Facebook Executive caught grooming 13 year old boy, exposed and confronted by YouTube channel


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I just came across this tweet by Andy Ngo:


The sting operation was performed by YouTube creators who specialize in catching child groomers and confronting them, and the channel is called "PCI Predator Catchers Indianapolis".

So far, I am only half way through (I listened to it on 2x speed), but so far it is certainly grim. I have watched many of these kinds of channels in the past, so am quite familiar with the set-up.

Basically, these groups pretend to be children on social media platforms, and document their interactions with potential predators. The interviewer initially claims that the child is her son but I don't think that is likely (they are usually fake accounts of children to begin with).

This particular individual is a prominent executive at Facebook/Meta: the "head of global development" or something like that.

Throughout the interview, various quotes are given and he was asked to confirm whether he made those statements or not. They also grill him on WHY he said the things he did as well.

The following video link is here (WARNING: some of the language is sexually graphic and involves the grooming of a 13 year old boy):

According to the Post Millenial, this scumbag has apparently been fired already:

A high-level Facebook staffer was allegedly caught soliciting a minor for sex during an amateur undercover sting operation in Columbus, Ohio. The video of the encounter was posted to the YouTube channel "Predator Catchers Indianapolis" on February 16.

Jeren Andrew Miles, 35, of Palm Springs California, allegedly sent sexually explicit texts to a 13-year-old boy and made plans for the boy to meet him at Le Meridien Columbus hotel.

Miles was the Manager of Community Development at Meta/Facebook until a spokesperson from the company confirmed to the The Daily Caller that Miles is "no longer with the company."

According to the video, the anti-pedophile activist group busted Miles at the hotel where he then agreed to give an interview.

During the interview, Miles admitted that he sent sexually explicit messages to a person he believed to be a 13-year-old boy, according to the video.

"I was flirting, I was talking to him," Miles admitted. "There was never any intention of meeting up with him."

However, he later admitted that he arranged for them to meet after giving the underaged boy "information" and a "location."

Miles serves on the board of directors for LGBTQ+ group, Equality California. He has since deleted his social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Miles previously worked as the Director of Community Affairs for Lyft, according to an archive on LinkedIn, according to The Post Millennial's Andy Ngo's website.


In addition to community activism, Jaren Miles visited the Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg when he worked for Lyft. According to his now deleted Twitter account, Miles said he was looking forward to partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg, providing them with rideshare opportunities.


A spokesperson for Predator Catchers Indianapolis told The Post Millennial's editor-at-large Andy Ngo in an email exchange that they sent details of the encounter to both the Columbus, Ohio and Palm Springs, California Police Departments.

"The man in the video's name is Jeren Miles, 36, of Palm Springs, California. Our team members gained access to his room by knocking on his door and telling them why they were there. He then invited them in for a conversation about his online activity" the spokesperson told Ngo. "Screen shots of the online conversation are being finalized and will be sent to the Columbus, Ohio and Palm Springs, California Police Departments later today."


Facebook/Meta confirmed to The Daily Caller on Wednesday that Jaren Miles was the man in the video, and he is no longer employed by the company.

"The seriousness of these allegations cannot be overstated," the spokesperson told Daily Caller. "The individual is no longer employed with the company. We are actively investigating this situation and cannot provide further comment at this time."
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