From my childhood: "shades" and a threatening dream.


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A number of years ago, when I was about 9 years old, we rented out a particular house. It was a somewhat run-down single-story house with two bedrooms. There was moisture damage in the roof and attic (which eventually caused a small cave-in of the ceiling tiles in our living room), and there was a cockroach infestation that I'm sure was related. Apparently this area was a little prone to flooding from a nearby creek. When we moved in, we moved many of our boxes into the largest room of the house, which had windows on three sides if I recall rightly. So, we called it the "storage room". The boxes contained things from when we had lived in a larger house, and things we had carried with us over the years. The laundry room was an offshoot of this room, and led to the back door.

So, with context in place, when I was about that age, I started to see "shades", or "damned things" as I first heard them called years after I had stopped seeing them. Shadowy human-sized apparitions that would dart across (or out of) doorways with extreme speed. Quick dark blurs always seen with my peripheral vision as if they avoided being looked at directly. I don't remember seeing these things until we moved into that house. If I had seen them before then, it definitely became very frequent there. In addition to this, for some reason I was always uncomfortable about that "storage room". For some reason I was afraid of that room, and usually tried to avoid going in there when it was nighttime or sunset. I occasionally went in there at night, usually because laundry needed to be finished, but felt like my life was somehow threatened by being there at night. I do remember at one point being worried that a robber might enter in one of the windows in the room while I was in there and snatch me away, but there also seemed to be a "threatening presence" there. At one time, I "challenged my fear" by going in there and just sitting there, alone, and nothing happened, but the 'aura' of the place never really went away.

One night in that house, I had a strange and threatening dream. I was in the living room (its doors lead to the kitchen, hallway connecting bedrooms and bathroom, and the storage room), and it was daytime, with few or no clouds in the sky. I could see the front yard out the windows through the open blinds. My mom was bustling about, seemingly getting ready to go somewhere, and most of her time was spent in other rooms, out of sight. The door to the storage room was open. At a time when my mom was out of the room, my feet were suddenly swept out from under me by an invisible force, and I began to be pulled across the carpet by my feet, towards the open door to the storage room. I "felt" or "knew" that this force was alive and demonic, and I felt that if I was pulled through that doorway I would die or something. There was nothing for me to grab, and I think I was so shocked that I didn't even cry out. Then my mom walked around the corner from the hallway, and the moment she became visible, I stopped sliding toward the door. She was unaware that anything was strange, and I stood back up without saying anything, maybe because I was so shocked. She grabbed something like her keys or purse and went back around the corner toward her room. When she was out of sight, I was swept off my feet again and began being pulled toward the doorway. This time I tried to yell, but no sound came out, as if my throat was constricted so all I could make was this hissing noise. I got around this by "cracking" my voice to turn the hiss into a high-pitched squeal. My mom immediately cam around the corner, although she still seemed unaware that anything was wrong (I think; that detail is a little fuzzy). So, the pulling stopped. I stood up, walked over to the window, and looked across the lawn. My dad was out there doing something, and I saw our pet cat wandering out near the end of our driveway (which was strange because ). Suddenly, out of a blue sky with only the slightest of wispy clouds, a lightning bolt struck our cat, burning her to a crisp, obviously killing her. And somehow I knew that this was the doing of whatever force had tried to pull me into the other room. Because it had failed, it was getting revenge in this way, threatening me. Then the dream ended. It was very surreal and vivid. Added detail: I just remembered that during the dream, I was convinced that this "entity" was Satan himself! :( ;)

This is the only dream I've ever had that I would strictly classify as a "nightmare". I've always wondered whether that dream meant anything. An attempted possession? Of course it could be nothing, but I've always wondered why all of these feelings centered around that house. Another piece of data; Right next door to us was a "Masonic Lodge", as in freemasonry, and the closest room to the Lodge was the storage room. So, who knows? When we moved to our next house, I continued to see the "shades", but I think my sightings of them became less frequent. I was still scared of the "storage room" in the new house. Naturally, I was always creeped out by them and would try to pray to God for protection from demons and such. Gradually I stopped seeing them. I learned a couple years ago that seeing these shades isn't terribly uncommon, but I haven't read much about them. I don't know to what extent my fear of demons/Satan influenced these experiences. Did the fear create the experiences, or did the experiences create the fear.

Learning continues... Sorry for the length or this post.


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A large portion of the nightmares I had when I was younger centered around this apartment I live in. A large portion of my nightmares is my mom being evil, but I assume this is unique to my psychology and not you. my mom's bedroom was the scary room of the house ever since I was in second grade. probably before, but for sure at that time. I can't recall specifically. but I think I have a dream being dragged down the hallway into her room. sometimes I use to be in the middle of a dream but then I would be yanked into a vortex (and suddenly realize I was dreaming and try and wake up) and end up next to some dark presence around me that is extremely unpleasant until I wake up.

On the topic of Satan, I had a dream that is vivid where I was saying goodnight, or talking to my mom in her bedroom before bed, and all of a sudden a black dog flies by her window (second story). Then it is eventually in the house and I have the bathroom door locked and am climbing out the window.

I had this really 'epic' dream... I know this is off topic but it really makes me smile, this climax is when the character with tattoos all over his body and little clothing, and strange clothing, months later the imagine of satan came into my head, or the association--well this guy now influencing my friends to get into a car and I have a bad feeling I will never see them again. At some point this lady who had been a constant feature in this dream... whisks me away and saves me from danger. we are running down the green hillside. and she has said I must go with her now and I am hesitant but I grabbed her hand. and it is inhuman speed. and suddenly she is searching the grass for a key... and then we do a harry potter-like apparition (but different and cooler) to her house. And I am sitting at her kitchen table (wooden) and she puts hot water on the stove...and all is calm... and then I wake up.

Sorry... such an epic dream.

I get the feeling of a room being haunted. I actually never saw shadow people that I can recall. but images on the walls. people / dreamscapes etcetera. and when I closed my eyes it was much clearer. and only when it is dark is when the images come. And sometimes I would get 'lost' in them, like loose the awareness of my body. anyways i remember onetime I saw a horrible imagine in my moms room ( I came in too sleep with her because I was scared or couldn't sleep many times... making that treck down the hallway in the middle of the night was awful). Then I also can recall (have the memory of the memory) of seeing a woman in the large mirror that is in her room. it always freaked me out, the mirror.

So maybe certain rooms are haunted. It just came up in the recent cassiopaea session. I think the shadow person phenomenon is interesting but I probably know less or the same as you on the subject. One thing I know is it seems to be more common than the 'images on the wall' experience I had up until I was 8 / 9 / 10 years old.


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No, I don't remember ever having a dream where my mom was a threatening figure. I've had one dream (only one, as far as I remember) where my dad was, though. It was like secretly he was a monster and when we were alone in the car driving through the wilderness he warned me not to tell anyone by giving me a threatening look. This was a few years ago when I was learning that he was neglectful when we were younger concerning our safety (me and my brother).



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I think I had this dream when I was 3, but it could have been later.
In this dream, my parents were seated at the kitchen table in our flat in London, which was where we lived until I was about 3.
The only problem was they weren't my parents. They just looked exactly like them. They were cold and emotionless - I don't think they were evil, as the details are very hazy now, but of course it chilled me to the bone.
I remember quite a few occurring dreams I had at a very young age . Someone called Gulliver would chase me (my dad promised he would beat him up for me before I went to sleep). Also the Doughworm, an enormous worm made of dough that came out of the tap, not to mention Chillisauces, who would try to tickle me to death. I had a very active imagination!
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