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Thank you again @caballero reyes to remind us Ingmar Bergman. I wanted to see all of his movies again, this spring. I really think that it is vital, extremely vital to see good movies and read good books when living in dark times. We need beauty, almost as we need air.

The Seventh Seal is a Masterpiece, I forgot how extraordinary is this movie. Incredible.

Here is an excellent copy from Youtube of the movie.


and Men without conscience.

It's a pity that the movie doesn't have subtitles, it has very good dialogues.--

Margot.-- Where do you come from?
Antonio.--I come from another solitude as great as yours.

Margot, -If her husband does something crazy, it will fall on your conscience.
Willy.-- My conscience? Where will I have that?

Willy discovers that Beba steals from Cabaret clients.

Willy.--I'm going to announce these lost things and tomorrow you get out of here, I don't want thieves in my house.
Beba.--And you, when are you leaving?
Willy.--Brave huh. Aren't you afraid of me?
Beba.--Yes, but I'll hold on.
Willy.--You're going to stay here until you're afraid of me.
Beba.--And if I don't want to?
Willy.--Don't you remember where you came from? You're a bit grown up to go back there,' but there are other institutions For the elderly, this may be the key and your skills may be of use to me.
Beba.--They wouldn't help you, I'm too stupid, I always lose everything.
Willy.—You're still an idiot, it's convenient for you, but when I tell you, you'll be cured.

Marta.--Many times I have thought of Willy's face when they kill him, there are dead people who change their faces in peace, not him. Olga (Mrs. Ederly).-- Don't talk like that.
Marta.--It bothers you, right? You do know your death face well, you see it every day in the mirror, you don't like it, your family has believed you in hell for years and you are here in this one.

Margot.-- (to the police)-It's that I had been born again and they haven't let me live.
KLONDIKE. (2022) Dir. Marina Gorbach.

From wik.-i
Klondike (Ukrainian: Клондайк, romanized: Klondaik) is a 2022 Ukrainian war drama film written, directed, and edited by Maryna Gorbach. The film stars Oxana Cherkashyna as a pregnant woman living near the Ukraine-Russia border during the Russo-Ukrainian War and the shooting of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Klondike premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2022, where it won the World Dramatic Film Competition for direction.2 At the Berlin International Film Festival, it won second place in the Panorama Audience Award category.

The film centers on the story of a local Ukrainian family trapped in the epicenter of the MH17 crash. The actions took place on July 17, 2014, in the town of Grabove, Donetsk region, near the border with Russia.4 The protagonists Irina and Anatoly are expecting their first child, while the war brutally invades their lives along with the remains of a downed Boeing. The woman refuses to evacuate, even when the town is occupied by armed groups.


During the war in France, Luisa is orphaned and she decides to emigrate to Mexico, because she has some friends there who could help her. Moments before boarding her transport, she realizes that he does not bring any documentation with her other than the passports of her relatives and since they deny him passage to her, it occurs to him to impersonate her brother. Successful in her plan, she arrives in Mexico and gets a job as an assistant to the Engineer, who ends up falling in love with the boy.

Doña mariquita de mi corazón.

Con Joaquin Pardave y Silvia Pinal.

Adolfo, Doña Mariquita's son, is engaged to Marisa to please her mother, but his true love is Paz. Therefore, Mari Tere, a friend of Paz, plans a lie, to prevent Marisa and Adolfo's wedding. However, when disguising herself as Doña Mariquita and her children, not everything goes well and trouble is immediate. In the end the real Ladybug reveals her identity and organizes the wedding of all the boys. (FILMAFFINITY)

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One good film I just watched recently was Communion, the 1989 Sci-Fi classic starring Christopher Walken as a man spooked by a high strangeness event. Based on Whitley Streiber's book of the same name, the aliens are weird as hell, like trolls almost, and Walken goes full-on weirdo in this film, love it. At one point he's soaking up a 4d experience, and he says to the aliens "I am the dreamer, you are the dream". Second only to Fire in the Sky in my book. Well worth a watch.:cool2:

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