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I recently met an artist called Sebastian. He is in his 40s and originally from Poland or Romania. I think he was working in Graphic design for buildings before leaving to focus on his art, I framed two of his pictures to put on my lounge wall. I was just very impressed with how life-like they are: I think the picture on the left is from an old picture of his daughter.
Seb2.jpg Seb1.jpg
I did bump into him a week or two ago and he said he was looking to sell some of his collection but struggling with getting his would-be buyer to pay the extra for the cost of framing it. I think he would be grateful for a 'commission'. So if it is of interest to you I could put you in touch with him via email for you to agree timescale and price. I think it would take him about a week and if it were me I'd probably start with about £1000. If of interest please PM me and I can put you in touch. I'd warn him first of course so he'd know to expect contact from you. He is a typical artyfarty in his communication. in that after he gave me his email addy a few months ago I still haven't received one back! - Nature of the beast I guess but he only lives a short walk away in the house we used to share so no trouble tracking down. :)
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