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This is brilliant! You'll need about 3.5 hours to watch the following. Consisted of a pannel from various expert backgrounds. They are all Creator-centric with their solutions and I think most here will be pleased with the video.

Event 202 was a simulation exactly like the Event 201 simulation but from a reverse angle, simulating how millions of people might come together to overcome the fear and terror instilled into the masses and advert the pre-planned solutions by an elite class hell bent on imposing supra-Orwellian control over the entire earth.

Panelist details are here.
16 Specialists In Their Respective Fields Of Military Tactics, Survival, A.I. Technology, Chemical And Biological Warfare, Vaccines And Alternative Medicine, New World Order And The Elite's Agenda.

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Please Note Event 202 YT channel is here:
Noticed, as one 202 participant, Derrick Broze, who had a documentary on 5G. Here he is from back in February 2020:

My name is Derrick Broze. For the past 8 years I have worked as an independent freelance investigative journalist in Houston, Texas. Since 2012 I have covered a wide range of topics, from indigenous resistance at Standing Rock, exposing government and corporate surveillance, and reporting from important trials like Chelsea Manning's sentencing, and the Silk Road trial. Throughout this time, I have noticed that choosing to investigate certain topics, often results in being labeled a conspiracy theorist, or, at the very least, a proponent of less-than-credible journalism. One of these "forbidden" topics relates to potential harms caused by the use of cell phones and related digital technology.

He comes in at 1:17:30...2:11...2:40..and 3:06...in terms of rolling out 5G and other.


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I do not know what is in your vaccine.
I do not believe your vaccine is safe.
I know that many vaccines have been found to contain toxic adjuvants and toxic foreign materials.
I know that toxic contamination is present in vaccines which are easily preventable with current
technology. This suggests intentional contamination of vaccines with toxic agents.
I know that many vaccines are not effective and actually cause the ailment they are purported to
I know that adjuvants are put into vaccines to “shock” the immune system into extreme response, and
that causes biological “crisis”, stress and damage to the immune system, the blood and the whole body.
I know that vaccine death and injury statistics and information are suppressed by media which receives
billions of dollars in pharma advertising annually.
I know that vaccine death and injury statistics and information are suppressed by government in which
pharmaceutical regulatory agencies are largely run and controlled by pharma industry executives,
loyalists and lobbyists.
I know that vaccines kill hundreds of thousands of people per year.
I am aware of reports that vaccine experiments have caused tens of thousands of cases of polio and
other diseases and injuries in India, Asia, Africa, The Philippines and many other locations.
I know that vaccines are so hazardous that the vaccine industry lobbied for, and received immunity
from the harm vaccines are causing.
I know that taxpayers have paid billions of dollars to families who's members were injured or killed by
I do not trust the vaccine industry, government agencies or international agencies which seem to be
acting on behalf of vaccine sales and promotion and suppressing information of vaccine hazards.
I know that most vaccines have not been tested or proven safe.
I know that under current law all physicians and healthcare workers must have my consent to
administer medicine to me. My consent is hereby denied and refused.
I know that if someone is not a doctor, such as an elected official or bureaucrat, they may not
administer medicine at all, much less “mandate” medical treatments for the general population.
I know it is possible to mitigate and control all contagious diseases with safer and more effective means
than vaccination.
Anyone who claims privilege to inject materials in my body without my consent is my enemy and is
I will treat anyone who threatens to violate my body as a criminal assailant.
No, you may not vaccinate me or my children. If you try, I will exercise my right to self defense
against you and your accomplices to any extent I deem necessary to protect ourselves.
Forced vaccination is not authorized or permitted under Law. If there is a code or statutory “mandate”
for forced medication, it is unconstitutional, unlawful and unenforceable.
You may not attempt or threaten non-consensual vaccination, and if you do, you will be dealt with in a
manner to restore rule of law, justice and to protect our right to personal physical security.
Your ignorance of vaccine hazards and medical rights and your inability to understand the facts above
do not give you any immunity or any license to commit the crime of forced non-consensual medication.
Can you name every ingredient of your vaccine? Presumably not.
Can you predict the physical effects of each of those ingredients? No.
Can you predict the consequences of combining those ingredients? No.
Have you offered to personally take full responsibility to pay for any harm your vaccine causes? No.
Therefore you do not have the slightest authority or privilege to forcibly administer vaccines.


:Responsibility For Vaccination
I herewith acknowledge that I _
(name of health care provider) have recommended or administered
(name of the vaccine) ___
to (name of the recipient) ___.
I have read the scientific literature available on this vaccine
(vaccines), I have assured the patient or parent the product is safe,
and I am aware Federal legislation protects vaccine manufacturers
from legal action in the event of a serious complication.
To demonstrate my faith in the safety of this product, I herewith
accept full financial and legal responsibility for any harm or
complication that results from the administration of this product.
Name of person who recommend or administers the vaccine:
Print name:_ Signature:__
Print name:__ Signature:__
Print name :___ Signature:__


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Something different here in a channel I started watching after trying to figure out why Trump was often in contradition to those surrounding him at the ongoing Covid White House Press briefings. I love this woman. I get a lot of info from her shows which no one else is talking about. She reads the briefings Trump holds before meeting with the press and pulls from a long history of relevant happenings. (Note: she highlights sponsoring health supplements at the beginning of the show)

Trump put out 3 Executive Orders in the last few days. One serves as a clamp down on those abusing federal monies thru naming unrelated deaths as COVID-19, and protects the elderly from aborted treatment. Another to ensure our food chain does not break down. And one more EO which has created a special military force to shut down narco terrorism. This last I'll address first but I have some confusion as to how it fits in with the criminals use of this pandemic.

EO Ordering Select reserved of the Armed Forces for 365 days for operation "Enhance Department of Defense Counternarcotic Operation in the Western Hemisphere." This appears to be a select Force of not more than 200 men who will shut down pharmaceutical drug trafficking in the Caribbean, many of which come from China. The host of the show somehow tied this into the CDC shut down of Fort Derick and and mysterious flu which killed approximately 10,000 people last year after the shutdown. This starts at approximately 18 minutes into the show. Description of the next EO follows immediately after.

Trump also put out an EO where meat packing plants will not be allowed to close down or kill animals. China has bought into and owns some of these plants. Cargill and Monsanto may be involved in the decision on animal kills where they will join efforts and growing GMO soybeans as an ingredient in the fake food Beyond Meat, which by the way Al Gore owns a controlling interest in.

The next EO was born out of funeral home directors and their staff throughout New York City questioning the number of deaths officially attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. Josephine DiMiceli, president of the DiMiceli and Sons, a Queens-based funeral service told a Project Veritas journalist that a Supreme Court justice got involved in one case of a non-COVID-19 death that was listed as a casualty of the pandemic.

The sister of a deceased woman called DiMiceli and told her late sister suffered with
Alzheimer’s Disease and was not treated for COVID-19, she said.

“The sister refused to believe that her sister had COVID-19 and like I said, she was the one that said to me she says well my cousin is you know, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,” DiMiceli said. “We’re gonna get an autopsy,’ and I said do what you gotta do, you know and she did what she had to do and sure enough I called her and I said to her that the doctor signed the death certificate did the autopsy – no COVID-19.”

The National Legal Policy Center is asking to investigate Dr. Fauci for grants given to Wuhan labs. It also wants communications between Dr. Birx and the lab.



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Event 202 (Solutions) is a 3 5 hr. video so I can understand not wanting to invest the time. You can watch where panelists' responses are merged into one video...of course the lead ins would not be included. Goto YT link posted above and hit videos (they aren't all listed on the home YT page)

The 1st I'll post is of Cyrus Parsa, who has filed a federal lawsuit for humanity....all of us and he needs support thru funding and/or exposure. He also gives advice on staying out of fear, and other advice which I hope you will watch...this 1st vid is 11.43 min. The second, shorter, explains his lawsuit. ("Why We Sued Big Tech for Artificial Intelligence Misuse and Contribution to Win for Humanity")



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My main reason for creating this thread was to have a space where you can post yours or any others' counter activities to what is being forced upon us. The people who put Event 202 ended their podcast with that encouragement....no act is too small. Since all happenings are related to one gigantic goal, you can post countermeasures to a plethora of draconian controls here...health/5G/surveillance/etc

Here's one example I saw in the Cornavirus thread:
By reading latest post, @SOTTREADER you made me think about a small scene from Sponge Bob :lol: :
View attachment 36064
Self-humour can be a trick to deactivate a bad emotional state : laugh about the nasty one who was at the command of your brain at this moment. Remember Harry Potter (3rd episode) and how to fight the Boggarts, or remember what G. said about the many "people" (alts) taking the lead on you, some are there to disturb you of your main target.

Also, as i'm actually re-reading G., i remember something i recently read, end of chapter 9. Quickly searched on the english pdf copy i have and found the passage of the book :

Just try to spot it when it occurs, once "spotted" it disappears, you catched it up !
Think about the animated gif of Sponge Bob, it's just an idea, but associate this funny gif with when you go in panick mode, and you'll mabye in measure to counter it. For the rest, Laura's advise is magic, it simply prevents this nasty-bad-touhgts guy to operate.

Also, I would add : is this what you want ? If no, think about how you would like that it happens. In fact, my initial idea when I read your sentence "In short we are all f..." was to simply answer "No". Then I tried to put myself at your place and think about a better response - hope this can help, for anyone here in fact.

I'm certain this plays an important role all what we share.
I thought twice about the following these last 2 days : they speak about a 2nd wave, witch it not possible for such a virus, except for next year seasonnal mutation, but they mention it, and I think @Ruth is right about : they'll serve us 2nd then 3rd wave, then 4th wave, etc ... - this is the plan, i would bet on it.

Got a tiny idea on how this could be disrupted : we can guess what should be the/some future terms or keywords that will be used and repeated "ad nauseum" in the future. Like as actually with the term/narrative "a new normal", or "a new normality" which are currently being used in all occidental countries.
Thus, if correct : inform as many as possible before they start to use these future "keywords". Here's one : "Wave" (funny to find again this name here), or these ones : "First wave", "Second wave", "Third wave" ... like a series, Episode 1, Episode 2 and so on.
Best disruption to make about, a short move : say it already, post sentences like : "I'm devin : in the future, they gonna try to scare us with the second wave, then the third, the fourth, and so on, until we mainly accept all the savior vaccine : dont be taken for dumbass !" - some memes could be created about.
At least it's one tiny idea among many possibilities we have to poke sticks in the wheels of their plans.

I think other ideas could be found ... I can't help to remove one main principle in my head, which from my experience observing me usually means it's a good one, I posted already about : using Aikido technique, a small move, like the amplification of their narrative (mainly used on the humor side), but can also be used to return them an over reaction that would not benefit them, or like here the anticipation of their next move. If this general idea/concept triggers some more precise idea in some readers here then this would tend to demonstrate the "networking" effect which is happening here mainly on this exceptional discussion.

BTW, :clap: to all, and thank you for this beautiful experience.

On that note, some music in the spirit of resistance....back off you hyperdimentional punks and your minions!



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I'm reposting this as something to pass on. If you can't wake up the stragglers through reason, how about moral indignation?

Hee, hee. 😁 Well, this one fits the Cs prediction: "their plans will fail due to exposure." Exposure is right, Neil Ferguson got caught with his pants down!



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More exposure
Fake News!....video included
(also interesting as a side note, this medical facilty has laid off 25% of its staff)



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You Are Free TV discussed the case of Texas salon owner, Shelly Luther, jailed for opening her salon. She tore up her fine and refused to apologise as ordered by the judge. She said she wasn't apologizing for her children and employees' families needing to eat....(you go girl!)
The govenor put out an Executive Order for her release and met with Trump on reopening the state.

Scott.net carried this story:

Shelly still has not been released, even though the govenor and attorney general have demanded her release. So, she is being held illegally. Protesters gathered at the jail in support. They were told Luther cannot be released until the judge signs the paperwork. Protestors thanked the police and moved on to the judge's private home, calling for Luther's release.


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UPDATE: Shelly Luther has been released! :clap: Report starts at 5:47 min into video:



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I'm posting the PlanDemic video here because it keeps getting taken down. This is from an uncensored platform:

Also, this article which includes another video interview with Mikovits:

“Plague Of Corruption” (COVID #PLANDEMIC)
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