Floods and the Australian Experiment


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The Floods

The question I asked as I was falling asleep was "If we are particles of the Absolute and our free will is violated how will the Universe react?" I had two dreams, both about floods.

In the first dream I was walking down a street and people in cars were yelling at me to warn me that something was coming. I quickly ran inside a building with a number of others. I didn't know where to go but a man told me that standing on the table undercover but outside the building would be a good spot. I stood on the table and the first wave of water filled with refuse swept past. It was disgusting.

The water kept rising with more and more waves but the refuse was only in the first wave. People in the building appeared to be safe and free of water. I knocked on the door and asked if I could come in but they said no. Eventually the water got so high that I could climb on top of the roof. It kept on rising so I climbed up to the roof of the second story. The people in the building were now completely underwater. I thought about trying to rescue them but the water was moving too fast. The dream ended as I was just waiting on the top of the highest point of the roof.

In the second dream I was in a large park with giant trees, hundreds of feet high. We heard the roar of a distant tidal wave and people went darting up the trees. I walked around and looked for a good tree to climb. Finally I found one and climbed up a vine like protrusion on the side. As I waited I was teleported, with the vine like protrusion I was hanging onto, to higher ground. A girl was teleported with me but everyone else, I think, was left behind. The girl says "We've been taken to higher ground." And that was it.

The Island Experiment

Some mornings as I wake up I get a few words or images. This is what I've been seeing.

The words "mass panic".

Island (Australia) experiment in the "last days".

The Australian Government has agreed to go along with an experiment to see what happens if you add an explosion to the lockdowns. The words "End of the month". Then I see a woman proudly standing by her decision and receiving a reward. Ordinarily I might see this as the meanderings of my mind but given the overt tyranny we've been seeing recently I'm not so sure.
Some mornings as I wake up I get a few words or images. This is what I've been seeing.

The words "mass panic".

Island (Australia) experiment in the "last days".
If I were you I would try looking outside the box of obvious. What other meanings could be attributed to given words.

The most obvious to me is "group psychosis".

What else is there?

Mass is the name for ceremony in church. Panic can be seen as "pertaining to Pan". "Ceremony/ritual in the name of Pan"
Mass is also related to verb "to knead". So I also get more abstract - "to knead for Pan".

...the god of woods and fields, who was the source of mysterious sounds that caused contagious, groundless fear in herds and crowds, or in people in lonely spots.

Why every object has a mass? Is it a property of Gravity? "The sound or frequency of mass"

Pan as in pan-American or pandemic means "all". "Mass panic" = "Gravity all"?


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I am so sorry of what is happening in your country. And you are so far away that nobody is talking about Australia, is like Australia did not exists. It is horrible. The cruelty of the Australian government is terrible. What can I say. I just wish that one day all of this will finish. In your dream you survived because maybe you are aware, you see what is happening, A flood is something that destroy everything in its path and at the same time allows renewal. Water is fertility, also purification and also destruction. And look what flood means to some religions:

  1. In Hinduism, it is a part of Pralaya, which is a story of how human realms get destroyed by a flood. For Hindus, floods were merely symbols sent out by their deity that showed them that the gods were displeased or unhappy with the humans on Earth.
  2. In China, there’s a story of Gun-Yu, which is a story of large-scale floods that continued for two generations and wiped out the population. The flood might have really happened around 1900 BC, but there were many stories and myths about this Great Flood that scared the population.
  3. In Greek Mythology, there were two names closely connected to floods: Deucalion and Pyrrha. In this myth, Zeus decided to end the Bronze Age with the deluge, and only these two survived it.
  4. In Norse Mythology, the character of Bergelmir closely resembles the character of Noah, which saved humanity from floods.
  5. Other mythologies where floods are involved include Mesopotamia, Irish mythology, Mayans, Aborigines, and others.

I think your dream is a very strong dream. Here you have some symbolisms about a flood. I wish you courage and resilience. Thanks for sharing these two dreams!
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