Every day are stars moving in the sky?

For about 10 years, almost daily, in the night when I look at the sky I suddenly see some star move.

I live in a place with a lot of air traffic, so I can distinguish very well the difference with a commercial airplane.

The only conventional explanation for the use is that it is a satellite.

The problem is when the star "wobbles" in its path, or suddenly its luminosity rises above that of Venus and then goes off.

Other times from the starry background there is a flash of photographic flash in response to a meditation, as if validating a line of concrete pemsamiento.

I think many are transdensity manifestations, but the danger is if they are sts or sto.

Ra in what she told Carla, explained how to identify the positivity or not of a contact, but ...

If it is true, that always, every time I have a great joy and an intense feeling of longing to see them in the heavens.

What is your opinion?


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A quick Google search "why do stars twinkle" shows:
Stars twinkle because of turbulence in the atmosphere of the Earth. As the atmosphere churns, the light from the star is refracted in different directions. This causes the star's image to change slightly in brightness and position, hence "twinkle." This is one of the reasons the Hubble telescope is so successful: in space, there is no atmosphere to make the stars twinkle, allowing a much better image to be obtained.

Planets do not twinkle the way stars do. In fact, this is a good way of figuring out if a particular object you see in the sky is a planet or a star. The reason is that stars are so far away that they are essentially points of light on the sky, while planets actually have finite size. The size of a planet on the sky in a sense "averages out" the turbulent effects of the atmosphere, presenting a relatively stable image to the eye.
_http: //curious.astro.cornell.edu/about-us/81-the-universe/stars-and-star-clusters/stargazing/382-why-do-stars-twinkle-beginner
I do not understand. Have you really read my exposition of the subject?

Are you really referring me to wikipedia and traditional astronomy?

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I've seen what you describe many times. Some are rather peculiar in that they become brighter or 'wobble', like you say, and I've occasionally seen flashes too. 'Wobbling', if not too pronounced, could be the product of an optic illusion - I don't know if satellites would wobble in their trajectory, but I would imagine they don't. Change in brightness could be as mrtn says, a change in the angle of reflection of sunlight. A single flash, to be honest, I don't know, but there could be a mundane explanation also. For the most part I take these objects to be satellites. I'm planning on getting spooked and shouting 'Ufo!' only when I see one of them make a U-turn. ;-D

As for the flash being a response to your meditation, I think it would be a good idea to be skeptical about that. You may be falling into 'confirmation bias', for example.


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there are quite a few videos about "tumbling satellites"

single flashes (from here):

The last video (can't embed?) is pretty much what I have seen. But sometimes I saw it flashing multiple times (max 4) in irregular intervals like approximately 3 to 10 seconds. And just as in the video it's so quick that it's gone by the time your eyes/sight has moved there to focus them.
Certainly the number of machines (say satellites) that fly our skies is a brutal number and almost everything we see can be included in that.

Now, I'm going to share something. One day doing sports at 06:00 in the morning, I was thinking about how to fit the reincarnation with my current personality (fruit of the genetic inheritance, the environment and the education received) with the personalities of other lives. Then I came to a conclusion that fit.

At that time a star in the sky shot out into space leaving a trail of light that remained visible for about three seconds. Then at the beginning of the wake of light a star was turned ON. It enlarged its luminosity to the level of Venus and began to move. It came from the horizon then passed right above me.

I kept running and I simply told them I did not know what to tell them. I just greeted.

Laura and the C's say that you have to try to see what is hidden.

I'm pretty sure that a lot of what you see in the heavens are more than satellites. Why? Because you're some weird guys around here (on this planet).

You have taken Morfeo's pill and you know that Matrix exists.

A greeting.
Session 16 July 2007.

Q: (L) I want ... (Joe) We are condemned to know what will happen before the others ... Do you want what?

A: You will do what you will do. Help is on the way.

Q: (L) I would like to know what form this help will take?

A: That would be cheating. Look at the heavens ...

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Laura and the C's say that you have to try to see what is hidden.
Right, but you need to go deeper in your understanding of what that means. Think about it: A flashy UFO shooting above your head (if that's what it was) is not hidden! Quite the opposite! As a general rule, STS forces will seek to impress and make us feel special - so that we can be manipulated - while STO will seek to respect our free will at all times and let things run its natural course.

Q: (L) I would like to know what form this help will take?

A: That would be cheating. Look at the heavens ...
As always, understanding what the Cs mean is a matter of deep reflection. They give answers designed to make people think beyond what is obvious. On the same line they didn't want to give away what the help would look like, yet they added that we should look at the heavens. The most superficial interpretation would be to imagine that the good guys will come in UFOs to save us, but since they just said they didn't want to tell, then we can conclude that they mean something else altogether, or that they are simply inviting us to think, without violating our free will.

Another interpretation could be, for example, that they are talking about earth and cosmic changes, such as extreme weather or comets, which also come from "the heavens". Such things may provide 'help' in unforeseen ways, even if it won't seem like that to us. Empires may collapse and people who remain may have a chance of building a better, fairer society, etc.
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