Films I like

The splendor of musical comedy in Mexican cinema.

This film is considered among the 100 best in the history of Mexican cinema.
Although it does not have subtitles, the plot is very enjoyable.

PLOT: Pedro Malo and Iorge Bueno are very close friends. Pedro Malo is dating Jorge Bueno's sister.
Prologue: On a walk in the countryside, the couples declare their desire to commit themselves and everything is happiness. At minute 14.18 something happened and the situation changed. Things are no longer as they seemed to be.

Black and white version:

Colorized version:
Masterful short films
The 3 are part of a trio and do not have subtitles but it is worth looking for them in full on some internet platform.

The work. Dir. Luchino Visconti
From the movie “Bocaccio 70”

Toby Dammit. Dir. Federico Fellini
Fellini delirious. From the movie ''Extraordinary Stories''
From Mubi: stories of souls tormented by their own phantasmal visions of guilt, lust, and greed.
You can see it on YouTube.
Charity Dir. Jorge Fons
From the Mexican film ''Faith, Hope and Charity''

What happens when someone does an act of charity without being asked. The horrible bureaucracy. Katy sensational jury. l The ending is simple and of great tenderness.
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From the best of Science Fiction

The Martian Chronicles.

Missión to Mars.

Dark City.

Dark City was made before the Matrix movie.
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