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Having very little computer skills, please excuse any mistakes I am making here. Having spent the past 20 odd years studying metaphysics, conspiracy, new age, etc.. and probably going through the same process of seeing the con as it were, I have arrived at your site and am fascinated. I've never been online or chatted, but felt so inspired (even though the material can be depressing ) that I had to write in. Just the awareness that others are thinking about these things in the same way is wonderful. I had been resigned to going it alone, as I became so disillusioned with the new age material out there, and can't find anyone I could discuss these ideas with. I'm really writing in to say thanks for the inspiration to all who are contributing.


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At first it might seem depressing, but when it all comes together as a paradigm it's the most beautiful way things could be, it's the only way you would want things to be. A lot of people have been where you are, and will be where you are. So welcome :)
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