Fence sitters on the 9-11 Pentagon attack



Having looked at a number of 9-11 sites, I have discovered that there are an amazing amount of sites, which I would call 'fencesitters' on this issue. There could be an argument for putting them all in with the thread listing sites supporting the 757 theory, as any real research into this event would find without doubt that a 757 did not hit the Pentagon. Yet, I feel it would be more appropiate to make a new thread with these 'fencesitters', so as to remain objective and not mistakingly lump someone into the wrong category. To be in the 'fencesitters' thread is however a pointer and is more clarifying for us than not listing a 9-11 site, due to lack of a definitive call on the Pentagon attack.

This thread is therefore for all those sites that have not taken a stand either way. If their view changes to one side or the other, they should be transferred to the appropiate site.

For those new to the topic the other two sister threads are
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