no one particular source can provide all knowledge. Therefore, when one believes in the deception, one has now trapped oneself within parameters. And, forevermore, the human race, will be poisoned by the very same problem which is reflected in several different ways: one is always seeking the truth through one pathway instead of seeking it through a myriad of pathways; and also believing in simplistic answers to very complex issues and questions.

The entire earth was eden, The comet cluster caused cataclysms 309,882 years ago, which was the fall of eden. The flaming sword barring re-entry to eden was a self imposed trap. The loss of the edenic state meant the takeover of mankind by the reptilians (the serpent in Eden). Q: (L) Were they already in bondage to someone else when the Lizzies came? A: No. They were free. The symbolic story of Adam and Eve was a story of enticement to false knowledge. The tree of knowledge of good and evil was focused, imprisoned knowledge.

Original human chromosome pairs: 135, now only 23;The altered DNA state caused all to occur: the illusion of time to be perceived; monotheism, belief in one separate and all powerful entity; need for physical aggrandizement, or focus on physical as most important thing to protect and hold onto; Linear focus and unidimensionality; “MARK OF CAIN”: symbolism for knot at top of spine ( occipital ridge), another genetically engineered shortcoming (courtesy of the Lizards), symbolism is of jealousy of all humans; (religious interpretation of this mark is more Illuminati created superstition, it does not make one a born murderer) [or] The mark of Cain means the “jealousy factor” of change facilitated by Lizard takeover of earth’s vibrational frequency. Knot on spine is physical residue of DNA restriction deliberately added by Lizards; DNA core is as yet undiscovered enzyme relating to carbon. Light waves were used to cancel the first ten factors of DNA by burning them off, simultaneously to all 6 billion people on earth at that time. The light source was the C’s realm, STO, using sophisticated technology, the reptilians interrupted the light frequency waves to accomplish this change; At that point, a number of physical changes took place including knot at top of spine. Each of these is equally reflected in the ethereal. The 3rd density STO humans then automatically aligned themselves with 4th D STS and all that implies (including permission for 4th STS to “use” 3rd D humans as they want; This is when the C’s, and other affiliated STO such as the Pleiadeans and others lost the “cosmic battle” to the reptilians, however it is all part of the natural grand cycle of experience; This natural grand cycle is just part of the interaction between light and darkness which has to be, C’s are at the front line of the universe’s natural system of balance at the 6th level;
(Note: This is a repeating syndrome throughout all of creation, so Terran 3rd D’s aren’t the only ones)


Many advanced civilizations existed before;

In Antarctica, inhabited by 18 ft tall humans, male and female, had global civilization, but no interest in space travel; remains can be found in South America, source of the legend of the Amazons;

ATLANTIS (was in existence for approx. 70,000 yrs), LEMURIA, ETC..

Lemuria submerged approximately close to the time of the “Fall of Eden”. Easter Island natives- descendants of Lemurians carved the stone heads using tonal vibration, the heads of which represent the Nephilim race.

Q: What is the most accurate book describing the events of the war between Atlantis and "Athens" and the subsequent catastrophe? A: Velikovsky's interpretation of the plagues, though not Venus. For social constructs just observe the current state of the world.

Q: (L) Okay. I got it. Now, is the Jewish religion similar to the Atlantean religion? A: Not one religion only. Many “religions.”

Atlantis’ main island: 1.354.000 sq mi; Noah flood story was symbolic of the breaking up of Atlantis. Out of 6 billion Terrans, only 119 million survived. Was caused by the close passage of Martek/Mars (see Sol System History)


Q: As I understand it, Atlantis was already quite a developed civilization at that time, is that correct?
A: Yes, but regions change with waves of immigration, or conquest... witness your own lands.
Q: You also said once that there was a nuclear war in India and that this was what was being discussed in the Vedas when it talks about the ‘blue-skinned’ people who weren’t really blue because they were Celts, and they were flying in aircraft, and they were engaged in this war, etc. Who were the Celts at war with?
A: The Paranthas. Q: The Atlanteans? Were the Celts of India at war with the Atlanteans in the Atlantic?
A: Atlantis was merely a home base of an advanced civilization of 3 races of humans occupying different sections of a huge island empire, which, in itself, underwent 3 incarnations over a 100,000 year period as you would measure it.
The 3 races were the Celts or Kantekkians/Aryans, the race you would call “Native Americans,” and a third, no longer existing race, the Paranthas, somewhat resembling Australian or Guinean aborigines, only lighter in complexion, who were destroyed by one of the 3 massive cataclysms. Q: Okay, I think that you said that this nuclear war happened something like 50,000 years ago. We have taken care of a couple of points; we have 3 races on Atlantis, Celts all over the place... did the Celts conquer the Atlanteans? A: No. They took over the Northern section. Q: At the same time, there were Celts in the Caucasus, along the Baltic, in Ireland, England and Europe... A: Ireland, England, etc. was later. Q: But there were in the Norse lands, as Sweden, Norway and Denmark, they were along the Baltic, and they were in the Caucasus? A: Some above mentioned areas were ice covered. Q: When the philologists track the language roots, they arrive at the Kurgan region, north and west of the Caucasus. Is that where the Celts went when Atlantis was destroyed? A: Close.

Q: Cayce talks about the division in Atlantis between the “Sons of One” and the “Sons of Belial.” Was this a racial division or a philosophical/ religious division? A: It was the latter two, and before that, the former one. Q: When it was a racial division, which group was it? A: The Sons of Belial were the Kantekkians.

Q: Okay, let me get more specific: the Atlantean land that was supposed to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean... what was the farthest north of any part of Atlantis that was in the ocean, that no longer exists? A: It is “time for you” to know that Atlantis was not a nation, land, Island, or continent, but rather, a civilization! Q: Well, I sort of think that the Azores and the Canary Islands are sort of... A: Yes, but many other places too. Remember, the sea level was several hundred feet lower then... Q: Why was the sea level several hundred feet lower? Because there was ice somewhere or because there was not as much water on the earth at that time? A: Ice. Q: Was the ice piled up at the poles? The ice sheet of the ice age? A: Yes. Q: So, Atlantis existed during the ice age? A: Largely, yes. And the world’s climate was scarcely any colder away from the ice sheets than it is today. Q: Well, how could that be? What caused these glaciers? A: Global warming. Q: How does global warming cause glaciers? A: Increases precipitation dramatically. Then moves the belt of great precipitation much farther north. This causes rapid buildup of ice sheets, followed by increasingly rapid and intense glacial rebound.

Q: (L) Who made the Nazca lines in South America and what was their purpose? A: Those were natives living in the area at the particular time who were highly advanced spiritually and they put those lines there to call to others that were coming from what they perceived to be an outer space location. Q: (L) Were they symbols of power in any way? A: Well, some may have perceived them as such but they were mainly an effort to call forth those who had been worshipped and had appeared to them previously from the outside including not only the Lizard Beings, but other travelers.


Built by Atlanteans 10,643 yrs ago. Purpose was to capture cosmic energy, to be used for power, transport, healing, mind control, climate, etc…Sphynx was built to be a temple, records buried underneath. The pyramids were built as energy storage and transference facilities. They were built by the descendants of those known to you as the Atlanteans who are, of course, your ancestors in soul matters. They were not built to be markers for anything.

Q: (L) Would the great pyramid in Egypt still work if someone knew how to use it? A: It still works today even though it isn’t being artificially used. It was also a preservative chamber. If you were to walk inside the confines of the great pyramid and then leave the body, your body would retain its structure for quite some time. This ability has contributed to the preservation of the actual structure.

Q: (L) What did the original face on the sphinx look like? A: Looked like a representation of a feline and a human. Symbolism of feline energy, Atlantean tradition out of superstition, goddess “Endurra” , but did not represent any alien beings; also at the root of this was the ancient Egyptian worship of cats; (building such a huge monument to a principle is similar today to the statue of liberty and what it supposedly represents today, a concept not so much an actual god or alien overlord); the worship of this entity/concept gradually fizzled out over time;

12,656 y/ago: NOAH AND THE FLOOD

Was the last of 3 major cataclysms which brought Atlantis down; Occurred approx 12,656 yrs ago. Q: (L) Was Noah the same person described in the Babylonian texts as Utnapishtim? A: Close.

Noah flood story was symbolic of the breaking up of Atlantis. Out of 6 billion terrans, only 119 million survived. Was caused by the close passage of Martek/Mars(see Sol System Hx) which overloaded the earth’s atmosphere and caused the water vapor canopy to fall as a deluge, the destabilization of Mars’ orbit in turn was caused by the arrival of Venus in the Sol System; After this canopy was gone, Sunlight’s effects became degenerative to humans, hence shorter lifespans; Q: (L) What land did Noah/Utnapishtim live in, what continent? A: Atlantis. Q: (L) Where did the ark land after the receding of the waters? A: Egypt. Q: (L) Yet Noah built an ark. Was it true that certain individuals, whoever they were, built boats or did things to survive that terrible cataclysm? A: No. Look at it this way. Noah built a boat because it seemed like an enjoyable enterprise and when the flood came it came in handy, see? Q: (L) So, you are saying that if we do what we do because we enjoy it that we will be in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing when whatever happens happens, right? A: Close, You will just fall into it but if you force things you run the risk of going astray.

However from the Oct 22, 1994 session, we find out that:
A: First of all, there was no Noah. Secondly there was no actual real flood as depicted in that story. Thirdly, the whole story was a symbolic message as opposed to an actual event. Q: (L) What did actually occur and what does the symbolism have to tell us? A: It is a very broad representation. It simply means that there was a cataclysmic event that did envelop the whole planet at that time and that those that were ready to experience that as part of their soul development without exiting the body, were warned ahead of time. But not by trying to manipulate events, but by simply allowing faith to let them acquire knowledge and being naturally drawn into position to experience what they needed to experience to survive the event. Q: (L) At that time was Martek drawn close to the earth and did it have water on its surface which the earth then robbed or borrowed? A: That is very close to being the case. It is far more complicated than that so we will leave that at this time.

Q: (L) After the “flood of Noah” approximately how many people survived that cataclysm on the whole earth? A: Approximately 19 million. Q: (L) Why did the population of the earth continue to decline from that point? A: Because of disease and inability to adjust due to artificial manipulations of the genetic pool.

(12,000 y/ago) Kantekkians/ Celts arrive on British Isles and Canary Islands from Atlantis and some from underground hiding (but not part of the underground Nordic race- see UNDERGROUND BASES section), confused by trauma of the comet cluster and consequent “flood of Noah”.

Q: (L) When Thera blew, it seems to have destroyed all the Minoan cities except for Knossos. A: Thera was result of close passage by Maldek. Knossos was not destroyed because structures were fundamentally stronger and blast wave was perpendicular. Underground shelters saved a few of the people. Q: (L) Knossos lasted for about another 75 years after the events which destroyed most of the Minoan civilization. What were the events which brought about the final downfall of the Minoans? A: Meteor borne parasites. Meteor destroyed city. Q: (L) The Myceneans built a city with a 50 foot thick wall. Why was this wall built so if the only dangers were warriors armed with spears and arrows? A: Protected against frequent cataclysmic events during that period. It worked. Much of wall is still standing.


Q: (L) What did the tower of Babel look like? A: Looked very similar to your Washington monument. Which re-creation is an ongoing replication of a soul memory Q: (L) What was the event a hundred or so years after the flood of Noah that was described as the confusing of languages, or the tower of Babel? A: Spiritual confluence. Q: (L) What purpose did the individuals who came together to build the tower intend for said tower? A: Electromagnetic concentration of all gravity waves. Q: (L) And what did they intend to do with these concentrated waves? A: Mind alteration of masses. Q: (L) What intention did they have in altering the mind of the masses? A: Spiritual unification of the masses. Q: (L) Who were the “gods” that looked down on the tower of Babel, at those who were building it with the intention of unification, and decided to destroy their works? A: Lizards. Q: (L) Okay, so the Lizzies blew up the tower of Babel. What else did they do to the minds of mankind; did they do something causing literal disruption of their understanding of language? A: Close. Q: (L) What tool did they use to accomplish this divisiveness? A: Brainwashing of masses. Q: (L) Did they do this through implants and abduction? A: Partly.

Q: (L) What is the true meaning, the original meaning, of the Hebrew word “shem”? A: Purity. Q: (L) Why was this word related to the obelisks or standing stones later called “shems” by the Hebrews? A: Symbolic of purity: unification. Uniformity. Q: (L) Did these stones themselves actually possess any power? A: Residual. Q: (L) What object were the ancients going to place in the tower of Babel to... A: Crystal. Q: (L) Is “shem” also synonymous with “crystal”? A: Close. Q: (L) Shem, the son of Noah, was the ancestor of the group that built the tower, is this correct? A: Yes.


Q: (L) How were Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed and the other cities of the plain? And by whom? A: Nuclear; EM pulse. Who else? The Lizards, to implant fear and obedience, it was a deception of history that they were evil cities.

Q: Can you tell us when Macchu Picchu was built? A: 12009 BC.

9046 BC : Nephilim brought by Dracos as enforcers; represented as “Sons of God”;

8498 BC: close approximation of the final breaking up of Atlantis;
(10000 y ago) North Africa became desert due to weather changes at this time, was green and fertile before this time;

6243 BC (8243 yrs ago): Aryans invade India, local population were Asian tribes and Neanderthals.

6000 BC: Druids, an early Aryan group, build Stonehenge using sound wave focusing, to be an energy director for all things; the knowledge of this sound wave technology was handed down to them by ancestors

4092 BC (6092 yrs ago): City of Mohenjo Daro built directly by the Lizards but not inhabited by them. During the peak of Atlantis, Lizards were in direct contact with terrans for a 1000 yrs (around this time); Coatzlmundi legend ties in to this directly look at illustrations on stones now. Q: Who is Coatzlmundi? A: Other deity of the Lizards worshipped by the Atlanteans and their descendants because of the direct contact with humans for 1000 years.
Also: Q: (L) Did any aliens at all, and specifically the Lizzies, ever live among mankind and receive worship? A: They did not live among mankind, but they did interact directly with human beings, at various points in the past. It was at those points when human beings were ready, willing and able to accept deities appearing directly from outside sources and then worship them. Such things would not have occurred in the recent past. But, beware, it may very well occur very soon.

3218 BC: Baalbek built by Atlanteans and early Sumerians (Ark faction) using sound wave focusing to cut the stones and transport them in order to house genetically recreated Nephilim; Project took only three years. Speeded up growth cycle using nuclear hormonal replication procedure, resulting in retarded subjects; Venus’ 1st appearance and passing also contributed greatly to halting this project.

3211 BC – Narmer rebellion in Egypt

1108 BC (3108 yrs ago): Lizard beings directly build the city of Angkor Wat; visited and occupied on a temporary basis, but never lived there. These cities built for themselves and their human worshippers.

Q: Were the Celts the tall blonds known as the ‘Sons of Anak,’ who ruled over the Sumerians as described by Sitchen? A: “Celts” are what remains of the original prototype.

Mummification was based on superstition; Curse on King Tutankhamen’s tomb: using enough mental energy, Egyptians created the curse successfully (which anybody can do with enough mental energy)

5211 (yrs or BC?) (Bramley book) Pharaoh Rana- Egyptian leader of spiritual covenant uniting all the Middle Eastern peoples at the time, including Egyptians, Essenes, Aryans, Persians, etc.. Hermes Trismegistus betrayed the court of Pharaoh Rana on behalf of the Brotherhood of the Serpent, a Reptilian originated secret society, by inspiring divisions within the ranks of the various ethnicities in the covenant, due to lust for personal power

Q: (L) In reading the texts, we read about the Libyans and Ethiopians and it seems that anybody who didn't live in the Delta was called either a Libyan or an Ethiopian. Who were these so-called Libyan/Ethiopians, who lived in Egypt and other areas of North Africa, and where did they come from? A: Various identities at various times. Q: (L) Who were the so-called "Libyans" of the Exodus of 2676 BC, recorded as a Libyan rebellion by Manetho? A: Sumerian and Aryan mix. This group ended up in Crete.

Akhenaten was the real son of Amenhotep III; Akhenaten went mad and was thrown into the Nile by opponents;

Q: (L) We have Abraham and his nephew, Lot. Then we have Moses and Aaron, Jacob and Esau, Isaac and Ishmael. Were all of these sets of brothers just different aspects or views on the same stories, a set of singular individuals, whether brothers or not? A: Pretty much though with added elements from other stories blended in.

1627 BC to1588 BC:
Mt. Thera eruption due to passage of Venus {(L) Here I think that "Venus" is a code for the giant comet described by Victor Clube} comet cluster passage;
Nefertiti/Sarah locked up, for stealing the Ark of the Covenant (4D STS device) (The basis of the Bible story of Rachel stealing the household gods from her father) from Akhenaten, “rescued” by Abraham, pursued by Akhenaten who ended up drowning as a result.
Abraham with his tribe of 623 people wandered as Bedouins during this 39 year period before settling in Israel; Had Levites from the Hittite lands join his tribe; David was a Levite, family was only distantly related to Abraham’s and were in Palestine for 5 generations before David was born;

(Isaac was Sarah’s son; Abraham sacrificing Isaac did not happen; David was a Levite, not of Abraham’s line; Sumerian concept that the Jews were enslaved;

Danaans/Scythians: started out in Caucasus migrating to Northern China eventually, to be driven back west by the Chinese, ending up in Akkad then Egypt. The Hittites were a genetically altered group of Scythians; Sargon was a Scythian;

Was a Kantekkian descendant; Abraham/Paris/Alexander/Jacob was a Levite and his wife Sarah/ Helen of Troy was Nefertiti, a genetically tweaked Hittite (originally from one of the underground bases) who aroused suspicion when she did not get sick (with Leprosy and other plagues) during the events in Manetho(?). Nefertiti’s family’s strange skull shapes a result of 4th density STS genetic tweaking; Abraham’s god which communicated with him was reptilian, so Abraham’s pact was indirectly made with the lizards; Melchizedek gave Abraham the true information; Abraham gave a female (he came to possess) by the name of Kore to “Esau”, also referred to as “Dragon Slayers” by the C’s, Kore was the last living descendant of the Perseid Dynasty and “Abraham” was trying to protect her from “Helen of Troy’s” wrath;
Q: (Galahad) We have the last living member of the Perseid family... all mixed up with Abraham and Sarah otherwise known as Paris and Helen who was also Nefertiti. (L) And Abraham wanted to save this individual from the fury of Helen. (S) And why was Helen furious? What happened when Helen got furious? (L) And a lot of people died and have been dying ever since from this whole monotheistic rant. And it looks like Helen/Nefertiti/Sarah is the main source of the whole deal. A Hittite hybrid with a big skull like those heads of the Ica in Peru. And the C's have said that there were hybrids in Peru that were supposed to have been attempts to create a 3rd density body for direct STS incarnation. And it looks like Sarah/Helen/Nefertiti was one of them. No wonder women have been given a bad name. We have our work cut out for us.

Originally was given knowledge by 6th density, The “god” (Yahweh, a fictional being) that spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai- audible holographic projection of Lizards; Moses was deceived and corrupted by the projected imagery of the reptilians; was not allowed into the “promised land” due to the fact that he became tyrannical; Moses was taken/ transferred planes by 6th density (Cassiopaeans), (but not died), works with Christ on another plane, taught afterward about having been duped by the Lizards. A: It was finally understood by "Moses" that the danger of the object (The Ark) was greater than the ability of descendants to resist corruption. He handed it over to those who had created it, (4D)STS. Q: Did this amount to some sort of realization on Moses' part? Did he start to wake up? A: Yes. The story of the "contending with the angel" was the significant turning point as well as the moment of return.

Q: (L) What year did the Exodus occur counting backward from now according to our calendrical system? A: 4670(2676 BC). Q: (L) At that time did a cometary Venus pass close to the earth and cause disruption? A: Yes. Q: (L) Was Venus the pillar of smoke by day and fire by night as seen by the Jews during the Exodus? A: No. Q: (L) What was seen by the Jews? A: A Guide ship. Jews followed their own paths in effort to escape the cataclysms and were not lead to the promised land by the Lizards; Their legend about being the chosen people and led to the promised land is Illuminati propaganda (“Influence and nonsense”) ;

Q: (L) Were Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by nuclear weapons? A: Yes and no, destroyed by Electromagnetic pulse.

1065 BC ( 3065 yrs ago): City of Mohenjo Daro last inhabited;

On the subject of supernovas; I have discovered that three of the supernovas of antiquity which have be discovered and time estimated by the remnants, if they were not observed, occurred in or near Cassiopeia at very interesting points in history. A: Yes... Q: (L) Well, one of these periods in history was around 1054. This is a very interesting time. It just so happens that there are no European records of this supernova which was recorded by the Chinese, Japanese, and perhaps even the Koreans. Yet, there are no European records. What happened to the European records? A: Europe was in a “recovery mode” at the “time.” A: Loss of civilized structure due to overhead cometary explosion in 564 AD. A: Well, the burning fragmentary shower ignited much of the land areas in what you now refer to as Western Europe. This had the results you can imagine, causing the resulting societal breakdown you now refer to as “The Dark Ages.” A: Check Irish or Celtic, and French or Gallic records of the era for clues. There were temporary “islands of survival,” lasting just long enough for the written word to eke out.

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The Force is Strong With This One
Part 2



Jesus never went to India or Egypt to undergo initiation in the Great Pyramid. Lived his entire life in general area of Palestine.

Jesus never: 1. Fed thousands with loaves of bread and fish. 2. Changed water into wine. 3. Walked on water. 4. Was no crucifixion or resurrection after 3 days. 5. Raise the dead. 6. Descend into hell during the course of his death (were superstitions created hundreds of years after his work) Note: Q: (L) What is the purpose of the stories? A: Control

Jesus did: 1. Teach spiritual truths to those starving for them, basis was channeled information from higher sources. He taught that all men are loved by the creator and are one with same. 2. He performed some miracles: literal healing with touch of his hand (similar to Reiki), performed some exorcisms. 3. Telekinesis

(L) So is there any truth to their claims of this Apostolic Succession? A: Well, now that you ask, how can there be when there is no truth to the "Jesus story" as promulgated. In other words, it is all made up though at different periods in the past.

Jesus of Nazareth was an advanced spirit; Born: counting backwards in our calendrical system, Jesus was born on 01 06 minus 14, 6 am. 5’9”, blue eyes, strawberry blond hair, fair skin, 160 lbs, average build; carpenter by trade; real name: Jesinavarah; Q: (L) what was Jesus’ blood type? A: B negative; Biological Father: Tonatha, blonde blue eyed Aryan by ethnicity, from Palestine; Biological Mother: Mary, 19, Acting father: Joseph, 39, (unable to father children) Q: (L) Was he selected for some reason to be the biological father of Jesus by other beings or powers. A: Close.
Q: (L) Can you give us any details about him. What was his lineage, where did he come from, etc. A: He was a member of the white sect. Q: (L) What is the white sect? A: AKA Aryans. Andarans. (Laura’s note: Who are the Andarans?) Q: (L) Was Mary a member of the Essene group? A: Yes. Q: (L) Was this man also a member of the Essenes? A: No. Q: (L) This person, Tonatha, was chosen to be the biological father of Jesus? A: Yes. Q: (L) Why did Mary not marry him? A: Feelings were extremely transient. Q: (L) You are saying she was fickle? A: No. Influenced by telepathic suggestion. Q: (L) Was she already betrothed at this time? A: No. Hypnotized level 1. Q: (L) Did Mary and Joseph, once together, subsequently have other children? A: No. But Jesus did. Q: (L) Jesus had children? Who was he married to? A: Was not. Fathered 3 children by 3 roman women-Alicia, Rafea, Vella. A: The three women represented sexual temptation. He felt bad after each. He washed himself and asked for strength and forgiveness. Q: (L) Is that, as some people claim, the true meaning of the search for the Holy Grail, that it is not a cup but the “Sang Real”, or holy blood line? A: Yes. Q: (L) Are there any descendants of Jesus living today? A: 364,142. Well known descendants of Jesus include Yasser Arafat, Winston Churchill. [Q: (L) On a couple of occasions it has been mentioned that Yasser Arafat was a fifth density soul and that he was a descendant of Jesus of Nazareth. What is there about him that demonstrates these qualities or these genetics? A: Have you not seen? Imagine what it would be like to be Yasser Arafat. Look at your perception. What is he doing now? Q: (L) Well the pro-Jewish point of view is not favorable to him. A: Well, what you describe as pro anything is an obsession. And, as we know, obsession blocks knowledge which in turn blocks the ability to protect oneself against negative occurrences. Not a good idea. If you were following circumstances, Yasser Arafat is now trying to take the world upon his shoulders by making peace with the Israelis who have been enemies for a very long time. And, therefore, he is now a peace maker and knowledge dispenser.]

(L) Was Jesus genetically engineered by Aliens? A: Close. Q: Was Jesus genetically altered? A: After birth and during childhood. Q: (L) Was Jesus special, Christed as it is called, in any way? A: Quick exalted to end the wars and civil entrancement; Zindar council. Q: (L) What is the Zindar/zendar Council? A: Two cycle exchangers mission. A: Zendar Council is a sixth level density council which spans both physical and ethereal realms and which oversees dramatic development points at various civilizational sectors in lower density levels.

Q: (L) I would like you to expound a bit on the life of Christ in terms of chronology of events. Could you tell us about his understanding about himself, his interaction with higher sources, his state of being Christed, and what was the true work he came her to do and how did he accomplish it? A: His awareness of who and what he was gradually came as he grew. He was taught by us through his faith as described previously. And you should have faith as well because you would find things would come to you as “knowings” more often than even now. Jesus awareness of his mission and his actions pertaining to it were part of the natural progression of his growth and development. The information about his “miracles” has been largely corrupted by writings which have been passed down after the actual event period. Most of these writings are by entities who wish to confuse and corrupt all humanity for previously stated purposes. The idea was that if one perceived Jesus as performing physical miracles, then your entire understanding of what the life experience here on earth and on this plane is, and the meaning for it all, is also corrupted and the knowledge is blocked which is the goal of those who have done this. Jesus’ purpose and plan was to teach knowledge to all who sought but did not have the strength to express as great a level of faith as he had to acquire the knowledge as he did from higher sources. If they were open and willing to learn they could be taught by hearing. He had only very limited success in imparting faith to others because faith comes solely from within and that is one of the most difficult things for beings on your plane to acquire.

Q: (L) Is Jesus an alien? A: He is one of us. From 5th density originally . Previous Incarnations ( total of 1009): Joshua (Moses) , Socrates; Melchizidek was not an incarnation of Jesus. Spiritual relationship of Jesus to John the Baptist and Mary, both also 5th density souls, was due to pact, no “combined souls” or anything like that. Q: (L) Who was it that came to present him gifts? A: 3 prophets. Q: (L) What country did these prophets come from? A: Iran. Also known as Persia. Brought gold, spices and clothing as gifts. Q: (L) Was Jesus an individual who had psychic or unusual powers from birth? A: Close. Q: (L) Did he have an awareness from the earliest times of his life that he was in some way special or chosen? A: yes. Q: (L) Was Jesus Christed in the sense of having some special mantle of power falling over him at the time of his baptism? A: Nearly correct Q: (L) What was the “star” that indicated to the prophets... A: Spaceship. Q: (L) What kind of space ship? A: Mothership from other realm, 5th density purpose of ship appearance is to lead the prophets, observation of event and encoding the infant both physically and telepathically. Q: (L) Jesus grew up to the age of twelve, at which point he was Bar Mitzvahed, is that correct? A: He was Bar Mitzvahed at the age of 10, and received training/teaching via channeling in the Aramaic rite. Q: (L) Are you saying that all the miracles of the Bible are myths? A: Remember this is corrupted information altered after the fact for purposes of political and economic gain and control

Where, precisely, did this person who came to be known as Jesus live? A: Aramaia. A: In what is now Lebanon. Q: His name was Jesinavarah, as you said before. During his lifetime, did he have a large following? A: Towards the end, and after. Q: At that time, according to our measurement, how many years did he spend on the earth plane before he was taken up in this beam of light? A: 43. Q: Okay, when he was taken up in this beam of light, where did this event occur? A: The Sea of Galilee. [Note: name of Galilee and possible relation to Gaul?] Q: On the shore? A: Yes. Q: You said he had children by three Roman women and he also had a wife? A: Close enough. Q: Did he have a twin? A: No. Q: Was Judas Iscariot his brother? A: No. Q: Did he have a brother named Jude or Judas? A: No. Q: Did he have brothers and sisters? A: No. Q: This event that is described in the New Testament as the crucifixion was obviously a symbol for something else. You have told us that this was a symbolic story... A: More like propaganda. Q: So, the crucifixion was not symbolic of some other hidden meaning, or event? A: See “Gods of Eden.” Q: You also said that Jesus was going to return, that he would emerge from this other density experience and come as a teacher. Is this because he is the number one teacher doing this work at the time? A: More because the messenger most capable of delivering the message, because of expectations.

Q: (L) Okay, what is the truth on the resurrection? A: Left earth plane on ship after extended sleep state, 98 hours of semi-death. Q: (L) When did he go into this sleep state? Did he just go in one day and go to bed and go to sleep and then a ship came and picked him up? A: Close- upon pillar of light. Q: (L) So he appeared to his followers to have died? A: They thought this Q: (L) And then he told them things he had seen in his extended meditative sleep, is that what happened? A: Told prophecies then proclaimed eventual return. He spent 96 hours in a comatose state in a cave near Jerusalem. When he awoke, he prophesied to his disciples and then exited the cave. 27,000 people had assembled because of mother ship appearance and he was taken up in a beam of light. Mark-chap. 24 and Luke chap. 21 were given by Jesus after this extended sleep.

Q: (L) Is there any special power or advantage in praying in the name of Jesus? A: Yes. every time we call upon Jesus, we are replenishing our Godspark. Godspark, the portion of the creator living within us, Jesus had them ad infinitum due to the sublime being, the Christ dwelling in his body (formed within him) due to his supremely pure faith and thought and soul replication for communication purposes. Q: (L) Well, if he didn’t die and release his spirit into the earth plane, how is this power conferred? A: Prayers go to him. Q: (L) And what does he do when he hears the prayers? A: Determines their necessity against background of individual soul development. Q: (L) You said that when a person prays to Jesus that he makes some sort of a decision, is that correct? A: Yes. Q: (L) Well, how can he do that when millions of people are praying to him simultaneously? A: Soul division. Q: (L) Does Jesus’ soul divide? A: Yes, Endlessly as a projection of consciousness, the soul replications are like a hologram Q: (L) And what happens to this piece of soul that is divided or projected? A: Is not a piece of a soul. Q: (L) What is it? A: It is a replication. Q: (L) Is each replication exactly identical to the original? A: Yes. And no. Q: (L) In what way is the replicated soul different from the original? A: Not able to give individual attention. Q: (L) Are any of us able to replicate in this manner if we so desire? A: Could if in same circumstance. The way the process works is thus: When Jesus left the earth plane, he went into another dimension or density of reality, whereupon all “rules” regarding the awareness of time and space are entirely different from the way they are perceived here. At this point in space time his soul which was/is still in the physical realm, was placed in a state of something akin to suspended animation and a sort of advanced form of unconsciousness. From that point to the present his soul has been replicated from a state of this unconsciousness in order that all who call upon him or need to be with him or need to speak to him can do so on an individual basis. His soul can be replicated ad infinitum—as many times as needed. The replication process produces a state of hyper-consciousness in each and every version of the soul consciousness. Q: (L) Is Jesus, in fact, in a state of suspension, voluntarily, in another plane of existence, having chosen to give up his life on this plane in order to continuously generate replications of his soul pattern for other people to call upon for assistance? A: Yes
(L) In other words, repeatedly invoking Jesus for additional strength is not necessary, once one has truly made the connection, that’s it? A: That’s all that’s needed. Q: (L) Has any other soul volunteered to perform this work? A: Yes. Q: (L) How many souls are doing this work at the present time? A: 12. Q: (L) Can you name any of the others? A: Bhudda. Moses. Shintanhilmoon. Nagaillikiga. Varying degrees; Jesus is the strongest currently.

I mean, did Mary Magdalene exist as a person? A: Yes. Q: Was she the wife of Jesus? A: No. Q: Did Jesus have a wife? A: Yes. Q: Who was his wife? A: Anatylenia. Q: What was her background, her nationality? A: Nazarene. Q: Does that mean that she was from the east? A: Possibly, if viewed that way. Q: Did they have any children? A: Yes A: Three. Q: What was the family name? A: Marnohk. Q: What did his wife do when he ascended into the stat of hyperconsciousness which you have previously described? A: Awaited her turn to transition. Q: Did she continue to live in the same general area, or did she move to Europe. A: Same.

Q: …you said that this individual was a member of what you called the ‘white sect’ also known as Aryans. Aryans are not precisely known as a sect, but what sect is there among Aryans that you were referring to; what is it called? A: White sect. Q: So, they call it the White Sect. Is it like the White Brotherhood? A: Those of fair complexion who wear white robes. Q: And when they call themselves this, in what language did they create this moniker? A: Aramaic. Q: So, we need to know what it is in Aramaic. What kind of teachings did they follow? A: Similar to the monks of orthodox Christianity. Q: If they were similar to the monks of orthodox Christianity, then the activities of this individual in being the biological father of Jesus, would that not be considered to be breaking one’s monkly vows? A: All can be forgiven a singular indiscretion. Q: So, this Mary knew this individual who was, for all intents and purposes, a monk in this sect and the hypnosis was activated and possibly in him also... was he also hypnotized level 1 as you said about her? A: Close enough. Q: This sect existed... where was this monastery or group located? A: Near today’s Haifa. Q: Where, in fact, was this child born? A: [Many spirals] Nazareth. Q: You have said that he did not travel and receive special teachings, yet that he knew that he was special from the beginning, and that the information was channeled to him. How do I want to phrase this? At what age did he receive this enlightenment? A: Was progressive.

Q: I want to clarify the issue of Jesus’ wives. The first time we asked, you said that Jesus was not married, but had three children with three Roman women. The second time we asked, you said he had a wife, Anatylenia, and had three children with this one woman. My question is: did he have six children, three with one woman, and one each with three other women? A: No. ; 2 boys one girl, one child per woman, Anatylenia was one of the 3 roman women;

Q: (L) Okay. I would like to know who was responsible for the vision seen by the Emperor Constantine which caused him to convert to Christianity and impose Christianity on his world? A: The answer to that is, mainly and primarily, merely that the Emperor Constantine had been predestined to do such a thing by the planning process that exists in fifth density prior to the reemergence of a soul in third density.


Lizards projected human type beings, inspired forms of great Aryan spirits to communicate to Hitler;
Hitler’s spirit is currently in indefinite ’sleep’, to be reincarnated eventually.

Hitler received instructions from higher density beings about creating a ‘Master Race.’ Aryan genetic types seen to be more desirable for creation of this Germanic ‘master race due to similarity and ancestral link most unblemished from Orion 3rd and 4th density stock, trying to breed a group of people like themselves.

A: It was der Fuhrer who tried hardest. But not nearly enough. Q: A: Find it in order to supersede the very power structure that created him. Q: What power structure was this? A: The “Third Reich.” Q: And who created the Third Reich? A: Illuminati. Q: So Hitler thought he could find something that would enable him to take complete control... A: Sort of like a termite trying to vanquish “Orkin.”

Q: (L) Why was Hitler so determined, beyond all reason, even to his own self-destruction, to annihilate the Jews? A: Many reasons and very complex. But, remember, while still a child, Hitler made a conscious choice to align himself with the “forces of darkness,” in order to fulfill his desires for conquest and to unite the Germanic peoples. Henceforth, he was totally controlled, mind, body, and soul, by STS forces. Q: (L) So, what were the purposes of the STS forces that were controlling Hitler causing him to desire to annihilate an entire group of people? A: To create an adequate “breeding ground” for the reintroduction of the Nephilim, for the purpose of total control of the 3rd density earth prior to elevation to 4th density, where such conquest is more difficult and less certain! Q: (L) Do you mean “breeding ground” in the sense of genetic breeding? A: Yes. Third density. Q: (L) Did they accomplish this goal? A: No. Q: (L) So, the creation of the Germanic “Master Race” was what they were going after, to create this “breeding ground?” A: Yes. Q: (L) And, getting rid of the Jews was significant? Couldn’t a Germanic master race be created without destroying another group? A: No. Q: Why? A: Because of 4th density prior encoding mission destiny profile. This means encoding to activate after elevation to 4th density, thus if not eliminated, negates Nephilim domination and absorption. Jews were prior encoded to carry out mission after conversion, though on individual basis. The Nazis did not exactly know why they were being driven to destroy them, because they were being controlled from 4th density STS. But, Hitler communicated directly with Lizards, and Orion STS, and was instructed on how to create the “master race.” Q: (L) And they were going to use this as their basis to introduce a new blend of the Nephilim... (RC) And the New World Order... their version of it. (L) Well, what is the plan now? A: We cannot tell you this yet, as you would seek to reveal it prematurely, leading to your destruction!!!! Q: (L) Okay. They were preparing this breeding ground, so to speak. Obviously this was for the introduction of some other genetic strain. What was this? A: Nephilim. Q: (L) Well, if the Nephilim are coming in ships, 36 million of them, why bother to create half-breeds here? A: Yes, but having an “advance party” makes 3rd density conquest much easier. Q: (L) So, this Master Race was supposed to get everything ready... A: Yes. Q: (L) Okay, what is it about the Semitic genes that was considered to be so undesirable in the creation of this ‘Master Race?’ A: Would blemish genetic characteristics inclined to ruthlessness and domination. Q: (L) So, you are saying that there is something, some genetic tendency or set of genes in the Semitic type that would counteract this? A: Close.

A: The concept of a “master race” put forward by the Nazis was merely a 4th density STS effort to create a physical vehicle with the correct frequency resonance vibration for 4th density STS souls to occupy in 3rd density. It was also a “trial run” for planned events in what you perceive to be your future. Q: (L) You mean with a strong STS frequency so they can have a “vehicle” in 3rd density, so to speak? A: Correct. Frequency resonance vibration! Very important. Q: (L) So, that is why they are programming and experimenting? And all these folks running around who some think are “programmed,” could be individuals who are raising their nastiness levels high enough to accommodate the truly negative STS 4th density - sort of like walk-ins or something, only not nice ones? A: You do not have very many of those present yet, but that was, and still is, the plan of some of the 4th density STS types.

Q: They made up the whole story? A: No, just Hess survival, for propaganda value. Q: Well that is a bizarre thing to say about it. But, it is also another option that the writer of that book did NOT consider. But what about the farmer who saw a guy parachute out of the plane? A: So they say. Q: Well, I guess they could have set the whole thing up. That would be even MORE devious! A: Real Hess would never have relented to abuse. Q: So, they had to make Hitler think Hess survived in order to fool him into thinking that whatever the plan was was working? A: Hitler believed Hess had gone mad, or had indeed died.

Q: (L) Getting back to this German time machine: did the Germans capture a crashed, or retrieve a crashed, UFO during the war? A: Yes. Q: (L) Who was flying that craft - excuse me - OPERATING that craft? A: Grays. Q: (L) Were the Germans able to back engineer and construct other craft similar to the one they captured? A: Did not need to. They got the information on such things from channeled sources. Q: (L) Did the Germans get the information from the Vril Society? A: Partly. Also Thule Society. Q: (L) Among the things that were discussed among the Germans in the Thule Society and the Vril Society, was the “Black Sun That Illuminates the Interior.” Can you tell us what this “Black Sun” is? A: Ultimate destiny of STS orientation. Q: (L) Is this Black Sun an actual astronomical phenomenon? A: In essence. Q: (L) What would we know this Black Sun as? A black hole? A: Good possibility. Q: (L) A little off to the side, but is there any Japanese connection here? A: Only to extent of level of participation in “secret” world government.

My question is: was Hitler happy and satisfied with what his life brought him? A: Initially. Q: And I think that the only thing he might be unhappy about is how he failed to be more successful as a totally dedicated STS being. A: Yes. Q: What is Hitler doing right now? Planning on coming back and trying to do it again? [Laughter] Seriously, what is Hitler doing now? A: Soul in transit. Q: What’s a floater? A: Returnee. Q: He is floating around and waiting to come into a body? A: Yes. Q: You mean he’s already done 5th density and is ready to incarnate again? A: Yes. Q: Well, that’s a scary thought! Just so we know, does it happen to be here on earth? A: Wait and see. Q: Well, that sounds ominous. Is this something others will know about once it happens? A: Maybe. Q: Well, swell! When he incarnates in this next life, is he still sold out to the Dark side as he was in the last one? Or, has he been degaussed and will he switch and match his nastiness with good deeds? A: Open.

Q: Well, this is a bizarre question, but I have to ask it. Was Hitler a homosexual? A: No. (Though Hitler had no offspring either)

Q: (Perceval) Did the Nazis use gas chambers to kill Jews? A: No. Q: (Perceval) How many Jews in total were killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust? A: 3.2 million. A: (By other means) Shooting, starvation, experiments, diseases including deliberate infection for experiment.

Q: (L) Are you saying that the Jews were not the only ones in the holocaust? A: No special karmic significance to being “Jewish”, special significance is experiencing holocaust for purpose of purging extraordinary karmic debt.


US govt. made the treaty with the Greys, treaty was never really in effect, due to alien deception. Govt realized this in 1972, Out of the deal the Govt. received mind control technology; There are more abductions in the US as opposed to all other nations due to the Govt. opening this channel.

Spacecraft piloted by Grays but of the Reptilians crashed due to ionization. Bodies recovered by the US govt. Q: (L) In discussion of a purported crash of a space craft in Roswell, it was remarked that this crash was caused by ionization. Could you be more specific? A: That reference simply means the bouncing of what you call radar beams off of the ions existing in the atmosphere at the time, caused electromagnetic disturbance which interfered the gravitational balancing system of that particular craft. Q: (L) Why were the ions present at that time and not at other times? A: The ions were charged at that time because of storm activity. Q: (L) You said that there were bodies recovered by the government. How many bodies were recovered? A: Three dead and one still in operation. All hybrids of grays and humans. Q: (L) How long did the one live? A: Remained in operation for approximately 3 and a half years. It was a robotic biogenetic being rather than a soul encompassing physical existence.

A: The crash did not occur at Roswell. It was in a desert area, approximately 157 miles to the West by NorthWest, of the Roswell location. The Roswell location that you are familiar with it, did not include either a craft or any bodies or living beings. It was merely a debris field. The actual crash occurred some distance away. The crash site, a desert location, closer to Los Alamos, Mexico, and there, the craft, which had malfunctioned over Roswell, thus leaving behind the debris field, had, in fact crashed. This is where the bodies and living beings were recovered along with what was remaining of the craft. And, yes, the being in the film you have seen DID come from there (Alien Autopsy). It also may be noted, and you can check this with the official record as has been interpreted by those in your environment who have studied the subject, this was a specialized mission which was initiated by those referred to as the Lizard Beings using human/hybrid combinations, the hybrid element being that referred to as the Gray type, it was an experiment partly as what could be interpreted or translated to mean a reconnaissance mission, and partly testing the environmental conditions that existed in that area at the time as a result of the nuclear explosions that had occurred in the region in the recent past, as measured from that particular point in time. The effort was to determine effects on both the living Gray species and of, course, the Reptilian or Lizard species, as they have a similar genetic make-up in some ways that we will not get into just now. But, the idea was to test the effects upon both the human genes, or genetic structure, and the Gray genetic structure which, in turn, is connected the Lizard genetic structure if you understand the concept. That was one objective. Another objective, of course, was basic reconnaissance.

Q: (L) OK, the story that came from the camera man who shot the video was that there were these four beings. One was dead, and three were standing outside the craft, crying and clutching boxes to their chests. Is this an accurate... A: Yes. Q: (L) What were those boxes? A: Storage of translation matrix group to individual, emotion stabilization units. Q: (L) What is a translation Matrix? A: Translates foreign thought patterns, not needed except in emergency loss of electromagnetic grid wave. Q: (L) OK, what is an emotion stabilization unit used for? A: Variety of uses, mostly for survival by neutralizing thoughts of harm by emotionally charged beings, not accustomed to shocking turn of events Q: (L) Were the harmful thought that they were designed to neutralize, thoughts of other beings? A: Yes. A: Did not have chance to activate. Q: (L) OK, so if they had had the opportunity to activate these boxes, they would have been more or less able to extricate themselves from this unpleasant situation? A: Not extricate, lessen negative aspects. Q: (L) OK, how many beings were in this particular craft that crashed? A: 21. Q: (L) How come the reports say there were only four? A: Reports are suppressed and fragmented, as far fewer individuals witnessed interior of craft!! Q: (L) There were two complete craft that came down? A: Bouncing off ionized waves between two craft traveling in tandem. Q: (L) OK, was one of these craft totally destroyed? A: Yes. Q: (L) And all the beings in the one that was totally destroyed were incinerated, or blown to bits, is that correct? A: Close. Q: (L) Did some of them eject? A: 4th density. Q: (L) OK, now of the 21 that were in the craft that was captured, so to speak, there were four outside the craft when it was approached, is that correct? A: Yes. Q: (L) Then that would mean that there were 17 inside... Of these 21 beings, how many were greys, the standard grey lizzie-probe type being? A: Most. Q: (L) Were there other kinds of beings in there? A: Human. Q: (L) There was one human in there also? A: 5. A: Retrieval and study specimens, two big foot types. Q: (L) OK, tell me once again what it means for a being, a human to be retrieved. A: Picked up after expiration. Q: (L) OK, so they picked up dead bodies, is that it? A: Yes. Q: (LM) Why? (L) To study them.

Q: Okay, let’s get to the main subject. We have a serious problem here. In this series of sessions we had over a period of years about Roswell, on October 7, 1994, we were discussion Roswell, the question was asked about the number of bodies recovered by the government. The answer you gave was “three dead, one still in operation.” Then, you said it was a “robotic, biogenetic being rather than a soul-encompassing physical existence.” On September 2, 1995, again we have a body count of 4, who were described as hybrids, and this was in relation to the alien autopsy video. So, we have four hybrids, composed of human and Grey Alien genetic combination. On October 21, 1995, I was reciting the story from the alien autopsy video, and the camera man was quoted as having stated that there were four beings, and one was dead, and three were standing outside the craft crying and clutching boxes of some sort. I asked if this was accurate, and you said yes. So, in this case, which must also be the case of the four hybrids mentioned above, we have a count of four beings, with one dead, and three living. Next: we talked about it further, and we asked about how many beings were in a particular crash, and you said 21. I asked how come the reports said that there were only four, and you said the reports were suppressed and fragmented because fewer individuals witnessed the interior of the craft. So, now we have 17 more beings on the inside. However, on this occasion, what we were talking about was the fact that this was a mission to retrieve dead bodies for study. Five of the bodies inside were human, and two were bigfoot types. Before, you had said that the craft that crashed were on a “highly specialized mission” of reconnaissance and testing of environmental conditions of the area as a result of the nuclear testing that had taken place there. But this particular mission seems to have been otherwise. But, I know that one mission profile does not negate the other. Yet, it seems to be contradictory. But, the biggest contradiction we have seems to be where it states that there were four bodies. On the one occasion, three were dead and one was alive, then three were living, and one was dead, and now, suddenly, we have 21 and a whole different ballgame. Now, I understand that the way our questions are framed, and what awareness we have, are factors that can vary the response. But I have to deal with this because I am writing about it and there is confusion here. A: There was more than one “crash in the vicinity” of Roswell, and at different times. The four body scenario refers to the incident most frequently cited. A: Three dead, one living. Q: So, what about the incident where there were three living and one dead? A: Yes, in early June and approximately 100 miles further west of the Roswell area. Q: So, in early June there were three living and one dead. And this is the one that the camera man was talking about? A: Yes. Q: And then there was an incident in July where there were three dead and one living, and that is the one that most of the Roswell witnesses are talking about? A: One more. Q: One more crash? A: Yes. Q: Okay, so there were two crashes at the same time? A: Three. Q: There were three in the July period? A: June/July. Q: Two in June, and one in July? A: June 4th, July 1st, and July 4th. Q: The one in June occurred 100 miles further west? A: Yes. Q: The July 1st, incident, where did that occur? A: 67 miles southeast of White Sands. Q: And the third crash was the Plains of San Augistin crash that you have already given figures on, correct? A: Yes. Q: Which one of these crashes had the 21 bodies? A: Second. This explains the famous news release because the base was abuzz due to all these occurrences. Q: Now, in this second crash where you said that there were two big foot types: were the big foot types also dead? A: Yes. Q: You also said that some of the beings went into 4th density, sort of, at the time of one of these crashes. What exactly DID happen? A: It is complex, but suffice it to say that they re-transited to 4th density. Q: You said that there were five dead humans inside that were retrieval and study specimens. Where did they get these bodies? A: Mexico and South America. Q: Now, on two or three occasions you said I should be researching a modern-day connection between the Roswell event and the underground zones and the Canary Islands. What is the connection of the Roswell incident to the Canary Islands, other than the names? Are the Canaries a sort of headquarters? A: Clue is that similar energies are employed.


Q: (L) Who really killed Abraham Lincoln? A: Booth, conspiracy. But the head was not caught; (Booth) was patsy stand in.

Q: (L) Who was Jack the Ripper? A: Dr. Bates. Q: (L) Did he commit suicide and is that why the Ripper killings stopped? A: No.Q: (L) Did he just stop doing it? A: Yes. Q: (L) Why did he do it? A: Experiment human organs; he was a mad surgeon.

Lizards were controlling factor behind his abnormal life;

Q: (L) Was there, in fact, any connection between this murder and JFK planning to reveal the government’s knowledge of alien interaction? A: Maybe, or that was feared, based upon a sophisticated psychological profiling system. Q: (L) One thing that we noticed was that Lee Oswald was ‘sheep dipped’ in many areas around the country, well before the election of Kennedy. Why would this be the case? A: Consortium. Q: (L) What was the intention in using Oswald in this way? Was it just to have a handy person around, or did they already know, in advance, that Kennedy would be elected and that they would assissinate him? A: Time alteration. Q: (L) Do you mean time alteration in the sense that these events did NOT actually occur at the noted times, or that they were able to go back in time and do this to put more confusion into the picture? A: Latter, see Montauk.

Jeffery Dahmer: abductee of Lizards, got his perversions from them, is not genetically connected to them however.

Oklahoma city bombing: was done by McVeigh and associates, was just one fertilizer filled truck bomb, however McVeigh was influenced by the reptilians to carry this act out;

Q: (Perceval) What percentage of the alleged Palestinian suicide bombings over the past 6 years have actually been carried out by Palestinian suicide bombers? A: 0.05%

Q: (L) Did the United States government deliberately murder the Branch Davidians at Waco? A: Close. Led them to destroy themselves. A: Psychological warfare tactics. Q: (L) Did the US government set their compound on fire? A: No. Q: (L) Who set the compound on fire? A: Branch Davidians. Drove them crazy. Q: (L) Were ELF or subliminals used? A: Yes. As well as other means.

Q: (L) Did OJ Simpson kill his wife? A: Yes. Q: (L) Did he take the murder clothes and weapon to Chicago and leave it there in a bag? A: No. Q: (L) Where is it? A: LA dump. One of them. Q: (L) Is OJ Simpson going to be found guilty? A: No.

Q: (Perceval) What was the real story behind the Dick Cheney shooting of Whittington? A: Woman issue while drinking. Q: (laughter, you’re serious?!) (Perceval) Did Dick Cheney ever hunt human beings in the literal sense? A: Well, that is an interesting question… the short answer is: has, does, plans for greater quarry.


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Interresting reading. But it would have been even better if you could indicate the transcript dates for easy referencing.



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Q: (L) Was there, in fact, any connection between this murder and JFK planning to reveal the government’s knowledge of alien interaction? A: Maybe, or that was feared, based upon a sophisticated psychological profiling system. Q: (L) One thing that we noticed was that Lee Oswald was ‘sheep dipped’ in many areas around the country, well before the election of Kennedy. Why would this be the case? A: Consortium. Q: (L) What was the intention in using Oswald in this way? Was it just to have a handy person around, or did they already know, in advance, that Kennedy would be elected and that they would assissinate him? A: Time alteration. Q: (L) Do you mean time alteration in the sense that these events did NOT actually occur at the noted times, or that they were able to go back in time and do this to put more confusion into the picture? A: Latter, see Montauk.
Ran across this book today while searching around on amazon. It is a pre-order book and it might go into some aspects of what was discussed in the above exchange, if the title is anything to go by. I’m going to order it and read it in the next couple months.

A Secret Order: Investigating the High Strangeness and Synchronicity in the JFK Assassination H. P. Albarelli Jr.
Reporting new and never-before-published information about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, this investigation dives straight into the deep end, and seeks to prove the CIA’s involvement in one of the most controversial topics in American history. Featuring intelligence gathered from CIA agents who reported their involvement in the assassination, the case is broken wide open while covering unexplored ground. Gritty details about the assassination are interlaced throughout, while primary and secondary players to the murder are revealed in the in-depth analysis. Although a tremendous amount has been written in the nearly five decades since the assassination, there has never been, until now, a publication to explore the aspects of the case that seemed to defy explanation or logic.


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Fabulous Effort dougquaid. . .

Q: (L) Okay, what is it about the Semitic genes that was considered to be so undesirable in the creation of this ‘Master Race?’ A: Would blemish genetic characteristics inclined to ruthlessness and domination.

This is the most interesting fact yet . . .
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