Flight 93 - Cell Phone Calls

Lisa Guliani

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At 9/11/2006 6:02 PM, Anonymous said...

"I happen to live in Geistown, I would say northwest of Indian Lake. I saw and heard the plane go over my house, because it seemed to be flying lower than a normal plane. Idian Lake DOES in fact have sporadic cell phone service...where are you from-we have mountains here! All phones in my area were out of order within minutes, to allow for emergency personell to have use of phone lines. I had electricity where I live, but as close as VAl Is she probably DID have hers interuppted, and as far as cooking, HELLO, we live in PA we use gas,ya know, electric gets kncokced out in the winter, DUH!"

At 9/13/2006 4:19 PM, Lisa Guliani said...

The above commenter states:

"Sporadic cell phone service from the ground..."

When we were there in Indian Lake in May 2006, the day was clear and sunny with a mild breeze.
The next day was similar as far as weather and still we had no cell phone service.
We could not get a signal at all from a cell phone. When you say "sporadic", what specifically are you saying?
On average, would you say your cell phone works or doesn't work most often?

Interestingly enough, we also have mountains here in Central Pa. and I am able to get a signal from my cell phone from the ground. I am able to get a signal when it snows or when it rains or when there is strong wind.
I live at the foot of Mt. Nittany. The landscape surrounding this area has rolling hills as well as mountains.

I repeat: we could get NO signal at all on either of the 2 days we were in Shanksville/Indian lake/New Baltimore area. Not one signal anywhere we drove. Both days were sunny and clear.
If signal transmission is so "sporadic" at best in your area on clear, sunny days even now in 2006, then how "sporadic" might it have been from the much higher reported altitude of Flt. 93 when the legendary "cell phone calls" were said to have taken place on 9-11-01?
With such admittedly "sporadic" signal transmission capabilities in your area from the GROUND, how likely is it that such cell phone calls ever occurred as the govt. claims on 9-11?

You also make the statement:
"..and as far as cooking, HELLO, we live in PA we use gas,ya know,.."

Well, I suggest you might want to rephrase the above comment because NOT everybody in PA. uses GAS to cook. Are you saying that every single household in the Indian Lake and Shanksville area uses only gas for cooking?
Or are you referring only to YOUR own household?

I can tell you straight up that your comment does not hold true for every Pennsylvania household, as you assert.
I live in Central PA. and in our household, we use electric, not gas, for cooking.
I suspect that many other Pennsylvania residents use some other heating source other than gas for cooking purposes as well.

So, you both SAW and HEARD the plane...
What exactly, precisely did you see and would you please identify yourself?

Lisa Guliani

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