Electro-machining and sculpting of Earth's surface, Lichtenberg figures


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Hello all

I have been reading a lot of material lately on electric universe, watching videos and just trying to build up a basic understanding of what EU is all about and its role within our cosmos. And from what I have come to know so far, it has been an amazing journey of constant amazement and excitement. Why? Because a lot of what’s been presented and explained by well-known figures in EU appears to makes lot more sense when compared to mainstream theories and explanations. And, if any of it is true, then it really needs greater attention and input from everyone since it endeavours to explain the most basic, primal and powerful cosmos building force which is electricity. Now, I am not very knowledgeable of electric charges and their finer points but have a good overall understanding of electric force and what makes it flow. And, generally, that's good enough to form a basic understanding of the subject matter at hand. For greater detail, I recommend reading Pierre's book complemented with various books produced by the EU crowd.

The purpose of this post is to share what I have been looking into the last couple of weeks – the sculpting of Earth’s surface by electric forces. I went in this direction after listening to Wallace Thornhill in a Sott Podcast, link below. He mentions the Lichtenburg figures which are prominent in some of our mountain ranges and how they might have been created. I have tried to keep the content of the post very as much nont-technical as possible and easy to grasp from just observation alone.

What is a Lichtenburg figure?
Wikipedia said:
"Lichtenberg figures, or "Lichtenberg dust figures", are branching electric discharges that sometimes appear on the surface or in the interior of insulating materials. Lichtenberg figures are often associated with the progressive deterioration of high voltage components and equipment.

Lichtenberg figures are named after the German physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, who originally discovered and studied them. When they were first discovered, it was thought that their characteristic shapes might help to reveal the nature of positive and negative electric "fluids". In 1777, Lichtenberg built a large electrophorus to generate high voltage static electricity through induction. After discharging a high voltage point to the surface of an insulator, he recorded the resulting radial patterns by sprinkling various powdered materials onto the surface. By then pressing blank sheets of paper onto these patterns, Lichtenberg was able to transfer and record these images, thereby discovering the basic principle of modern xerography.[1]

This discovery was also the forerunner of the modern day science of plasma physics. Although Lichtenberg only studied two-dimensional (2D) figures, modern high voltage researchers study 2D and 3D figures (electrical trees) on, and within, insulating materials.

Lichtenberg figures are examples of natural phenomena which exhibit fractal properties."

Below is what a Lichtenburg figure looks like -
Lichtenburg Figure.PNG

All slower moving lightning strikes spread out in similar fashion.
Lichtenburg Figure Lightning.PNG

Below is a video on Lichtenburg figure being formed on a wood surface via high voltage discharges. There’s a few ore similar videos if you search on youtube. Notice how the electric discharges travel along the surface forming a deep core gully and smaller branches.

And, now, this is what Wallace Thornhill said about these figures in the Sott podcast, emphasis mine.

Wallace Thornhill said:
Mountain ranges generally have a granite underpinning and granite rock is an intrusive. It's as if something happened inside a rock to cause the rock to melt and intrude into the surrounding rock. It's as if a lightning bolt shot through the rock and the fossilized lightning bolt is the granite. The core of mountain ranges tends to be granitic which suggests that it was electrical forces which built the mountain range. Also you have what's called the ridge and gully effect which is like a Lichtenberg figure. I don't know if you've seen one of those but the Lichtenberg figure is the pattern you get on a non-conducting surface. If you have a spark travel and you induce a discharge across that surface you get what's called the Lichtenberg figure. Sometimes you will see it when lightning has struck a golf course and it burns the grass and you see this radiating pattern of fine structure, this pattern. Well, the ridge and gully pattern in the Himalayas for instance is the archetypical Lichtenberg figure.

So the Earth's mountain ranges certainly have an electrical input to their creation. What's more, it's known that some of these events occurred within the memory of mankind. The North American Indians have legends of the formation of significant features in North America and you will find similar things in other places. In Australia of course the Australian aborigines, their rainbow serpent changed the face of the land; built mountains, dug waterholes, river courses and so on. When geologists have this new tool in their toolbox, it will open up the subject enormously because there's so much to be done. You can test these things by for instance, visiting a crater and testing for radioactivity and weird magnetic effects around the crater. So it's not as if we are just picking these ideas out of the air. We have people who have been inspired by what's possible and are going out and doing this work now.

So, this got me thinking about Earth’s surface and I figured that there ought to be a lot of Lichtenburg figures visible given the number of mountain ranges. So, I went straight to Google maps, switched to geographical view and lo and behold, I discovered so many of these figures that I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was too good to be true but here it is, staring point blank in our face. I have provided below a select few examples of Earth’s surface where such figures are visible and I can only conclude that most of these, if not all are a result to some huge and powerful electric discharges likely brought about due to passing of cometary bodies and possibly, Venus and Mars. Either that or they formed during Earth's formative years when it was settling into a stable orbit.

I have provided some Google Maps screenshots along with a direct map link and some photos I just googled - you can click to enlarge.

We kick off with the most obvious one first, the Himalayas

Map Link: Google Maps

Himalayas - Google Maps.PNG
Himalayas - Google Maps 2.PNG

Below photos taken from space. If this was done by electricity, than this is absolute carnage and doubt anyone in the vicinity would have survived.
Himalayas from space.jpg
Himalayas from space 2.PNG
Himalayas from space 3.PNG

I have been to Himalayas a few times and can now recall seeing the deep gullies and ridges which become more pronounced as you travel further into the mountains. There are also vast chasms in between such as the Kashmir valley, photo below.
Kashmir Valley.PNG

Next, we take a look at the Grand Canyon, USA
Map Link - Google Maps

Grand Canyon Google Earth.PNG

Photo taken from space.
Grand Canyon from Space.jpg
Stock photo for reference, this is a work of electric machining and then gradual sanding from dust and winds.
Grand Canyon.jpg

In the book, A Beginners View of our Electric Universe, Tom Findlay posits the right questions about the Grand Canyon-
The Grand Canyon – We are told that the Colorado River once flowed with such force and volume over a period of time that it formed the fantastic Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. This is quite strange because there happens to be no identifiable delta or other outlet to the sea or to anywhere else that one would expect to find if a cataclysmic flow of water was involved. Neither are there any great amounts of debris to be found anywhere that would have been washed out as the original material that filled that vast chasm. There is even an area of the canyon called the ‘Kaibab Upwarp’ where if indeed water had caused it then it could only have done so by running uphill. Furthermore, the question exists - where would the water have come from anyway?

Debate still goes on around these and other things and for enlightened geologists the questions that arise are far from being settled. With the background of what we now know about plasma discharge ubiquity and power it seems worth considering that the Grand Canyon was machined out of the Earth’s surface by an EDM type event in the distant past. After this event it is likely that its then freshly exposed surfaces were indeed eroded to some small degree by wind and rain. One wonders what today’s geologists would say if evidence that electrical action had taken place was found.

Take a really close look at the intricate pattern of the Grand Canyon in the pictures provided to see the network of main branches and the hierarchy of smaller branches running from them. Does this remind you of a pattern that you may have seen in other places? For the point I am attempting to make here, I can tell you that this is the pattern that an electrical discharge will produce both internally and on the surface of a body. It is called a ‘Lichtenberg Figure’ and an example produced in a laboratory is shown clearly in this image.
---see earlier image posted---

The association to be drawn here is highly significant, for we can see this same pattern being repeated in many geological formations on solid bodies in our solar system and also in many locations on Earth, such as the Grand Canyon. Lichtenberg type figures can also be found in a wide variety of locations across Earth from the deep ocean floor to vast open plains and to mountain tops. If you look at detailed satellite imagery you will see many examples that would traditionally be described as the results of water flowing from melting glaciers or widespread powerful flooding in ancient times. Some of this will of course be true but can we honestly put all the Lichtenberg figure patterns on Earth down to these causes? Please understand that this is not an attempt to dismiss good theory, it is rather a reminder to look closely and to make up one’s own mind in the knowledge that the science behind these matters is not settled as a done deal.

Lets looks at the Great Diving Range, Colorado, USA

Map link - Google Maps

Colorado Great Dividing Range - Google Earth.PNG

Photo from space
Colorado Great Dividing Range.jpg

Next, I just randomly started browsing and found below sites depicting similar figures.

British Columbia

Map Link - Google Maps

British Columbia.PNG

The Alps
Map link - Google Maps

Swiss Alps Google Earth.PNG

Photo from space
A stock photo of a random gorge in the Swiss alps; the walls of these mountains is a work of electric discharges.
Random Alps Gorge.PNG

Below location is in Argentina
Map link - Google Maps


Could not locate any space photos but found below. A lot of smoothening has occurred overtime but topology is unmistakably a work of electric forces.
Argentina Photo.PNG

Continues below.


  • Chile.PNG
    1.2 MB · Views: 3
We move to Chile
Map Link - Google Maps

It appears the entire country of Chile is a Lichtenberg figure.

Photo from Space
Chile from space.PNG

Lets head to Norway
Map Link - Google Maps

Norway Coastline - Google Earth.PNG

Couldn't find any photos from space but below random stock photo of the topology, looks like a canyon filled with water.

Al Kamil, South Arabia
Map link - Google Maps

Al Kamil South Arabia.PNG
Not as pronounced as other sites likely due to gradual grinding and smoothening from sand. A stock photo below.
Water erosion from rivers cannot produce such sharp structures.
Al Kamil Phot.PNG

Tibesti, Chad (Sahara Desert)
Map link - Google Maps

Tibesi Mountains Sahara.PNG
Again, not as pronounced but check out the stock photo below. Amazing topography that only electricity can produce.

Lets move to East, somewhere above Mongolia in South East Russia.
Map link - Google Maps

Above Mongolia and South Russia.PNG
Could not find any decent space or stock photos given the remoteness of this area. Try searching the Google for "Khrebet Kropotkina" which is the mountain peak marked above.

Putorana in Siberia, Russia
Map Link - Google Maps

Siberia Google Maps.PNG

Photo from Space, amazing.

Few more photos of the topology
Putoranskiy Gosudarstvennyy Prirodnyy Zapovednik - North Russia.PNG
Putoranskiy Gosudarstvennyy Prirodnyy Zapovednik - North Russia 2.PNG

Somewhere in South east Tibet, a mountain peak called Yangmaiyong
Map Link - Google Maps


Could not find any space photos but below make it pretty obvious with sharp features on the mountain walls.

There's plenty more if you spend some time on Google maps. Now, what about other planets e.g. Mars.

Valles Marineris on Mars
Valles Marineris on Mars.jpg

Another photo
Valles Marineris on Mars 2.jpg

Tom FIndlay in A Beginners View of our Electric Universe writes.
Now we will look at Valles Marineris on Mars.

The similarities between this chasm on Mars the ‘Red Planet’ and our image of the Grand Canyon are striking. All of the main features seem to be alike in so many respects; the steep sides and flat floor areas, the complicated major and minor gully systems and the meandering appearance of some branches that look suspiciously like the results of a lightning strike [6-70b].

According to the standard view, Mars is a dry and cold planet that has abundant water trapped in a frozen state under its surface and especially at its poles. Further speculation is that any substantial atmosphere it may have had in the past was lost to space through forces yet to be explained satisfactorily by astro-science. Looking at the surface of Mars today you would be right to come up with questions about what we see there; crisp clean features that often look highly unusual and as if they were formed not too long ago. There are many deep channels in the surface of Mars of which Valles Marineris is the best known. Just like other much smaller, but just as cleanly formed, gouges that look as if they have been neatly machined out of Mars’ surface, Valles Marineris abounds with clues that scream out to us that it was not formed by flowing liquid or by surface crust displacement or collapse. All these things are puzzling and many assumptions have been made in the attempts put forward to explain them. However, the tendency to guess at things has backfired and highlighted the fact that what works for Earth cannot be transferred to Mars and be expected to work similarly there.

Things become much clearer if we consider that most of Mars’ features are the result of tremendous plasma discharge events originating from space, perhaps in the not so distant past. We have already mentioned the similarity of shapes produced, especially around the edges of Valles Marineris, with that of lightning’s tell-tale Lichtenberg pattern. On close inspection these edges show neatly scooped-out features that have a distinctly repeated scalloped form to them. These clean scalloped edges and the various scales of Lichtenberg patterns on the inside walls of Valles Marineris provide significant indicative evidence that counters the claim that a great volume of liquid flow in the past or that some form of crustal splitting has been responsible for the formation of that gargantuan scar. There is no supporting evidence for seismic upheaval on Mars ever having taken place in the past so it seems that Valles Marineris cannot be explained through earth-bound geological theories and that EDM action is once more the likely cause.

Absolutely wild and fascinating stuff. There is a lot we can deduce and learn from or own planet if only we are looking with an open mind. The Earth's surface is more active than we think and continuously subjected to distortion via very powerful forces all of which are electricity based. I will post more on this subject once I learn more but please feel free to comment, dissect and study what I have provided.
There are parts of the Aboriginal Dreamtime story of the Rainbow Serpent that suggest that landscapes were created by electrical discharge creating these Lichtenberg figures

At the beginning of the Dreamtime, the earth was flat and dry and empty. There were no trees, no rivers, no animals and no grass. It was a dry and flat land.

One day, Goorialla, the rainbow serpent woke from his sleep and set off to find his tribe. He crossed Australia from east to west and north to south, stopping to listen for his people. He crossed every part of the dry, flat Australia but found nothing. After searching for a long time, he grew tired and lay down to sleep.

The land he lay down to sleep on was not the same land he had set out to search for his people on, though. As he had looked for his people, his big, long body had cut great gouges into the land.

Goorialla lay in the sand all alone until he decided to create more life in the world. He called “Frogs, come out!” and frogs rose out of the ground with their bellies full of the water they stored. He tickled the frogs until the water burst from their mouth and filled the gouges in the land. These gouges made the rivers and streams we see today.

As the water flowed over the land, grass and trees began to grow and fill the land with colour.

Now that there was grass to eat and water to drink, Goorialla woke the animals. The kookaburra laughed, the goanna walked, and the wombat climbed out of her burrow, all for the first time.

Some animals lived in the sea, swimming back and forward. Some animals lived in the sky, flying with their friends to distant places. Some animals lived on the land, digging and playing in the sand. They were happy and gathered food and water to bring back to their own tribes.

The Rainbow Serpent made rules that all animals had to obey. He said “All animals that obey the rules will be rewarded by becoming humans. The animals that disobey the rules will be punished.”

Some animals followed the rules and were rewarded by being turned into humans. Other animals disobeyed the rules and were turned into the stone that makes the mountains.

One day, it started to rain. And it rained like it had never rained before. Rain fell for days and days and the world was becoming flooded with water. Two young men, Bil-bil, or the Rainbow Lorikeet brothers had no shelter and they came to the Rainbow Serpent. They asked for help sheltering from the rain.

The rainbow serpent was hungry and tricked the young men “I have no shelter, but you can hide in my mouth. You’ll be safe from the rain in there.” The young men climbed into Goorialla’s mouth and he closed it shut, swallowing both men.

He soon realised that people would notice the young men missing and come looking for them. He knew they would find their track leading right into his mouth. He didn’t want to be caught and so decided to hide in the only place he knew he would be safe: the sky.

He hid in the sky away from the people chasing him and he saw their sadness at losing these two young men.
He decided to try and make them happy again so turned his body into a big arc of beautiful colours.

Now, every time, just after it rains, you can see the Rainbow Serpent sharing his beautiful colours with the people on the ground as his way of saying sorry for taking those Rainbow Lorikeet brothers.

This video discusses Lichtenberg figures in Wisconsin and also points out how the crystal caves of Spring Valley were formed by electrical discharge.

In the above case they're talking about limestone and ironstone. When they mentioned limestone it reminded me of this thread: Getting a Handl on things where these sessions were mentioned:

31 August 1996
Q: (L) Now, in talking about these large underground cities or
enclaves that we've talked about on a couple of occasions, it
has been said that these beings come and actually may take human
babies. I mean , this is like fairy lore, legends, of different
kinds of creatures that come and steal people's babies, and they
go and live underground, and sometimes, one or another will
escape. Is this what we're talking about here? These kinds of
situations, these underground cities and caves and civilizations
and so forth?
A: Vague.
Q: (L) Well, I know it's vague... (T) Are the Celts part of
these underground civilizations?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) And they came to the surface some time ago...
A: No.
Q: (L) No, they came here, and they were taken underground...
A: No.
Q: (L) No, well, what's the story?
A: Went.
Q: (L) They went underground? Is that it? (T) When did they go

A: Several occasions, the most recent being, on your calendar:
1941 through 1945.
Q: (L) That's when they went underground? 1941 through 1945?
A: Last episode of mass migration, mostly Deutschlanders.
Q: (T) Underground. We're talking underground, as in under the
surface of the earth. Is this what we're talking?
A: Antarctica. Under there.
Q: (T) Under Antarctica, under... Oh, in one of the big...
A: Entry port.
Q: (T) They went underground in Antarctica, they built a large
underground base there, this is where the Germans, as in the
Nazi Germans, claimed as Vineland, I think it is, where the
older maps that show Antarctica, where the Germans, claimed as
Vineland, I think it is, where the older maps that show
Antarctica, where the German territory was claimed, it's in that
section that's south of...
A: Yes, but they entered through their constructed base, as
instructed, then were assimilated.
Q: (L) They were assimilated into the population already
existent? Underground cities, underground bases?
A: Yes.
Q: Laura) So, they didn't build them, they entered into them as
instructed, and were assimilated into the population?
A: They did build a base.
Q: (T) Well, they'd have to keep expanding! Now, you said
instructed... (L) Instructed by whom? (T) They were instructed
to go there?
A: Those identifying themselves as "Antareans."
Q: (L) And who are the Antareans?
A: STS Humanoid Orion linkage.

21 June 1997
Q: Am I correct that you were talking to me on a level that I
was not even aware of at the time?
A: Could be!
Q: Can you help me out here? I would like to know about this
Moshe thing. You not only brought up the name, but you
brought up a lot of other things. And it seems that this
was the opening of a door of moving me in a certain
direction. I don't even know how to ask about this
because it is so strange...
A: Then it should be shelved.
Q: Is this one of those things you are going to avoid?
A: Alfalfa fields in Rhineland yield as of yet undreamed of
Q: Where are these alfalfa fields?
A: Near tracks well worn.

Q: Another clue, please?
A: Nope, that is enough for now!!
Q: You guys are gonna drive me crazy! Do you mean Rhineland
as in Germany proper?
A: We do not mean Rhinelander, Wisconsin... Or do we?!? Who
is to tell?

Q: Who?
A: The searcher, the sepulcher, the one who carries the staff
in constant search for greener pastures.
Q: Oh my! You are being VERY obscure tonight! Just the fun
things I like, too! Now, I think I will be pretty busy
this week on this, but is there anything that can be
expanded, or any additional clues for me or Ark?
A: Last clue for tonight: Look for the vibratory frequency

26 July 1997
Q: Okay. This one book I just read, the guys came across the
Mandeans who talked about a star called "Merica," and from
this, these geniuses deduced that the Templars sailed to
America! What DID happen to the Templar fleet?
A: Sail to underworld.
Q: You previously talked about 'undreamed of treasure in
alfalfa fields of Rhineland.' Is this a physical,
spiritual or knowledge based treasure?

A: It is all three.
Q: Who put this treasure in the alfalfa fields of Rhineland?
A: Discover. And so, to you, good night.

2 May 1998
Q: You once said something about 'undreamed of treasures
buried in Alfalfa fields in Rhineland.' I have puzzled
over this and puzzled over this and gone in ten different
directions, and I still don't have a real handle on it.
Can you help me out here?
Is this related to the crystal
skull supposedly in the possession of the Templars that
they supposedly buried in Gaul that the Templars had?
A: Need a better "handl" on it.
Q: George Friedrich? (A) No... (L) Well that is a funny
spelling. You also said something about records being in
the Hague. How am I supposed to check records in the
Hague? The only way is to go there...
A: Travel for you is okay in small doses.

31 Oct 1998
Q: Okay. Now. This woman with this book "The Horse of God,"
talks about the shadow of the horse in the Shepherds of
Arcadia painting that is evident if you turn it upside
down. I know that I dreamed that the painting was a map.
In terms of this map, what would be the zero meridian that
one would use to place the map?
A: There need not be a zero meridian.
Q: Is there any one thing... I doused the picture, and it
seemed that the head of the kneeling man with the beard
was the important figure. Where, on a map, would one
place this head in order to have the other figures in
correct alignment?
A: Best to split the image, head to head. Vertically.
Q: Split the image and put the same guy head to head to his
own head?
A: Close.
Q: Now, when you were saying that I needed to get a better
'handl' on it and I found...
A: Have you overlooked North America? Check Atlas indices
for names to pique interest.
Q: What names?
A: Oh now, we cannot tell you that!
Q: The reason I have been focusing on Europe is because you
said that this thing we were supposed to find was in the

A: But there are always connections, both hither and yon.
Tricky those Rosicrucians, tricky. And what of Piri Reis?
Q: Well, I was already lost in a sea of puzzle pieces.
Nothing like making it harder!
A: Or easier. Template... Templar... Temporary.
Temperature... prime numbers, prime rib... Primary.
Q: Oh God! I thought it was bad before, now it is worse!

The odd spelling of Handl - leaving out the 'e' could have been the clue for 'electric' or 'electron'.

Here are the top 20 Caves in Rhineland-Palatinate

Since the C's also mentioned Rhinelander, Wisconsin I did a search on caves in Wisconsin and there are also the Bear Caves in White Lake and the Bayfield Peninsular Sea Caves. There are no caves listed for Rhinelander, though there is the legend/hoax of the Hodag which involve some kind of creature that lived in a cave and the tourist attraction for that is at Rhinelander, WI.

Fantastic @Jones, excellent couple of posts. I saw a video of an experiment where they showed a cave being created via plasma in a glass jar filled with sand but cannot find it now. There is a video by Thunderbolts crowd which I have added below which covers the Lichtenburg figures on Mars just after 1 hour mark. Highly recommended watch.

Looking at some of those caves and having visited similar caves in NZ and AU, I would posit that the composition of matter and strength of electrical charge dictates the type of sculpting which would take place in any area. An electrical discharge of comparatively lesser strength would form caves as only the material surrounding the ionised water is churned into sand leaving a hard rock ceiling. It is essentially a gully and ridge formation with a ceiling. Whereas, a comparatively stronger charge will begin with similar fashion however blast through the ceiling, strewing sand and boulders and forming the gorges and mountains that we see today. Stronger the electrical charge, taller the mountains and deeper the gorges.
Ben Davidson posted a great vid today called
Earth Electric | Deep Quakes, Electric-Magnetic-Kinetic

were he talks about the many other electric currents flowing on , in , and around our planet and which cause all kinds of terra forming and he mentions Billy Yelverton Jr. who has a great yt channel called Mr2Tuff2 with lots of vids of lab experiments showing the effects ''lightning'' can have on various materials like clay or sand
One of the Electric Universe Geology groups posted this video today. It's basically a reading of a paper titled Rapid Electrical Formation of Stone Spherules, Scalability of Results, & Similarities of Concretions by Plasma Physicists Dr. CJ Ransom and Wal Thornhill.

It says in part:

In 2004 plasma physicists CJ ransom and Wal Thornhill carried out independent experiment which tested the effects of electric arcs on various minerals and sands. Along with round craters of various types including flat bottomed craters, electric arcs on many materials also created small spherules. These stone spheres were formed electrically not only using many types of minerals but also using different voltages and for different durations from 50 - 30 seconds. The spherules appear on the surface, under the surface and on the rims of craters. The types of minerals tested are common to the surfaces of the rocky planets in the solar system. Silicon dioxide, iron oxide, talc, calcium carbonate, lava sand and hematite. Of particular interest to the authors were the small blue one millimetre hematite spherules formed rapidly by discharging an electric arc on hematite powder. The results matched the images of the plentiful blueberries on the surface of Mars being returned at the time from the red planet by the Rover opportunity. These lab results created blueberries along with the electrical generation of craters revealed that there was mounting powerful evidence of electrical scarring on not only on the planet Mars but on all the rocky bodies in the solar system. Planets moons and asteroids likewise are covered with the familiar round clean flat-bottomed craters so mysteriously free of fallback debris.
Later Stephen Smith wrote widely read papers on New Zealands Meraki boulders, recently discovered Chinese concretions and Martian blueberries. He expertly examined the evidence both from the structure of the concretions and from the surrounding rock strata and made a bold argument for an electrical non-sedimantary theory for their formation. “The conventional theories," he wrote "are based exclusively on chemistry and mechanics but there is another phenomenon that produces spheres. Electric discharge."

Electric discharge tends to produce spherical layering, a distinct equator and poles because the electromagnetic force squeezes perpendicular to the current that creates it.

The paper talks about the scalability of the laboratory results and suggests that similar results could be had up to an order 20 times the magnitude of the laboratory tests. Apparently some examples of petrified wood have been mistaken and are the result of electric discharge through stone.

Some of the characteristics of the sphere's created by electric or plasma discharge are:
- Can be hollow or solid
- Have distinct poles.
- Equatorial bands or bulges.
- Radial layering.
- Smooth surfaces, or smooth/rough hemispherical diffe

Gotta wonder if planets themselves have been formed by electric or plasma discharge!

Fascinating stuff!

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