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I'm opening this thread as i now believe it's a valuable & interresting source that could help us to find other pieces of the puzzle.
It's a french channel opened since 2 years, and this is one of my cousin who introduced it to me 2 months before.
I did watch other of their videos and was tempted to post about, but due to lack of time and a general principle of "it'll be done when it has to be done", I waited.
I posted this video here in the French sub-section of the forum 2 days before, but without insisting on it and just for the french people of the forum.

But since this post i made I re-listened it, I also sent the link to my uncle (kinda mentor) who simply answered “Impressive !”.
I also read the current “intense” thread “Enforcement of VAX escalating” where the discussion was indeed interesting and useful, and the subject discussed in this thread is partly discussed in this video, or session ...
I even took my big (home) cristal in hand and started an open conversation with myself trying to figure out better what is going on and what should i do.
This made me come back to this French session and this strange need to do something.
While re-listening for the 3rd time the video this reminded me that what they are saying is pretty good and fits very well with what we learnt, with what the C's said also. I finally told myself that I had to share it more “loudly” on the forum. I of course hope that this will lead to further discussion, to maybe the analysis of other of their video (old ones and future ones they’ll release)

I was hoping that the auto-sub-title + auto-traduction of youtube would be enough, I was quickly disillusioned, too bad … thus i decided to write it down (& traduce).

What I did is :
- I spotted the first most relevant passage, which starts early at 3:50 (or 230 seconds) and finished around 14:45.
- Then I started to write down the best I can by traducing to English what they are saying.

For non French people, you still can try to activate the auto subtitles + auto traduction to English, but be warned that it contains a good couple of errors and this regularly prevents to understand what they are saying.

M = Matthieu (to the left)
MT = Marie-Therese (top right)
D = Diane : (bottom right)

Context before starting : Diane mentioned that she saw a picture of something which looks like inferno, then she tries to better explain this, this is where the transcript starts.

D: In fact, it’s maybe the words I used which are not correct, for example when I said it’s a vision of hell (or inferno) it’s maybe not a vision of the hell because what I see is that I see humans who are being consumed, it’s like if … for example there’s a volcano and you see the earth melting, it’s similar (she exactly said : “it does the same things”). It’s red, orange, yellow, it’s like if the soil/component of their bodies is melting, and I see them as being burned on in place, and all is burnt everywhere.
M: Diane, what is it then, is it something from the future of the earth, do you have a yes or a no ?
D: This looks a little more complex than that but yes
M: Ok, is it on the physical plane or another plane ?
D: eth …. it tells me etheric (Marie-Therese nods with the head), it’s etheric.
M: Marie-Therese, what do you perceive?
MT: yes, it’s not on the physical plane of earth, that is sure
M: Okay
MT: On the other way …
D: That hurts in my hearth
M: You increase your frequency, you are at the source, remember it
M: So, what is the reason for which these people … first, is it everybody, all humans which suddenly …
MT: No (+nods negatively with head)
D: No
M: Who exactly ?
MT: it talks about refusal, those who refused… and there I’m going to be … have … I have a lot of pain coming
D: Me too, I have tears in my eyes, these are all who remained in ignorance, who refuse to see, who refuse to understand and who are enclosed in an egocentric materiality
M: Okay, what is happening for … we remind that it’s not the physical point of view, it’s not hell of earth, but more a symbolic point of view
MT: No no, it’s not only symbolic
M: Etheric
MT: Yes
D: We have the impression that a part of their subtle body are destroyed
MT: That’s it
M: Okay
D: … that what left is their physical body on a physical earth
M: Okay. Does something specific creates this destruction ?
MT: Their choice
M: Okay, Marie-Therese …
MT: Yes … it’s the choice and the denying (or refusal) of their sovereignty … they only want to depend on others, to exist only by what they are told … they are told to go to a place they go this place they refuse to endorse any kind of responsibility concerning themselves.
M: Diane ?
D: It tells me they are empty shells ... that is to say, they have lost precisely that which inhabited them. You see when I said what was etheric/energetic surrounding them, it’s like they were … their divinity, their sovereignty, what said MT, their soul, their mind, the possibility to of realizing they are one … and unique, all of that is leaving, it disappears, empty shells remain … empty of themselves … it’s horrible. In any case, those who wanted sheeps will get them here, that is sure, and there will be nothing left in it.
M: While listening what you describe, we can’t help to think about a certain chemical product injected in the body that could be responsible of this. What do you have ?
MT: Partly
D: No
MT: Me I have partly (to a certain extent)
M: Okay, so why partly ? Can you explain ? That’s to say some could have received something, we are not going to give the name because certain platforms censore it, but could have received something and yet have kept his sovereignty ? That’s it ?
MT : Yes
D: Yes
MT : Yes because in fact there are some who decide by …. how im going to say this … just because they were told to do it and there are others who decide it with a much more luminous intention which is not just to say “yes” but which is to say “yes” out of (for) love, and this is the difference. For the love of other people, for their own sake (good/love) being aware that this choice it’s them who decided it and no one intervene in their choice even if there are pressure they are the ones who decide, while other who decided just because “you need to, it needs to”, without asking themselves other questions about their possibility to say yes or no.
M: Okay, Diane ?
D: The difference from what I see is that, as MT was saying I was seeing that this person who decide for himself who becomes like luminous and which …which .. “raise” one will say, which is a way … who shines, radiates something, and the other person which disintegrates and which sinks and which becomes darker and … it’s as if for example it passed from the vertical position to the four-legged position … and it becomes dark and it’s like all its energy, its substance, descended into the earth, as if it were flowing, something dark which was falling down to the earth if you want.
M: It’s quite interesting Diane, I’m doing a parenthesis, we did precisely another survey that has not been published that you do not know precisely describing the same phenomenon where people were collapsing on themselves like a candle that burns out and which … that’s why it’s interesting.
D: And so, the story of those … to make the difference between those who chose to do it … then love … The “love of others” this tells me “no”, it is not for love of others but for love of oneself (MT says yes). The love for others remains in the same principle of I do something for others but it won’t be enough because precisely it’s like … it’s like it was creating a kind of … attachment, a kind of spreading, for instance the person has four arms and 2 of them are attached in front and two attached to the back and the person is frozen on the spot in the 4 cardinal points … to say … connected to the rest of humanity and therefore to undergo all that humanity is going to undergo, while if he really does this in love of himself while saying “where I am I do not have other possibility (choice)” but he either does not do it to achieve ease of living, it’s not at all the reason … if he does it to have life facilities so to be with others it's the same, it’s like the one who become four-legged, no here it’s really self-love… (hard to traduce) there’s no other solution in the situation I’m in ….
MT: In fact when I was talking about love of others, it is this awareness of the reliance of … at the same time we are one and we are all, this awareness of being one and being connected to the all and to all, it’s more in this sense than when I was talking about love it is this awareness of being linked both to all humanity while being one and sovereign and … radiant (glowing), and this attitude of inner radiance which reflects on others … that’s the reason I used the term “love”, but it’s true that you are right this was not necessarily judiciously…
D: It’s ok MT. It’s just I really wanted to make a difference because … if I do not precise it, it’s like this will encourage people to : “so yes, as it’s like that, I love myself so I’m going to get vaccinated”
MT: Yes, yes, it’s not engouh
D: and … it’s not the solution either you see, those who hear this says “ok I’m going to vaccinated” it’s again running to be like the others. It’s really only a few people who are able (manage) to make it with this inner attitude of letting go and love one oneself, but really something that will emanate, it's like it's going to consume everything the person (was) injected, and obviously … this is not a recommendation that I can in good conscience afford to make
M: Okay
I stop the transcription here. The next question from Matthieu is (at 14:48) :
“ What about the people who are now waking up after perhaps receiving an initial solution ?”

They answer on care, on the ethereal and physical plan, and they also mention alimentation, fasting, diet, food purification … which is again a good answer from what we know here on the forum.
Later Diane mentions about the blood of vaccinated people, tainted blood, like if it blood was having anonther density, being heavier.
and so on ...

What I wanted by opening this thread is to show an interesting source, where the main person (Matthieu) always insist by stating that the future is unknown, and that it’s an experiment. The warning message in the comment of the video is clear, here’s its traduction :
IMPORTANT: The information gathered in #Hypnosis #Regressive is "subjective" and should not be taken as truth. It is important to keep in mind the experimental nature of our #investigations. Thank you for being discerning

This transcribed passage already contains a couple of interresting topics which resonate with what many here learnt or understood (helped by the C's).
I invite anyone to listen the video to the end and maybe identify other relevant passages, or maybe from other of their sesions.

I'm ... let's say well confident that they contain useful information to help us to prepare for the incoming ...months.

Later in this session/video they "saw" that something big would be happening now in less than 1 year, they see all the system collapsing and that between 20 to 30% of people will remain active, and all the rest will become like empty robots doing automated things, but acting less in conciousness than even an animal. (i hope this will not happen because it's scary)
It they are right or near the truth then it's a key information to help us to prepare to this such or similar scenario and this could lead to more precise question to ask to C's. What about is 3 people on 4 start to act like mentally disable persons ? I do not remember having read this possibility anywhere on the forum, except the topic of our 4D STS "mates" searching for bodies to occupy. Could these empty bodies they mention in this video be what the lizzies are trying to accomplish in order to control/possess them once done ?

On the practical side, or the "how could they do it ?", my "idea" is that there's a link between vaccines and a kind of trigger they could activate (mabye through 5G) that would act like a "bomb" inside vaccinated people, can't explain it otherwise, and they do not mention, in this video, how this situation would happen, if this would be gradually or suddenly.

Future gonna be fun, indeed 😅

Here's the Odysee link :

And the same on youtube, click here

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Very interesting.
There is a lot of work ahead us!

It reminds me of this excerpt:
A: It was the plan all along. Beware! It is coming to fruition and only those who stay awake and aware can navigate. The STS forces are determined to quash awareness and the possibility of seeding a new reality.

Q: (L) So you're saying that - and I guess you've said it before - that the importance of tuning the antennae of a group of people, the importance of staying awake and aware, is because you then become a receiver for creative energies?

A: Yes yes yes!!!

Q: (Joe) Is it that people who have a certain awareness which is equivalent to information or ideas or conception of the world in their mind, that this contributes building blocks for a new reality?

A: It is not that those who endure to the end will be saved, but that those who endure to the end shall save others. It is your choice to be among those who choose to be a part of the vanguard of the new reality!!!

Natus Videre

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After having watched around ten videos on this channel, I can definitely see that there are striking similarities between what the C's have been suggesting and the information given on this channel, although it's important to not blindly consider everything as factual evidence.

No Time, No Distance
The hypnotized persons have the ability to instantly focus on a wide variety of objects, the size of which can range from atoms all the way to galaxies. It looks like the spiritual plane is much less constrained than the physical plane, because the hypnotized persons can freely navigate outside the matrix which imprisons us. The C's mention that distance is an illusion created by our perception of reality, so maybe this explains why the concepts of distance and time as we know them are totally inapplicable to other levels of reality which we have yet to explore.

When asked to describe or explain difficult concepts, the hypnotized persons frequently struggle to find words to illustrate these concepts. This suggests that there are very complex concepts that we cannot even begin to understand. Our "3D toolbox" has limitations. Trying to apply 3D concepts to everything is futile.

Contact with Other Beings
During the sessions, the person who leads the sessions often asks the hypnotized persons to find a "light" being in order to get answers. The process to determine the trustworthiness of the entity is not very rigorous. It's far from differential diagnosis, a technique that Laura highly recommends when interacting with entities. There was a session in which a hypnotized person contacted a "reptoid" being whose eyes gave an impression of honesty. The leader of session sometimes asks to have his spiritual body analyze the intentions of an entity if there is a doubt. All in all, there seems to be a world out there with positive and negative beings!

Organic Portals
I was quite surprised when one of the hypnotized persons mentioned a man who was "empty" inside and who had just enough consciousness to suck the energy from other beings and transfer that energy to dark entities. This is very similar to what the C's referred to when they alluded to bodies without a soul.

In conclusion, I think that this hypnosis channel can give us a complementary view on some fundamental concepts that we discuss as part of the Cassiopaean Experiment.

Thank you, dredger.


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I also watched several of them and agree that there is a lot of interesting things which match with the C's.

One damper though, I noticed that sometimes (not everytime) the question asked or the suggestion is really oriented which obviously spoil the answer. Likewise, I think it's not really a good idea to make session with several hypnotized individual at the same time, because they influence each other (and indeed sometimes themselves make the remark, like "I was elsewhere but I'm gone when X told this or that"). It will be more fruitful, IMHO, to address a subject with an individual after another and see what matches or not. They had other sessions that are made in a more "blind" way though.

That said, there is indeed some amazing things.


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30 years ago I stumbled on a book describing hypnotic regression experiences. I read a bit of it directly in the shop but I did not bought it. If only I have it, I would be able to compare the predictions with the reality. Perhaps some old books of this kind can be found to see if predictions were right.


The Living Force
Thanks for your feedback on this source, i feel less alone :whistle: :lol:
Personnaly, i'll probably watch (almost) all their new sessions to see if there are valuable information to get from.

Likewise, I think it's not really a good idea to make session with several hypnotized individual at the same time, because they influence each other
I had a similar idea in regard to their sessions with 2 or 3 telepaths (means sessions at 3 or at 4) : some could be influenced by what others say/describe. I already imagined an improvement, that the one who manage the session should be in measure to cut at any time the incoming sound of any other participant ... but I think they know about this "problem", and from what i understood, when there's a "too big" information, they re-do the same session (questions) with other participants who are not aware of the results of other same session/questions. This is what they did for this session 260.

In fact, this is particularly this session 260 that intrigues me, and, if The Crew agree, i think this would be a good idea to ask some questions about to the C's in the (or a) next session.
About this session and the main information they reveal is of concern and interest, and if they are (+/-) right, it gives a very good practical explanation of what may happen, and it's intimidating because she describes what will happen practically, how these people will act.

To summarize what they saw : that in less than 1 year (i don't know if this will be gradual or suddent), around 75% of people will be "disconnected" and act as robots, or kind of zombies.

... and i suppose that this is because of this scary information that they re-did this session on this topic a few times with all their telepaths and that Matthieu pinned this information in the first comment of the youtube video, that the 11 telepaths saw +/- the same thing/future.
Are lizzies influencing all of them in order to bring more fear or are they influenced in any other way ? Or is it really a possible future ? ... in a so short time delay ?

In another session they said that it would be mostly young people that would "escape" this, that 1 adult on 10 would be ... zombified. This reminded me a book I read +/- 7y before ... found it, it's "Malronce", from the french author Maxime Chattam, whith children surviving on a transformed earth where all adults became mad and are acting like predators, here's the auto-translated text at the back of the book :

Imagine a world where nature has taken over, where adults have become wild again and children have gathered to survive, where every walk is an expedition, every day spent an achievement. A world covered by an ocean of forests, populated by fabulous creatures, crossed by strange currents, by new energy. A new world where three teenagers try to thwart the traps of a mysterious queen, who has sworn their doom: Malronce. Forget everything you know...enter Otherworld.

... maybe i'm going to read it again ^^


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In another session they said that it would be mostly young people that would "escape" this, that 1 adult on 10 would be ... zombified.
I watched their session about children. I may be too pessimistic, but I wonder if there isn't a bit of wishful thinking in the mix. I would love to if children could be spared from suffering, but history and even present the world events show us that it is not so. The medium lady said that out of the 30% or so who would keep a soul, most would be children. That for each adult, there would be 10 children.


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I listened several of the regressions and I confirm, from what I listened, that the level is good. This is very interesting. I wonder how they do that because they seems at the same time perfectly conscious and elsewhere.

So I listened and took notes of "253 - INVESTIGATION: THE GIZEH PYRAMID - How? Why? By whom? By whom?"

I was especially interested because we have some infos from the C's and from Ra who say he (more exactly the group he represent), was the builder of the great pyramid. So a comparison is possible.

Basically, Ra state that the pyramid was build from thin air, density 6 being able to manipulate at will density 3. The blocs being here only to give an human aspect to the construction. It could have been a monobloc. Ra said that the purpose was to "balance" the earth. If I remember well, Ra say that, retrospectively, the success of the operation is mitigate and some harm was done (I don't recall exactly if it's about the pyramid itself or more globally that 6D intervened in 3D).

So I was pleasantly surprised by the similar painting they describe and a coherence with what we know from the backdrop as explained by the C's.

Here is my notes:
Have 8 sides (a little bit sunken, elementary math but very important).
The builders were of great size.
Wave conveyor to move the blocks.
The density at that time was not the same.
Waves intersection that create a place without gravity and that allows to transport the stones.
Non-human individuals who pilot the building site.
Simple construction site for them.
Building site with several levels (several densities). Relatively few peoples implied.
Made for them but not for us.
Balancing, stabilization of the Earth.
They do not understand the time on Earth, the Sphinx looks at the stars and is a landmark that allows to know how many turns the Earth has made when they return.
No life to the Sphinx at the time, Sphinx made long before.
Life put here.
Human race different from humanoid race. Human race very widespread in the universe.
Energy that leaves towards the space and around, rhombus, torus. As points of extraction of energy.
Recharges ships but not the main part.
Acts in the center of the earth.
Then not the same, other race that pulled much more, extracted as much as possible and they don't care. Reptilians.
Some humans have taken advantage of the pyramids for care.
The latter do anything, the pyramids have melted.
Pyramids connected to each other by underground network.
Pyramids in the oceans, mountains do that too.
Benevolent but the Earth doesn't need that to exist. Started to emit a frequency to defend itself.
Link with Orion but not important (those who came after)
Link with very long cycle (25,000 years?). It is a wink.
Prolongation inside these faces that go in, explanatory info blocked.
Circle shown and becomes a spiral. Logic to be found.
If you do the math of the architecture that was made by seeing it turned around you will get a circle and then a spiral. If understood we have everything and it can be reused to make incredible things. But you have to understand it, not just have the solution.
Nothing spherical but with the whole thing you get a circle mathematically speaking. A circle that will become a spiral. Very easy for the source. A bit like a puzzle to solve.
For the source the math used to obtain the effects of the pyramid is very simple.
As if there was a double of the pyramid (downwards)
As if the crossing of the different lines was drawing a circle inside.
Very linear and very spherical shape at the same time.
The unit of measurement that is used by other civilizations is as if the impulse at the source of life was measurable but it also takes another impulse to create life and it is a second measure (Pi and the golden number?). These two units are used to measure. Nothing incredible, can be seen everywhere in nature. It is the initial number.
A form of imbrication. The sphere forms a spiral (moving apparently).
It was created before our density was artificially manipulated. So the indications given by the pyramid regarding the cycle (of 25.000 years) are distorted. This clock continues to give the time but a time that is not the same anymore.
We get out of this. As if all our part of the universe has had a change that we have not had because of... we are left...
The metric system biases the understanding.
Explosion of Saint Matte (??) that has shifted the Earth?

But all this, is the old days, we have to look at what is in front of us. It is as if we were looking at the time on a pre-war clock that is never on time.
If we can understand the mathematical logic behind it, we can apply it to our own time.
There is a time lag but the logic is good. There were external interventions to be taken into account which have a great impact on the calculations that we could make.
Apparently there are fantastic things to discover. It is as if mathematically we could prove the existence of a consciousness in the universe.
There is something warm and alive in the mathematics shown.


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French version of the notes:
Possède 8 faces (un tout petit peu enfoncées, math de primaire mais très important).
Les constructeurs étaient de grande taille.
Tapis d'ondes pour déplacer les blocs.
La densité à l'époque n'était pas la même.
Ondes qui créent un endroit sans gravité aux intersections (s'annulent) et ça permet de transporter les pierres.
Individus non humains qui pilotent le chantier.
Chantier assez simple pour eux.
Chantier à plusieurs niveaux (plusieurs densités).
Fait pour eux mais pas pour nous.
Equilibrage, stabilisation de la Terre.
Ils ne comprennent pas le temps sur la Terre, le Sphinx regarde les étoiles et est un repère qui permet de savoir combien de tours a fait la Terre quand ils reviennent.
Pas de vie vers le Sphinx à l'époque, Sphinx fabriqué bien avant.
Vie mise ici.
Race humaine différente de race humanoïde. Race humaine très répandue dans l'univers.
Energie qui part vers l'espace et autour, losange, torus. Comme des points d'extraction de l'énergie.
Recharge de vaisseaux mais pas l'essentiel.
Agit au centre de la terre.
Ensuite pas les mêmes, autre race qui a tiré bien plus, extrait le plus possible et ils s'en fichent. Reptiliens.
Certains humains ont profité des pyramides pour des soins.
Les seconds font n'importe quoi, les pyramides ont fondu.
Pyramides reliées entre elles par réseau souterrain.
Pyramides dans les océans, les montagnes font ça aussi.
Bienveillant mais la Terre pas besoin de ça pour exister. S'est mise à émettre une fréquence pour se défendre.
Lien avec Orion mais pas important (ceux qui sont venus après)
Lien avec cycle très long (25.000 ans ?). C'est un clin d'oeil.
Prolongation à l'intérieur de ces faces qui rentrent, info explicative bloquée.

Cercle montré qui devient une spirale. Logique à trouver.
Si on fait les maths de l'architecture qui a été fait en le voyant retourné tu obtiendras un cercle puis une spirale. Si compris on a tout et peut être réutilisé pour faire des choses incroyables. Mais il faut le comprendre, pas juste avoir la solution.
Rien de sphérique mais avec le tout on obtient un cercle mathématiquement parlant. Cercle qui deviendra une spirale. Très facile pour la source. Un peu comme un casse tête à résoudre.
Pour la source les math utilisés pour obtnir les effets de la pyramide sont très simples.
Comme s'il y avait un double de la pyramide (vers le bas)
Comme si le croisement des différentes lignes dessinait un cercle à l'intérieur.
Forme très linéaire et très sphérique en même temps.
L'unité de mesure qui est utilisée par les autres civilisations c'est comme si l'impulsion à la source de la vie était mesurable mais il faut aussi une autre impulsion pour créer la vie et c'est une deuxième mesure (Pi et le nombre d'or ?). Ces deux unités servent à mesurer. Rien d'incroyable, se voit partout dans la nature. C'est le chiffre initial.
Une forme d'imbrication. La sphère forme une spirale (en se déplaçant apparemment).
Ca a été créé avant que notre densité soit manipulée artificiellement. Du coup les indications données par la pyramide vis-à-vis du cycle (de 25.000 ans) sont faussées. Cette pendule continue à donner le temps mais un temps qui n'est plus le même.
On sort de ça. Comme si toute notre partie de l'univers à eu un changement que l'on a pas eu à cause de... on est laissé...
Le système métrique biaise la compréhension.
Explosion de Saint matte (?) qui a décalé la Terre ?

Mais tout ça c'est l’ancien temps, il faut se tourner vers ce qui est devant nous. C'est comme si on regardait le temps sur une pendule d'avant-guerre qui n'est jamais à l'heure.
Si on arrive à comprendre la logique mathématique qui est derrière on pourrait l'appliquer sur notre temps à nous.
Il y a un décalage mais la logique est bonne. Il y a eu des interventions extérieures à prendre en compte qui sont très impactantes sur les calculs que l'on pourrait faire.
Apparemment il y a des choses fantastiques à découvrir. C'est comme si mathématiquement l'on pouvait prouver l'existence d'une conscience dans l'univers.
Il y a quelque chose de chaleureux, de vivant dans les mathématiques montrées.


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There is two others regressions about the great pyramid.

On a side note, an interesting point I forgot, mentioned in the regression 253, is the Orion influence. The two others pyramids have been apparently build later by Orion guys to point to Orion and so suggest it's an Orion work.

Here's my notes for "6- INVESTIGATION: The PYRAMIDS of Egypt (Part 1/2) - Matthew Regression Hypnosis Investigation"

Put on a wormhole of the Earth
Emits like morse code when viewed from space
A cosmo-telluric amplifier
The emitted energy leads to the Pleiades
Like a dome on Sirius that receives energy from the pyramid
It is connected to one of our creator peoples
Ethereal beings around the dome
Everything has been set up precisely to amplify this connection, including the quality of the stones
Need to maintain an atmosphere at the level of the Earth and that passes by the fact of connecting all the pyramids between them otherwise it drops in vibratory rate.
It is necessary to raise the vibratory rate of the atmosphere so that life can be rich
Creation of a sequential field that allows life
Otherwise not enough oxygen, vibration of the Earth not stable
Pyramids + menhirs allow energy to circulate
Some people are already disturbing this arrangement and they are forced to put things back in place
As if there was water under the pyramid to create a field
Like a human but with his head extended, levitating the stones
Comes from the Pleiades, positive being
Interaction between water and electricity
For the blocks, as if they were taking rock under water, laser cut in a quarry
Use of granite because of conductive particles
Creation of an electromagnetic field inside the pyramid
Levitation by telepathy or device (the Jed)
Telepathy is not feasible for large structures (too much work), hence the use of Jeds
Circular path around the pyramid, the angle is determining. A kind of rail.
The pyramid serves humanity and the cosmos on several levels
Kehops created 8,000,000 years ago (one telepath) / -22,000 years (the other telepath)
The etheric being says that they were there long before the dinosaurs
Currently the pyramid is extinct, does not radiate
Has been deactivated voluntarily by the Annunakis
Will soon be reactivated (within 50 years) will create a huge cleaning
The only concern of the Annunakis is to use what has been created to do the opposite
When the pyramids were activated it was like being in density 5
The Annunakis deactivate to bring us down to density 3
Once reactivated the negative beings will leave because they will not support this frequency

Kings's room:
The king's room covered (at the time) with material from space
The room is for the soul, it is a tunnel that takes him home. To avoid interference, direct access path. No need to go through the tunnel of light.
Diane is happy, work finished, a device in the room connects to her vital centers and she leaves in the Pleiades. The physical life stops.

Queen's room:
As if other rooms next door
Made to connect to the Earth (feminine part). Used to collect energies, conduit that goes to the king's room to conduct this energy.
Lots of things not discovered under the pyramid, only some air ducts for the pyramid itself.

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There is two others regressions about the great pyramid.

On a side note, an interesting point I forgot, mentioned in the regression 253, is the Orion influence. The two others pyramids have been apparently build later by Orion guys to point to Orion and so suggest it's an Orion work.

Here's my notes for "6- INVESTIGATION: The PYRAMIDS of Egypt (Part 1/2) - Matthew Regression Hypnosis Investigation"

The room is for the soul, it is a tunnel that takes him home. To avoid interference, direct access path. No need to go through the tunnel of light.

I remember a few session ago the Cs told us about the existance of elevators from third to fifth density. That sound a lot like it.


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I remember a few session ago the Cs told us about the existance of elevators from third to fifth density. That sound a lot like it.
Perhaps, for me, elevators were related to 3D/4D, here what is described seems more related to 3D/6D but I can be wrong, not sure why 6D would need such equipment. Anyway you're right, the idea is here.


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Here's my notes for "7- INVESTIGATION: The PYRAMIDS of Egypt (Part 2/2) - Matthew Regressive Hypnosis Investigation"

Thibault is new and seems effectively less harden. The answer of Gaëlle who see pyramids everywhere can be tainted because "a guide" interfered. Matthew (the one who guided the regression) noticed it and then asked Gaëlle to go away.

Why settle in Egypt? Because center of the Earth, Chakra, climate (not too much vegetation as pyramid in the Incas)
Architect is an etheric being
Date of construction: -2.000 (telepaths laugh at the discrepancy of dates)
Pyramids in 4 places of the Earth: Egypt, Mexico, Asia (in total vegetation), Maya
Places +/- close to the equator
In the water too
Gaëlle sees pyramids everywhere: Pyramids form a line, one at the pole, in Russia, some look like hills because they are covered but there are some everywhere.
Pyramid under water but was emerged before.
Pyramid in the center of Atlantis, channels all around which allowed to generate an electromagnetic field less dense than what there was on Earth
Long before the end of Atlantis, migration to Atlantis and elsewhere
The field will not hold, forced to leave
20 people, 3 or 4 per country to rebuild what was destroyed (they would be the leaders)
The people follow
Rebuild a civilization to bring their knowledge. "Cities of gold"
Atlandide comes after other pyramids

Others pyramids
Small pyramids designed to reproduce the constellation of Orion
Flow that starts from the top too but not of the same color (yellow)
2nd pyramid built by the Pleadians
A priori those of China represent another constellation, South America the same, another constellation
The big one is used to transport information (red beam)
The 2nd one is used to transport people, everything and anything
The 3rd to nothing / generator for the other two / link with the moon

Sphinx built even before the 1st pyramid
Connected to the constellation Aldemarra (?) (constellation of the bull)
Thibault sees it only as decoration
For Gaëlle link with the 5 divine species that created us. We should go around the constellations and find the subtle connections
Very large, luminous, ethereal beings
The Sphinx allows us to remember where we come from
Contain an enormous knowledge. Enormous library underneath but not in this dimension. It is hidden. Empty room but Egypt is a swindle.
All the knowledge of what happened on Earth and how to clean it in the empty room.
Stones, objects, that's all we could know to live happily. The real story.
The room is not in 4D, too vulnerable, but in 5D
Library accessible in the future but it is necessary to decipher, it is necessary the instructions (question of conscience a priori)
Diane explains that she had to disconnect because she was not well while looking under the Sphinx. Not the time to access the information, guards.
Gaëlle says that the blocking is not against us, it is especially that the knowledge should not fall into the wrong hands. No more Earth if that happens.
Thibaut says that it is beyond us. It's as if we could see 4 squares on the chessboard but there are 200. We don't see all that has happened (wars, power struggles)
Gaëlle says that all this will be recovered when the Earth will have ascended and that we will be aware of everything and that is why we must continue to search.
Diane had the vision that at the ascension there will be an explosion and global disclosure of everything.

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Here's my notes for "7- INVESTIGATION: The PYRAMIDS of Egypt (Part 2/2) - Matthew Regressive Hypnosis Investigation"

Thibault is new and seems effectively less harden. The answer of Gaëlle who see pyramids everywhere can be tainted because "a guide" interfered. Matthew (the one who guided the regression) noticed it and then asked Gaëlle to go away.
Ellipse can you put the link to the program of the pyramids? I did not find it. Thank you!
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