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Explosion in Ghana -
Many people are feared dead following a huge explosion near Bogoso, a mining town in western Ghana, which has devastated the surrounding village.

I've seen other photos on the news of this tragedy in Ghana and the images are eerily similar to this explosion in Nigeria two years ago (osit) -



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#WashingtonDC 💥
Explosion in an apartment building (Friendly Gardens Apartments) in Silver Springs, #Maryland left at least 10 people seriously injured and others missing. Some 100 residents were displaced. The cause is investigated. Credit: Pete Piringer

#Bihar #India 🇮🇳💥
At least 13 dead and 16 injured in an explosion in Bihar's Tatarpur in Bhagalpur district. The family was reportedly involved in making firecrackers. About 3 houses were damaged. 📹 @W0lverineupdate

And from the landslide (near the Ca./Nv. broder), Crews from Caltrans #3 removed the giant bolder from Highway 50.


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Explosion rocks Hoover Dam in US (VIDEO)​

"the explosion took place in the area housing the turbines and transformers. The causes of the explosion and fire, or the extent of damage caused, are as yet unknown."

"The Bureau of Reclamation (BoR), a federal water management agency that operates the dam and controls water in the western US, has not issued a statement on the incident as of 2pm Eastern time on Tuesday."

Video below:

Full article below:



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'Explosion' heard across London explained by police after terrifying residents
17:59, 28 NOV 2022 Updated18:44, 28 NOV 2022
A huge explosion rocked most of London at around 5.45pm with many speculating that it could have been a lightning strike - huge plumes of smoke were seen shortly after the bangs
A huge explosion has been heard across London, with reports of a 'massive' flash of light - and it has been confirmed as thunder and lightning.

Images had been posted on social media showing smoke billowing into the air, with some claiming they could hear the noise as far as Stoke Newington and Camden.

London Fire did confirm that an incident has happened, but would not confirm what it was or where it took place.

And Hackney Police has now confirmed that it was indeed thunder and lightning.

A spokesman said: "We've received several calls about loud bangs in the Stoke Newington area this evening.

No major incidents have been reported to us. The noise appears to have been caused by thunder and lightning."

Twitter users reported hearing the explosion at around 5.45pm, which caused a lot of speculation.

One wrote: "Multiple people say they heard an explosion in North London - might have been a lightning strike."

And another posted: "’I'd love to quit Twitter yeah but then I’d miss the freak thunder and lightning in North London without rain.

"Is it war of the worlds (or) is it an explosion?

"Still no rain f**king hell this is so scary what’s going on?"

A third wrote: "I heard it in Highbury.

Two enormous rumbling bangs louder than thunder or the biggest fireworks; about 5 - 10 minutes apart."

According to lighting tracking app My Lightning Tracker, there was a strange weather burst around that time in London, complete with heavy rain in certain parts - but this has not been confirmed by any officials.

A man in Highbury spoke to MyLondon to share that he heard two explosions in the area earlier this evening.

Chris said: "I'm in Highbury, I heard two enormously loud explosions - much louder than thunder or fireworks.First one was at 17:40 then another about 10 minutes later - very similar to the first."

He added that some people he's spoken to said they saw a 'bluey-white flash' and some are theorising that it might be a meteroite, but that has not been confirmed.

So I check WindyWeather and it does show rain, but no lighting or thunder activity that I can tell. 🤔

Comments from other tweets:

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c.a. wrote:
So I check WindyWeather and it does show rain, but no lighting or thunder activity that I can tell. 🤔

Well, the problem with WindyWeather is or appears to be, that it doesn’t contain factual weather observations, but data based on models. (Except the rain radar data and animated satellite images).


WindyWeather is like processed, artificial food: Glossy, colorful, yummy-yummy “buy me - eat me” kind of style. It is an awesome site, true - but at the same time not particularly accurate in the fine details, such as temperatures, lightning, and factual weather data/observations.


I remember 2-3 weeks ago, there was a weather situation over Scandinavia with chilly winds coming from the east, blowing over the Norwegian Mountain chain, coming down as mild winds (Föhn) on the west coast. WindyWeather indicated night temperatures being -1°C at the west coast - but in REALITY it was very mild with 12°C at night and up to 16-17°C during daytime. I was annoyed by the huge gap between virtual and factual temperatures.

Personally i use WindyWeather just for animated cloud images around the world. Temperatures, prognosis and t-storm (lightning stikes) I gather from other places showing factual data.

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3 workers still missing after explosion at Quebec propane company​

I'm suspicious of the cause of this explosion since it's a propane distribution centre and most homes in this region are heated by propane...and it's also winter. It could be a case of staffing shortages leading to health and safety mishaps, I don't know.
It's a family run business that's been around for a long time and hasn't had anything like this happen before.
From the article -
This is the first time in 60 years that our company has experienced such an ordeal.
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