Favorite movie scenes

I chose these scenes because of the music. Oldies but goodies.

From Casino Royale. oo7's

From Dr. No oo7.

From Le Notti di Cabiria-
Su novio le ha robado descaradamente y con violencia todos sus ahorros…pero la vida continua con sus tristezas y alegrías.

From El socio. Con dos grandes estrellas.- Hugo del Carril (argentino) y Gloria Marin ( mexicana)
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I really like your deep take on Kubrick/King's MK-Ultra and other symbolic acts that occur in the Shining. But It may not be completely the whole picture.

There's another side to this, which is more "wendigo/windigo". Isolation in many months of deep cold and snow can change your mind. It doesn't break you in November when everything dies and the north winds come in and start to freeze everything. But by February or March, the relentless winds and can cold break you. If you don't take the proper "mental" hygiene the isolation and the quiet come after you.

I do think Kubrick and King had some knowledge of this phenomenon. Here we call it "Kee-Way-Tin" the voice or spirit of the north wind. It freezes your blood when you walk into it. It's both a physical and mental torture. If you check out "Windigo Psychosis" papers it was or maybe still is considered a legitimate mental health illness.

It is more likely possession. It's hard to explain it to people who haven't experienced that long silence, ice and cold for a prolonged period, but when you do - The Shining becomes completely believable when you throw someone who doesn't know what to look for as a threat into that situation.

Not a movie - but a great recount of some of those same elements that happen in the north...

I agree with the link you make about the weather and of course it's not the complete image of the movie, it is just a small review of the scene. I seem to remember that Mr. King didn't like Kubrick's version at all and made his own version I can't remember if it was made for television. Like you, I certainly think that here there is a deep knowledge of the effects of cold on the bio-psych, although the cold-heat relationship and how it changes the body chemistry I see it in the opposite way to the documentary "Wendigo" (Wendy? :huh:) because the first place where Jack is locked up is in the cold room of the kitchen, then he is attacked in the cold room of the bathroom and the last place where he dies is in the frozen labyrinth, I deduce that it must be a loss of energy, because as you suggest it has to do with a possession, as I understand, one of the hard phases is the control by a very malevolent enthroned entity that is hooked to the controlled, that added to the hotel that I think is on an indigenous cemetery which seems to be very appropriate.
Anyway, it seems that some mental disorders are conveniently not included in the psychiatric "list" of sicknesses.
Very surprised no scene from the greatest movie of all time (not counting the likes of 12 angry men and 2001 space odyssey) hasn't been cited yet:
Already in 1966, making fun of the hollywood thing where a villain explains the what and why they're doing of what they're about to do.
The first time I saw The Shining I didn't understand much, I read it as a man who had gone to a hotel with his family and suddenly wanted to kill them and they were running away and defending themselves, I even laughed... When you don't have the knowledge to understand the whole package of information sometimes the link is activated and it is in many cases when suddenly one is told: "it reminds me of the film such as ....".

Check out

Check out

Henry, I think I would watch films again just for Mr. Kubrick, all his work is braided in different levels of response in relation to one's knowledge, this documentary is a very insightful analysis because they have "in situ" evidence that reveals more precise intentions and confirms that "reality" is a scenario where coincidences do not exist.

I knew stories of the hotel outside the context of the film, but I realize that its architecture is much more oppressive and obfuscating than I imagined, as is the landscaping. As a side note, the reference to the Hopi-Navajo painting of the fireplace was very much in my mind but I struggled to find adequate information and link it, I also remember the Cass. They mentioned something about Navajo art and the rectangles at the Denver airport as inducing hypnotic trance or something and it's persistent as is the symmetry throughout the hotel, if I think about it, I think Kubrick uses the carpet of concentric hexagons as the background to the tricycle scene to signal Danny's MK dissociation. Just another lucubration.

What I might add is that the ultimate presence of the "progressive horror" in this place could be a suggestion by Kubrick to unveil the progressive mechanics of a crypto-geographical being, who hoards the energy of the inhabitants of the place (formerly cemetery now hotel) as they by agreeing to surrender their will when they arrive there being attracted (by social climbing, initiation), are captured to feed the pyramid (I remember the scene where Jack falls from the staircase-or the highest floor of the hotel. .) and the ultimate goal is the destruction of the mother (read earth, purity, woman, the feminine, the known human race)and replace it with a transhumanist belly.

Thanks Henry a very interesting documentary and I look forward to seeing the third part.🤓
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