I was just wondering if any of you knew any people with the name Bumpus in France.I was told it was French but have no clue and never really thought to do a search on the name.(There ya have it now ya know my name)
I dont expect any deep research just curious,if it is actually French,how popular(or un) it is there.


Well I'm not an editor for SOTT but I did find these links on the net:

Seems to be an English name, but don't take my word for it.



cool thanks guys. i think the the geocities site you gave seems to be right up my alley as i was born and raised in New Bedford Mass.(and no im not the Dan from the infamous "big Dan's" of 1982 haha)

as far as the link henry gave me i tried and the response was :
Le Nom de Famille
est introuvable dans notre fichier
des porteurs nés entre 1891 - 1990

Deux causes probables :

Faute de frappe lors de la saisie du nom ou orthographe erronée.
Ce nom ne figure pas dans notre fichier car il n'y a pas eu de porteurs nés en France entre 1891 et 1990.
Attention : Les personnes nées avant 1946 (date de création de l'INSEE) et mortes avant 1970 -1972 (date de début d'information du fichier), peuvent ne pas figurer dans la base de données.
Pardon my ignorance of the language but from what i can tell it basically tells me there are none on file for a couple reasons that I cant quite make out but, thank you nonetheless


Hi Danny,
I do quite a bit of geneaology and have a membership to When I put in the name Bumpus it showed that most with that surname were living in Mass. in the early 1900s. Then when I added France it showed the name Bompasse. Betting that is the name to look for in France. Probably got amercanized along the way.
I don't have the extra membership to get the rest of the info but that is where you should start.
Name: Edward Bompasse
Birth: dd mm year - city London England England
Death: dd mm 1693 - city Plymouth MA USA
Marriage: year - city Plymouth MA USA
Parents: name Bompasse, name surname
Spouse: name surname
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