Fun cursors!


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Alright, so I've remade these many times since '95. Basically everytime I got a better monitor. They are fully backwards compatible to win 95 for the animated ones and win 3.x for the static ones. They are large, highly visible and elegant. They use inverted effects AND color. Rather than typing out the full explanation on my tablet you can read the description I typed out on the site. Let's hope the links work ...

Demo version - just shows where the inverse effects are as well as the 4 color themes ... I actually hate this set, but it gets downloaded more than the rest:

Blue the most popular with people I know in real life:
ARTIFACTS 201Z Cursors

ARTIFACTS 200Y Cursors

ARTIFACTS 199X Cursors

ARTIFACTS 198W Cursors

Just be aware that the inverse effect on the four actual sets doesn't show on that site's previews, hence the demo set.
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